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Cell cycle effects of fatty acid derivatives of cytarabine, CP-4055, and of gemcitabine, CP-4126, as basis for the interaction with oxaliplatin and docetaxel.
Adema, A.D. and Laan, A.C. and Myhren, F. and Fichtner, I. and Verheul, H.M. and Sandvold, M.L. and Peters, G.J.
International Journal of Oncology 36 (1): 285-294. 1 January 2010

A DNA-transposon-based approach to functional screening in neural stem cells.
Albieri, I. and Onorati, M. and Calabrese, G. and Moiana, A. and Biasci, D. and Badaloni, A. and Camnasio, S. and Spiliotopoulos, D. and Ivics, Z. and Cattaneo, E. and Consalez, G.G.
Journal of Biotechnology 150 (1): 11-21. 1 October 2010

Ring1B and Suv39h1 delineate distinct chromatin states at bivalent genes during early mouse lineage commitment.
Alder, O. and Lavial, F. and Helness, A. and Brookes, E. and Pinho, S. and Chandrashekran, A. and Arnaud, P. and Pombo, A. and O'Neill, L. and Azuara, V.
Development 137 (15): 2483-2492. 1 August 2010

Circulating C-reactive protein concentrations and risks of colon and rectal cancer: a nested case-control study within the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition.
Aleksandrova, K. and Jenab, M. and Boeing, H. and Jansen, E. and Bueno-de-Mesquita, H.B. and Rinaldi, S. and Riboli, E. and Overvad, K. and Dahm, C.C. and Olsen, A. and Tjonneland, A. and Boutron-Ruault, M.C. and Clavel-Chapelon, F. and Morois, S. and Palli, D. and Krogh, V. and Tumino, R. and Vineis, P. and Panico, S. and Kaaks, R. and Rohrmann, S. and Trichopoulou, A. and Lagiou, P. and Trichopoulos, D. and van Duijnhoven, F.J. and Leufkens, A.M. and Peeters, P.H. and Rodriguez, L. and Bonet, C. and Sanchez, M.J. and Dorronsoro, M. and Navarro, C. and Barricarte, A. and Palmqvist, R. and Hallmans, G. and Khaw, K.T. and Wareham, N. and Allen, N.E. and Spencer, E. and Romaguera, D. and Norat, T. and Pischon, T.
American Journal of Epidemiology 172 (4): 407-418. 15 August 2010

Ahnak1 modulates L-type Ca(2+) channel inactivation of rodent cardiomyocytes.
Alvarez, J.L. and Petzhold, D. and Pankonien, I. and Behlke, J. and Kouno, M. and Vassort, G. and Morano, I. and Haase, H.
Pfluegers Archiv European Journal of Physiology 460 (4): 719-730. September 2010

Cubilin is essential for albumin reabsorption in the renal proximal tubule.
Amsellem, S. and Gburek, J. and Hamard, G. and Nielsen, R. and Willnow, T.E. and Devuyst, O. and Nexo, E. and Verroust, P.J. and Christensen, E.I. and Kozyraki, R.
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 21 (11): 1859-1867. November 2010

Identification of a linear epitope in sortilin that partakes in pro-neurotrophin binding.
Andersen, O.S. and Boisguerin, P. and Glerup, S. and Skeldal, S. and Volkmer, R. and Willnow, T.E. and Nykjaer, A. and Andersen, O.M.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (16): 12210-12222. 16 April 2010

Arachidonic acid-metabolizing cytochrome P450 enzymes are targets of omega-3 fatty acids.
Arnold, C. and Markovic, M. and Blossey, K. and Wallukat, G. and Fischer, R. and Dechend, R. and Konkel, A. and von Schacky, C. and Luft, F.C. and Mueller, D.N. and Rothe, M. and Schunck, W.H.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (43): 32720-32733. 22 October 2010

SmashCommunity: A metagenomic annotation and analysis tool.
Arumugam, M. and Harrington, E.D. and Foerstner, K.U. and Raes, J. and Bork, P.
Bioinformatics 26 (23): 2977-2978. 1 December 2010

An alignment-free method to identify candidate orthologous enhancers in multiple Drosophila genomes.
Arunachalam, M. and Jayasurya, K. and Tomancak, P. and Ohler, U.
Bioinformatics 26 (17): 2109-2115. 1 September 2010

Conserved beta-hairpin recognition by the GYF domains of Smy2 and GIGYF2 in mRNA surveillance and vesicular transport complexes.
Ash, M.R. and Faelber, K. and Kosslick, D. and Albert, G.I. and Roske, Y. and Kofler, M. and Schuemann, M. and Krause, E. and Freund, C.
Structure 18 (8): 944-954. 11 August 2010

The genome sequence of the spontaneously hypertensive rat: analysis and functional significance.
Atanur, S.S. and Birol, I. and Guryev, V. and Hirst, M. and Hummel, O. and Morrissey, C. and Behmoaras, J. and Fernandez-Suarez, X.M. and Johnson, M.D. and McLaren, W.M. and Patone, G. and Petretto, E. and Plessy, C. and Rockland, K.S. and Rockland, C. and Saar, K. and Zhao, Y. and Carninci, P. and Flicek, P. and Kurtz, T. and Cuppen, E. and Pravenec, M. and Huebner, N. and Jones, S.J. and Birney, E. and Aitman, T.J.
Genome Research 20 (6): 791-803. June 2010

Silencing neurotransmission with membrane-tethered toxins.
Auer, S. and Stuerzebecher, A.S. and Juettner, R. and Santos-Torres, J. and Hanack, C. and Frahm, S. and Liehl, B. and Ibanez-Tallon, I.
Nature Methods 7 (3): 229-236. March 2010

Measurement of replication structures at the nanometer scale using super-resolution light microscopy.
Baddeley, D. and Chagin, V.O. and Schermelleh, L. and Martin, S. and Pombo, A. and Carlton, P.M. and Gahl, A. and Domaing, P. and Birk, U. and Leonhardt, H. and Cremer, C. and Cardoso, M.C.
Nucleic Acids Research 38 (2): e8. March 2010

Rat models of cardiovascular diseases.
Bader, M.
Methods in Molecular Biology 597 : 403-414. 2010

Mutability of Y-chromosomal microsatellites: rates, characteristics, molecular bases, and forensic implications.
Ballantyne, K.N. and Goedbloed, M. and Fang, R. and Schaap, O. and Lao, O. and Wollstein, A. and Choi, Y. and van Duijn, K. and Vermeulen, M. and Brauer, S. and Decorte, R. and Poetsch, M. and von Wurmb-Schwark, N. and de Knijff, P. and Labuda, D. and Vezina, H. and Knoblauch, H. and Lessig, R. and Roewer, L. and Ploski, R. and Dobosz, T. and Henke, L. and Henke, J. and Furtado, M.R. and Kayser, M.
American Journal of Human Genetics 87 (3): 341-353. 10 September 2010

Iron traffics in circulation bound to a siderocalin (Ngal)-catechol complex.
Bao, G. and Clifton, M. and Hoette, T.M. and Mori, K. and Deng, S.X. and Qiu, A. and Viltard, M. and Williams, D. and Paragas, N. and Leete, T. and Kulkarni, R. and Li, X. and Lee, B. and Kalandadze, A. and Ratner, A.J. and Pizarro, J.C. and Schmidt-Ott, K.M. and Landry, D.W. and Raymond, K.N. and Strong, R.K. and Barasch, J.
Nature Chemical Biology 6 (8): 602-609. August 2010

Dietary insulin load, dietary insulin index, and colorectal cancer.
Bao, Y. and Nimptsch, K. and Meyerhardt, J.A. and Chan, A.T. and Ng, K. and Michaud, D.S. and Brand-Miller, J.C. and Willett, W.C. and Giovannucci, E. and Fuchs, C.S.
Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 19 (12): 3020-3026. December 2010

LAITOR - Literature Assistant for Identification of Terms co-Occurrences and Relationships.
Barbosa-Silva, A. and Soldatos, T.G. and Magalhaes, I.L. and Pavlopoulos, G.A. and Fontaine, J.F. and Andrade-Navarro, M.A. and Schneider, R. and Ortega, J.M.
BMC Bioinformatics 11 (1): 70. 1 February 2010

Comparison of left ventricular function assessment using phonocardiogram- and electrocardiogram-triggered 2D SSFP CINE MR imaging at 1.5 T and 3.0 T.
Becker, M. and Frauenrath, T. and Hezel, F. and Krombach, G.A. and Kremer, U. and Koppers, B. and Butenweg, C. and Goemmel, A. and Utting, J.F. and Schulz-Menger, J. and Niendorf, T.
European Radiology 20 (6): 1344-1355. June 2010

Analysis of excitatory microcircuitry in the medial entorhinal cortex reveals cell-type-specific differences.
Beed, P. and Bendels, M.H.K. and Wiegand, H.F. and Leibold, C. and Johenning, F.W. and Schmitz, D.
Neuron 68 (6): 1059-1066. 22 December 2010

Enhanced resolution of sedimentation coefficient distribution profiles by extrapolation to infinite time.
Behlke, J. and Ristau, O.
European Biophysics Journal 39 (3): 449-455. February 2010

Novel hyperactive transposons for genetic modification of induced puripotent and adult stem cells: a non-viral paradigm for coaxed differentiation.
Belay, E. and Matrai, J. and Acosta-Sanchez, A. and Ma, L. and Quattrocelli, M. and Mates, L. and Sancho-Bru, P. and Geraerts, M. and Yan, B. and Vermeesch, J. and Rincon, M.Y. and Samara-Kuko, E. and Ivics, Z. and Verfaillie, C.M. and Sampaolesi, M. and Izsvak, Z. and Vandendriessche, T. and Chuah, M.K.
Stem Cells 28 (10): 1760-1771. October 2010

Detection of input sites in scanning photostimulation data based on spatial correlations.
Bendels, M.H.K. and Beed, P. and Schmitz, D. and Johenning, F.W. and Leibold, C.
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 192 (2): 286-295. 15 October 2010

MAPK3 deficiency drives autoimmunity via dendritic cell arming.
Bendix, I. and Pfueller, C.F. and Leuenberger, T. and Glezeva, N. and Siffrin, V. and Mueller, Y. and Prozorovski, T. and Hansen, W. and Schulze-Topphoff, U. and Loddenkemper, C. and Zipp, F. and Waiczies, S.
European Journal of Immunology 40 (5): 1486-1495. May 2010

Lethal graft-versus-host disease in mouse models of T cell receptor gene therapy.
Bendle, G.M. and Linnemann, C. and Hooijkaas, A.I. and Bies, L. and de Witte, M.A. and Jorritsma, A. and Kaiser, A.D.M. and Pouw, N. and Debets, R. and Kieback, E. and Uckert, W. and Song, J.Y. and Haanen, J.B.A.G. and Schumacher, T.N.M.
Nature Medicine 16 (5): 565-570, 1p following 570. May 2010

Reduction of circulating soluble Flt-1 alleviates preeclampsia-like symptoms in a mouse model.
Bergmann, A. and Ahmad, S. and Cudmore, M. and Gruber, A.D. and Wittschen, P. and Lindenmaier, W. and Christofori, G. and Gross, V. and da Costa Gonzalves, A.C. and Groene, H.J. and Ahmed, A. and Weich, H.A.
Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine 14 (6B): 1857-1867. June 2010

Aldosterone abrogates nuclear factor κB-mediated tumor necrosis factor α production in human neutrophils via the mineralocorticoid receptor.
Bergmann, A. and Eulenberg, C. and Wellner, M. and Rolle, S. and Luft, F.C. and Kettritz, R.
Hypertension 55 (2): 370-379. February 2010

Levosimendan improves cardiac function and survival in rats with angiotensin II-induced hypertensive heart failure.
Biala, A. and Martonen, E. and Kaheinen, P. and Levijoki, J. and Finckenberg, P. and Merasto, S. and Louhelainen, M. and Mueller, D.N. and Luft, F.C. and Mervaala, E.
Hypertension Research 33 (10): 1004-1011. October 2010

Resveratrol induces mitochondrial biogenesis and ameliorates Ang II-induced cardiac remodeling in transgenic rats harboring human renin and angiotensinogen genes.
Biala, A. and Tauriainen, E. and Siltanen, A. and Shi, J. and Merasto, S. and Louhelainen, M. and Martonen, E. and Finckenberg, P. and Mueller, D.N. and Mervaala, E.
Blood Pressure 19 (3): 196-205. June 2010

EGCG remodels mature α-synuclein and amyloid-β fibrils and reduces cellular toxicity.
Bieschke, J. and Russ, J. and Friedrich, R.P. and Ehrnhoefer, D.E. and Wobst, H. and Neugebauer, K. and Wanker, E.E.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107 (17): 7710-7715. 27 April 2010

Calibration of microarray gene-expression data.
Binder, H. and Preibisch, S. and Berger, H.
Methods in Molecular Biology 576 : 375-407. 2010

Ultraviolet-B-induced mechanical hyperalgesia: A role for peripheral sensitisation.
Bishop, T. and Marchand, F. and Young, A.R. and Lewin, G.R. and McMahon, S.B.
Pain 150 (1): 141-152. July 2010

Enhancement of radiation response in osteosarcoma and rhabdomyosarcoma cell lines by histone deacetylase inhibition.
Blattmann, C. and Oertel, S. and Ehemann, V. and Thiemann, M. and Huber, P.E. and Bischof, M. and Witt, O. and Deubzer, H.E. and Kulozik, A.E. and Debus, J. and Weber, K.J.
International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics 78 (1): 237-245. 1 September 2010

Patterns of retinal nerve fiber layer loss in multiple sclerosis patients with or without optic neuritis and glaucoma patients.
Bock, M. and Brandt, A.U. and Doerr, J. and Kraft, H. and Weinges-Evers, N. and Gaede, G. and Pfueller, C.F. and Herges, K. and Radbruch, H. and Ohlraun, S. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Kuchenbecker, J. and Zipp, F. and Paul, F.
Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery 112 (8): 647-652. October 2010

Time domain and spectral domain optical coherence tomography in multiple sclerosis: a comparative cross-sectional study.
Bock, M. and Brandt, A.U. and Doerr, J. and Pfueller, C.F. and Ohlraun, S. and Zipp, F. and Paul, F.
Multiple Sclerosis 16 (7): 893-896. July 2010

Crystal structure of Klebsiella sp. ASR1 phytase suggests substrate binding to a preformed active site that meets the requirements of a plant rhizosphere enzyme.
Boehm, K. and Herter, T. and Mueller, J.J. and Borriss, R. and Heinemann, U.
FEBS Journal 277 (5): 1284-1296. March 2010

Cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging of non-ischaemic heart disease: established and emerging applications.
Bohl, S. and Schulz-Menger, J.
Heart Lung & Circulation 19 (3): 117-132. March 2010

A bivalent tarantula toxin activates the capsaicin receptor, TRPV1, by targeting the outer pore domain.
Bohlen, C.J. and Priel, A. and Zhou, S. and King, D. and Siemens, J. and Julius, D.
Cell 141 (5): 834-845. 28 May 2010

Proteogenomics of Pristionchus pacificus reveals distinct proteome structure of nematode models.
Borchert, N. and Dieterich, C. and Krug, K. and Schuetz, W. and Jung, S. and Nordheim, A. and Sommer, R.J. and Macek, B.
Genome Research 20 (6): 837-486. June 2010

AngioJet® rheolytic thrombectomy for acute superficial femoral artery stent or femoropopliteal by-pass thrombosis.
Borgia, F. and Di Serafino, L. and Sannino, A. and Gargiulo, G. and Schiattarella, G.G. and De Laurentis, M. and Scudiero, L. and Perrino, C. and Piscione, F. and Esposito, G. and Chiariello, M.
Monaldi archives for chest disease = Archivio Monaldi per le malattie del torace 74 (2): 76-81. June 2010

LMNA mutations, skeletal muscle lipid metabolism, and insulin resistance.
Boschmann, M. and Engeli, S. and Moro, C. and Luedtke, A. and Adams, F. and Gorzelniak, K. and Rahn, G. and Mähler, A. and Dobberstein, K. and Krueger, A. and Schmidt, S. and Spuler, S. and Luft, F.C. and Smith, S.R. and Schmidt, H.H. and Jordan, J.
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 95 (4): 1634-1643. April 2010

C/EBPβ controls exercise-induced cardiac growth and protects against pathological cardiac remodeling.
Bostroem, P. and Mann, N. and Wu, J. and Quintero, P.A. and Plovie, E.R. and Panakova, D. and Gupta, R.K. and Xiao, C. and MacRae, C.A. and Rosenzweig, A. and Spiegelman, B.M.
Cell 143 (7): 1072-1083. 23 December 2010

Functional neurokinin and NMDA receptor activity in an animal naturally lacking Substance P: the naked mole-rat.
Brand, A. and Smith, E.S.J. and Lewin, G.R. and Park, T.J.
PLoS ONE 5 (12): e15162. 21 December 2010

Munc13-2 differentially affects hippocampal synaptic transmission and plasticity.
Breustedt, J and Gundlfinger, A and Varoqueaux, F and Reim, K and Brose, N and Schmitz, D.
Cerebral Cortex 20 (5): 1109-1120. May 2010

Lymphomonocyte alpha-synuclein levels in aging and in Parkinson disease.
Brighina, L. and Prigione, A. and Begni, B. and Galbussera, A. and Andreoni, S. and Piolti, R. and Ferrarese, C.
Neurobiology of Aging 31 (5): 884-885. May 2010

Increased angiotensin II in the mesometrial triangle of a transgenic rat model of preeclampsia.
Brosnihan, K.B. and Hering, L. and Dechend, R. and Chappell, M.C. and Herse, F.
Hypertension 55 (2): 562-566. February 2010

Delivery of 5-azacytidine to human cancer cells by elaidic acid esterification increases therapeutic drug efficacy.
Brueckner, B. and Rius, M. and Rivera Markelova, M. and Fichtner, I. and Hals, P.A. and Sandvold, M.L. and Lyko, F.
Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 9 (5): 1256-1264. May 2010

Phase I trial of an allogeneic gene-modified tumor cell vaccine (RCC-26/CD80/IL-2) in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma.
Buchner, A. and Pohla, H. and Willimsky, G. and Frankenberger, B. and Frank, R. and Baur-Melnyk, A. and Siebels, M. and Stief, C.G. and Hofstetter, A. and Kopp, J. and Pezzutto, A. and Blankenstein, T. and Oberneder, R. and Schendel, D.J.
Human Gene Therapy 21 (3): 285-297. March 2010

Integration der Hyperthermie in chirurgisch-onkologische Techniken [Integration of hyperthermia into surgical oncological techniques].
Burock, S. and Schlag, P.M.
Onkologe 16 (11): 1079-1085. November 2010

Pulsatile shear and Gja5 modulate arterial identity and remodeling events during flow-driven arteriogenesis.
Buschmann, I. and Pries, A. and Styp-Rekowska, B. and Hillmeister, P. and Loufrani, L. and Henrion, D. and Shi, Y. and Duelsner, A. and Hoefer, I. and Gatzke, N. and Wang, H. and Lehmann, K. and Ulm, L. and Ritter, Z. and Hauff, P. and Hlushchuk, R. and Djonov, V. and van Veen, T. and le Noble, F.
Development 137 (13): 2187-2196. July 2010

In vivo imaging of an inducible oncogenic tumor antigen visualizes tumor progression and predicts CTL tolerance.
Buschow, C. and Charo, J. and Anders, K. and Loddenkemper, C. and Jukica, A. and Alsamah, W. and Perez, C. and Willimsky, G. and Blankenstein, T.
Journal of Immunology 184 (6): 2930-2938. 15 March 2010

Visinin-like protein 1 regulates natriuretic peptide receptor B in the heart.
Buttgereit, J. and Qadri, F. and Monti, J. and Langenickel, T.H. and Dietz, R. and Braunewell, K.H. and Bader, M.
Regulatory Peptides 161 (1-3): 51-57. 9 April 2010

Constitutive canonical NF-κB activation cooperates with disruption of BLIMP1 in the pathogenesis of activated B cell-like diffuse large cell lymphoma.
Calado, D.P. and Zhang, B. and Srinivasan, L. and Sasaki, Y. and Seagal, J. and Unitt, C. and Rodig, S. and Kutok, J. and Tarakhovsky, A. and Schmidt-Supprian, M. and Rajewsky, K.
Cancer Cell 18 (6): 580-589. 14 December 2010

An integrated micro- and macroarchitectural analysis of the drosophila brain by computer-assisted serial section electron microscopy.
Cardona, A. and Saalfeld, S. and Preibisch, S. and Schmid, B. and Cheng, A. and Pulokas, J. and Tomancak, P. and Hartenstein, V.
PLoS Biology 8 (10): e1000502. 5 October 2010

Increased blood pressure and water intake in transgenic mice expressing rat tonin in the brain.
Cardoso, C.C. and Alenina, N. and Ferreira, A.J. and Qadri, F. and Lima, M.P. and Gross, V. and Todiras, M. and Pesquero, J.B. and Pesquero, J.L. and Bader, M.
Biological Chemistry 391 (4): 435-441. April 2010

Global analysis of nascent RNA reveals transcriptional pausing in terminal exons.
Carrillo Oesterreich, F. and Preibisch, S. and Neugebauer, K.M.
Molecular Cell 40 (4): 571-581. 24 November 2010

Joubert syndrome Arl13b functions at ciliary membranes and stabilizes protein transport in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Cevik, S. and Hori, Y. and Kaplan, O.I. and Kida, K. and Toivenon, T. and Foley-Fisher, C. and Cottell, D. and Katada, T. and Kontani, K. and Blacque, O.E.
Journal of Cell Biology 188 (6): 953-969. 22 March 2010

Genetic counselling and testing in cardiomyopathies: a position statement of the European Society of Cardiology Working Group on Myocardial and Pericardial Diseases.
Charron, P. and Arad, M. and Arbustini, E. and Basso, C. and Bilinska, Z. and Elliott, P. and Helio, T. and Keren, A. and McKenna, W.J. and Monserrat, L. and Pankuweit, S. and Perrot, A. and Rapezzi, C. and Ristic, A. and Seggewiss, H. and van Langen, I. and Tavazzi, L.
European Heart Journal 31 (22): 2715-2726. November 2010

The GW/WG repeats of Drosophila GW182 function as effector motifs for miRNA-mediated repression.
Chekulaeva, M. and Parker, R. and Filipowicz, W.
Nucleic Acids Research 38 (19): 6673-6683. October 2010

Correlating gene expression variation with cis-regulatory polymorphism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Chen, K. and van Nimwegen, E. and Rajewsky, N. and Siegal, M.L.
Genome Biology and Evolution 2 (1): 697-707. 2010

Breakpoint analysis of balanced chromosome rearrangements by next-generation paired-end sequencing.
Chen, W. and Ullmann, R. and Langnick, C. and Menzel, C. and Wotschofsky, Z. and Hu, H. and Doering, A. and Hu, Y. and Kang, H. and Tzschach, A. and Hoeltzenbein, M. and Neitzel, H. and Markus, S. and Wiedersberg, E. and Kistner, G. and van Ravenswaaij-Arts, C.M. and Kleefstra, T. and Kalscheuer, V.M. and Ropers, H.H.
European Journal of Human Genetics 18 (5): 539-543. May 2010

Bone morphogenetic protein-7 release from endogenous neural precursor cells suppresses the tumourigenicity of stem-like glioblastoma cells.
Chirasani, S.R. and Sternjak, A. and Wend, P. and Momma, S. and Campos, B. and Herrmann, I.M. and Graf, D. and Mitsiadis, T. and Herold-Mende, C. and Besser, D. and Synowitz, M. and Kettenmann, H. and Glass, R.
Brain 133 (Pt 7): 1961-1972. July 2010

Mutation of megalin leads to urinary loss of selenoprotein P and selenium deficiency in serum, liver, kidneys and brain.
Chiu-Ugalde, J. and Theilig, F. and Behrends, T. and Drebes, J. and Sieland, C. and Subbarayal, P. and Koehrle, J. and Hammes, A. and Schomburg, L. and Schweizer, U.
Biochemical Journal 431 (1): 103-111. 1 October 2010

The use of small molecule high-throughput screening to identify inhibitors of the proteinase 3-NB1 interaction.
Choi, M. and Eulenberg, C. and Rolle, S. and von Kries, J.P. and Luft, F.C. and Kettritz, R.
Clinical and Experimental Immunology 161 (2): 389-396. August 2010

Advances in image guided conventional and minimal invasive liver surgery.
Chopra, S.S. and Eisele, R.M. and Denecke, T. and Stockmann, M. and Lange, T. and Eulenstein, S. and Schmidt, S.C. and Neuhaus, P.
Minerva Chirurgica 65 (4): 463-478. August 2010

The soluble intracellular domain of megalin does not affect renal proximal tubular function in vivo.
Christ, A. and Terryn, S. and Schmidt, V. and Christensen, E.I. and Huska, M.R. and Andrade-Navarro, M.A. and Huebner, N. and Devuyst, O. and Hammes, A. and Willnow, T.E.
Kidney International 78 (5): 473-477. September 2010

Ancient animal microRNAs and the evolution of tissue identity.
Christodoulou, F. and Raible, F. and Tomer, R. and Simakov, O. and Trachana, K. and Klaus, S. and Snyman, H. and Hannon, G.J. and Bork, P. and Arendt, D.
Nature 463 (7284): 1084-1088. 25 February 2010

The effect of micrococcal nuclease digestion on nucleosome positioning data.
Chung, H.R. and Dunkel, I. and Heise, F. and Linke, C. and Krobitsch, S. and Ehrenhofer-Murray, A.E. and Sperling, S.R. and Vingron, M.
PLoS ONE 5 (12): e15754. 29 December 2010

Characterization of trophoblast and extraembryonic endoderm cell lineages derived from rat preimplantation embryos.
Chuykin, I. and Lapidus, I. and Popova, E. and Vilianovich, L. and Mosienko, V. and Alenina, N. and Binas, B. and Chai, G. and Bader, M. and Krivokharchenko, A.
PLoS ONE 5 (3): e9794. 29 March 2010

T-cadherin structures reveal a novel adhesive binding mechanism.
Ciatto, C. and Bahna, F. and Zampieri, N. and VanSteenhouse, H.C. and Katsamba, P.S. and Ahlsen, G. and Harrison, O.J. and Brasch, J. and Jin, X. and Posy, S. and Vendome, J. and Ranscht, B. and Jessell, T.M. and Honig, B. and Shapiro, L.
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 17 (3): 339-347. March 2010

Phenotypic annotation of the mouse X chromosome.
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