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De novo assembly and validation of planaria transcriptome by massive parallel sequencing and shotgun proteomics.
Adamidi, C. and Wang, Y. and Gruen, D. and Mastrobuoni, G. and You, X. and Tolle, D. and Dodt, M. and Mackowiak, S.D. and Gogol-Doering, A. and Oenal, P. and Rybak, A. and Ross, E. and Alvarado, A.S. and Kempa, S. and Dieterich, C. and Rajewsky, N. and Chen, W.
Genome Research 21 (7): 1193-1200. July 2011

MeCP2 Rett mutations affect large scale chromatin organization.
Agarwal, N. and Becker, A. and Jost, K.L. and Haase, S. and Thakur, B.K. and Brero, A. and Hardt, T. and Kudo, S. and Leonhardt, H. and Cardoso, M.C.
Human Molecular Genetics 20 (21): 4187-4195. 1 November 2011

SuperSweet - a resource on natural and artificial sweetening agents.
Ahmed, J. and Preissner, S. and Dunkel, M. and Worth, C.L. and Eckert, A. and Preissner, R.
Nucleic Acids Research 39 (Suppl. 1): D377-D382. 1 January 2011

FragmentStore - a comprehensive database of fragments linking metabolites, toxic molecules and drugs.
Ahmed, J. and Worth, C.L. and Thaben, P. and Matzig, C. and Blasse, C. and Dunkel, M. and Preissner, R.
Nucleic Acids Research 39 (Suppl. 1): D1049-D1054. 1 January 2011

Metabolic syndrome and risks of colon and rectal cancer: the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition Study.
Aleksandrova, K. and Boeing, H. and Jenab, M. and Bueno-de-Mesquita, H.B. and Jansen, E. and van Duijnhoven, F. and Fedirko, V. and Rinaldi, S. and Romieu, I. and Riboli, E. and Romaguera, D. and Overvad, K.K. and Ostergaard, J.N. and Olsen, A. and Tjonneland, A.A. and Boutron-Ruault, M.C. and Clavel-Chapelon, F. and Morois, S. and Masala, G. and Agnoli, C. and Panico, S. and Tumino, R. and Vineis, P. and Kaaks, R. and Lukanova, A. and Trichopoulou, A. and Naska, A. and Bamia, C. and Peeters, P.H. and Rodriguez, L. and Buckland, G. and Sanchez, M.J. and Dorronsoro, M. and Huerta, J.M. and Barricarte Gurrea, A. and Hallmans, G. and Palmqvist, R. and Khaw, K.T. and Wareham, N.J. and Allen, N.E. and Tsilidis, K.K. and Pischon, T.
Cancer Prevention Research 4 (11): 1873-1883. November 2011

Oncogene-targeting T cells reject large tumors while oncogene inactivation selects escape variants in mouse models of cancer.
Anders, K. and Buschow, C. and Herrmann, A. and Milojkovic, A. and Loddenkemper, C. and Kammertoens, T. and Daniel, P. and Yu, H. and Charo, J. and Blankenstein, T.
Cancer Cell 20 (6): 755-767. 13 December 2011

STAT1 signaling is not regulated by a phosphorylation-acetylation switch.
Antunes, F. and Marg, A. and Vinkemeier, U.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 31 (14): 3029-3037. July 2011

Enterotypes of the human gut microbiome.
Arumugam, M. and Raes, J. and Pelletier, E. and Le Paslier, D. and Yamada, T. and Mende, D.R. and Fernandes, G.R. and Tap, J. and Bruls, T. and Batto, J.M. and Bertalan, M. and Borruel, N. and Casellas, F. and Fernandez, L. and Gautier, L. and Hansen, T. and Hattori, M. and Hayashi, T. and Kleerebezem, M. and Kurokawa, K. and Leclerc, M. and Levenez, F. and Manichanh, C. and Nielsen, H.B. and Nielsen, T. and Pons, N. and Poulain, J. and Qin, J. and Sicheritz-Ponten, T. and Tims, S. and Torrents, D. and Ugarte, E. and Zoetendal, E.G. and Wang, J. and Guarner, F. and Pedersen, O. and de Vos, W.M. and Brunak, S. and Dore, J. and Weissenbach, J. and Ehrlich, S.D. and Bork, P.
Nature 473 (7346): 174-180. 12 May 2011

Loss of R-spondin1 and Foxl2 amplifies female-to-male sex reversal in XX mice.
Auguste, A. and Chassot, A.A. and Gregoire, E.P. and Renault, L. and Pannetier, M. and Treier, M. and Pailhoux, E. and Chaboissier, M.C.
Sexual Development 5 (6): 304-317. 22 November 2011

Genetic and clinical characteristics of patients with HNF1A gene variations from the German-Austrian DPV database.
Awa, W.L. and Thon, A. and Raile, K. and Grulich-Henn, J. and Meissner, T. and Schober, E. and Holl, R.W.
European Journal of Endocrinology 164 (4): 513-520. April 2011

Steady state migratory RelB(+) Langerin(+) dermal dendritic cells mediate peripheral induction of antigen-specific CD4(+) CD25(+) Foxp3(+) regulatory T cells.
Azukizawa, H. and Doehler, A. and Kanazawa, N. and Nayak, A. and Lipp, M. and Malissen, B. and Autenrieth, I. and Katayama, I. and Riemann, M. and Weih, F. and Berberich-Siebelt, F. and Lutz, M.B.
European Journal of Immunology 41 (5): 1420-1434. May 2011

Development of resistance towards artesunate in MDA-MB-231 human breast cancer cells.
Bachmeier, B. and Fichtner, I. and Killian, P.H. and Kronski, E. and Pfeffer, U. and Efferth, T.
PLoS ONE 6 (5): e20550. 26 May 2011

Cellular correlate of assembly formation in oscillating hippocampal networks in vitro.
Baehner, F. and Weiss, E.K. and Birke, G. and Maier, N. and Schmitz, D. and Rudolph, U. and Frotscher, M. and Traub, R.D. and Both, M. and Draguhn, A.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108 (35): E607-E616. 30 August 2011

Stress worsens endothelial function and ischemic stroke via glucocorticoids.
Balkaya, M. and Prinz, V. and Custodis, F. and Gertz, K. and Kronenberg, G. and Kroeber, J. and Fink, K. and Plehm, R. and Gass, P. and Laufs, U. and Endres, M.
Stroke 42 (11): 3258-3264. November 2011

A simple fluorescent labeling technique to study virus adsorption in Newcastle disease virus infected cells.
Balogh, A. and Pap, M. and Marko, L. and Koloszar, I. and Csatary, L.K. and Szeberenyi, J.
Enzyme and Microbial Technology 49 (3): 255-259. 10 August 2011

Directed neural differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells is a sensitive system for the identification of novel Hox gene effectors.
Bami, M. and Episkopou, V. and Gavalas, A. and Gouti, M.
PLoS ONE 6 (5): e20197. 26 May 2011

Dietary insulin load, dietary insulin index, and risk of pancreatic cancer.
Bao, Y. and Nimptsch, K. and Wolpin, B.M. and Michaud, D.S. and Brand-Miller, J.C. and Willett, W.C. and Giovannucci, E. and Fuchs, C.S.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 94 (3): 862-868. September 2011

A low number of SIC1 mRNA molecules ensures a low noise level in cell cycle progression of budding yeast.
Barberis, M. and Beck, C. and Amoussouvi, A. and Schreiber, G. and Diener, C. and Herrmann, A. and Klipp, E.
Molecular BioSystems 7 (10): 2804-2812. October 2011

PESCADOR, a web-based tool to assist text-mining of biointeractions extracted from PubMed queries.
Barbosa-Silva, A. and Fontaine, J.F. and Donnard, E.R. and Stussi, F. and Ortega, J.M. and Andrade-Navarro, M.A.
BMC Bioinformatics 12 (1): 435. 9 November 2011

Cerebral amyloid-β PET with florbetaben (18F) in patients with Alzheimer's disease and healthy controls: a multicentre phase 2 diagnostic study.
Barthel, H. and Gertz, H.J. and Dresel, S. and Peters, O. and Bartenstein, P. and Buerger, K. and Hiemeyer, F. and Wittemer-Rump, S.M. and Seibyl, J. and Reininger, C. and Sabri, O.
Lancet Neurology 10 (5): 424-435. May 2011

Stimulus-dependent dynamics of p53 in single cells.
Batchelor, E. and Loewer, A. and Mock, C. and Lahav, G.
Molecular Systems Biology 7 : 488. 10 May 2011

Renin- and prorenin-induced effects in rat vascular smooth muscle cells overexpressing the human (pro)renin receptor: does (pro)renin-(pro)renin receptor interaction actually occur?
Batenburg, W.W. and Lu, X. and Leijten, F. and Maschke, U. and Mueller, D.N. and Danser, A.H.J.
Hypertension 58 (6): 1111-1119. December 2011

Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging during pulmonary hyperinflation in apnea divers.
Batinic, T. and Utz, W. and Breskovic, T. and Jordan, J. and Schulz-Menger, J. and Jankovic, S. and Dujic, Z. and Tank, J.
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 43 (11): 2095-2101. November 2011

ACE activity is modulated by the enzyme alpha-galactosidase A.
Batista, E.C. and Carvalho, L.R. and Casarini, D.E. and Carmona, A.K. and Dos Santos, E.L. and da Silva, E.D. and Dos Santos, R.A. and Nakaie, C.R. and Rojas, M.V. and de Oliveira, S.M. and Bader, M. and D'Almeida, V. and Martins, A.M. and de Picoly Souza, K. and Pesquero, J.B.
Journal of Molecular Medicine 89 (1): 65-74. January 2011

Expression of root glutamate dehydrogenase genes in tobacco plants subjected to boron deprivation.
Beato, V.M. and Navarro-Gochicoa, M.T. and Rexach, J. and Herrera-Rodriguez, M.B. and Camacho-Cristobal, J.J. and Kempa, S. and Weckwerth, W. and Gonzalez-Fontes, A.
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 49 (11): 1350-1354. November 2011

Human cardiomyopathy mutations induce myocyte hyperplasia and activate hypertrophic pathways during cardiogenesis in zebrafish.
Becker, J.R. and Deo, R.C. and Werdich, A.A. and Panakova, D. and Coy, S. and MacRae, C.A.
Disease Models & Mechanisms 4 (3): 400-410. May 2011

Astrocytes control GABAergic inhibition of neurons in the mouse barrel cortex.
Benedetti, B. and Matyash, V. and Kettenmann, H.
Journal of Physiology 589 (Pt 5): 1159-1172. 1 March 2011

Phorbol-ester mediated suppression of hASH1 synthesis: multiple ways to keep the level down.
Benko, E. and Winkelmann, A. and Meier, J.C. and Persson, P.B. and Scholz, H. and Faehling, M.
Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience 4 : 1. 2011

Antiproliferative activity, mechanism of action and oral antitumor activity of CP-4126, a fatty acid derivative of gemcitabine, in in vitro and in vivo tumor models.
Bergman, A.M. and Adema, A.D. and Balzarini, J. and Bruheim, S. and Fichtner, I. and Noordhuis, P. and Fodstad, O. and Myhren, F. and Sandvold, M.L. and Hendriks, H.R. and Peters, G.J.
Investigational New Drugs 29 (3): 456-466. June 2011

A pilot study of chronic, low-dose epoetin-β following percutaneous coronary intervention suggests safety, feasibility, and efficacy in patients with symptomatic ischaemic heart failure.
Bergmann, M.W. and Haufe, S. and von Knobelsdorff-Brenkenhoff, F. and Mehling, H. and Wassmuth, R. and Muench, I. and Busjahn, A. and Schulz-Menger, J. and Jordan, J. and Luft, F.C. and Dietz, R.
European Journal of Heart Failure 13 (5): 560-568. May 2011

Skeletal muscle 11beta-HSD1 controls glucocorticoid-induced proteolysis and expression of E3 ubiquitin ligases atrogin-1 and MuRF-1.
Biedasek, K. and Andres, J. and Mai, K. and Adams, S. and Spuler, S. and Fielitz, J. and Spranger, J.
PLoS ONE 6 (1): e16674. 31 January 2011

Cellular pharmacology of multi- and duplex drugs consisting of ethynylcytidine and 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine.
Bijnsdorp, I.V. and Schwendener, R.A. and Schott, H. and Fichtner, I. and Smid, K. and Laan, A.C. and Schott, S. and Losekoot, N. and Honeywell, R.J. and Peters, G.J.
Investigational New Drugs 29 (2): 248-257. April 2011

Ca(2+)-activated Cl(-) currents are dispensable for olfaction.
Billig, G.M. and Pal, B. and Fidzinski, P. and Jentsch, T.J.
Nature Neuroscience 14 (6): 763-769. June 2011

An articulated statistical shape model of the human knee.
Bindernagel, M. and Kainmueller, D. and Seim, H. and Lamecker, H. and Zachow, S. and Hege, H.C.
Informatik aktuell : 59-63. 2011

Epithelial microRNAs regulate gut mucosal immunity via epithelium-T cell crosstalk.
Biton, M. and Levin, A. and Slyper, M. and Alkalay, I. and Horwitz, E. and Mor, H. and Kredo-Russo, S. and Avnit-Sagi, T. and Cojocaru, G. and Zreik, F. and Bentwich, Z. and Poy, M.N. and Artis, D. and Walker, M.D. and Hornstein, E. and Pikarsky, E. and Ben-Neriah, Y.
Nature Immunology 12 (3): 239-246. March 2011

Inflammatory skin and bowel disease linked to ADAM17 deletion.
Blaydon, D.C. and Biancheri, P. and Di, W.L. and Plagnol, V. and Cabral, R.M. and Brooke, M.A. and van Heel, D.A. and Ruschendorf, F. and Toynbee, M. and Walne, A. and O'Toole, E.A. and Martin, J.E. and Lindley, K. and Vulliamy, T. and Abrams, D.J. and MacDonald, T.T. and Harper, J.I. and Kelsell, D.P.
New England Journal of Medicine 365 (16): 1502-1508. 20 October 2011

A constitutive pan-hexose permease for the Plasmodium life cycle and transgenic models for screening of antimalarial sugar analogs.
Blume, M. and Hliscs, M. and Rodriguez-Contreras, D. and Sanchez, M. and Landfear, S. and Lucius, R. and Matuschewski, K. and Gupta, N.
FASEB Journal 25 (4): 1218-1229. April 2011

Interaction of the influenza A virus polymerase PB2 C-terminal region with importin α isoforms provides insights into host adaptation and polymerase assembly.
Boivin, S. and Hart, D.J.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (12): 10439-10448. 25 March 2011

Myeloperoxidase-specific plasma cell depletion by bortezomib protects from anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibodies-induced glomerulonephritis.
Bontscho, J. and Schreiber, A. and Manz, R.A. and Schneider, W. and Luft, F.C. and Kettritz, R.
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 22 (2): 336-348. February 2011

Eight cycles of escalated-dose BEACOPP compared with four cycles of escalated-dose BEACOPP followed by four cycles of baseline-dose BEACOPP with or without radiotherapy in patients with advanced-stage Hodgkin's lymphoma: final analysis of the HD12 trial of the German Hodgkin study group.
Borchmann, P. and Haverkamp, H. and Diehl, V. and Cerny, T. and Markova, J. and Ho, A.D. and Eich, H.T. and Mueller-Hermelink, H.K. and Kanz, L. and Greil, R. and Rank, A. and Paulus, U. and Smardova, L. and Huber, C. and Doerken, B. and Nerl, C. and Krause, S.W. and Mueller, R.P. and Fuchs, M. and Engert, A.
Journal of Clinical Oncology 29 (32): 4234-4342. 10 November 2011

Regulation of DNA end joining, resection, and immunoglobulin class switch recombination by 53BP1.
Bothmer, A. and Robbiani, D.F. and Di Virgilio, M. and Bunting, S.F. and Klein, I.A. and Feldhahn, N. and Barlow, J. and Chen, H.T. and Bosque, D. and Callen, E. and Nussenzweig, A. and Nussenzweig, M.C.
Molecular Cell 42 (3): 319-329. 6 May 2011

Prediction of life-threatening arrhythmic events in patients with chronic myocardial infarction by contrast-enhanced CMR.
Boye, P. and Abdel-Aty, H. and Zacharzowsky, U. and Bohl, S. and Schwenke, C. and van der Geest, R.J. and Dietz, R. and Schirdewan, A. and Schulz-Menger, J.
JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging 4 (8): 871-879. August 2011

A stele-enriched gene regulatory network in the Arabidopsis root.
Brady, S.M. and Zhang, L. and Megraw, M. and Martinez, N.J. and Jiang, E. and Yi, C.S. and Liu, W. and Zeng, A. and Taylor-Teeples, M. and Kim, D. and Ahnert, S. and Ohler, U. and Ware, D. and Walhout, A.J.M. and Benfey, P.N.
Molecular Systems Biology 7 : 459. 18 January 2011

BCL9-2 promotes early stages of intestinal tumor progression.
Brembeck, F.H. and Wiese, M. and Zatula, N. and Grigoryan, T. and Dai, Y. and Fritzmann, J. and Birchmeier, W.
Gastroenterology 141 (4): 1359-1370. October 2011

Tumor rejection by local interferon gamma induction in established tumors is associated with blood vessel destruction and necrosis.
Briesemeister, D. and Sommermeyer, D. and Loddenkemper, C. and Loew, R. and Uckert, W. and Blankenstein, T. and Kammertoens, T.
International Journal of Cancer 128 (2): 371-378. 15 January 2011

Network neighbors of drug targets contribute to drug side-effect similarity.
Brouwers, L. and Iskar, M. and Zeller, G. and van Noort, V. and Bork, P.
PLoS ONE 6 (7): e22187. 13 July 2011

Expression of protein complexes using multiple E. coli protein co-expression systems: a benchmarking study.
Busso, D. and Peleg, Y. and Heidebrecht, T. and Romier, C. and Jacobovitch, Y. and Dantes, A. and Salim, L. and Troesch, E. and Schuetz, A. and Heinemann, U. and Folkers, G.E. and Geerlof, A. and Wilmanns, M. and Polewacz, A. and Quedenau, C. and Büssow, K. and Adamson, R. and Blagova, E. and Walton, J. and Cartwright, J.L. and Bird, L.E. and Owens, R.J. and Berrow, N.S. and Wilson, K.S. and Sussman, J.L. and Perrakis, A. and Celie, P.H.
Journal of Structural Biology 175 (2): 159-170. August 2011

Development of efficient acid cleavable multifunctional prodrugs derived from dendritic polyglycerol with a poly (ethylene glycol) shell.
Calderon, M. and Welker, P. and Licha, K. and Fichtner, I. and Graeser, R. and Haag, R. and Kratz, F.
Journal of Controlled Release 151 (3): 295-301. 10 May 2011

Genetic variability of the mTOR pathway and prostate cancer risk in the European Prospective Investigation on Cancer (EPIC).
Campa, D. and Huesing, A. and Stein, A. and Dostal, L. and Boeing, H. and Pischon, T. and Tjonneland, A. and Roswall, N. and Overvad, K. and Ostergaard, J.N. and Rodriguez, L. and Sala, N. and Sanchez, M.J. and Larranaga, N. and Huerta, J.M. and Barricarte, A. and Khaw, K.T. and Wareham, N. and Travis, R.C. and Allen, N.E. and Lagiou, P. and Trichopoulou, A. and Trichopoulos, D. and Palli, D. and Sieri, S. and Tumino, R. and Sacerdote, C. and van Kranen, H. and Bueno-de-Mesquita, H.B. and Hallmans, G. and Johansson, M. and Romieu, I. and Jenab, M. and Cox, D.G. and Siddiq, A. and Riboli, E. and Canzian, F. and Kaaks, R.
PLoS ONE 6 (2): e16914. 23 February 2011

Whole-genome sequencing of multiple Arabidopsis thaliana populations.
Cao, J. and Schneeberger, K. and Ossowski, S. and Guenther, T. and Bender, S. and Fitz, J. and Koenig, D. and Lanz, C. and Stegle, O. and Lippert, C. and Wang, X. and Ott, F. and Mueller, J. and Alonso-Blanco, C. and Borgwardt, K. and Schmid, K.J. and Weigel, D.
Nature Genetics 43 (10): 956-963. 28 August 2011

Functional expression of angiotensinogen depends on splicing enhancers in exon 2.
Cardoso, C.C. and Cabrini, D.A. and May, M. and Bhagat, C.S. and Eleno, N. and Cayla, C. and Walther, T. and Bader, M.
Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 332 (1-2): 228-233. 30 January 2011

Embryonic ductal plate cells give rise to cholangiocytes, periportal hepatocytes, and adult liver progenitor cells.
Carpentier, R. and Suñer, R.E. and van Hul, N. and Kopp, J.L. and Beaudry, J.B. and Cordi, S. and Antoniou, A. and Raynaud, P. and Lepreux, S. and Jacquemin, P. and Leclercq, I.A. and Sander, M. and Lemaigre, F.P.
Gastroenterology 141 (4): 1432-8, 1438.e1-4. October 2011

Histone acetylation controls the inactive X chromosome replication dynamics.
Casas-Delucchi, C.S. and Brero, A. and Rahn, H.P. and Solovei, I. and Wutz, A. and Cremer, T. and Leonhardt, H. and Cardoso, M.C.
Nature Communications 2 (1): 222. March 2011

Essential role for Ptpn11 in survival of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells.
Chan, G. and Cheung, L.S. and Yang, W. and Milyavsky, M. and Sanders, A.D. and Gu, S. and Hong, W.X. and Liu, A.X. and Wang, X. and Barbara, M. and Sharma, T. and Gavin, J. and Kutok, J.L. and Iscove, N.N. and Shannon, K.M. and Dick, J.E. and Neel, B.G. and Braun, B.S.
Blood 117 (16): 4253-4261. 21 April 2011

The brain tumor microenvironment.
Charles, N.A. and Holland, E.C. and Gilbertson, R. and Glass, R. and Kettenmann, H.
Glia 59 (8): 1169-1180. August 2011

Redox regulation of soluble epoxide hydrolase by 15-deoxy-Δ-prostaglandin J2 controls coronary hypoxic vasodilation.
Charles, R.L. and Burgoyne, J.R. and Mayr, M. and Weldon, S.M. and Hubner, N. and Dong, H. and Morisseau, C. and Hammock, B.D. and Landar, A.L. and Eaton, P.
Circulation Research 108 (3): 324-334. 4 February 2011

Visualizing the dynamic of adoptively transferred T cells during the rejection of large established tumors.
Charo, J. and Perez, C. and Buschow, C. and Jukica, A. and Czeh, M. and Blankenstein, T.
European Journal of Immunology 41 (11): 3187-3197. November 2011

miRNA repression involves GW182-mediated recruitment of CCR4-NOT through conserved W-containing motifs.
Chekulaeva, M. and Mathys, H. and Zipprich, J.T. and Attig, J. and Colic, M. and Parker, R. and Filipowicz, W.
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 18 (11): 1218-1226. 7 October 2011

Systematic discovery of TLR signaling components delineates viral-sensing circuits.
Chevrier, N. and Mertins, P. and Artyomov, M.N. and Shalek, A.K. and Iannacone, M. and Ciaccio, M.F. and Gat-Viks, I. and Tonti, E. and DeGrace, M.M. and Clauser, K.R. and Garber, M. and Eisenhaure, T.M. and Yosef, N. and Robinson, J. and Sutton, A. and Andersen, M.S. and Root, D.E. and von Andrian, U. and Jones, R.B. and Park, H. and Carr, S.A. and Regev, A. and Amit, I. and Hacohen, N.
Cell 147 (4): 853-867. 10 November 2011

Laminin-332 coordinates mechanotransduction and growth cone bifurcation in sensory neurons.
Chiang, L.Y. and Poole, K. and Oliveira, B.E. and Duarte, N. and Bernal Sierra, Y.A. and Bruckner-Tuderman, L. and Koch, M. and Hu, J. and Lewin, G.R.
Nature Neuroscience 14 (8): 993-1000. 3 July 2011

Small molecule AKAP/PKA interaction disruptors that activate PKA interfere with compartmentalized cAMP signaling in cardiac myocytes.
Christian, F. and Szaszak, M. and Friedl, S. and Drewianka, S. and Lorenz, D. and Goncalves, A. and Furkert, J. and Vargas, C. and Schmieder, P. and Goetz, F. and Zuehlke, K. and Moutty, M. and Goettert, H. and Joshi, M. and Reif, B. and Haase, H. and Morano, I. and Grossmann, S. and Klukovits, A. and Verli, J. and Gaspar, R. and Noack, C. and Bergmann, M. and Kass, R. and Hampel, K. and Kashin, D. and Genieser, H.G. and Herberg, F.W. and Willoughby, D. and Cooper, D.M. and Baillie, G.S. and Houslay, M.D. and von Kries, J.P. and Zimmermann, B. and Rosenthal, W. and Klussmann, E.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (11): 9079-9096. 18 March 2011

Titin based viscosity in ventricular physiology: An integrative investigation of PEVK-actin interactions.
Chung, C.S. and Methawasin, M. and Nelson, O.L. and Radke, M.H. and Hidalgo, C.G. and Gotthardt, M. and Granzier, H.L.
Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology 51 (3): 428-434. September 2011

Coordinated regulation of lymph node vascular-stromal growth first by CD11c+ cells and then by T and B cells.
Chyou, S. and Benahmed, F. and Chen, J. and Kumar, V. and Tian, S. and Lipp, M. and Lu, T.T.
Journal of Immunology 187 (11): 5558-5567. 2 December 2011

The prevalence of TNFα-induced necrosis over apoptosis is determined by TAK1-RIP1 interplay.
Coel Arslan, S. and Scheidereit, C.
PLoS ONE 6 (10): e26069. 10 October 2011

A roadmap to generate renewable protein binders to the human proteome.
Colwill, K. and Graeslund, S.
Nature Methods 8 (7): 551-558. 15 May 2011

Environmental factors in early childhood are associated with multiple sclerosis: a case-control study.
Conradi, S. and Malzahn, U. and Schroeter, F. and Paul, F. and Quill, S. and Spruth, E. and Harms, L. and Then Bergh, F. and Ditzenbach, A. and Georgi, T. and Heuschmann, P. and Rosche, B.
BMC Neurology 11 : 123. 6 October 2011

PARalyzer: definition of RNA binding sites from PAR-CLIP short-read sequence data.
Corcoran, D.L. and Georgiev, S. and Mukherjee, N. and Gottwein, E. and Skalsky, R.L. and Keene, J.D. and Ohler, U.
Genome Biology 12 (8): R79. 18 August 2011

GSK1614343, a novel ghrelin receptor antagonist, produces an unexpected increase of food intake and body weight in rodents and dogs.
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