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A role for STOML3 in olfactory sensory transduction.
Agostinelli, E. and Gonzalez-Velandia, K.Y. and Hernandez-Clavijo, A. and Maurya, D.K. and Xerxa, E. and Lewin, G.R. and Dibattista, M. and Menini, A. and Pifferi, S.
eNeuro 8 (2): ENEURO.0565-20.2021. 26 March 2021

Measuring myocardial extracellular volume of the right ventricle in patients with congenital heart disease.
Al-Wakeel-Marquard, N. and Ferreira da Silva, T. and Jeuthe, S. and Rastin, S. and Muench, F. and O H-Ici, D. and Yilmaz, S. and Berger, F. and Kuehne, T. and Messroghli, D.R.
Scientific Reports 11 (1): 2679. 29 January 2021

Diffuse myocardial fibrosis by T1 mapping is associated with heart failure in pediatric primary dilated cardiomyopathy.
Al-Wakeel-Marquard, N. and Seidel, F. and Herbst, C. and Kühnisch, J. and Kuehne, T. and Berger, F. and Klaassen, S. and Messroghli, D.R.
International Journal of Cardiology 333 : 219-225. 15 June 2021

From operating table to laboratory bench: the path toward metastasis research from the clinical setting.
Alberto Vilchez, M. and Rau, B.
Methods in Molecular Biology 2294 : 325-333. 2021

Age-related and disease locus-specific mechanisms contribute to early remodelling of chromatin structure in Huntington's disease mice.
Alcalá-Vida, R. and Seguin, J. and Lotz, C. and Molitor, A.M. and Irastorza-Azcarate, I. and Awada, A. and Karasu, N. and Bombardier, A. and Cosquer, B. and Skarmeta, J.L.G. and Cassel, J.C. and Boutillier, A.L. and Sexton, T. and Merienne, K.
Nature Communications 12 (1): 364. 13 January 2021

A novel investigation method for axonal damage in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder: In vivo corneal confocal microscopy.
Altıntaş, A. and Yildiz-Tas, A. and Yilmaz, S. and Bayraktutar, B.N. and Comert, M.C. and Zimmermann, H. and Brandt, A.U. and Paul, F. and Sahin, A.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal Experimental Translational and Clinical 7 (1): 2055217321998060. 1 January 2021

Feasibility of a culturally adapted dietary weight-loss intervention among Ghanaian migrants in Berlin, Germany: the ADAPT study.
Amoah, S. and Ennin, R. and Sagoe, K. and Steinbrecher, A. and Pischon, T. and Mockenhaupt, F.P. and Danquah, I.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18 (2): 510. 9 January 2021

Control of endothelial quiescence by FOXO-regulated metabolites.
Andrade, J. and Shi, C. and Costa, A.S.H. and Choi, J. and Kim, J. and Doddaballapur, A. and Sugino, T. and Ong, Y.T. and Castro, M. and Zimmermann, B. and Kaulich, M. and Guenther, S. and Wilhelm, K. and Kubota, Y. and Braun, T. and Koh, G.Y. and Grosso, A.R. and Frezza, C. and Potente, M.
Nature Cell Biology 23 : 413-423. April 2021

Inhibiting phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase counteracts chemotherapeutic efficacy against MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma.
Arlt, B. and Zasada, C. and Baum, K. and Wuenschel, J. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Lodrini, M. and Astrahantseff, K. and Winkler, A. and Schulte, J.H. and Finkler, S. and Forbes, M. and Hundsdoerfer, P. and Guergen, D. and Hoffmann, J. and Wolf, J. and Eggert, A. and Kempa, S. and Deubzer, H.E.
International Journal of Cancer 148 (5): 1219-1232. 1 March 2021

SNT: a unifying toolbox for quantification of neuronal anatomy.
Arshadi, C. and Günther, U. and Eddison, M. and Harrington, K.I.S. and Ferreira, T.A.
Nature Methods 18 : 374-377. April 2021

Histone methyltransferase DOT1L controls state-specific identity during B cell differentiation.
Aslam, M.A. and Alemdehy, M.F. and Kwesi-Maliepaard, E.M. and Muhaimin, F.I. and Caganova, M. and Pardieck, I.N. and van den Brand, T. and van Welsem, T. and de Rink, I. and Song, J.Y. and de Wit, E. and Arens, R. and Jacobs, H. and van Leeuwen, F.
EMBO Reports 22 (2): e51184. 3 February 2021

Pain, depression and quality of life in adults with MOG-antibody associated disease.
Asseyer, S. and Henke, E. and Trebst, C. and Hümmert, M.W. and Wildemann, B. and Jarius, S. and Ringelstein, M. and Aktas, O. and Pawlitzki, M. and Korsen, M. and Klotz, L. and Siebert, N. and Ruprecht, K. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Wernecke, K.D. and Häußler, V. and Havla, J. and Gahlen, A. and Gold, R. and Paul, F. and Kleiter, I. and Ayzenberg, I.
European Journal of Neurology 28 (5): 1645-1658. May 2021

AQP4-IgG autoimmunity in Japan and Germany: differences in clinical profiles and prognosis in seropositive neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders.
Asseyer, S. and Masuda, H. and Mori, M. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Ruprecht, K. and Siebert, N. and Cooper, G. and Chien, C. and Duchow, A. and Schließeit, J. and Liu, J. and Sugimoto, K. and Uzawa, A. and Ohtani, R. and Paul, F. and Brandt, A.U. and Kuwabara, S. and Zimmermann, H.G.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal Experimental Translational and Clinical 7 (2): 205521732110068. 1 April 2021

The APOSTEL 2.0 recommendations for reporting quantitative optical coherence tomography studies.
Aytulun, A. and Cruz-Herranz, A. and Aktas, O. and Balcer, L.J. and Balk, L. and Barboni, P. and Blanco, A.A. and Calabresi, P.A. and Costello, F. and Sanchez-Dalmau, B. and DeBuc, D.C. and Feltgen, N. and Finger, R.P. and Frederiksen, J.L. and Frohman, E. and Frohman, T. and Garway-Heath, D. and Gabilondo, I. and Graves, J.S. and Green, A.J. and Hartung, H.P. and Havla, J. and Holz, F.G. and Imitola, J. and Kenney, R. and Klistorner, A. and Knier, B. and Korn, T. and Kolbe, S. and Krämer, J. and Lagrèze, W.A. and Leocani, L. and Maier, O. and Martínez-Lapiscina, E.H. and Meuth, S. and Outteryck, O. and Paul, F. and Petzold, A. and Pihl-Jensen, G. and Preiningerova, J.L. and Rebolleda, G. and Ringelstein, M. and Saidha, S. and Schippling, S. and Schuman, J.S. and Sergott, R.C. and Toosy, A. and Villoslada, P. and Wolf, S. and Yeh, E.A. and Yu-Wai-Man, P. and Zimmermann, H.G. and Brandt, A.U. and Albrecht, P.
Neurology 28 April 2021 (In Press)

Metagenomic assessment of the global diversity and distribution of bacteria and fungi.
Bahram, M. and Netherway, T. and Frioux, C. and Ferretti, P. and Coelho, L.P. and Geisen, S. and Bork, P. and Hildebrand, F.
Environmental Microbiology 23 (1): 316-326. January 2021

Cultural transmission of vocal dialect in the naked mole-rat.
Barker, A.J. and Veviurko, G. and Bennett, N.C. and Hart, D.W. and Mograby, L. and Lewin, G.R.
Science 371 (6528): 503-507. 29 January 2021

Quantifying technical confounders in microbiome studies.
Bartolomaeus, T.U.P. and Birkner, T. and Bartolomaeus, H. and Löber, U. and Avery, E.G. and Mähler, A. and Weber, D. and Kochlik, B. and Balogh, A. and Wilck, N. and Boschmann, M. and Müller, D.N. and Markó, L. and Forslund, S.K.
Cardiovascular Research 117 (3): 863-875. 1 March 2021

Isolation, culture, and genetic engineering of mammalian primary pigment epithelial cells for non-viral gene therapy.
Bascuas, T. and Kropp, M. and Harmening, N. and Wong, B.M. and Johnen, S. and Izsvák, Z. and Thumann, G.
Journal of Visualized Experiments (168): e62145. 26 February 2021

Vasohibin-1 selectively regulates secondary sprouting and lymphangiogenesis in the zebrafish trunk.
Bastos de Oliveira, M. and Meier, K. and Jung, S. and Bartels-Klein, E. and Coxam, B. and Geudens, I. and Szymborska, A. and Skoczylas, R. and Fechner, I. and Koltowska, K. and Gerhardt, H.
Development 148 (4): dev194993. 19 February 2021

Epigallocatechin gallate in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial.
Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Paul, F. and Wuerfel, J. and Dörr, J. and Infante-Duarte, C. and Heidrich, E. and Körtgen, B. and Brandt, A. and Pfüller, C. and Radbruch, H. and Rust, R. and Siffrin, V. and Aktas, O. and Heesen, C. and Faiss, J. and Hoffmann, F. and Lorenz, M. and Zimmermann, B. and Groppa, S. and Wernecke, K.D. and Zipp, F.
Neurology Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation 8 (3): e981. May 2021

Skin-resident innate lymphoid cells converge on a pathogenic effector state.
Bielecki, P. and Riesenfeld, S.J. and Hütter, J.C. and Torlai Triglia, E. and Kowalczyk, M.S. and Ricardo-Gonzalez, R.R. and Lian, M. and Amezcua Vesely, M.C. and Kroehling, L. and Xu, H. and Slyper, M. and Muus, C. and Ludwig, L.S. and Christian, E. and Tao, L. and Kedaigle, A.J. and Steach, H.R. and York, A.G. and Skadow, M.H. and Yaghoubi, P. and Dionne, D. and Jarret, A. and McGee, H.M. and Porter, C.B.M. and Licona-Limón, P. and Bailis, W. and Jackson, R. and Gagliani, N. and Gasteiger, G. and Locksley, R.M. and Regev, A. and Flavell, R.A.
Nature 592 (7852): 128-132. 1 April 2021

Exposure to perfluoroalkyl substances and blood pressure in pregnancy among 1436 women from the Odense Child Cohort.
Birukov, A. and Andersen, L.B. and Andersen, M.S. and Nielsen, J.H. and Nielsen, F.g and Kyhl, H.B. and Jørgensen, J.S. and Grandjean, P. and Dechend, R. and Jensen, T.K.
Environment International 151 : 106442. June 2021

Cerebral EBV-positive PTLD controlled by PD-1 checkpoint blockade in a liver transplant patient.
Bittner, A. and Radke, J. and Eurich, D. and Wiener, E. and Denker, S. and Anagnostopoulos, I. and Na, I.K. and Heppner, F.L. and Bullinger, L. and Schmitt, C.A.
Leukemia & Lymphoma 22 February 2021 (In Press)

Uncovering de novo gene birth in yeast using deep transcriptomics.
Blevins, W.R. and Ruiz-Orera, J. and Messeguer, X. and Blasco-Moreno, B. and Villanueva-Cañas, J.L. and Espinar, L. and Díez, J. and Carey, L.B. and Albà, M.M.
Nature Communications 12 (1): 604. 27 January 2021

Placental glycoredox dysregulation associated with disease progression in an animal model of superimposed preeclampsia.
Blois, S.M. and Prince, P.D. and Borowski, S. and Galleano, M. and Barrientos, G.
Cells 10 (4): 800. April 2021

Transverse aortic constriction induces gut barrier alterations, microbiota remodeling and systemic inflammation.
Boccella, N. and Paolillo, R. and Coretti, L. and D'Apice, S. and Lama, A. and Giugliano, G. and Schiattarella, G.G. and Cuomo, M. and d'Aquino, I. and Cavaliere, G. and Paciello, O. and Mollica, M.P. and Mattace Raso, G. and Esposito, G. and Lembo, F. and Perrino, C.
Scientific Reports 11 (1): 7404. 1 April 2021

Phenotyping placental oxygenation in Lgals1 deficient mice using (19)F MRI.
Boehm-Sturm, P. and Mueller, S. and Freitag, N. and Borowski, S. and Foddis, M. and Koch, S.P. and Temme, S. and Flögel, U. and Blois, S.M.
Scientific Reports 11 (1): 2126. 22 January 2021

Comprehensive CRISPR-Cas9 screens identify genetic determinants of drug responsiveness in multiple myeloma.
Bohl, S.R. and Schmalbrock, L.K. and Bauhuf, I. and Meyer, T. and Dolnik, A. and Szyska, M. and Blätte, T.J. and Knödler, S. and Röhner, L. and Miller, D. and Kull, M. and Langer, C. and Döhner, H. and Letai, A. and Damm, F. and Heckl, D. and Bullinger, L. and Krönke, J.
Blood Advances 5 (9): 2391-2402. 11 May 2021

Quantitative spectroscopy of single molecule interaction times.
Boltz, H.H. and Sirbu, A. and Stelzer, N. and Lohse, M.J. and Schütte, C. and Annibale, P.
Optics Letters 46 (7): 1538-1541. 1 April 2021

PET-guided omission of radiotherapy in early-stage unfavourable Hodgkin lymphoma (GHSG HD17): a multicentre, open-label, randomised, phase 3 trial.
Borchmann, P. and Plütschow, A. and Kobe, C. and Greil, R. and Meissner, J. and Topp, M.S. and Ostermann, H. and Dierlamm, J. and Mohm, J. and Thiemer, J. and Sökler, M. and Kerkhoff, A. and Ahlborn, M. and Halbsguth, T.V. and Martin, S. and Keller, U. and Balabanov, S. and Pabst, T. and Vogelhuber, M. and Hüttmann, A. and Wilhelm, M. and Zijlstra, J.M. and Moccia, A. and Kuhnert, G. and Bröckelmann, P.J. and von Tresckow, B. and Fuchs, M. and Klimm, B. and Rosenwald, A. and Eich, H. and Baues, C. and Marnitz, S. and Hallek, M. and Diehl, V. and Dietlein, M. and Engert, A.
Lancet Oncology 22 (2): 223-234. February 2021

Association of a marker of N-acetylglucosamine with progressive multiple sclerosis and neurodegeneration.
Brandt, A.U. and Sy, M. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Newton, B.L. and Pawling, J. and Zimmermann, H.G. and Yu, Z. and Chien, C. and Dörr, J. and Wuerfel, J.T. and Dennis, J.W. and Paul, F. and Demetriou, M.
JAMA Neurology 10 May 2021 (In Press)

DOTAM-based, targeted, activatable fluorescent probes for the highly sensitive and selective detection of cancer cells.
Brennecke, B. and Wang, Q. and Haap, W. and Grether, U. and Hu, H.Y. and Nazaré, M.
Bioconjugate Chemistry 32 (4): 702-712. 21 April 2021

Human and preclinical studies of the host-gut microbiome co-metabolite hippurate as a marker and mediator of metabolic health.
Brial, F. and Chilloux, J. and Nielsen, T. and Vieira-Silva, S. and Falony, G. and Andrikopoulos, P. and Olanipekun, M. and Hoyles, L. and Djouadi, F. and Neves, A.L. and Rodriguez-Martinez, A. and Mouawad, G.I. and Pons, N. and Forslund, S. and Le-Chatelier, E. and Le Lay, A. and Nicholson, J. and Hansen, T. and Hyötyläinen, T. and Clément, K. and Oresic, M. and Bork, P. and Ehrlich, S.D. and Raes, J. and Pedersen, O.B. and Gauguier, D. and Dumas, M.E.
Gut 11 May 2021 (In Press)

Does the proteasome inhibitor bortezomib sensitize to DNA-damaging therapy in gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms? - A preclinical assessment in vitro and in vivo.
Briest, F. and Koziolek, E.J. and Albrecht, J. and Schmidt, F. and Bernsen, M.R. and Haeck, J. and Kühl, A.A. and Sedding, D. and Hartung, T. and Exner, S. and Welzel, M. and Fischer, C. and Grötzinger, C. and Brenner, W. and Baum, R.P. and Grabowski, P.
Neoplasia 23 (1): 80-98. January 2021

Systematic identification of A-to-I RNA editing in zebrafish development and adult organs.
Buchumenski, I. and Holler, K. and Appelbaum, L. and Eisenberg, E. and Junker, J.P. and Levanon, E.Y.
Nucleic Acids Research 49 (8): 4325-4337. 7 May 2021

CXCR5 CAR-T cells simultaneously target B cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and tumor-supportive follicular T helper cells.
Bunse, M. and Pfeilschifter, J. and Bluhm, J. and Zschummel, M. and Joedicke, J.J. and Wirges, A. and Stark, H. and Kretschmer, V. and Chmielewski, M. and Uckert, W. and Abken, H. and Westermann, J. and Rehm, A. and Höpken, U.E.
Nature Communications 12 : 240. 11 January 2021

DDX3 depletion represses translation of mRNAs with complex 5' UTRs.
Calviello, L. and Venkataramanan, S. and Rogowski, K.J. and Wyler, E. and Wilkins, K. and Tejura, M. and Thai, B. and Krol, J. and Filipowicz, W. and Landthaler, M. and Floor, S.N.
Nucleic Acids Research : gkab287. 27 April 2021 (In Press)

Transcriptional signatures regulated by TRPC1/C4-mediated Background Ca(2+) entry after pressure-overload induced cardiac remodelling.
Camacho Londoño, J.E. and Kuryshev, V. and Zorn, M. and Saar, K. and Tian, Q. and Hübner, N. and Nawroth, P. and Dietrich, A. and Birnbaumer, L. and Lipp, P. and Dieterich, C. and Freichel, M.
Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology 159 : 86-104. January 2021

Quantitative assessment of renal perfusion and oxygenation by invasive probes: basic concepts.
Cantow, K. and Evans, R.G. and Grosenick, D. and Gladytz, T. and Niendorf, T. and Flemming, B. and Seeliger, E.
Methods in Molecular Biology 2216 : 89-107. 2021

Monitoring renal hemodynamics and oxygenation by invasive probes: experimental protocol.
Cantow, K. and Ladwig-Wiegard, M. and Flemming, B. and Pohlmann, A. and Niendorf, T. and Seeliger, E.
Methods in Molecular Biology 2216 : 327-347. 2021

Dynamic 3D proteomes reveal protein functional alterations at high resolution in situ.
Cappelletti, V. and Hauser, T. and Piazza, I. and Pepelnjak, M. and Malinovska, L. and Fuhrer, T. and Li, Y. and Dörig, C. and Boersema, P. and Gillet, L. and Grossbach, J. and Dugourd, A. and Saez-Rodriguez, J. and Beyer, A. and Zamboni, N. and Caflisch, A. and de Souza, N. and Picotti, P.
Cell 184 (2): 545-559. 21 January 2021

FEZ1 forms complexes with CRMP1 and DCC to regulate axon and dendrite development.
Chua, J.Y. and Ng, S.J. and Yagensky, O. and Wanker, E.E. and Chua, J.J.E.
eNeuro 8 (2): ENEURO.0193-20.2021. 26 March 2021

Quantitative analysis of renal perfusion by arterial spin labeling.
Chuang, K.H. and Kober, F. and Ku, M.C.
Methods in Molecular Biology 2216 : 655-666. 2021

Renal blood flow using arterial spin labeling (ASL) MRI: experimental protocol and principles.
Chuang, K.H. and Meier, M. and Fernández-Seara, M.A. and Kober, F. and Ku, M.C.
Methods in Molecular Biology 2216 : 443-453. 2021

Longitudinal analysis of T1w/T2w ratio in patients with multiple sclerosis from first clinical presentation.
Cooper, G. and Chien, C. and Zimmermann, H. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Ruprecht, K. and Kuchling, J. and Asseyer, S. and Brandt, A.U. and Scheel, M. and Finke, C. and Paul, F.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 15 April 2021 (In Press)

Deletion of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor 3 in microglia impacts brain ischemic injury.
Costa, A. and Haage, V. and Yang, S. and Wegner, S. and Ersoy, B. and Ugursu, B. and Rex, A. and Kronenberg, G. and Gertz, K. and Endres, M. and Wolf, S.A. and Kettenmann, H.
Brain Behavior and Immunity 91 : 89-104. January 2021

Sensitivity analysis of the primary endpoint from the N-MOmentum study of inebilizumab in NMOSD.
Cree, B.A.C. and Bennett, J.L. and Kim, H.J. and Weinshenker, B.G. and Pittock, S.J. and Wingerchuk, D. and Fujihara, K. and Paul, F. and Cutter, G.R. and Marignier, R. and Green, A.J. and Aktas, O. and Hartung, H.P. and Williams, I.M. and Drappa, J. and She, D. and Cimbora, D. and Rees, W. and Ratchford, J.N. and Katz, E.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 4 February 2021 (In Press)

Hemostatic management in an infant with neuroblastoma and severe hemophilia B with extended half-life recombinant factor IX fusion protein.
Cuntz, F. and Deubzer, H.E. and Schulte, J.H. and Nimtz-Talaska, A. and Eggert, A. and Holzhauer, S.
Journal of Pediatric Hematology Oncology 3 March 2021 (In Press)

A bioinformatic pipeline to identify biomarkers for metastasis formation from RNA sequencing data.
Dahlmann, M. and Stein, U.S.
Methods in Molecular Biology 2294 : 221-238. 2021

Cores laboratories: organization for stem cell technology advancement.
Dahéron, L. and Diecke, S. and Healy, L. and D'Souza, S.
Stem Cell Research 53 : 102266. May 2021

Early bilirubinemia after allogeneic stem cell transplantation - an endothelial complication.
Dai, H. and Penack, O. and Radujkovic, A. and Schult, D. and Majer-Lauterbach, J. and Blau, I.W. and Bullinger, L. and Jiang, S. and Müller-Tidow, C. and Dreger, P. and Luft, T.
Bone Marrow Transplantation 30 January 2021 (In Press)

A homology independent sequence replacement strategy in human cells using a CRISPR nuclease.
Danner, E. and Lebedin, M. and de la Rosa, K. and Kühn, R.
Open Biology 11 (1): 200283. January 2021

Thyrotropin receptor-specific lymphocytes in adenovirus-TSHR-immunized native and human leukocyte antigen-DR3-transgenic mice and in Graves' disease patient blood.
Degen, H. and Gavvovidis, I. and Blankenstein, T. and Uhland, K. and Ungerer, M.
Thyroid 8 February 2021 (In Press)

Hardware considerations for preclinical magnetic resonance of the kidney.
Delgado, P.R. and Küstermann, E. and Kühne, A. and Millward, J.M. and Niendorf, T. and Pohlmann, A. and Meier, M.
Methods in Molecular Biology 2216 : 131-155. 2021

„Liquid biopsies“ als neue Diagnostikplattform in der pädiatrischen Onkologie [Liquid biopsies as a new diagnostic platform in pediatric oncology].
Deubzer, H.E. and Eggert, A. and Pajtler, K. W.
Onkologe 27 (5): 458-463. May 2021

Satralizumab in the treatment of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder.
Duchow, A. and Bellmann-Strobl, J.
Neurodegenerative Disease Management 11 (1): 49-59. February 2021

Generation of Epstein-Barr virus antigen-specific T cell receptors recognizing immunodominant epitopes of LMP1, LMP2A, and EBNA3C for immunotherapy.
Dudaniec, K. and Westendorf, K. and Nössner, E. and Uckert, W.
Human Gene Therapy 2 April 2021 (In Press)

Long-term follow-up after the application of mesenchymal stromal cells in children and adolescents with steroid-refractory graft-versus-host disease.
Döring, M. and Cabanillas Stanchi, K.M. and Lenglinger, K. and Treuner, C. and Gieseke, F. and Erbacher, A. and Mezger, M. and Vaegler, M. and Schlegel, P.G. and Greil, J. and Bettoni da Cunha Riehm, C. and Faul, C. and Schumm, M. and Lang, P. and Handgretinger, R. and Müller, I.
Stem Cells and Development 30 (5): 234-246. 19 February 2021

Haplotype-resolved diverse human genomes and integrated analysis of structural variation.
Ebert, P. and Audano, P. A. and Zhu, Q. and Rodriguez-Martin, B. and Porubsky, D. and Bonder, M.J. and Sulovari, A. and Ebler, J. and Zhou, W. and Serra Mari, R. and Yilmaz, F. and Zhao, X. and Hsieh, P.H. and Lee, J. and Kumar, S. and Lin, J. and Rausch, T. and Chen, Y. and Ren, J. and Santamarina, M. and Höps, W. and Ashraf, H. and Chuang, N.T. and Yang, X. and Munson, K.M. and Lewis, A.P. and Fairley, S. and Tallon, L.J. and Clarke, W.E. and Basile, A.O. and Byrska-Bishop, M. and Corvelo, A. and Evani, U.S. and Lu, T.Y. and Chaisson, M.J.P. and Chen, J. and Li, C. and Brand, H. and Wenger, A.M. and Ghareghani, M. and Harvey, W.T. and Raeder, B. and Hasenfeld, P. and Regier, A.A. and Abel, H.J. and Hall, I.M. and Flicek, P. and Stegle, O. and Gerstein, M.B and Tubio, J.M.C. and Mu, Z. and Li, Y.I. and Shi, X. and Hastie, A.R. and Ye, K. and Chong, Z. and Sanders, A.D. and Zody, M.C. and Talkowski, M.E. and Mills, R. E. and Devine, S.E. and Lee, C. and Korbel, J.O. and Marschall, T. and Eichler, E.E.
Science : eabf7117. 25 February 2021

On the preservation of vessel bifurcations during flow-mediated angiogenic remodelling.
Edgar, L.T. and Franco, C.A. and Gerhardt, H. and Bernabeu, M.O.
PLoS Computational Biology 17 (2): e1007715. 4 February 2021

ASHLEYS: automated quality control for single-cell Strand-seq data.
Eimer, C. and Sanders, A.D. and Korbel, J.O. and Marschall, T. and Ebert, P.
Bioinformatics : btab221. 1 April 2021 (In Press)

Improving target assessment in biomedical research: the GOT-IT recommendations.
Emmerich, C.H. and Gamboa, L.M. and Hofmann, M.C.J. and Bonin-Andresen, M. and Arbach, O. and Schendel, P. and Gerlach, B. and Hempel, K. and Bespalov, A. and Dirnagl, U. and Parnham, M.J.
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 20 (1): 64-81. January 2021

Reactive astrocyte nomenclature, definitions, and future directions.
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Miyoshi myopathy and limb girdle muscular dystrophy R2 are the same disease.
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USH2A is a Meissner's corpuscle protein necessary for normal vibration sensing in mice and humans.
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Intrauterine exposure to diabetic milieu does not induce diabetes and obesity in male adulthood in a novel rat model.
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Enhanced Ca(2+) signaling, mild primary aldosteronism, and hypertension in a familial hyperaldosteronism mouse model (Cacna1h(M1560V/+)).
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Structural and functional characterization of allatostatin receptor type-C of Thaumetopoea pityocampa, a potential target for next-generation pest control agents.
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EACVI survey on the evaluation of left ventricular diastolic function.
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Denoising for improved parametric MRI of the kidney: protocol for nonlocal means filtering.
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Cardiomyocyte injury following acute ischemic stroke: protocol for a prospective observational cohort study.
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Serum creatinine and cystatin C-based estimates of glomerular filtration rate are misleading in acute heart failure.
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The STRING database in 2021: customizable protein-protein networks, and functional characterization of user-uploaded gene/measurement sets.
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CD28 co-stimulus achieves superior CAR T cell effector function against solid tumors than 4-1BB co-stimulus.
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Differences in interactions between transmembrane domains tune the activation of metabotropic glutamate receptors.
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Clinical and virological characteristics of hospitalised COVID-19 patients in a German tertiary care centre during the first wave of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: a prospective observational study.
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NAD(+) repletion reverses heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.
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The discriminative ability of Prostate Health Index to detect prostate cancer is enhanced in combination with miR-222-3p.
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Identification of leukemic and pre-leukemic stem cells by clonal tracking from single-cell transcriptomics.
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Endothelial cell orientation and polarity are controlled by shear stress and VEGF through distinct signaling pathways.
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Dual-view light-sheet imaging through a tilted glass interface using a deformable mirror.
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The traveling heads 2.0: multicenter reproducibility of quantitative imaging methods at 7 Tesla.
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Cannabidiol converts NF(κ)B into a tumor suppressor in glioblastoma with defined antioxidative properties.
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Early response to first-line anti-PD-1 treatment in Hodgkin lymphoma: a PET-based analysis from the prospective, randomized phase II NIVAHL trial.
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A biallelic variant in CLRN2 causes non-syndromic hearing loss in humans.
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Familial thrombocytopenia due to a complex structural variant resulting in a WAC-ANKRD26 fusion transcript.
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Functional autoantibodies against G-protein coupled receptors in patients with persistent post-COVID-19 symptoms.
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HunFlair: an easy-to-use tool for state-of-the-art biomedical named entity recognition.
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Rbm10 facilitates heterochromatin assembly via the Clr6 HDAC complex.
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Myeloid transformation by MLL-ENL depends strictly on C/EBP.
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Impact of sequence type and field strength (1.5, 3, and 7T) on 4D flow MRI hemodynamic aortic parameters in healthy volunteers.
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Aestivation motifs explain hypertension and muscle mass loss in mice with psoriatic skin barrier defect.
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The ARFRP1-dependent Golgi scaffolding protein GOPC is required for insulin secretion from pancreatic β-cells.
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In vitro proteasome processing of neo-splicetopes does not predict their presentation in vivo.
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The longevity gene mIndy (I'm Not Dead, Yet) affects blood pressure through sympathoadrenal mechanisms.
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Microbiome meta-analysis and cross-disease comparison enabled by the SIAMCAT machine learning toolbox.
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Ythdf is a N6-methyladenosine reader that modulates Fmr1 target mRNA selection and restricts axonal growth in Drosophila.
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Identification of unique long non-coding RNAs as putative biomarkers for chromophobe renal cell carcinoma.
Wu, G. and Xia, P. and Yan, S. and Chen, D. and Xie, L. and Fan, G.
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Alemtuzumab plus CHOP versus CHOP in elderly patients with peripheral T-cell lymphoma: the DSHNHL2006-1B/ACT-2 trial.
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Patient-derived xenografts from solid tumors (PDX) for models of metastasis.
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Transcriptomic profiling of SARS-CoV-2 infected human cell lines identifies HSP90 as target for COVID-19 therapy.
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An immune-related lncRNA signature to predict survival in glioma patients.
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CRNKL1 is a highly selective regulator of intron-retaining HIV-1 and cellular mRNAs.
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Depletion of aneuploid cells in human embryos and gastruloids.
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Shared and oppositely regulated transcriptomic signatures in Huntington's disease and brain ischemia confirm known and unveil novel potential neuroprotective genes.
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Donadelli, M. and Dong, B. and Dong, X. and Dong, Z. and Dorn Ii, G.W. and Dotsch, V. and Dou, H. and Dou, J. and Dowaidar, M. and Dridi, S. and Drucker, L. and Du, A. and Du, C. and Du, G. and Du, H.N. and Du, L.L. and du Toit, A. and Duan, S.B. and Duan, X. and Duarte, S.P. and Dubrovska, A. and Dunlop, E.A. and Dupont, N. and Durán, R.V. and Dwarakanath, B.S. and Dyshlovoy, S.A. and Ebrahimi-Fakhari, D. and Eckhart, L. and Edelstein, C.L. and Efferth, T. and Eftekharpour, E. and Eichinger, L. and Eid, N. and Eisenberg, T. and Eissa, N.T. and Eissa, S. and Ejarque, M. and El Andaloussi, A. and El-Hage, N. and El-Naggar, S. and Eleuteri, A.M. and El-Shafey, E.S. and Elgendy, M. and Eliopoulos, A.G. and Elizalde, M.M. and Elks, P.M. and Elsasser, H.P. and Elsherbiny, E.S. and Emerling, B.M. and Emre, N.C.T. and Eng, C.H. and Engedal, N. and Engelbrecht, A.M. and Engelsen, A.S.T. and Enserink, J.M. and Escalante, R. and Esclatine, A. and Escobar-Henriques, M. and Eskelinen, E.L. and 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and Jagannath, C. and Jakobi, A.J. and Jakobsson, J. and Janji, B. and Jansen-Dürr, P. and Jansson, P.J. and Jantsch, J. and Januszewski, S. and Jassey, A. and Jean, S. and Jeltsch-David, H. and Jendelova, P. and Jenny, A. and Jensen, T.E. and Jessen, N. and Jewell, J.L. and Ji, J. and Jia, L. and Jia, R. and Jiang, L. and Jiang, Q. and Jiang, R. and Jiang, T. and Jiang, X. and Jiang, Y. and Jimenez-Sanchez, M. and Jin, E.J. and Jin, F. and Jin, H. and Jin, L. and Jin, L. and Jin, M. and Jin, S. and Jo, E.K. and Joffre, C. and Johansen, T. and Johnson, G.V.W. and Johnston, S.A. and Jokitalo, E. and Jolly, M.K. and Joosten, L.A.B. and Jordan, J. and Joseph, B. and Ju, D. and Ju, J.S. and Ju, J. and Juárez, E. and Judith, D. and Juhász, G. and Jun, Y. and Jung, C.H. and Jung, S.C. and Jung, Y.K. and Jungbluth, H. and Jungverdorben, J. and Just, S. and Kaarniranta, K. and Kaasik, A. and Kabuta, T. and Kaganovich, D. and Kahana, A. and Kain, R. and Kajimura, S. and Kalamvoki, M. and Kalia, M. and Kalinowski, D.S. and Kaludercic, N. and Kalvari, I. and Kaminska, J. and Kaminskyy, V.O. and Kanamori, H. and Kanasaki, K. and Kang, C. and Kang, R. and Kang, S.S. and Kaniyappan, S. and Kanki, T. and Kanneganti, T.D. and Kanthasamy, A.G. and Kanthasamy, A. and Kantorow, M. and Kapuy, O. and Karamouzis, M.V. and Karim, M.D.R. and Karmakar, P. and Katare, R.G. and Kato, M. and Kaufmann, S.H.E. and Kauppinen, A. and Kaushal, G.P. and Kaushik, S. and Kawasaki, K. and Kazan, K. and Ke, P.Y. and Keating, D.J. and Keber, U. and Kehrl, J.H. and Keller, K.E. and Keller, C.W. and Kemper, J.K. and Kenific, C.M. and Kepp, O. and Kermorgant, S. and Kern, A. and Ketteler, R. and Keulers, T.G. and Khalfin, B. and Khalil, H. and Khambu, B. and Khan, S.Y. and Khandelwal, V.K.M. and Khandia, R. and Kho, W. and Khobrekar, N.V. and Khuansuwan, S. and Khundadze, M. and Killackey, S.A. and Kim, D. and Kim, D.R. and Kim, D.H. and Kim, D.E. and Kim, E.Y. and Kim, E.K. and Kim, H.R. and Kim, H.S. and Kim, H.R. and Kim, J.H. and Kim, J.K. and Kim, J.H. and Kim, J. and Kim, J.H. and Kim, K.I.I. and Kim, P.K. and Kim, S.J. and Kimball, S.R. and Kimchi, A. and Kimmelman, A.C. and Kimura, T. and King, M.A. and Kinghorn, K.J. and Kinsey, C.G. and Kirkin, V. and Kirshenbaum, L.A. and Kiselev, S.L. and Kishi, S. and Kitamoto, K. and Kitaoka, Y. and Kitazato, K. and Kitsis, R.N. and Kittler, J.T. and Kjaerulff, O. and Klein, P.S. and Klopstock, T. and Klucken, J. and Knævelsrud, H. and Knorr, R.L. and Ko, B.C.B. and Ko, F. and Ko, J.L. and Kobayashi, H. and Kobayashi, S. and Koch, I. and Koch, J.C. and Koenig, U. and Kögel, D. and Koh, Y.H. and Koike, M. and Kohlwein, S.D. and Kocaturk, N.M. and Komatsu, M. and König, J. and Kono, T. and Kopp, B.T. and Korcsmaros, T. and Korkmaz, G. and Korolchuk, V.I. and Korsnes, M.S. and Koskela, A. and Kota, J. and Kotake, Y. and Kotler, M.L. and Kou, Y. and Koukourakis, M.I. and Koustas, E. and Kovacs, A.L. and Kovács, T. and Koya, D. and Kozako, T. 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J.J. and Leck, L.Y.W. and Leduc-Gaudet, J.P. and Lee, C. and Lee, C.P. and Lee, D.H. and Lee, E.B. and Lee, E.F. and Lee, G.M. and Lee, H.J. and Lee, H.K. and Lee, J.M. and Lee, J.S. and Lee, J.A. and Lee, J.Y. and Lee, J.H. and Lee, M. and Lee, M.G. and Lee, M.J. and Lee, M.S. and Lee, S.Y. and Lee, S.J. and Lee, S.Y. and Lee, S.B. and Lee, W.H. and Lee, Y.R. and Lee, Y.H. and Lee, Y. and Lefebvre, C. and Legouis, R. and Lei, Y.L. and Lei, Y. and Leikin, S. and Leitinger, G. and Lemus, L. and Leng, S. and Lenoir, O. and Lenz, G. and Lenz, H.J. and Lenzi, P. and León, Y. and Leopoldino, A.M. and Leschczyk, C. and Leskelä, S. and Letellier, E. and Leung, C.T. and Leung, P.S. and Leventhal, J.S. and Levine, B. and Lewis, P.A. and Ley, K. and Li, B. and Li, D.Q. and Li, J. and Li, J. and Li, J. and Li, K. and Li, L. and Li, M. and Li, M. and Li, M. and Li, M. and Li, M. and Li, P.L. and Li, M.Q. and Li, Q. and Li, S. and Li, T. and Li, W. and Li, W. and Li, X. and Li, Y.P. and Li, Y. and Li, Z. and Li, Z. and Li, Z. and Lian, J. and Liang, C. and Liang, Q. and Liang, W. and Liang, Y. and Liang, Y.T. and Liao, G. and Liao, L. and Liao, M. and Liao, Y.F. and Librizzi, M. and Lie, P.P.Y. and Lilly, M.A. and Lim, H.J. and Lima, T.R.R. and Limana, F. and Lin, C. and Lin, C.W. and Lin, D.S. and Lin, F.C. and Lin, J.D. and Lin, K.M. and Lin, K.H. and Lin, L.T. and Lin, P.H. and Lin, Q. and Lin, S. and Lin, S.J. and Lin, W. and Lin, X. and Lin, Y.X. and Lin, Y.S. and Linden, R. and Lindner, P. and Ling, S.C. and Lingor, P. and Linnemann, A.K. and Liou, Y.C. and Lipinski, M.M. and Lipovšek, S. and Lira, V.A. and Lisiak, N. and Liton, P.B. and Liu, C. and Liu, C.H. and Liu, C.F. and Liu, C.H. and Liu, F. and Liu, H. and Liu, H.S. and Liu, H.F. and Liu, H. and Liu, J. and Liu, J. and Liu, J. and Liu, L. and Liu, L. and Liu, M. and Liu, Q. and Liu, W. and Liu, W. and Liu, X.H. and Liu, X. and Liu, X. and Liu, X. and Liu, X. and Liu, Y. and Liu, Y. and Liu, Y. and Liu, Y. and Liu, Y. and Livingston, J.A. and Lizard, G. and Lizcano, J.M. and Ljubojevic-Holzer, S. and LLeonart, M.E. and Llobet-Navàs, D. and Llorente, A. and Lo, C.H. and Lobato-Márquez, D. and Long, Q. and Long, Y.C. and Loos, B. and Loos, J.A. and López, M.G. and López-Doménech, G. and López-Guerrero, J.A. and López-Jiménez, A.T. and López-Pérez, O. and López-Valero, I. and Lorenowicz, M.J. and Lorente, M. and Lorincz, P. and Lossi, L. and Lotersztajn, S. and Lovat, P.E. and Lovell, J.F. and Lovy, A. and Lőw, P. and Lu, G. and Lu, H. and Lu, J.H. and Lu, J.J. and Lu, M. and Lu, S. and Luciani, A. and Lucocq, J.M. and Ludovico, P. and Luftig, M.A. and Luhr, M. and Luis-Ravelo, D. and Lum, J.J. and Luna-Dulcey, L. and Lund, A.H. and Lund, V.K. and Lünemann, J.D. and Lüningschrör, P. and Luo, H. and Luo, R. and Luo, S. and Luo, Z. and Luparello, C. and Lüscher, B. and Luu, L. and Lyakhovich, A. and Lyamzaev, K.G. and Lystad, A.H. and Lytvynchuk, L. and Ma, A.C. and Ma, C. and Ma, M. and Ma, N.F. and Ma, Q.H. and Ma, X. and Ma, Y. and Ma, Z. and MacDougald, O.A. and Macian, F. and MacIntosh, G.C. and MacKeigan, J.P. and Macleod, K.F. and Maday, S. and Madeo, F. and Madesh, M. and Madl, T. and Madrigal-Matute, J. and Maeda, A. and Maejima, Y. and Magarinos, M. and Mahavadi, P. and Maiani, E. and Maiese, K. and Maiti, P. and Maiuri, M.C. and Majello, B. and Major, M.B. and Makareeva, E. and Malik, F. and Mallilankaraman, K. and Malorni, W. and Maloyan, A. and Mammadova, N. and Man, G.C.W. and Manai, F. and Mancias, J.D. and Mandelkow, E.M. and Mandell, M.A. and Manfredi, A.A. and Manjili, M.H. and Manjithaya, R. and Manque, P. and Manshian, B.B. and Manzano, R. and Manzoni, C. and Mao, K. and Marchese, C. and Marchetti, S. and Marconi, A.M. and Marcucci, F. and Mardente, S. and Mareninova, O.A. and Margeta, M. and Mari, M. and Marinelli, S. and Marinelli, O. and Mariño, G. and Mariotto, S. and Marshall, R.S. and Marten, M.R. and Martens, S. and Martin, A.P.J. and Martin, K.R. and Martin, S. and Martin, S. and Martín-Segura, A. and Martín-Acebes, M.A. and Martin-Burriel, I. and Martin-Rincon, M. and Martin-Sanz, P. and Martina, J.A. and Martinet, W. and Martinez, A. and Martinez, A. and Martinez, J. and Martinez Velazquez, M. and Martinez-Lopez, N. and Martinez-Vicente, M. and Martins, D.O. and Martins, J.O. and Martins, W.K. and Martins-Marques, T. and Marzetti, E. and Masaldan, S. and Masclaux-Daubresse, C. and Mashek, D.G. and Massa, V. and Massieu, L. and Masson, G.R. and Masuelli, L. and Masyuk, A.I. and Masyuk, T.V. and Matarrese, P. and Matheu, A. and Matoba, S. and Matsuzaki, S. and Mattar, P. and Matte, A. and Mattoscio, D. and Mauriz, J.L. and Mauthe, M. and Mauvezin, C. and Maverakis, E. and Maycotte, P. and Mayer, J. and Mazzoccoli, G. and Mazzoni, C. and Mazzulli, J.R. and McCarty, N. and McDonald, C. and McGill, M.R. and McKenna, S.L. and McLaughlin, B.A. and McLoughlin, F. and McNiven, M.A. and McWilliams, T.G. and Mechta-Grigoriou, F. and 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Ren, H. and Ren, J. and Ren, W. and Renault, T. and Renga, G. and Reue, K. and Rewitz, K. and Ribeiro de Andrade Ramos, B. and Riazuddin, S.A. and Ribeiro-Rodrigues, T.M. and Ricci, J.E. and Ricci, R. and Riccio, V. and Richardson, D.R. and Rikihisa, Y. and Risbud, M.V. and Risueño, R.M. and Ritis, K. and Rizza, S. and Rizzuto, R. and Roberts, H.C. and Roberts, L.D. and Robinson, K.J. and Roccheri, M.C. and Rocchi, S. and Rodney, G.G. and Rodrigues, T. and Rodrigues Silva, V.R. and Rodriguez, A. and Rodriguez-Barrueco, R. and Rodriguez-Henche, N. and Rodriguez-Rocha, H. and Roelofs, J. and Rogers, R.S. and Rogov, V.V. and Rojo, A.I. and Rolka, K. and Romanello, V. and Romani, L. and Romano, A. and Romano, P.S. and Romeo-Guitart, D. and Romero, L.C. and Romero, M. and Roney, J.C. and Rongo, C. and Roperto, S. and Rosenfeldt, M.T. and Rosenstiel, P. and Rosenwald, A.G. and Roth, K.A. and Roth, L. and Roth, S. and Rouschop, K.M.A. and Roussel, B.D. and Roux, S. and Rovere-Querini, P. and Roy, A. and Rozieres, A. and Ruano, D. and Rubinsztein, D.C. and Rubtsova, M.P. and Ruckdeschel, K. and Ruckenstuhl, C. and Rudolf, E. and Rudolf, R. and Ruggieri, A. and Ruparelia, A.A. and Rusmini, P. and Russell, R.R. and Russo, G.L. and Russo, M. and Russo, R. and Ryabaya, O.O. and Ryan, K.M. and Ryu, K.Y. and Sabater-Arcis, M. and Sachdev, U. and Sacher, M. and Sachse, C. and Sadhu, A. and Sadoshima, J. and Safren, N. and Saftig, P. and Sagona, A.P. and Sahay, G. and Sahebkar, A. and Sahin, M. and Sahin, O. and Sahni, S. and Saito, N. and Saito, S. and Saito, T. and Sakai, R. and Sakai, Y. and Sakamaki, J.I. and Saksela, K. and Salazar, G. and Salazar-Degracia, A. and Salekdeh, G.H. and Saluja, A.K. and Sampaio-Marques, B. and Sanchez, M.C. and Sanchez-Alcazar, J.A. and Sanchez-Vera, V. and Sancho-Shimizu, V. and Sanderson, J.T. and Sandri, M. and Santaguida, S. and Santambrogio, L. and Santana, M.M. and Santoni, G. and Sanz, A. and Sanz, P. and Saran, S. and Sardiello, M. and Sargeant, T.J. and Sarin, A. and Sarkar, C. and Sarkar, S. and Sarrias, M.R. and Sarkar, S. and Sarmah, D.T. and Sarparanta, J. and Sathyanarayan, A. and Sathyanarayanan, R. and Scaglione, K.M. and Scatozza, F. and Schaefer, L. and Schafer, Z.T. and Schaible, U.E. and Schapira, A.H.V. and Scharl, M. and Schatzl, H.M. and Schein, C.H. and Scheper, W. and Scheuring, D. and Schiaffino, M.V. and Schiappacassi, M. and Schindl, R. and Schlattner, U. and Schmidt, O. and Schmitt, R. and Schmidt, S.D. and Schmitz, I. and Schmukler, E. and Schneider, A. and Schneider, B.E. and Schober, R. and Schoijet, A.C. and Schott, M.B. and Schramm, M. and Schröder, B. and Schuh, K. and Schüller, C. and Schulze, R.L. and Schürmanns, L. and Schwamborn, J.C. and Schwarten, M. and Scialo, F. and Sciarretta, S. and Scott, M.J. and Scotto, K.W. and Scovassi, A.I. and Scrima, A. and Scrivo, A. and Sebastian, D. and Sebti, S. and Sedej, S. and Segatori, L. and Segev, N. and Seglen, P.O. and Seiliez, I. and Seki, E. 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Taylor, A. and Taylor, G.A. and Taylor, J.M. and Tchetina, E. and Tee, A.R. and Tegeder, I. and Teis, D. and Teixeira, N. and Teixeira-Clerc, F. and Tekirdag, K.A. and Tencomnao, T. and Tenreiro, S. and Tepikin, A.V. and Testillano, P.S. and Tettamanti, G. and Tharaux, P.L. and Thedieck, K. and Thekkinghat, A.A. and Thellung, S. and Thinwa, J.W. and Thirumalaikumar, V.P. and Thomas, S.M. and Thomes, P.G. and Thorburn, A. and Thukral, L. and Thum, T. and Thumm, M. and Tian, L. and Tichy, A. and Till, A. and Timmerman, V. and Titorenko, V.I. and Todi, S.V. and Todorova, K. and Toivonen, J.M. and Tomaipitinca, L. and Tomar, D. and Tomas-Zapico, C. and Tomić, S. and Tong, B.C.K. and Tong, C. and Tong, X. and Tooze, S.A. and Torgersen, M.L. and Torii, S. and Torres-López, L. and Torriglia, A. and Towers, C.G. and Towns, R. and Toyokuni, S. and Trajkovic, V. and Tramontano, D. and Tran, Q.G. and Travassos, L.H. and Trelford, C.B. and Tremel, S. and Trougakos, I.P. and Tsao, B.P. and Tschan, 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