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Analysis of immune-related loci identifies 48 new susceptibility variants for multiple sclerosis.

Nature Genetics 45 (11): 1353-1360. November 2013

Conserved miRNAs are candidate post-transcriptional regulators of developmental arrest in free-living and parasitic nematodes.
Ahmed, R. and Chang, Z. and Younis, A.E. and Langnick, C. and Li, N. and Chen, W. and Brattig, N. and Dieterich, C.
Genome Biology and Evolution 5 (7): 1246-1260. 2013

The effect of weight Loss on clinical outcomes in patients implanted with a cardiac resynchronization therapy device - A MADIT-CRT sub-study.
Aktas, M.K. and Zareba, W. and Huang, D.T. and McNitt, S. and Polonsky, S. and Chen, L. and Stockburger, M. and Merkely, B. and Moss, A.J. and Kutyifa, V.
Journal of Cardiac Failure 20 (3): 183-189. March 2013

Human stromal (mesenchymal) stem cells from bone marrow, adipose tissue and skin exhibit differences in molecular phenotype and differentiation potential.
Al-Nbaheen, M. and Vishnubalaji, R. and Ali, D. and Bouslimi, A. and Al-Jassir, F. and Megges, M. and Prigione, A. and Adjaye, J. and Kassem, M. and Aldahmash, A.
Stem Cell Reviews and Reports 9 (1): 32-43. February 2013

Adult weight change and risk of colorectal cancer in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition.
Aleksandrova, K. and Pischon, T. and Buijsse, B. and May, A.M. and Peeters, P.H. and Bueno-de-Mesquita, H.B. and Jenab, M. and Fedirko, V. and Dahm, C.C. and Siersema, P.D. and Freisling, H. and Ferrari, P. and Overvad, K. and Tjønneland, A. and Trichopoulou, A. and Lagiou, P. and Naska, A. and Pala, V. and Mattiello, A. and Ohlsson, B. and Jirström, K. and Key, T.J. and Khaw, K.T. and Riboli, E. and Boeing, H.
European Journal of Cancer 49 (16): 3526-3536. November 2013

ARC is a novel therapeutic approach against acetaminophen-induced hepatocellular necrosis.
An, J. and Mehrhof, F. and Harms, C. and Lättig-Tünnemann, G. and Lee, S.L.L. and Endres, M. and Li, M. and Sellge, G. and Mandic, A.D. and Trautwein, C. and Donath, S.
Journal of Hepatology 58 (2): 297-305. February 2013

Molecular pathways: comparing the effects of drugs and T cells to effectively target oncogenes.
Anders, K. and Blankenstein, T.
Clinical Cancer Research 19 (2): 320-326. 15 January 2013

Microarray meta-analysis defines global angiogenesis-related gene expression signatures in human carcinomas.
Anders, M. and Fehlker, M. and Wang, Q. and Wissmann, C. and Pilarsky, C. and Kemmner, W. and Hoecker, M.
Molecular Carcinogenesis 52 (1): 29-38. January 2013

A method for cell type marker discovery by high-throughput gene expression analysis of mixed cell populations.
Andrade-Navarro, M.A. and Kanji, F. and Palii, C.G. and Brand, M. and Atkins, H. and Perez-Iratxeta, C.
BMC Biotechnology 13 (1): 80. 3 October 2013

An essential serotype recognition pocket on phage P22 tailspike protein forces Salmonella enterica serovar Paratyphi A O-antigen fragments to bind as nonsolution conformers.
Andres, D. and Gohlke, U. and Broeker, N.K. and Schulze, S. and Rabsch, W. and Heinemann, U. and Barbirz, S. and Seckler, R.
Glycobiology 23 (4): 486-494. April 2013

Two deubiquitylases act on mitofusin and regulate mitochondrial fusion along independent pathways.
Anton, F. and Dittmar, G. and Langer, T. and Escobar-Henriques, M.
Molecular Cell 49 (3): 487-498. 7 February 2013

The impact of insulin-independent, glucagon-induced suppression of total ghrelin on satiety in obesity and type 1 diabetes mellitus.
Arafat, A.M. and Weickert, M.O. and Adamidou, A. and Otto, B. and Perschel, F.H. and Spranger, J. and Moehlig, M. and Pfeiffer, A.F.H.
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 98 (10): 4133-4142. October 2013

Early effects of an x-ray contrast medium on renal T(2) */T(2) MRI as compared to short-term hyperoxia, hypoxia and aortic occlusion in rats.
Arakelyan, K. and Cantow, K. and Hentschel, J. and Flemming, B. and Pohlmann, A. and Ladwig, M. and Niendorf, T. and Seeliger, E.
Acta Physiologica 208 (2): 202-213. June 2013

Fine mapping of the 1p36 deletion syndrome identifies mutation of PRDM16 as a cause of cardiomyopathy.
Arndt, A.K. and Schaefer, S. and Drenckhahn, J.D. and Sabeh, M.K. and Plovie, E.R. and Caliebe, A. and Klopocki, E. and Musso, G. and Werdich, A.A. and Kalwa, H. and Heinig, M. and Padera, R.F. and Wassilew, K. and Bluhm, J. and Harnack, C. and Martitz, J. and Barton, P.J. and Greutmann, M. and Berger, F. and Huebner, N. and Siebert, R. and Kramer, H.H. and Cook, S.A. and Macrae, C.A. and Klaassen, S.
American Journal of Human Genetics 93 (1): 67-77. 11 July 2013

Genome sequencing reveals loci under artificial selection that underlie disease phenotypes in the laboratory rat.
Atanur, S.S. and Diaz, A.G. and Maratou, K. and Sarkis, A. and Rotival, M. and Game, L. and Tschannen, M.R. and Kaisaki, P.J. and Otto, G.W. and John Ma, M.C. and Keane, T.M. and Hummel, O. and Saar, K. and Chen, W. and Guryev, V. and Gopalakrishnan, K. and Garrett, M.R. and Joe, B. and Citterio, L. and Bianchi, G. and McBride, M. and Dominiczak, A. and Adams, D.J. and Serikawa, T. and Flicek, P. and Cuppen, E. and Hubner, N. and Petretto, E. and Gauguier, D. and Kwitek, A. and Jacob, H. and Aitman, T.J.
Cell 154 (3): 691-703. 1 August 2013

Loss of epidermal Evi/Wls results in a phenotype resembling psoriasiform dermatitis.
Augustin, I. and Gross, J. and Baumann, D. and Korn, C. and Kerr, G. and Grigoryan, T. and Mauch, C. and Birchmeier, W. and Boutros, M.
Journal of Experimental Medicine 210 (9): 1761-1777. 26 August 2013

A chronic model of arthritis supported by a strain-specific periarticular lymph node in BALB/c mice.
Baddack, U. and Hartmann, S. and Bang, H. and Grobe, J. and Loddenkemper, C. and Lipp, M. and Mueller, G.
Nature Communications 4 : 1644. 2013

Ubiquitin binding by a CUE domain regulates ubiquitin chain formation by ERAD E3 ligases.
Bagola, K. and von Delbrück, M. and Dittmar, G. and Scheffner, M. and Ziv, I. and Glickman, M.H. and Ciechanover, A. and Sommer, T.
Molecular Cell 50 (4): 528-539. 23 May 2013

De novo truncating mutations in ASXL3 are associated with a novel clinical phenotype with similarities to Bohring-Opitz syndrome.
Bainbridge, M.N. and Hu, H. and Muzny, D.M. and Musante, L. and Lupski, J.R. and Graham, B.H. and Chen, W. and Gripp, K.W. and Jenny, K. and Wienker, T.F. and Yang, Y. and Sutton, V.R. and Gibbs, R.A. and Ropers, H.H.
Genome Medicine 5 (2): 11. 5 February 2013

T-cell homeostasis in pediatric multiple sclerosis: old cells in young patients.
Balint, B. and Haas, J. and Schwarz, A. and Jarius, S. and Fürwentsches, A. and Engelhardt, K. and Bussmann, C. and Ebinger, F. and Fritzsching, B. and Paul, F. and Seidel, U. and Vlaho, S. and Huppke, P. and Gärtner, J. and Wildemann, B.
Neurology 81 (9): 784-792. 27 August 2013

A model of the large-scale organization of chromatin.
Barbieri, M. and Chotalia, M. and Fraser, J. and Lavitas, L.M. and Dostie, J. and Pombo, A. and Nicodemi, M.
Biochemical Society Transactions 41 (2): 508-512. April 2013

A polymer model explains the complexity of large-scale chromatin folding.
Barbieri, M. and Fraser, J. and Lavitas, L.M. and Chotalia, M. and Dostie, J. and Pombo, A. and Nicodemi, M.
Nucleus 4 (4): 267-273. 19 June 2013

Experimental observation of a fundamental length scale of waves in random media.
Barkhofen, S. and Metzger, J.J. and Fleischmann, R. and Kuhl, U. and Stöckmann, H.J.
Physical Review Letters 111 (18): 183902. 1 November 2013

A genome-to-genome analysis of associations between human genetic variation, HIV-1 sequence diversity, and viral control.
Bartha, I. and Carlson, J.M. and Brumme, C.J. and McLaren, P.J. and Brumme, Z.L. and John, M. and Haas, D.W. and Martinez-Picado, J. and Dalmau, J. and López-Galíndez, C. and Casado, C. and Rauch, A. and Günthard, H.F. and Bernasconi, E. and Vernazza, P. and Klimkait, T. and Yerly, S. and O'Brien, S.J. and Listgarten, J. and Pfeifer, N. and Lippert, C. and Fusi, N. and Kutalik, Z. and Allen, T.M. and Müller, V. and Harrigan, P.R. and Heckerman, D. and Telenti, A. and Fellay, J.
eLife 2 : e01123. 29 October 2013

Synergistic activity of bortezomib and HDACis in preclinical models of B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia via modulation of p53, PI3K/AKT and NF-κB.
Bastian, L. and Hof, J. and Pfau, M. and Fichtner, I. and Eckert, C. and Henze, G. and Prada, J. and von Stackelberg, A. and Seeger, K. and Shalapour, S.
Clinical Cancer Research 19 (6): 1445-1457. 15 March 2013

Combined sequence-based and genetic mapping analysis of complex traits in outbred rats.
Baud, A. and Hermsen, R. and Guryev, V. and Stridh, P. and Graham, D. and McBride, M.W. and Foroud, T. and Calderari, S. and Diez, M. and Ockinger, J. and Beyeen, A.D. and Gillett, A. and Abdelmagid, N. and Guerreiro-Cacais, A.O. and Jagodic, M. and Tuncel, J. and Norin, U. and Beattie, E. and Huynh, N. and Miller, W.H. and Koller, D.L. and Alam, I. and Falak, S. and Osborne-Pellegrin, M. and Martinez-Membrives, E. and Canete, T. and Blazquez, G. and Vicens-Costa, E. and Mont-Cardona, C. and Diaz-Moran, S. and Tobena, A. and Hummel, O. and Zelenika, D. and Saar, K. and Patone, G. and Bauerfeind, A. and Bihoreau, M.T. and Heinig, M. and Lee, Y.A. and Rintisch, C. and Schulz, H. and Wheeler, D.A. and Worley, K.C. and Muzny, D.M. and Gibbs, R.A. and Lathrop, M. and Lansu, N. and Toonen, P. and Ruzius, F.P. and de Bruijn, E. and Hauser, H. and Adams, D.J. and Keane, T. and Atanur, S.S. and Aitman, T.J. and Flicek, P. and Malinauskas, T. and Jones, E.Y. and Ekman, D. and Lopez-Aumatell, R. and Dominiczak, A.F. and Johannesson, M. and Holmdahl, R. and Olsson, T. and Gauguier, D. and Hubner, N. and Fernandez-Teruel, A. and Cuppen, E. and Mott, R. and Flint, J.
Nature Genetics 45 (7): 767-775. July 2013

Direct homo- and hetero-interactions of MeCP2 and MBD2.
Becker, A. and Allmann, L. and Hofstätter, M. and Casa, V. and Weber, P. and Lehmkuhl, A. and Herce, H.D. and Cardoso, M.C.
PLoS ONE 8 (1): e53730. 15 January 2013

Inhibitory gradient along the dorsoventral axis in the medial entorhinal cortex.
Beed, P. and Gundlfinger, A. and Schneiderbauer, S. and Song, J. and Boehm, C. and Burgalossi, A. and Brecht, M. and Vida, I. and Schmitz, D.
Neuron 79 (6): 1197-1207. 18 September 2013

Potentiation of the transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 channel contributes to pruritogenesis in a rat model of liver disease.
Belghiti, M. and Estevez-Herrera, J. and Gimenez-Garzo, C. and Gonzalez-Usano, A. and Montoliu, C. and Ferrer-Montiel, A. and Felipo, V. and Planells-Cases, R.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (14): 9675-9685. 5 April 2013

Modeling Wnt/β-catenin target gene expression in APC and Wnt gradients under wild type and mutant conditions.
Benary, U. and Kofahl, B. and Hecht, A. and Wolf, J.
Frontiers in Physiology 4 : 21. 25 February 2013

Salmonella SL7207 application is the most effective DNA vaccine delivery method for successful tumor eradication in a murine model for neuroblastoma.
Berger, E. and Soldati, R. and Huebener, N. and Hohn, O. and Stermann, A. and Durmus, T. and Lobitz, S. and Zenclussen, A.C. and Christiansen, H. and Lode, H.N. and Fest, S.
Cancer Letters 331 (2): 167-173. 1 May 2013

VEGF and Notch in tip and stalk cell selection.
Blanco, R. and Gerhardt, H.
Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine 3 (1): a006569. 1 January 2013

The new KCNQ2 activator 4-Chlor-N-(6-chlor-pyridin-3-yl)-benzamid displays anticonvulsant potential.
Boehlen, A. and Schwake, M. and Dost, R. and Kunert, A. and Fidzinski, P. and Heinemann, U. and Gebhardt, C.
British Journal of Pharmacology 168 (5): 1182-1200. March 2013

Small-molecule screening identifies modulators of aquaporin-2 trafficking.
Bogum, J. and Faust, D. and Zühlke, K. and Eichhorst, J. and Moutty, M.C. and Furkert, J. and Eldahshan, A. and Neuenschwander, M. and von Kries, J.P. and Wiesner, B. and Trimpert, C. and Deen, P.M. and Valenti, G. and Rosenthal, W. and Klussmann, E.
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 24 (5): 744-758. April 2013

Characterization of the melanocortin-4-receptor nonsense mutation W16X in vitro and in vivo.
Bolze, F. and Rink, N. and Brumm, H. and Kühn, R. and Mocek, S. and Schwarz, A.E. and Kless, C. and Biebermann, H. and Wurst, W. and Rozman, J. and Klingenspor, M.
Pharmacogenomics Journal 13 (1): 80-93. February 2013

Inhibition of tumor angiogenesis and growth by a small-molecule multi-FGF receptor blocker with allosteric properties.
Bono, F. and De Smet, F. and Herbert, C. and De Bock, K. and Georgiadou, M. and Fons, P. and Tjwa, M. and Alcouffe, C. and Ny, A. and Bianciotto, M. and Jonckx, B. and Murakami, M. and Lanahan, A.A. and Michielsen, C. and Sibrac, D. and Dol-Gleizes, F. and Mazzone, M. and Zacchigna, S. and Herault, J.P. and Fischer, C. and Rigon, P. and Ruiz de Almodovar, C. and Claes, F. and Blanc, I. and Poesen, K. and Zhang, J. and Segura, I. and Gueguen, G. and Bordes, M.F. and Lambrechts, D. and Broussy, R. and van de Wouwer, M. and Michaux, C. and Shimada, T. and Jean, I. and Blacher, S. and Noel, A. and Motte, P. and Rom, E. and Rakic, J.M. and Katsuma, S. and Schaeffer, P. and Yayon, A. and Van Schepdael, A. and Schwalbe, H. and Gervasio, F.L. and Carmeliet, G. and Rozensky, J. and Dewerchin, M. and Simons, M. and Christopoulos, A. and Herbert, J.M. and Carmeliet, P.
Cancer Cell 23 (4): 477-488. 15 April 2013

MicroRNA-34a regulates cardiac ageing and function.
Boon, R.A. and Iekushi, K. and Lechner, S. and Seeger, T. and Fischer, A. and Heydt, S. and Kaluza, D. and Tréguer, K. and Carmona, G. and Bonauer, A. and Horrevoets, A.J.G. and Didier, N. and Girmatsion, Z. and Biliczki, P. and Ehrlich, J.R. and Katus, H.A. and Müller, O.J. and Potente, M. and Zeiher, A.M. and Hermeking, H. and Dimmeler, S.
Nature 495 (7439): 107-110. 7 March 2013

Concomitant amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and paraclinical laboratory features of multiple sclerosis: coincidence or causal relationship?
Borisow, N. and Meyer, T. and Paul, F.
BMJ Case Reports 2013 23 January 2013

Therapieoptionen bei immunvermittelten Enzephalomyelitiden [Therapeutic options for autoimmune encephalomyelitis].
Borisow, N. and Prüss, H. and Paul, F.
Nervenarzt 84 (4): 461-465. April 2013

Sortilin-related receptor SORCS3 is a postsynaptic modulator of synaptic depression and fear extinction.
Breiderhoff, T. and Christiansen, G.B. and Pallesen, L.T. and Vaegter, C. and Nykjaer, A. and Holm, M.M. and Glerup, S. and Willnow, T.E.
PLoS ONE 8 (9): e75006. 19 September 2013

Endothelin-1, oxidative stress, and endogenous angiotensin II: mechanisms of angiotensin II type I receptor autoantibody-enhanced renal and blood pressure response during pregnancy.
Brewer, J. and Liu, R. and Lu, Y. and Scott, J. and Wallace, K. and Wallukat, G. and Moseley, J. and Herse, F. and Dechend, R. and Martin, J.N. and Lamarca, B.
Hypertension 62 (5): 886-892. November 2013

Small molecule inhibitors of aurora-a induce proteasomal degradation of N-myc in childhood neuroblastoma.
Brockmann, M. and Poon, E. and Berry, T. and Carstensen, A. and Deubzer, H.E. and Rycak, L. and Jamin, Y. and Thway, K. and Robinson, S.P. and Roels, F. and Witt, O. and Fischer, M. and Chesler, L. and Eilers, M.
Cancer Cell 24 (1): 75-89. 8 July 2013

Single amino acid exchange in bacteriophage HK620 tailspike protein results in thousand-fold increase of its oligosaccharide affinity.
Broeker, N.K. and Gohlke, U. and Müller, J.J. and Uetrecht, C. and Heinemann, U. and Seckler, R. and Barbirz, S.
Glycobiology 23 (1): 59-68. January 2013

NTPDase1 activity attenuates microglial phagocytosis.
Bulavina, L. and Szulzewsky, F. and Rocha, A. and Krabbe, G. and Robson, S.C. and Matyash, V. and Kettenmann, H.
Purinergic Signalling 9 (2): 199-205. June 2013

SORLA-dependent and -independent functions for PACS1 in control of amyloidogenic processes.
Burgert, T. and Schmidt, V. and Caglayan, S. and Lin, F. and Füchtbauer, A. and Füchtbauer, E.M. and Nykjaer, A. and Carlo, A.S. and Willnow, T.E.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 33 (21): 4308-4320. November 2013

53BP1 mediates productive and mutagenic DNA repair through distinct phosphoprotein interactions.
Callen, E. and Di Virgilio, M. and Kruhlak, M.J. and Nieto-Soler, M. and Wong, N. and Chen, H.T. and Faryabi, R.B. and Polato, F. and Santos, M. and Starnes, L.M. and Wesemann, D.R. and Lee, J.E. and Tubbs, A. and Sleckman, B.P. and Daniel, J.A. and Ge, K. and Alt, F.W. and Fernandez-Capetillo, O. and Nussenzweig, M.C. and Nussenzweig, A.
Cell 153 (6): 1266-1280. 6 June 2013

A stochastic model of calcium puffs based on single-channel data.
Cao, P. and Donovan, G. and Falcke, M. and Sneyd, J.
Biophysical Journal 105 (5): 1133-1142. 3 September 2013

SorLA deficiency dissects amyloid pathology from tau and cholinergic neurodegeneration in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.
Capsoni, S. and Carlo, A.S. and Vignone, D. and Amato, G. and Criscuolo, C. and Willnow, T.E. and Cattaneo, A.
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 33 (2): 357-371. 2013

Characterization of phase-based methods used for transmission field uniformity mapping: a magnetic resonance study at 3.0 T and 7.0 T.
Carinci, F. and Santoro, D. and von Samson-Himmelstjerna, F. and Lindel, T.D. and Dieringer, M.A. and Niendorf, T.
PLoS ONE 8 (3): e57982. 5 March 2013

The pro-neurotrophin receptor sortilin is a major neuronal apolipoprotein E receptor for catabolism of amyloid-β peptide in the brain.
Carlo, A.S. and Gustafsen, C. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Nielsen, M.S. and Burgert, T. and Hartl, D. and Rohe, M. and Nykjaer, A. and Herz, J. and Heeren, J. and Kempa, S. and Petersen, C.M. and Willnow, T.E.
Journal of Neuroscience 33 (1): 358-370. 2 January 2013

The ZFP-1(AF10)/DOT-1 complex opposes H2B ubiquitination to reduce Pol II transcription.
Cecere, G. and Hoersch, S. and Jensen, M.B. and Dixit, S. and Grishok, A.
Molecular Cell 50 (6): 894-907. 27 June 2013

Active transport and diffusion barriers restrict Joubert Syndrome-associated ARL13B/ARL-13 to an Inv-like ciliary membrane subdomain.
Cevik, S. and Sanders, A.A.W.M. and Van Wijk, E. and Boldt, K. and Clarke, L. and van Reeuwijk, J. and Hori, Y. and Horn, N. and Hetterschijt, L. and Wdowicz, A. and Mullins, A. and Kida, K. and Kaplan, O.I. and van Beersum, S.E.C. and Man Wu, K. and Letteboer, S.J.F. and Mans, D.A. and Katada, T. and Kontani, K. and Ueffing, M. and Roepman, R. and Kremer, H. and Blacque, O.E.
PLoS Genetics 9 (12): e1003977. December 2013

Human monogenic disease genes have frequently functionally redundant paralogs.
Chen, W.H. and Zhao, X.M. and van Noort, V. and Bork, P.
PLoS Computational Biology 9 (5): e1003073. May 2013

Bace1 and Neuregulin-1 cooperate to control formation and maintenance of muscle spindles.
Cheret, C. and Willem, M. and Fricker, F.R. and Wende, H. and Wulf-Goldenberg, A. and Tahirovic, S. and Nave, K.A. and Saftig, P. and Haass, C. and Garratt, A.N. and Bennett, D.L. and Birchmeier, C.
EMBO Journal 32 (14): 2015-2028. 17 July 2013

German validation of the conners adult ADHD rating scale-self-report: confirmation of factor structure in a large sample of participants with ADHD.
Christiansen, H. and Hirsch, O. and Philipsen, A. and Oades, R.D. and Matthies, S. and Hebebrand, J. and Ueckermann, J. and Abdel-Hamid, M. and Kraemer, M. and Wiltfang, J. and Graf, E. and Colla, M. and Sobanski, E. and Alm, B. and Roesler, M. and Jacob, C. and Jans, T. and Huss, M. and Schimmelmann, B.G. and Kis, B.
Journal of Attention Disorders 17 (8): 690-698. November 2013

Activation of the PTHRP/adenylate cyclase pathway promotes differentiation of rat XEN cells into parietal endoderm, whereas Wnt/β-catenin signaling promotes differentiation into visceral endoderm.
Chuykin, I. and Schulz, H. and Guan, K. and Bader, M.
Journal of Cell Science 126 (Pt 1): 128-138. 1 January 2013

Breastfeeding is associated with lower risk for multiple sclerosis.
Conradi, S. and Malzahn, U. and Paul, F. and Quill, S. and Harms, L. and Then Bergh, F. and Ditzenbach, A. and Georgi, T. and Heuschmann, P. and Rosche, B.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 19 (5): 553-558. April 2013

Administration of interleukin-17 soluble receptor C suppresses T(H)17 cells, oxidative stress, and hypertension in response to placental ischemia during pregnancy.
Cornelius, D.C. and Hogg, J.P. and Scott, J. and Wallace, K. and Herse, F. and Moseley, J. and Wallukat, G. and Dechend, R. and Lamarca, B.
Hypertension 62 (6): 1068-1073. December 2013

Retinal pigment epithelium protein of 65 kDA gene-linked retinal degeneration is not modulated by chicken acidic leucine-rich epidermal growth factor-like domain containing brain protein/Neuroglycan C/chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan 5.
Cottet, S. and Jüttner, R. and Voirol, N. and Chambon, P. and Rathjen, F.G. and Schorderet, D.F. and Escher, P.
Molecular Vision 19 : 2312-2320. 16 November 2013

Dll4-Notch signaling determines the formation of native arterial collateral networks and arterial function in mouse ischemia models.
Cristofaro, B. and Shi, Y. and Faria, M. and Suchting, S. and Leroyer, A.S. and Trindade, A. and Duarte, A. and Zovein, A.C. and Iruela-Arispe, M.L. and Nih, L.R. and Kubis, N. and Henrion, D. and Loufrani, L. and Todiras, M. and Schleifenbaum, J. and Gollasch, M. and Zhuang, Z.W. and Simons, M. and Eichmann, A. and le Noble, F.
Development 140 (8): 1720-1729. April 2013

Pathophysiology of cardiorenal syndrome type 2 in stable chronic heart failure: workgroup statements from the eleventh consensus conference of the Acute Dialysis Quality Initiative (ADQI).
Cruz, D.N. and House, A.A. and Schmidt-Ott, K.M. and Vescovo, G. and Kellum, J.A. and Ronco, C. and McCullough, P.A.
Contributions to Nephrology 182 : 117-136. 2013

Identification of live germ-cell desquamation as a major mechanism of seasonal testis regression in mammals: a study in the Iberian mole (Talpa occidentalis).
Dadhich, R.K. and Barrionuevo, F.J. and Real, F.M. and Lupiañez, D.G. and Ortega, E. and Burgos, M. and Jiménez, R.
Biology of Reproduction 88 (4): 101. 1 April 2013

Immunoadsorption therapy for dilated cardiomyopathy and pulmonary arterial hypertension.
Dandel, M. and Wallukat, G. and Englert, A. and Hetzer, R.
Atherosclerosis Supplements 14 (1): 203-211. January 2013

A nematode immunomodulator suppresses grass pollen-specific allergic responses by controlling excessive Th2 inflammation.
Danilowicz-Luebert, E. and Steinfelder, S. and Kuehl, A.A. and Drozdenko, G. and Lucius, R. and Worm, M. and Hamelmann, E. and Hartmann, S.
International Journal for Parasitology 43 (3-4): 201-210. March 2013

Aldosterone induces electrical remodeling independent of hypertension.
Dartsch, T. and Fischer, R. and Gapelyuk, A. and Weiergraeber, M. and Ladage, D. and Schneider, T. and Schirdewan, A. and Reuter, H. and Mueller-Ehmsen, J. and Zobel, C.
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