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Bazooka is a permissive factor for the invasive behavior of discs large tumor cells in Drosophila ovarian follicular epithelia.
Abdelilah-Seyfried, S. and Cox, D.N. and Jan, Y.N.
Development 130 (9): 1927-1935. 1 May 2003

Nicotine strongly activates dendritic cell-mediated adaptive immunity - Potential role for progression of atherosclerotic lesions.
Aicher, A. and Heeschen, C. and Mohaupt, M. and Cooke, J.P. and Zeiher, A.M. and Dimmeler, S.
Circulation 107 (4): 604-611. 4 February 2003

Treatment of relapsing paralysis in experimental encephalomyelitis by targeting Th1 cells through atorvastatin.
Aktas, O. and Waiczies, S. and Smorodchenko, A. and Dorr, J. and Seeger, B. and Prozorovski, T. and Sallach, S. and Endres, M. and Brocke, S. and Nitsch, R. and Zipp, F.
Journal of Experimental Medicine 197 (6): 725-733. 17 March 2003

Cross talk between tetanus neurotoxin-insensitive vesicle-associated membrane protein-mediated transport and L1-mediated adhesion.
Alberts, P. and Rudge, R. and Hinners, I. and Muzerelle, A. and Martinez-Arca, S. and Irinopoulou, T. and Marthiens, V. and Tooze, S. and Rathjen, F. and Gaspar, P. and Galli, T.
Molecular Biology of the Cell 14 (10): 4207-4220. October 2003

Differential binding of ligands to the apolipoprotein E receptor 2.
Andersen, O.M. and Benhayon, D. and Curran, T. and Willnow, T.E.
Biochemistry 42 (31): 9355-9364. 12 August 2003

Essential role of the apolipoprotein E receptor-2 in sperm development.
Andersen, O.M. and Yeung, C.H. and Vorum, H. and Wellner, M. and Andreassen, T.K. and Erdmann, B. and Mueller, E.C. and Herz, J. and Otto, A. and Cooper, T.G. and Willnow, T.E.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (26): 23989-23995. 27 June 2003

Phosphorylation-dependent down-regulation of c-Myb DNA binding is abrogated by a point mutation in the v-myb oncogene.
Andersson, K.B. and Kowenz-Leutz, E. and Brendeford, E.M. and Tygsett, A.H.H. and Leutz, A. and Gabrielsen, O.S.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (6): 3816-3824. 7 February 2003

Smooth, slow and smart muscle motors.
Arner, A. and Loefgren, M. and Morano, I.
Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility 24 (2): 165-173. April 2003

The unique hexokinase of Kluyveromyces lactis - Molecular and functional characterization and evaluation of a role in glucose signaling.
Baer, D. and Golbik, R. and Huebner, G. and Lilie, H. and Mueller, E.C. and Naumann, M. and Otto, A. and Reuter, R. and Breunig, K.D. and Kriegel, T.M.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (41): 39280-39286. 10 October 2003

Expression of proteinase-activated receptors in mouse microglial cells.
Balcaitis, S. and Xie, Y.H. and Weinstein, J.R. and Andersen, H. and Hanisch, U.K. and Ransom, B.R. and Moeller, T.
NeuroReport 14 (18): 2373-2377. 19 December 2003

Brain renin-angiotensin system - Lessons from functional genomics.
Baltatu, O. and Bader, M.
Neuroendocrinology 78 (5): 253-259. November 2003

Abolition of end-organ damage by antiandrogen treatment in female hypertensive transgenic rats.
Baltatu, O. and Cayla, C. and Iliescu, R. and Andreev, D. and Bader, M.
Hypertension 41 (3): 830-833. March 2003

Role of β-catenin in synaptic vesicle localization and presynaptic assembly.
Bamji, S.X. and Shimazu, K. and Kimes, N. and Huelsken, J. and Birchmeier, W. and Lu, B. and Reichardt, L.F.
Neuron 40 (4): 719-731. November 2003

New insights into beta2 adrenoceptor signaling in the adult rat heart.
Bartel, S. and Krause, E.G. and Wallukat, G. and Karczewski, P.
Cardiovascular Research 57 (3): 694-703. 1 March 2003

GATA-1 and c-myb crosstalk during red blood cell differentiation through GATA-1 binding sites in the c-myb promoter.
Bartunek, P. and Kralova, J. and Blendinger, G. and Dvorak, M. and Zenke, M.
Oncogene 22 (13): 1927-1935. 3 April 2003

Single nucleotide polymorphism haplotypes in the cholesteryl-ester transfer protein (CETP) gene and lipid phenotypes.
Bauerfeind, A. and Knoblauch, H. and Schuster, H. and Luft, F.C. and Reich, J.G.
Human Heredity 54 (4): 166-173. May 2003

Comparing protein stabilities during zebrafish embryogenesis.
Becker, T. and Bossenz, M. and Tursun, B. and Schlueter, A. and Peters, M.A. and Becker, C.G. and Ostendorff, H.P. and Bach, I.
Methods in Cell Science 25 (1-2): 85-89. 2003

Sedimentation equilibrium: a valuable tool to study homologous and heterogeneous interactions of proteins or proteins and nucleic acids.
Behlke, J. and Ristau, O.
European Biophysics Journal with Biophysics Letters 32 (5): 427-431. 1 August 2003

Sentinel-Node-Biopsie : Definition, historische Entwicklung und methodisches Vorgehen.
Bembenek, A. and Gretschel, S. and Ulmer, C. and Bayraktar, S. and Schlag, P.M.
Onkologe 9 (6): 599-610. June 2003

A software tool-box for analysis of regulatory RNA elements.
Bengert, P. and Dandekar, T.
Nucleic Acids Research 31 (13): 3441-3445. 1 July 2003

A longitudinal study of age-specific reproductive output and body condition among male rhesus macaques, Macaca mulatta.
Bercovitch, F.B. and Widdig, A. and Trefilov, A. and Kessler, M.J. and Berard, J.D. and Schmidtke, J. and Nuernberg, P. and Krawczak, M.
Naturwissenschaften 90 (7): 309-312. July 2003

Efficiency of cytokine gene transfer in corneal endothelial cells and organ-cultured corneas mediated by liposomal vehicles and recombinant adenovirus.
Bertelmann, E. and Ritter, K. and Vogt, K. and Reszka, R. and Hartmann, C. and Pleyer, U.
Ophthalmic Research 35 (2): 117-124. March 2003

A common polymorphism in KCNH2 (HERG) hastens cardiac repolarization.
Bezzina, C.R. and Verkerk, A.O. and Busjahn, A. and Jeron, A. and Erdmann, J. and Koopmann, T.T. and Bhuiyan, Z.A. and Wilders, R. and Mannens, M.M.A.M. and Tan, H.L. and Luft, F.C. and Schunkert, H. and Wilde, A.A.M.
Cardiovascular Research 59 (1): 27-36. 1 July 2003

Huntingtin fragments form aggresome-like inclusion bodies in mammalian cells.
Boeddrich, A. and Lurz, R. and Wanker, E.E.
Methods in Molecular Biology 232 : 217-229. 2003

Loss of K-Cl co-transporter KCC3 causes deafness, neurodegeneration and reduced seizure threshold.
Boettger, T. and Rust, M.B. and Maier, H. and Seidenbecher, T. and Schweizer, M. and Keating, D.J. and Faulhaber, J. and Ehmke, H. and Pfeffer, C. and Scheel, O. and Lemcke, B. and Horst, J. and Leuwer, R. and Pape, H.C. and Voelkl, H. and Huebner, C.A. and Jentsch, T.J.
EMBO Journal 22 (20): 5422-5434. 15 October 2003

Affinity purification of ARE-binding proteins identifies polyA-binding protein 1 as a potential substrate in MK2-induced mRNA stabilization.
Bollig, F. and Winzen, R. and Gaestel, M. and Kostka, S. and Resch, K. and Holtmann, H.
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 301 (3): 665-670. 14 February 2003

Prognoserelevanz von biologischen und molekularen Markern in der Onkologie : Kriterien fur Studienplanung und -Interpretation. [Prognostic relevance of biological and molecular markers in oncology. Criteria for planning and interpreting studies].
Bollschweiler, E. and Schneider, P.M. and Moenig, S.P. and Altendorf-Hofmann, A. and Mansmann, U. and Lehmacher, W. and Schlag, P.M. and Merkel, S. and Hohenberger, W. and Izbicki, J.R. and Hermanek, P. and Hoelscher, A.H.
Chirurg 74 (2): 139-144. February 2003

ICOS+Th cells produce distinct cytokines in different mucosal immune responses.
Bonhagen, K. and Liesenfeld, O. and Stadecker, M.J. and Hutloff, A. and Erb, K. and Coyle, A.J. and Lipp, M. and Kroczek, R.A. and Kamradt, T.
European Journal of Immunology 33 (2): 392-401. February 2003

Sequencing and chromosomal localization of Fabp6 and an intronless Fabp6 segment in the rat.
Bonne, A. and Goesele, C. and den Bieman, M. and Gillissen, G. and Kreitler, T. and Pravenec, M. and Kren, V. and van Lith, H. and van Zutphen, B.
Molecular Biology Reports 30 (3): 173-176. September 2003

Tonin in rat heart with experimental hypertrophy.
Borges, J.C. and Silva, J.A. and Gomes, M.A. and Lomez, E.S.L. and Leite, K.M. and Araujo, R.C. and Bader, M. and Pesquero, J.B. and Pesquero, J.L.
American Journal of Physiology Heart and Circulatory Physiology 284 (6): H2263-H2268. 1 June 2003

Molecular mechanisms of early electrical remodeling: transcriptional downregulation of ion channel subunits reduces I(Ca,L) and I(to) in rapid atrial pacing in rabbits.
Bosch, R.F. and Scherer, C.R. and Rueb, N. and Woehrl, S. and Steinmeyer, K. and Haase, H. and Busch, A.E. and Seipel, L. and Kuehlkamp, V.
Journal of the American College of Cardiology 41 (5): 858-869. 5 March 2003

Tissue-specific response to interstitial angiotensin II in humans.
Boschmann, M. and Jordan, J. and Adams, F. and Christensen, N.J. and Tank, J. and Franke, G. and Stoffels, M. and Sharma, A.M. and Luft, F.C. and Klaus, S.
Hypertension 41 (1): 37-41. January 2003

Water-induced thermogenesis.
Boschmann, M. and Steiniger, J. and Hille, U. and Tank, J. and Adams, F. and Sharma, A.M. and Klaus, S. and Luft, F.C. and Jordan, J.
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 88 (12): 6015-6019. December 2003

LRP: role in vascular wall integrity and protection from atherosclerosis.
Boucher, P. and Gotthardt, M. and Li, W.P. and Anderson, R.G. and Herz, J.
Science 300 : 329-332. 11 April 2003

Purinergic receptors on microglial cells: functional expression in acute brain slices and modulation of microglial activation in vitro.
Boucsein, C. and Zacharias, R. and Faerber, K. and Pavlovic, S. and Hanisch, U.K. and Kettenmann, H.
European Journal of Neuroscience 17 (11): 2267-2276. 1 January 2003

Alternative splicing and evolution.
Boue, S. and Letunic, I. and Bork, P.
BioEssays 25 : 1031-1034. 1 November 2003

Interaction of proteins with promoter elements of the human U2 snRNA genes in vivo.
Boyd, D.C. and Pombo, A. and Murphy, S.
Gene 315 (1-2): 103-112. 2 October 2003

Patterns of oxidized epitopes, but not NF-κB expression, change during atherogenesis in WHHL rabbits.
Braesen, J.H. and Haekkinen, T. and Malle, E. and Beisiegel, U. and Ylae-Herttuala, S.
Atherosclerosis 166 : 13-21. January 2003

Transient calretinin expression defines early postmitotic step of neuronal differentiation in adult hippocampal neurogenesis of mice.
Brandt, M.D. and Jessberger, S. and Steiner, B. and Kronenberg, G. and Reuter, K. and Bick-Sander, A. and der Behrens, W. and Kempermann, G.
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 24 (3): 603-613. November 2003

Herzrhythmusstoerungen durch Neuroleptika.
Bratslavsky, A. and Jordan, J.
Arzneiverordnung in der Praxis 30(3) : 14. 1 January 2003

Ungewoehnliches Leriche-Syndrom [Atypical Leriche syndrome].
Bresan, V. and Irlbacher, K. and Bittner, R. and Meyer, R. and Dietz, R. and Moeckel, M.
Zeitschrift fuer Kardiologie 92 (3): 260-266. March 2003

α1E-containing Ca2+ channels are involved in synaptic plasticity.
Breustedt, J. and Vogt, K.E. and Miller, R.J. and Nicoll, R.A. and Schmitz, D.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 100 (21): 12450-12455. 14 October 2003

Norepinephrine-induced interleukin-6 increase in rat hearts: differential signal transduction in myocytes and non-myocytes.
Briest, W. and Rassler, B. and Deten, A. and Leicht, M. and Morwinski, R. and Neichel, D. and Wallukat, G. and Ziegelhoeffer, T. and Zimmer, H.G.
Pfluegers Archiv European Journal of Physiology 446 (4): 437-446. July 2003

Enriched environment and physical activity stimulate hippocampal but not olfactory bulb neurogenesis.
Brown, J. and Cooper-Kuhn, C.M. and Kempermann, G. and van Praag, H. and Winkler, J. and Gage, F.H. and Kuhn, H.G.
European Journal of Neuroscience 17 (10): 2042-2046. May 2003

Reduced vagal activity in salt-sensitive subjects during mental challenge.
Buchholz, K. and Schaechinger, H. and Wagner, M. and Sharma, A.M. and Deter, H.C.
American Journal of Hypertension 16 (7): 531-536. July 2003

Effects of therapeutic beta blockade on myocardial function and cardiac remodelling in congenital cardiac disease.
Buchhorn, R. and Hulpke-Wette, M. and Ruschewski, W. and Ross, R.D. and Fielitz, J. and Pregla, R. and Hetzer, R. and Regitz-Zagrosek, V.
Cardiology In The Young 13 (1): 36-43. February 2003

6-Thioguanine, cytarabine, and daunorubicin (TAD) and high-dose cytarabine and mitoxantrone (HAM) for induction, TAD for consolidation, and either prolonged maintenance by reduced monthly TAD or TAD-HAM-TAD and one course of intensive consolidation by sequential HAM in adult patients at all ages with de novo acute myeloid leukemia (AML): a randomized trial of the German AML Cooperative Group.
Buechner, T. and Hiddemann, W. and Berdel, W.E. and Woermann, B. and Schoch, C. and Fonatsch, C. and Loeffler, H. and Haferlach, T. and Ludwig, W.D. and Maschmeyer, G. and Staib, P. and Aul, C. and Grueneisen, A. and Lengfelder, E. and Frickhofen, N. and Kern, W. and Serve, H.L. and Mesters, R.M. and Sauerland, M.C. and Heinecke, A.
Journal of Clinical Oncology 21 : 4496-4504. 15 December 2003

Cardiac energetics correlates to myocardial hypertrophy in Friedreich's ataxia.
Bunse, M. and Bit-Avragim, N. and Riefflin, A. and Perrot, A. and Schmidt, O. and Kreuz, F.R. and Dietz, R. and Jung, W.I. and Osterziel, K.J.
Annals of Neurology 53 : 121-123. 1 January 2003

Clone-based systematic haplotyping (CSH): a procedure for physical haplotyping of whole genomes.
Burgtorf, C. and Kepper, P. and Hoehe, M. and Schmitt, C. and Reinhardt, R. and Lehrach, H. and Sauer, S.
Genome Research 13 (12): 2717-2724. December 2003

Mutant huntingtin promotes the fibrillogenesis of wild-type huntingtin - A potential mechanism for loss of huntingtin function in Huntington's disease.
Busch, A. and Engemann, S. and Lurz, R. and Okazawa, H. and Lehrach, H. and Wanker, E.E.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (42): 41452-41461. 17 October 2003

The study of gene polymorphisms - How complex is complex genetic disease?
Bähring, S. and Aydin, A. and Luft, F.C.
Methods in Molecular Medicine 86 : 221-235. 2003

Translational control of SCL-isoform expression in hematopoietic lineage choice.
Calkhoven, C.F. and Mueller, C. and Martin, R. and Krosl, G. and Hoang, T. and Leutz, A.
Genes & Development 17 (8): 959-964. 15 April 2003

Law and order in the nucleus.
Cardoso, M.C.
Zellbiologie Aktuell 29 (3): 8-10. May 2003

Stress-energy tensor for a massless spin 1/2 field in static black hole spacetimes.
Carlson, E.D. and Hirsch, W.H. and Obermayer, B. and Anderson, P.R. and Groves, P.B.
Physical Review Letters 91 (5): 051301. 1 August 2003

Ultrastructural analysis of DNA complexes during transfection and intracellular transport.
Cartier, R. and Velinova, M. and Lehman, C. and Erdmann, B. and Reszka, R.
Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry 51 (9): 1237-1240. September 2003

IL-1 β-dependent activation of NF-κB mediates PGE(2)release via the expression of cyclooxygenase-2 and microsomal prostaglandin E synthase.
Catley, M.C. and Chivers, J.E. and Cambridge, L.M. and Holden, N. and Slater, D.M. and Staples, K.J. and Bergmann, M.W. and Loser, P. and Barnes, P.J. and Newton, R.
FEBS Letters 547 (1-3): 75-79. 17 July 2003

Human CYP1A1 allelic variants: baculovirus expression and purification, hydrodynamic, spectral, and catalytical properties and their potency in the formation of all-trans-retinoic acid.
Chernogolov, A. and Behlke, J. and Schunck, W.H. and Roots, I. and Schwarz, D.
Protein Expression and Purification 28 (2): 259-269. April 2003

Extracellular signal-regulated kinase inhibition by statins inhibits neutrophil activation by ANCA.
Choi, M. and Rolle, S. and Rane, M. and Haller, H. and Luft, F.C. and Kettritz, R.
Kidney International 63 (1): 96-106. January 2003

Inhibition of NF-κ B by a TAT-NEMO-binding domain peptide accelerates constitutive apoptosis and abrogates LPS-delayed neutrophil apoptosis.
Choi, M. and Rolle, S. and Wellner, M. and Cardoso, M.C. and Scheidereit, C. and Luft, F.C. and Kettritz, R.
Blood 102 (6): 2259-2267. 15 September 2003

Helicobacter pylori CagA protein targets the c-Met receptor and enhances the motogenic response.
Churin, Y. and Al Ghoul, L. and Kepp, O. and Meyer, T.E. and Birchmeier, W. and Naumann, M.
Journal of Cell Biology 161 (2): 249-255. 28 April 2003

The KIND module: a putative signalling domain evolved from the C lobe of the protein kinase fold.
Ciccarelli, F.D. and Bork, P. and Kerkhoff, E.
Trends in Biochemical Sciences 28 (7): 349-352. 7 July 2003

The PAM domain, a multi-protein complex-associated module with an all-alpha-helix fold.
Ciccarelli, F.D. and Izaurralde, E. and Bork, P.
BMC Bioinformatics 4 : 64. 19 December 2003

The identification of a conserved domain in both spartin and spastin, mutated in hereditary spastic paraplegia.
Ciccarelli, F.D. and Proukakis, C. and Patel, H. and Cross, H. and Azam, S. and Patton, M.A. and Bork, P. and Crosby, A.H.
Genomics 81 (4): 437-441. April 2003

Titer determination of Ad5 in blood: a cautionary note.
Cichon, G. and Boeckh-Herwig, S. and Kuemin, D. and Hoffmann, C. and Schmidt, H.H. and Wehnes, E. and Haensch, W. and Schneider, U. and Eckhardt, U. and Burger, R. and Pring-Akerblom, P.
Gene Therapy 10 (12): 1012-1017. June 2003

The EuroHeart Failure survey programme - a survey on the quality of care among patients with heart failure in Europe. Part 1: patient characteristics and diagnosis.
Cleland, J.G. and Swedberg, K. and Follath, F. and Komajda, M. and Cohen-Solal, A. and Aguilar, J.C. and Dietz, R. and Gavazzi, A. and Hobbs, R. and Korewicki, J. and Madeira, H.C. and Moiseyev, V.S. and Preda, I. and van Gilst, W.H. and Widimsky, J. and Freemantle, N. and Eastaugh, J. and Mason, J.
European Heart Journal 24 : 442-463. 1 January 2003

Identification and characterization of the autophosphorylation sites of phosphoinositide 3-kinase isoforms beta and gamma.
Czupalla, C. and Culo, M. and Mueller, E.C. and Brock, C. and Reusch, H.P. and Spicher, K. and Krause, E. and Nuernberg, B.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (13): 11536-11545. 28 March 2003

Computational analysis of biochemical systems (book review).
Dandekar, T.
Trends in Biochemical Sciences 26 : 637-637. 1 January 2003

A method for classifying metabolites in topological pathway analyses based on minimization of pathway number.
Dandekar, T. and Moldenhauer, F. and Bulik, S. and Bertram, H. and Schuster, S.
Biosystems 70 (3): 255-270. August 2003

Body mass and survival in patients with chronic heart failure without cachexia: The importance of obesity.
Davos, C.H. and Doehner, W. and Rauchhaus, M. and Cicoira, M. and Francis, D.P. and Coats, A.J.S. and Clark, A.L. and Anker, S.D.
Journal of Cardiac Failure 9 (1): 29-35. 1 January 2003

Hydroxymethylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase inhibition reduces Chlamydia pneumoniae-induced cell interaction and activation.
Dechend, R. and Gieffers, J. and Dietz, R. and Joerres, A. and Rupp, J. and Luft, F.C. and Maass, M.
Circulation 108 (3): 261-265. 22 July 2003

AT1 receptor agonistic antibodies from preeclamptic patients stimulate NADPH oxidase.
Dechend, R. and Viedt, C. and Mueller, D.N. and Ugele, B. and Brandes, R.P. and Wallukat, G. and Park, J.K. and Janke, J. and Barta, P. and Theuer, J. and Fiebeler, A. and Homuth, V. and Dietz, R. and Haller, H. and Kreuzer, J. and Luft, F.C.
Circulation 107 (12): 1632-1639. 1 April 2003

Not so acute renal failure with crystals in the urine.
Dehmel, B. and Schneider, W. and Kettritz, R. and Luft, F.C.
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 18 (1): 209-211. 1 January 2003

Induction of G0/G1 cell cycle arrest in ovarian carcinoma cells by the anti-inflammatory drug NS-398, but not by COX-2-specific RNA interference.
Denkert, C. and Fuerstenberg, A. and Daniel, P.T. and Koch, I. and Koebel, M. and Weichert, W. and Siegert, A. and Hauptmann, S.
Oncogene 22 (54): 8653-8661. 27 November 2003

The sympathetic nervous system in hypertension: assessment by blood pressure variability and ganglionic blockade.
Diedrich, A. and Jordan, J. and Tank, J. and Shannon, J.R. and Robertson, R. and Luft, F.C. and Robertson, D. and Biaggioni, I.
Journal of Hypertension 21 (9): 1677-1686. September 2003

Standard and increased-dose BEACOPP chemotherapy compared with COPP-ABVD for advanced Hodgkins disease.
Diehl, V. and Franklin, J. and Pfreundschuh, M. and Lathan, B. and Paulus, U. and Hasenclever, D. and Tesch, H. and Herrmann, R. and Doerken, B. and Mueller-Hermelink, H.K. and Duehmke, E. and Loeffler, M.
New England Journal of Medicine 348 (24): 2386-2395. 12 June 2003

Differentiation of effector/memory V ae 2 T cells and migratory routes in lymph nodes or inflammatory sites.
Dieli, F. and Poccia, F. and Lipp, M. and Sireci, G. and Caccamo, N. and Di Sano, C. and Salerno, A.
Journal of Experimental Medicine 198 (3): 391-397. 4 August 2003

Exploring potential target genes of signaling pathways by predicting conserved transcription factor binding sites.
Dieterich, C. and Herwig, R. and Vingron, M.
Bioinformatics 19 (Suppl 2): ii50-ii56. October 2003

CORG: a database for COmparative Regulatory Genomics.
Dieterich, C. and Wang, H. and Rateitschak, K. and Luz, H. and Vingron, M.
Nucleic Acids Research 31 (1): 55-57. 2003

Behandlung der Herzinsuffizienz: Wunsch und Wirklichkeit zu Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts.
Dietz, R. and Osterziel, K.J. and Cleland, J.G.
Zeitschrift fuer aerztliche Fortbildung und Qualitaetssicherung 97 : 98-103. 1 January 2003

Agonistic AT1 receptor autoantibodies and monocyte stimulation in hypertensive patients.
Doerffel, Y. and Wallukat, G. and Bochnig, N. and Homuth, V. and Herberg, M. and Doerffel, W. and Pruss, A. and Chaoui, R. and Scholze, J.
American Journal of Hypertension 16 (10): 827-833. October 2003

Zukunfts-Szenarien: Szenario-Workshop mit Laien und Experten zu moeglichen Einfluessen der Wirtschaft auf die biomedizinische Forschung.
Domasch, S.
GenomXpress 3 : 18. March 2003

Transparenz und Erfahrbarkeit von Wissen - Bioethik und Wissenschaftskommunikation.
Domasch, S. and Tannert, C.
Zeitschrift fuer Humanontogenetik 6 : 82-83. 1 January 2003

RP4 repressor protein KorB binds to the major groove of the operator DNA: A Raman study.
Dostal, L. and Khare, D. and Bok, J. and Heinemann, U. and Lanka, E. and Welfle, H.
Biochemistry 42 (49): 14476-14482. 1 January 2003

Raman spectroscopy of regulatory protein Omega from Streptococcus pyogenes plasmid pSM19035 and complexes with operator DNA.
Dostal, L. and Misselwitz, R. and Laettig, S. and Alonso, J.C. and Welfle, H.
Spectroscopy 17 (2-3): 435-445. 2003

Patients with steroid refractory acute vascular rejection develop agonistic antibodies targeting angiotensin II type 1 receptor.
Dragun, D. and Braesen, J.H. and Schoenemann, C. and Fritsche, L. and Budde, K. and Neumayer, H.H. and Luft, F.C. and Wallukat, G.
Transplantation Proceedings 35 (6): 2104-2105. September 2003

T cell costimulus-independent and very efficacious inhibition of tumor growth in mice bearing subcutaneous or leukemic human B cell lymphoma xenografts by a CD19-/CD3-bispecific single-chain antibody construct1.
Dreier, T. and Baeuerle, P.A. and Fichtner, I. and Gruen, M. and Schlereth, B. and Lorenczewski, G. and Kufer, P. and Lutterbuese, R. and Riethmueller, G. and Gjorstrup, P. and Bargou, R.C.
Journal of Immunology 170 (8): 4397-4402. 15 April 2003

CD95/Fas signaling in human melanoma cells: conditional expression of CD95L/FasL overcomes the intrinsic apoptosis resistance of malignant melanoma and inhibits growth and progression of human melanoma xenotransplants.
Eberle, J. and Fecker, L.F. and Hossini, A.M. and Wieder, T. and Daniel, P.T. and Orfanos, C.E. and Geilen, C.C.
Oncogene 22 (57): 9131-9141. 11 December 2003

Mal de Meleda (MDM) caused by mutations in the gene for SLURP-1 in patients from Germany, Turkey, Palestine, and the United Arab Emirates.
Eckl, K.M. and Stevens, H.P. and Lestringant, G.G. and Westenberger-Treumann, M. and Traupe, H. and Hinz, B. and Frossard, P.M. and Stadler, R. and Leigh, I.M. and Nuernberg, P. and Reis, A. and Hennies, H.C.
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[Video] 5 March 2003


Schriftwechsel zur Einweihung des Mahnmals Anna Franziska Schwarzbach.

UNSPECIFIED. 2003 (Unpublished)

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