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The immunoproteasome-specific inhibitor ONX 0914 reverses susceptibility to acute viral myocarditis.
Althof, N. and Goetzke, C.C. and Kespohl, M. and Voss, K. and Heuser, A. and Pinkert, S. and Kaya, Z. and Klingel, K. and Beling, A.
EMBO Molecular Medicine 10 (2): 200-2018. 1 February 2018

Related GPCRs couple differently to G(s): preassociation between G protein and 5-HT(7) serotonin receptor reveals movement of Gα(s) upon receptor activation.
Andressen, K.W. and Ulsund, A.H. and Krobert, K.A. and Lohse, M.J. and Buenemann, M. and Levy, F.O.
FASEB Journal 32 (2): 1059-1069. 5 February 2018

Hematopoietic lineage distribution and evolutionary dynamics of clonal hematopoiesis.
Arends, C.M. and Galan-Sousa, J. and Hoyer, K. and Chan, W. and Jäger, M. and Yoshida, K. and Seemann, R. and Noerenberg, D. and Waldhueter, N. and Fleischer-Notter, H. and Christen, F. and Schmitt, C.A. and Dörken, B. and Pelzer, U. and Sinn, M. and Zemojtel, T. and Ogawa, S. and Märdian, S. and Schreiber, A. and Kunitz, A. and Krüger, U. and Bullinger, L. and Mylonas, E. and Frick, M. and Damm, F.
Leukemia 1 March 2018 (In Press)

SETD1A protects HSCs from activation-induced functional decline in vivo.
Arndt, K. and Kranz, A. and Fohgrub, J. and Jolly, A. and Bledau, A.S. and Di Virgilio, M. and Lesche, M. and Dahl, A. and Höfer, T. and Stewart, A.F. and Waskow, C.
Blood 131 (12): 1311-1324. 22 March 2018

Reactivating TP53 signaling by the novel MDM2 inhibitor DS-3032b as a therapeutic option for high-risk neuroblastoma.
Arnhold, V. and Schmelz, K. and Proba, J. and Winkler, A. and Wünschel, J. and Toedling, J. and Deubzer, H.E. and Künkele, A. and Eggert, A. and Schulte, J.H. and Hundsdoerfer, P.
Oncotarget 9 (2): 2304-2319. 2018

Canadian genome-wide association study and meta-analysis confirm HLA as a risk factor for peanut allergy independent of asthma.
Asai, Y. and Eslami, A. and van Ginkel, C.D. and Akhabir, L. and Wan, M. and Yin, D. and Ellis, G. and Ben-Shoshan, M. and Marenholz, I. and Martino, D. and Ferreira, M.A. and Allen, K. and Mazer, B. and de Groot, H. and de Jong, N.W. and Gerth van Wijk, R. and Dubois, A.E.J. and Grosche, S. and Ashley, S. and Rüschendorf, F. and Kalb, B. and Beyer, K. and Nöthen, M.M. and Lee, Y.A. and Chin, R. and Cheuk, S. and Hoffman, J. and Jorgensen, E. and Witte, J.S. and Melles, R.B. and Hong, X. and Wang, X. and Hui, J. and Musk, A.W.B. and Hunter, M. and James, A.L. and Koppelman, G.H. and Sandford, A.J. and Clarke, A.E. and Daley, D.
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 141 (4): 1513-1516. April 2018

Anatomical wiring and functional networking changes in the visual system following optic neuritis.
Backner, Y. and Kuchling, J. and Massarwa, S. and Oberwahrenbrock, T. and Finke, C. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Ruprecht, K. and Brandt, A.U. and Zimmermann, H. and Raz, N. and Paul, F. and Levin, N.
JAMA Neurology 75 (3): 287-295. March 2018

All-optical microscope autofocus based on an electrically tunable lens and a totally internally reflected IR laser.
Bathe-Peters, M. and Annibale, P. and Lohse, M.J.
Optics Express 26 (3): 2359-2368. 5 February 2018

A comparative analysis of human bone marrow-resident and peripheral memory B cells.
Becker, S.C. and Szyska, M. and Mensen, A. and Hellwig, K. and Otto, R. and Olfe, L. and Volk, H.D. and Dörner, T. and Dörken, B. and Scheibenbogen, C. and Schröder, J. and Hocke, A.C. and Na, I.K.
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 17 January 2018 (In Press)

CCR7 on CD4(+) T cells plays a crucial role in the induction of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.
Belikan, P. and Bühler, U. and Wolf, C. and Pramanik, G.K. and Gollan, R. and Zipp, F. and Siffrin, V.
Journal of Immunology 200 (8): 2554-2562. 15 April 2018

CRISPR correction of the PRKAG2 gene mutation in the patient's iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes eliminates the electrophysiological and structural abnormalities.
Ben Jehuda, R. and Eisen, B. and Shemer, Y. and Mekies, L.N. and Szantai, A. and Reiter, I. and Cui, H. and Guan, K. and Haron-Khun, S. and Freimark, D. and Sperling, S.R. and Gherghiceanu, M. and Arad, M. and Binah, O.
Heart Rhythm 15 (2): 267-276. February 2018

Small heat shock protein speciation: novel non-canonical 44 kDa HspB5-related protein species in rat and human tissues.
Benndorf, R. and Gilmont, R.R. and Hirano, S. and Ransom, R.F. and Jungblut, P.R. and Bommer, M. and Goldman, J.E. and Welsh, M.J.
Cell Stress & Chaperones 14 March 2018 (In Press)

Deletion of protein kinase D1 in pancreatic β-cells impairs insulin secretion in high-fat diet-fed mice.
Bergeron, V. and Ghislain, J. and Vivot, K. and Tamarina, N. and Philipson, L.H. and Fielitz, J. and Poitout, V.
Diabetes 67 (1): 71-77. January 2018

Neuromyelitis-optica-Spektrum-Erkrankung und Schwangerschaft [Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder and pregnancy].
Borisow, N. and Hellwig, K. and Paul, F.
Nervenarzt 30 January 2018 (In Press)

ATP6AP2 over-expression causes morphological alterations in the hippocampus and in hippocampus-related behaviour.
Bracke, A. and Schäfer, S. and von Bohlen und Halbach, V. and Klempin, F. and Bente, K. and Bracke, K. and Staar, D. and van den Brandt, J. and Harzsch, S. and Bader, M. and Wenzel, U.O. and Peters, J. and von Bohlen und Halbach, O.
Brain Structure & Function 23 February 2018 (In Press)

Self-perception and determinants of color vision in Parkinson's disease.
Brandt, A.U. and Zimmermann, H.G. and Oberwahrenbrock, T. and Isensee, J. and Müller, T. and Paul, F.
Journal of Neural Transmission 125 (2): 145-152. February 2018

Deletion of claudin-10 rescues claudin-16-deficient mice from hypomagnesemia and hypercalciuria.
Breiderhoff, T. and Himmerkus, N. and Drewell, H. and Plain, A. and Guenzel, D. and Mutig, K. and Willnow, T.E. and Mueller, D. and Bleich, M.
Kidney International 93 (3): 580-588. March 2018

Phase II trial to investigate the safety and efficacy of orally applied niclosamide in patients with metachronous or sychronous metastases of a colorectal cancer progressing after therapy: the NIKOLO trial.
Burock, S. and Daum, S. and Keilholz, U. and Neumann, K. and Walther, W. and Stein, U.
BMC Cancer 18 (1): 297. 15 March 2018

A global ocean atlas of eukaryotic genes.
Carradec, Q. and Pelletier, E. and Da Silva, C. and Alberti, A. and Seeleuthner, Y. and Blanc-Mathieu, R. and Lima-Mendez, G. and Rocha, F. and Tirichine, L. and Labadie, K. and Kirilovsky, A. and Bertrand, A. and Engelen, S. and Madoui, M.A. and Méheust, R. and Poulain, J. and Romac, S. and Richter, D.J. and Yoshikawa, G. and Dimier, C. and Kandels-Lewis, S. and Picheral, M. and Searson, S. and Jaillon, O. and Aury, J.M. and Karsenti, E. and Sullivan, M.B. and Sunagawa, S. and Bork, P. and Not, F. and Hingamp, P. and Raes, J. and Guidi, L. and Ogata, H. and De Vargas, C. and Iudicone, D. and Bowler, C. and Wincker, P.
Nature Communications 9 (1): 373. 25 January 2018

Sustained MAPK/ERK activation in adult schwann cells impairs nerve repair.
Cervellini, I. and Galino, J. and Zhu, N. and Allen, S. and Birchmeier, C. and Bennett, D.L.
Journal of Neuroscience 38 (3): 679-690. 17 January 2018

Adaptive and reversible resistance to Kras inhibition in pancreatic cancer cells.
Chen, P.Y. and Muzumdar, M.D. and Dorans, K.J. and Robbins, R.A. and Bhutkar, A. and Del Rosario, A.M. and Mertins, P. and Qiao, J. and Schaefer, C. and Gertler, F.B. and Carr, S.A. and Jacks, T.
Cancer Research 78 (4): 985-1002. February 2018

Human papillomavirus 16 E6 induces FoxM1B in oral keratinocytes through GRHL2.
Chen, W. and Shimane, T. and Kawano, S. and Alshaikh, A. and Kim, S.Y and Chung, S.H. and Kim, R.H. and Shin, K.H. and Walentin, K. and Park, N.H. and Schmidt-Ott, K.M. and Kang, M.K.
Journal of Dental Research 14 February 2018 (In Press)

Pervasive, coordinated protein-level changes driven by transcript isoform switching during meiosis.
Cheng, Z. and Otto, G.M. and Powers, E.N. and Keskin, A. and Mertins, P. and Carr, S.A. and Jovanovic, M. and Brar, G.A.
Cell 172 (5): 910-923. 22 February 2018

NOTCH activity differentially affects pituitary endocrine cell fate acquisition and maintenance.
Cheung, L. and Le Tissier, P. and Goldsmith, S.G. and Treier, M. and Lovell-Badge, R. and Rizzoti, K.
eLife 7 : e33318. 26 March 2018

The scaling features of the 3D organization of chromosomes are highlighted by a transformation à la Kadanoff of Hi-C data.
Chiariello, A.M. and Bianco, S. and Annunziatella, C. and Esposito, A. and Nicodemi, M.
EPL 120 (4): 40004. 8 February 2018

Signaling by the Epstein-Barr virus LMP1 protein induces potent cytotoxic CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cell responses.
Choi, I.K. and Wang, Z. and Ke, Q. and Hong, M. and Qian, Y. and Zhao, X. and Liu, Y. and Kim, H.J. and Ritz, J. and Cantor, H. and Rajewsky, K. and Wucherpfennig, K.W. and Zhang, B.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 115 (4): E686-E695. January 2018

Barreloid borders and neuronal activity shape panglial gap junction-coupled networks in the mouse thalamus.
Claus, L. and Philippot, C. and Griemsmann, S. and Timmermann, A. and Jabs, R. and Henneberger, C. and Kettenmann, H. and Steinhaeuser, C.
Cerebral Cortex 28 (1): 213-222. 1 January 2018

Efficient non-viral T cell engineering by Sleeping Beauty minicircles diminishing DNA toxicity and miRNAs silencing the endogenous TCR.
Clauss, J. and Obenaus, M. and Miskey, C. and Ivics, Z. and Izsvák, Z. and Uckert, W. and Bunse, M.
Human Gene Therapy 21 March 2018 (In Press)

The transcription factor STAT6 mediates direct repression of inflammatory enhancers and limits activation of alternatively polarized macrophages.
Czimmerer, Z. and Daniel, B. and Horvath, A. and Rückerl, D. and Nagy, G. and Kiss, M. and Peloquin, M. and Budai, M.M. and Cuaranta-Monroy, I. and Simandi, Z. and Steiner, L. and Nagy, B. and Poliska, S. and Banko, C. and Bacso, Z. and Schulman, I.G. and Sauer, S. and Deleuze, J.F. and Allen, J.E. and Benko, S. and Nagy, L.
Immunity 48 (1): 75-90.e6. 16 January 2018

Genome-wide analysis of barrett's adenocarcinoma. a first step towards identifying patients at risk and developing therapeutic paths.
Dai, Y. and Wang, Q. and Gonzalez Lopez, A. and Anders, M. and Malfertheiner, P. and Vieth, M. and Kemmner, W.
Translational Oncology 11 (1): 116-124. February 2018

The IL-4/STAT6/PPARγ signaling axis is driving the expansion of the RXR heterodimer cistrome, providing complex ligand responsiveness in macrophages.
Daniel, B. and Nagy, G. and Horvath, A. and Czimmerer, Z. and Cuaranta-Monroy, I. and Poliska, S. and Hays, T.T. and Sauer, S. and Francois-Deleuze, J. and Nagy, L.
Nucleic Acids Research 28 February 2018 (In Press)

Molecular basis of titin exon exclusion by RBM20 and the novel titin splice regulator PTB4.
Dauksaite, V. and Gotthardt, M.
Nucleic Acids Research 6 March 2018 (In Press)

Immune or genetic-mediated disruption of CASPR2 causes pain hypersensitivity due to enhanced primary afferent excitability.
Dawes, J.M. and Weir, G.A. and Middleton, S.J. and Patel, R. and Chisholm, K.I. and Pettingill, P. and Peck, L.J. and Sheridan, J. and Shakir, A. and Jacobson, L. and Gutierrez-Mecinas, M. and Galino, J. and Walcher, J. and Kühnemund, J. and Kuehn, H. and Sanna, M.D. and Lang, B. and Clark, A.J. and Themistocleous, A.C. and Iwagaki, N. and West, S.J. and Werynska, K. and Carroll, L. and Trendafilova, T. and Menassa, D.A. and Giannoccaro, M.P. and Coutinho, E. and Cervellini, I. and Tewari, D. and Buckley, C. and Leite, M.I. and Wildner, H. and Zeilhofer, H.U. and Peles, E. and Todd, A.J. and McMahon, S.B. and Dickenson, A.H. and Lewin, G.R. and Vincent, A. and Bennett, D.L.
Neuron 97 (4): 806-822.e10. 21 February 2018

Multiancestry association study identifies new asthma risk loci that colocalize with immune-cell enhancer marks.
Demenais, F. and Margaritte-Jeannin, P. and Barnes, K.C. and Cookson, W.O.C. and Altmueller, J. and Ang, W. and Barr, R.G. and Beaty, T.H. and Becker, A.B. and Beilby, J. and Bisgaard, H. and Bjornsdottir, U.S. and Bleecker, E. and Bonnelykke, K. and Boomsma, D.I. and Bouzigon, E. and Brightling, C.E. and Brossard, M. and Brusselle, G.G. and Burchard, E. and Burkart, K.M. and Bush, A. and Chan-Yeung, M. and Chung, K.F. and Couto Alves, A. and Curtin, J.A. and Custovic, A. and Daley, D. and de Jongste, J.C. and Del-Rio-Navarro, B.E. and Donohue, K.M. and Duijts, L. and Eng, C. and Eriksson, J.G. and Farrall, M. and Fedorova, Y. and Feenstra, B. and Ferreira, M.A. and Freidin, M.B. and Gajdos, Z. and Gauderman, J. and Gehring, U. and Geller, F. and Genuneit, J. and Gharib, S.A and Gilliland, F. and Granell, R. and Graves, P.E. and Gudbjartsson, D.F. and Haahtela, T. and Heckbert, S.R. and Heederik, D. and Heinrich, J. and Helioevaara, M. and Henderson, J. and Himes, B.E. and Hirose, H. and Hirschhorn, J.N. and Hofman, A. and Holt, P. and Hottenga, J. and Hudson, T.J. and Hui, J. and Imboden, M. and Ivanov, V. and Jaddoe, V.W.V. and James, A. and Janson, C. and Jarvelin, M.R. and Jarvis, D. and Jones, G. and Jonsdottir, I. and Jousilahti, P. and Kabesch, M. and Kähönen, M. and Kantor, D.B. and Karunas, A.S. and Khusnutdinova, E. and Koppelman, G.H. and Kozyrskyj, A.L. and Kreiner, E. and Kubo, M. and Kumar, R. and Kumar, A. and Kuokkanen, M. and Lahousse, L. and Laitinen, T. and Laprise, C. and Lathrop, M. and Lau, S. and Lee, Y.A. and Lehtimaeki, T. and Letort, S. and Levin, A.M. and Li, G. and Liang, L. and Loehr, L.R. and London, S.J. and Loth, D.W. and Manichaikul, A. and Marenholz, I. and Martinez, F.J. and Matheson, M.C. and Mathias, R.A. and Matsumoto, K. and Mbarek, H. and McArdle, W.L. and Melbye, M. and Melen, E. and Meyers, D. and Michel, S. and Mohamdi, H. and Musk, A.W. and Myers, R.A. and Nieuwenhuis, M.A.E. and Noguchi, E. and O'Connor, G.T. and Ogorodova, L.M. and Palmer, C.D. and Palotie, A. and Park, J.E. and Pennell, C.E. and Pershagen, G. and Polonikov, A. and Postma, D.S. and Probst-Hensch, N. and Puzyrev, V.P. and Raby, B.A. and Raitakari, O.T. and Ramasamy, A. and Rich, S.S. and Robertson, C.F. and Romieu, I. and Salam, M.T. and Salomaa, V. and Schluenssen, V. and Scott, R. and Selivanova, P.A. and Sigsgaard, T. and Simpson, A. and Siroux, V. and Smith, L.J. and Solodilova, M. and Standl, M. and Stefansson, K. and Strachan, D.P. and Stricker, B.H. and Takahashi, A. and Thompson, P.J. and Thorleifsson, G. and Thorsteinsdottir, U. and Tiesler, C.M.T. and Torgerson, D.G. and Tsunoda, T. and Uitterlinden, A.G. and van der Valk, R.J.P. and Vaysse, A. and Vedantam, S. and von Berg, A. and von Mutius, E. and Vonk, J.M. and Waage, J. and Wareham, N.J. and Weiss, S.T. and White, W.B. and Wickman, M. and Widén, E. and Willemsen, G. and Williams, L.K. and Wouters, I.M. and Yang, J.J. and Zhao, J.H. and Moffatt, M.F. and Ober, C. and Nicolae, D.L.
Nature Genetics 50 (1): 42-53. January 2018

Nuclear organization in the spinal cord depends on motor neuron lamination orchestrated by catenin and afadin function.
Dewitz, C. and Pimpinella, S. and Hackel, P. and Akalin, A. and Jessell, T.M. and Zampieri, N.
Cell Reports 22 (7): 1681-1694. 13 February 2018

Structural changes of TasA in biofilm formation of Bacillus subtilis.
Diehl, A. and Roske, Y. and Ball, L. and Chowdhury, A. and Hiller, M. and Molière, N. and Kramer, R. and Stöppler, D. and Worth, C.L. and Schlegel, B. and Leidert, M. and Cremer, N. and Erdmann, N. and Lopez, D. and Stephanowitz, H. and Krause, E. and van Rossum, B.J. and Schmieder, P. and Heinemann, U. and Turgay, K. and Akbey, Ü. and Oschkinat, H.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 115 (13): 3237-3242. 27 March 2018

Hippocampal ripple oscillations and inhibition-first network models: frequency dynamics and response to GABA modulators.
Donoso, J.R. and Schmitz, D. and Maier, N. and Kempter, R.
Journal of Neuroscience 38 (12): 3124-3146. 21 March 2018

Brain iron accumulation in Wilson's disease: a longitudinal imaging case study during anticopper treatment using 7.0T MRI and transcranial sonography.
Dusek, P. and Skoloudik, D. and Maskova, J. and Huelnhagen, T. and Bruha, R. and Zahorakova, D. and Niendorf, T. and Ruzicka, E. and Schneider, S.A. and Wuerfel, J.
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 47 (1): 282-285. January 2018

Importin α1 is required for nuclear import of herpes simplex virus proteins and capsid assembly in fibroblasts and neurons.
Döhner, K. and Ramos-Nascimento, A. and Bialy, D. and Anderson, F. and Hickford-Martinez, A. and Rother, F. and Koithan, T. and Rudolph, K. and Buch, A. and Prank, U. and Binz, A. and Hügel, S. and Lebbink, R.J. and Hoeben, R.C. and Hartmann, E. and Bader, M. and Bauerfeind, R. and Sodeik, B.
PLOS Pathogens 14 (1): e1006823. 5 January 2018

Non-invasive modulation reduces repetitive behavior in a rat model through the sensorimotor cortico-striatal circuit.
Edemann-Callesen, H. and Habelt, B. and Wieske, F. and Jackson, M. and Khadka, N. and Mattei, D. and Bernhardt, N. and Heinz, A. and Liebetanz, D. and Bikson, M. and Padberg, F. and Hadar, R. and Nitsche, N. and Winter, C.
Translational Psychiatry 8 (1): 11. 10 January 2018

Dimerization leads to changes in APP (amyloid precursor protein) trafficking mediated by LRP1 and SorLA.
Eggert, S. and Gonzalez, A.C. and Thomas, C. and Schilling, S. and Schwarz, S.M. and Tischer, C. and Adam, V. and Strecker, P. and Schmidt, V. and Willnow, T.E. and Hermey, G. and Pietrzik, C.U. and Koo, E.H. and Kins, Stefan
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 75 (2): 301-322. January 2018

Clathrin coat controls synaptic vesicle acidification by blocking vacuolar ATPase activity.
Farsi, Z. and Gowrisankaran, S. and Krunic, M. and Rammner, B. and Woehler, A. and Lafer, E.M. and Mim, C. and Jahn, R. and Milosevic, I.
eLife 7 : e32569. 13 April 2018 (In Press)

A gain-of-function mutation in the CLCN2 chloride channel gene causes primary aldosteronism.
Fernandes-Rosa, F.L. and Daniil, G. and Orozco, I.J. and Göppner, C. and El Zein, R. and Jain, V. and Boulkroun, S. and Jeunemaitre, X. and Amar, L. and Lefebvre, H. and Schwarzmayr, T. and Strom, T.M. and Jentsch, T.J. and Zennaro, M.C.
Nature Genetics 50 (3): 355-361. March 2018

Association of visual impairment in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder with visual network reorganization.
Finke, C. and Zimmermann, H. and Pache, F. and Oertel, F.C. and Chavarro, V.S. and Kramarenko, Y. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Ruprecht, K. and Brandt, A.U. and Paul, F.
JAMA Neurology 75 (3): 296-303. March 2018

Serum metabolites and risk of myocardial infarction and ischemic stroke: a targeted metabolomic approach in two German prospective cohorts.
Floegel, A. and Kuehn, T. and Sookthai, D. and Johnson, T. and Prehn, C. and Rolle-Kampczyk, U. and Otto, W. and Weikert, C. and Illig, T. and von Bergen, M. and Adamski, J. and Boeing, H. and Kaaks, R. and Pischon, T.
European Journal of Epidemiology 33 (1): 55-66. January 2018

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) reduces the intensity of pancreatic amyloid fibrils in human islet amyloid polypeptide (hIAPP) transgenic mice.
Franko, A. and Rodriguez Camargo, D.C. and Böddrich, A. and Garg, D. and Rodriguez Camargo, A. and Rathkolb, B. and Janik, D. and Aichler, M. and Feuchtinger, A. and Neff, F. and Fuchs, H. and Wanker, E.E. and Reif, B. and Häring, H.U. and Peter, A. and Hrabě de Angelis, M.
Scientific Reports 8 (1): 1116. 18 January 2018

Quantification of the left atrium applying cardiovascular magnetic resonance in clinical routine.
Funk, S. and Kermer, J. and Doganguezel, S. and Schwenke, C. and von Knobelsdorff-Brenkenhoff, F. and Schulz-Menger, J.
Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal 52 (2): 85-92. April 2018

Safety and preliminary efficacy of deep transcranial magnetic stimulation in MS-related fatigue.
Gaede, G. and Tiede, M. and Lorenz, I. and Brandt, A.U. and Pfueller, C. and Doerr, J. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Piper, S.K. and Roth, Y. and Zangen, A. and Schippling, S. and Paul, F.
Neurology Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation 5 (1): e423. 1 January 2018

MVP: a microbe-phage interaction database.
Gao, N.L. and Zhang, C. and Zhang, Z. and Hu, S. and Lercher, M.J. and Zhao, X.M. and Bork, P. and Liu, Z. and Chen, W.H.
Nucleic Acids Research 46 (D1): D700-D707. 4 January 2018

A novel form of RNA double helix based on G·U and C·A(+) wobble base pairing.
Garg, A. and Heinemann, U.
RNA 24 (2): 209-218. February 2018

Spatial modeling of the membrane-cytosolic interface in protein kinase signal transduction.
Giese, W. and Milicic, G. and Schröder, A. and Klipp, E.
PLoS Computational Biology 14 (4): e1006075. 9 April 2018 (In Press)

Diabetes mellitus in pregnancy leads to growth restriction and epigenetic modification of the Srebf2 gene in rat fetuses.
Golic, M. and Stojanovska, V. and Bendix, I. and Wehner, A. and Herse, F. and Haase, N. and Kräker, K. and Fischer, C. and Alenina, N. and Bader, M. and Schütte, T. and Schuchardt, M. and van der Giet, M. and Henrich, W. and Muller, D.N. and Felderhoff-Müser, U. and Scherjon, S. and Plösch, T. and Dechend, R.
Hypertension 71 (5): 911-920. May 2018

Dieter Klaus und die Bluthochdruckforschung.
Gollasch, M. and Tsvetkov, D. and Müller, D.
Nieren- und Hochdruckkrankheiten 47 (1): 40-46. January 2018

Association of smoking but not HLA-DRB1*15:01, APOE or body mass index with brain atrophy in early multiple sclerosis.
Graetz, C. and Gröger, A. and Luessi, F. and Salmen, A. and Zöller, D. and Schultz, J. and Siller, N. and Fleischer, V. and Bellenberg, B. and Berthele, A. and Biberacher, V. and Havla, J. and Hecker, M. and Hohlfeld, R. and Infante-Duarte, C. and Kirschke, J.S. and Kümpfel, T. and Linker, R. and Paul, F. and Pfeuffer, S. and Sämann, P. and Toenges, G. and Weber, F. and Zettl, U.K. and Jahn-Eimermacher, A. and Antony, G. and Groppa, S. and Wiendl, H. and Hemmer, B. and Mühlau, M. and Lukas, C. and Gold, R. and Lill, C.M. and Zipp, F.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 13 March 2018 (In Press)

Effects of allelic variations in the human myxovirus resistance protein A on its antiviral activity.
Graf, L. and Dick, A. and Sendker, F. and Barth, E. and Marz, M. and Daumke, O. and Kochs, G.
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Autologous iPSC-based vaccines elicit anti-tumor responses in vivo.
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Generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells (EURACi001-A, EURACi002-A, EURACi003-A) from peripheral blood mononuclear cells of three patients carrying mutations in the CAV3 gene.
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Mass spectrometry-based proteomics reveals potential roles of NEK9 and MAP2K4 in resistance to PI3K inhibitors in triple negative breast cancers.
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SuperDRUG2: a one stop resource for approved/marketed drugs.
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Post-transcriptional regulation by 3' UTRs can be masked by regulatory elements in 5' UTRs.
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Loss of the hematopoietic stem cell factor GATA2 in the osteogenic lineage impairs trabecularization and mechanical strength of bone.
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Nutritional preferences of human gut bacteria reveal their metabolic idiosyncrasies.
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Primary cilia sensitize endothelial cells to BMP and prevent excessive vascular regression.
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Self-assembly of mutant huntingtin exon-1 fragments into large complex fibrillar structures involves nucleated branching.
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A combined in vivo HSC transduction/selection approach results in efficient and stable gene expression in peripheral blood cells in mice.
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Temporally resolved parametric assessment of Z-magnetization recovery (TOPAZ): dynamic myocardial T1 mapping using a cine steady-state look-locker approach.
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Millimeter spatial resolution in vivo sodium MRI of the human eye at 7 T using a dedicated radiofrequency transceiver array.
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Nitric oxide-sensitive guanylyl cyclase stimulation improves experimental heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.
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Development of obesity can be prevented in rats by chronic icv infusions of AngII but less by Ang(1-7).
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Personalized risk prediction of postoperative cognitive impairment - rationale for the EU-funded BioCog project.
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