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Cross-reactive CD4(+) T cells enhance SARS-CoV-2 immune responses upon infection and vaccination.
Loyal, L. and Braun, J. and Henze, L. and Kruse, B. and Dingeldey, M. and Reimer, U. and Kern, F. and Schwarz, T. and Mangold, M. and Unger, C. and Dörfler, F. and Kadler, S. and Rosowski, J. and Gürcan, K. and Uyar-Aydin, Z. and Frentsch, M. and Kurth, F. and Schnatbaum, K. and Eckey, M. and Hippenstiel, S. and Hocke, A. and Müller, M.A. and Sawitzki, B. and Miltenyi, S. and Paul, F. and Mall, M.A. and Wenschuh, H. and Voigt, S. and Drosten, C. and Lauster, R. and Lachman, N. and Sander, L.E. and Corman, V.M. and Röhmel, J. and Meyer-Arndt, L. and Thiel, A. and Giesecke-Thiel, C.
Science 374 (6564): eabh1823. 8 October 2021

Haplotype-resolved diverse human genomes and integrated analysis of structural variation.
Ebert, P. and Audano, P. A. and Zhu, Q. and Rodriguez-Martin, B. and Porubsky, D. and Bonder, M.J. and Sulovari, A. and Ebler, J. and Zhou, W. and Serra Mari, R. and Yilmaz, F. and Zhao, X. and Hsieh, P.H. and Lee, J. and Kumar, S. and Lin, J. and Rausch, T. and Chen, Y. and Ren, J. and Santamarina, M. and Höps, W. and Ashraf, H. and Chuang, N.T. and Yang, X. and Munson, K.M. and Lewis, A.P. and Fairley, S. and Tallon, L.J. and Clarke, W.E. and Basile, A.O. and Byrska-Bishop, M. and Corvelo, A. and Evani, U.S. and Lu, T.Y. and Chaisson, M.J.P. and Chen, J. and Li, C. and Brand, H. and Wenger, A.M. and Ghareghani, M. and Harvey, W.T. and Raeder, B. and Hasenfeld, P. and Regier, A.A. and Abel, H.J. and Hall, I.M. and Flicek, P. and Stegle, O. and Gerstein, M.B and Tubio, J.M.C. and Mu, Z. and Li, Y.I. and Shi, X. and Hastie, A.R. and Ye, K. and Chong, Z. and Sanders, A.D. and Zody, M.C. and Talkowski, M.E. and Mills, R. E. and Devine, S.E. and Lee, C. and Korbel, J.O. and Marschall, T. and Eichler, E.E.
Science : eabf7117. 25 February 2021

Cultural transmission of vocal dialect in the naked mole-rat.
Barker, A.J. and Veviurko, G. and Bennett, N.C. and Hart, D.W. and Mograby, L. and Lewin, G.R.
Science 371 (6528): 503-507. 29 January 2021


Sequence diversity analyses of an improved rhesus macaque genome enhance its biomedical utility.
Warren, W.C. and Harris, R.A. and Haukness, M. and Fiddes, I.T. and Murali, S.C. and Fernandes, J. and Dishuck, P.C. and Storer, J.M and Raveendran, M. and Hillier, L.W. and Porubsky, D. and Mao, Y. and Gordon, D. and Vollger, M.R. and Lewis, A.P. and Munson, K.M. and DeVogelaere, E. and Armstrong, J. and Diekhans, M. and Walker, J.A. and Tomlinson, C. and Graves-Lindsay, T.A. and Kremitzki, M. and Salama, S.R. and Audano, P.A. and Escalona, M. and Maurer, N.W. and Antonacci, F. and Mercuri, L. and Maggiolini, F.A.M. and Catacchio, C.R. and Underwood, J.G. and O'Connor, D.H. and Sanders, A.D. and Korbel, J.O. and Ferguson, B. and Kubisch, H.M. and Picker, L. and Kalin, N.H. and Rosene, D. and Levine, J. and Abbott, D.H. and Gray, S.B. and Sanchez, M.M. and Kovacs-Balint, Z.A. and Kemnitz, J.W. and Thomasy, S.M. and Roberts, J.A. and Kinnally, E.L. and Capitanio, J.P. and Skene, J.H.Pate and Platt, M. and Cole, S.A. and Green, R.E. and Ventura, M. and Wiseman, R.W. and Paten, B. and Batzer, M.A. and Rogers, J. and Eichler, E.E.
Science 370 (6523): eabc6617. 18 December 2020

Mouse embryonic stem cells self-organize into trunk-like structures with neural tube and somites.
Veenvliet, J.V. and Bolondi, A. and Kretzmer, H. and Haut, L. and Scholze-Wittler, M. and Schifferl, D. and Koch, F. and Guignard, L. and Kumar, A.S. and Pustet, M. and Heimann, S. and Buschow, R. and Wittler, L. and Timmermann, B. and Meissner, A. and Herrmann, B.G.
Science 370 (6522): eaba4937. 11 December 2020

The mole genome reveals regulatory rearrangements associated with adaptive intersexuality.
Real, F.M. and Haas, S.A. and Franchini, P. and Xiong, P. and Simakov, O. and Kuhl, H. and Schöpflin, R. and Heller, D. and Moeinzadeh, M.H. and Heinrich, V. and Krannich, T. and Bressin, A. and Hartmann, M.F. and Wudy, S.A. and Dechmann, D.K.N. and Hurtado, A. and Barrionuevo, F.J. and Schindler, M. and Harabula, I. and Osterwalder, M. and Hiller, M. and Wittler, L. and Visel, A. and Timmermann, B. and Meyer, A. and Vingron, M. and Jiménez, R. and Mundlos, S. and Lupiáñez, D.G.
Science 370 (6513): 208-214. 9 October 2020

Importin α3 regulates chronic pain pathways in peripheral sensory neurons.
Marvaldi, L. and Panayotis, N. and Alber, S. and Dagan, S.Y. and Okladnikov, N. and Koppel, I. and Di Pizio, A. and Song, D.A. and Tzur, Y. and Terenzio, M. and Rishal, I. and Gordon, D. and Rother, F. and Hartmann, E. and Bader, M. and Fainzilber, M.
Science 369 (6505): 842-846. 14 August 2020


Rapid molecular evolution of pain insensitivity in multiple African rodents.
Eigenbrod, O. and Debus, K.Y. and Reznick, J. and Bennett, N.C. and Sánchez-Carranza, O. and Omerbašić, D. and Hart, D.W. and Barker, A.J. and Zhong, W. and Lutermann, H. and Katandukila, J.V. and Mgode, G. and Park, T.J. and Lewin, G.R.
Science 364 (6443): 852-859. 31 May 2019

Deubiquitinase USP10 regulates Notch signaling in the endothelium.
Lim, R. and Sugino, T. and Nolte, H. and Andrade, J. and Zimmermann, B. and Shi, C. and Doddaballapur, A. and Ong, Y.T. and Wilhelm, K. and Fasse, J.W.D. and Ernst, A. and Kaulich, M. and Husnjak, K. and Boettger, T. and Guenther, S. and Braun, T. and Krüger, M. and Benedito, R. and Dikic, I. and Potente, M.
Science 364 (6436): 188-193. 12 April 2019

Mapping the lung.
Mildner, A. and Yona, S.
Science 363 (6432): 1154-1155. 15 March 2019

A pharmacological master key mechanism that unlocks the selectivity filter gate in K(+) channels.
Schewe, M. and Sun, H. and Mert, Ü. and Mackenzie, A. and Pike, A.C.W. and Schulz, F. and Constantin, C. and Vowinkel, K.S. and Conrad, L.J. and Kiper, A.K. and Gonzalez, W. and Musinszki, M. and Tegtmeier, M. and Pryde, D.C. and Belabed, H. and Nazare, M. and de Groot, B.L. and Decher, N. and Fakler, B. and Carpenter, E.P. and Tucker, S.J. and Baukrowitz, T.
Science 363 (6429): 875-880. 22 February 2019

BCR-dependent lineage plasticity in mature B cells.
Graf, R. and Seagal, J. and Otipoby, K.L. and Lam, K.P. and Ayoub, S. and Zhang, B. and Sander, S. and Chu, V.T. and Rajewsky, K.
Science 363 (6428): 748-753. 15 February 2019


Cell type atlas and lineage tree of a whole complex animal by single-cell transcriptomics.
Plass, M. and Solana, J. and Wolf, F.A. and Ayoub, S. and Misios, A. and Glažar, P. and Obermayer, B. and Theis, F.J. and Kocks, C. and Rajewsky, N.
Science 360 (6391): eaaq1723. 25 May 2018

Diverging roads to the heart.
Kelly, R.G. and Sperling, S.R.
Science 359 (6380): 1098-1099. 9 March 2018


The Drosophila embryo at single-cell transcriptome resolution.
Karaiskos, N. and Wahle, P. and Alles, J. and Boltengagen, A. and Ayoub, S. and Kipar, C. and Kocks, C. and Rajewsky, N. and Zinzen, R.P.
Science 358 (6360): 194-199. 13 October 2017

Loss of a mammalian circular RNA locus causes miRNA deregulation and affects brain function.
Piwecka, M. and Glažar, P. and Hernandez-Miranda, L.R. and Memczak, S. and Wolf, S.A. and Rybak-Wolf, A. and Filipchyk, A. and Klironomos, F. and Cerda Jara, C.A. and Fenske, P. and Trimbuch, T. and Zywitza, V. and Plass, M. and Schreyer, L. and Ayoub, S. and Kocks, C. and Kühn, R. and Rosenmund, C. and Birchmeier, C. and Rajewsky, N.
Science 357 (6357): eaam8526. 22 September 2017

Fructose-driven glycolysis supports anoxia resistance in the naked mole-rat.
Park, T.J. and Reznick, J. and Peterson, B.L. and Blass, G. and Omerbašić, D. and Bennett, N.C. and Kuich, P.H.J.L. and Zasada, C. and Browe, B.M. and Hamann, W. and Applegate, D.T. and Radke, M.H. and Kosten, T. and Lutermann, H. and Gavaghan, V. and Eigenbrod, O. and Bégay, V. and Amoroso, V. G. and Govind, V. and Minshall, R.D. and Smith, E.S.J. and Larson, J. and Gotthardt, M. and Kempa, S. and Lewin, G.R.
Science 356 (6335): 307-311. 21 April 2017


Microglia development follows a stepwise program to regulate brain homeostasis.
Matcovitch-Natan, O. and Winter, D.R. and Giladi, A. and Vargas Aguilar, S. and Spinrad, A. and Sarrazin, S. and Ben-Yehuda, H. and David, E. and Zelada González, F. and Perrin, P. and Keren-Shaul, H. and Gury, M. and Lara-Astaiso, D. and Thaiss, C.A. and Cohen, M. and Bahar Halpern, K. and Baruch, K. and Deczkowska, A. and Lorenzo-Vivas, E. and Itzkovitz, S. and Elinav, E. and Sieweke, M.H. and Schwartz, M. and Amit, I.
Science 353 (6301): aad8670. 19 August 2016

Crimea report leaves readers in the cold.
Goushcha, A. and Goloverda, G.Z. and Kotsyuba, O. and Perepichka, D.F. and Seumenicht, O. and Ladokhin, A.S.
Science 352 (6287): 780-781. 13 May 2016

Durable coexistence of donor and recipient strains after fecal microbiota transplantation.
Li, S.S. and Zhu, A. and Benes, V. and Costea, P.I. and Hercog, R. and Hildebrand, F. and Huerta-Cepas, J. and Nieuwdorp, M. and Salojaervi, J. and Voigt, A.Y. and Zeller, G. and Sunagawa, S. and de Vos, W.M. and Bork, P.
Science 352 (6285): 586-589. 29 April 2016

Single-vesicle imaging reveals different transport mechanisms between glutamatergic and GABAergic vesicles.
Farsi, Z. and Preobraschenski, J. and van den Bogaart, G. and Riedel, D. and Jahn, R. and Woehler, A.
Science 351 (6276): 981-984. 26 February 2016

Lineage-specific enhancers activate self-renewal genes in macrophages and embryonic stem cells.
Soucie, E.L. and Weng, Z. and Geirsdóttir, L. and Molawi, K. and Maurizio, J. and Fenouil, R. and Mossadegh-Keller, N. and Gimenez, G. and VanHille, L. and Beniazza, M. and Favret, J. and Berruyer, C. and Perrin, P. and Hacohen, N. and Andrau, J.C. and Ferrier, P. and Dubreuil, P. and Sidow, A. and Sieweke, M.H.
Science 351 (6274): aad5510. 12 February 2016


Operon structure and cotranslational subunit association direct protein assembly in bacteria.
Shieh, Y.W. and Minguez, P. and Bork, P. and Auburger, J.J. and Guilbride, D.L. and Kramer, G. and Bukau, B.
Science 350 (6261): 678-680. 6 November 2015

Transcriptional control of tissue formation throughout root development.
Moreno-Risueno, M.A. and Sozzani, R. and Yardımcı, G.G. and Petricka, J.J. and Vernoux, T. and Blilou, I. and Alonso, J. and Winter, C.M. and Ohler, U. and Scheres, B. and Benfey, P.N.
Science 350 (6259): 426-430. 23 October 2015

Titin mutations in iPS cells define sarcomere insufficiency as a cause of dilated cardiomyopathy.
Hinson, J.T. and Chopra, A. and Nafissi, N. and Polacheck, W.J. and Benson, C.C. and Swist, S. and Gorham, J. and Yang, L. and Schafer, S. and Sheng, C.C. and Haghighi, A. and Homsy, J. and Hubner, N. and Church, G. and Cook, S.A. and Linke, W.A. and Chen, C.S. and Seidman, J.G. and Seidman, C.E.
Science 349 (6251): 982-986. 28 August 2015

Patterns and ecological drivers of ocean viral communities.
Brum, J.R. and Ignacio-Espinoza, J.C. and Roux, S. and Doulcier, G. and Acinas, S.G. and Alberti, A. and Chaffron, S. and Cruaud, C. and de Vargas, C. and Gasol, J.M. and Gorsky, G. and Gregory, A.C. and Guidi, L. and Hingamp, P. and Iudicone, D. and Not, F. and Ogata, H. and Pesant, S. and Poulos, B.T. and Schwenck, S.M. and Speich, S. and Dimier, C. and Kandels-Lewis, S. and Picheral, M. and Searson, S. and Bork, P. and Bowler, C. and Sunagawa, S. and Wincker, P. and Karsenti, E. and Sullivan, M.B.
Science 348 (6237): 1261498. 22 May 2015

Determinants of community structure in the global plankton interactome.
Lima-Mendez, G. and Faust, K. and Henry, N. and Decelle, J. and Colin, S. and Carcillo, F. and Chaffron, S. and Ignacio-Espinosa, J.C. and Roux, S. and Vincent, F. and Bittner, L. and Darzi, Y. and Wang, J. and Audic, S. and Berline, L. and Bontempi, G. and Cabello, A.M. and Coppola, L. and Cornejo-Castillo, F.M. and d' Ovidio, F. and De Meester, L. and Ferrera, I. and Garet-Delmas, M.J. and Guidi, L. and Lara, E. and Pesant, S. and Royo-Llonch, M. and Salazar, G. and Sanchez, P. and Sebastian, M. and Souffreau, C. and Dimier, C. and Picheral, M. and Searson, S. and Kandels-Lewis, S. and Gorsky, G. and Not, F. and Ogata, H. and Speich, S. and Stemmann, L. and Weissenbach, J. and Wincker, P. and Acinas, S.G. and Sunagawa, S. and Bork, P. and Sullivan, M.B. and Karsenti, E. and Bowler, C. and de Vargas, C. and Raes, J.
Science 348 (6237): 1262073. 22 May 2015

Structure and function of the global ocean microbiome.
Sunagawa, S. and Coelho, L.P. and Chaffron, S. and Kultima, J.R. and Labadie, K. and Salazar, G. and Djahanschiri, B. and Zeller, G. and Mende, D.R. and Alberti, A. and Cornejo-Castillo, F.M. and Costea, P.I. and Cruaud, C. and d'Ovidio, F. and Engelen, S. and Ferrera, I. and Gasol, J.M. and Guidi, L. and Hildebrand, F. and Kokoszka, F. and Lepoivre, C. and Lima-Mendez, G. and Poulain, J. and Poulos, B.T. and Royo-Llonch, M. and Sarmento, H. and Vieira-Silva, S. and Dimier, C. and Picheral, M. and Searson, S. and Kandels-Lewis, S. and Bowler, C. and de Vargas, C. and Gorsky, G. and Grimsley, N. and Hingamp, P. and Iudicone, D. and Jaillon, O. and Not, F. and Ogata, H. and Pesant, S. and Speich, S. and Stemmann, L. and Sullivan, M.B. and Weissenbach, J. and Wincker, P. and Karsenti, E. and Raes, J. and Acinas, S.G. and Bork, P.
Science 348 (6237): 1261359. 22 May 2015

Environmental characteristics of Agulhas rings affect interocean plankton transport.
Villar, E. and Farrant, G.K. and Follows, M. and Garczarek, L. and Speich, S. and Audic, S. and Bittner, L. and Blanke, B. and Brum, J.R. and Brunet, C. and Casotti, R. and Chase, A. and Dolan, J.R. and d'Ortenzio, F. and Gattuso, J.P. and Grima, N. and Guidi, L. and Hill, C.N. and Jahn, O. and Jamet, J.L. and Le Goff, H. and Lepoivre, C. and Malviya, S. and Pelletier, E. and Romagnan, J.B. and Roux, S. and Santini, S. and Scalco, E. and Schwenck, S.M. and Tanaka, A. and Testor, P. and Vannier, T. and Vincent, F. and Zingone, A. and Dimier, C. and Picheral, M. and Searson, S. and Kandels-Lewis, S. and Acinas, S.G. and Bork, P. and Boss, E. and de Vargas, C. and Gorsky, G. and Ogata, H. and Pesant, S. and Sullivan, M.B. and Sunagawa, S. and Wincker, P. and Karsenti, E. and Bowler, C. and Not, F. and Hingamp, P. and Iudicone, D.
Science 348 (6237): 1261447. 22 May 2015

Eukaryotic plankton diversity in the sunlit ocean.
de Vargas, C. and Audic, S. and Henry, N. and Decelle, J. and Mahe, F. and Logares, R. and Lara, E. and Berney, C. and Le Bescot, N. and Probert, I. and Carmichael, M. and Poulain, J. and Romac, S. and Colin, S. and Aury, J.M. and Bittner, L. and Chaffron, S. and Dunthorn, M. and Engelen, S. and Flegontova, O. and Guidi, L. and Horak, A. and Jaillon, O. and Lima-Mendez, G. and Lukes, J. and Malviya, S. and Morard, R. and Mulot, M. and Scalco, E. and Siano, R. and Vincent, F. and Zingone, A. and Dimier, C. and Picheral, M. and Searson, S. and Kandels-Lewis, S. and Acinas, S.G. and Bork, P. and Bowler, C. and Gorsky, G. and Grimsley, N. and Hingamp, P. and Iudicone, D. and Not, F. and Ogata, H. and Pesant, S. and Raes, J. and Sieracki, M.E. and Speich, S. and Stemmann, L. and Sunagawa, S. and Weissenbach, J. and Wincker, P. and Karsenti, E.
Science 348 (6237): 1261605. 22 May 2015

Dynamic profiling of the protein life cycle in response to pathogens.
Jovanovic, M. and Rooney, M.S. and Mertins, P. and Przybylski, D. and Chevrier, N. and Satija, R. and Rodriguez, E.H. and Fields, A.P. and Schwartz, S. and Raychowdhury, R. and Mumbach, M.R. and Eisenhaure, T. and Rabani, M. and Gennert, D. and Lu, D. and Delorey, T. and Weissman, J.S. and Carr, S.A. and Hacohen, N. and Regev, A.
Science 347 (6226): 1259038. 6 March 2015

Transcribed enhancers lead waves of coordinated transcription in transitioning mammalian cells.
Arner, E. and Daub, C.O. and Vitting-Seerup, K. and Andersson, R. and Lilje, B. and Drabløs, F. and Lennartsson, A. and Rönnerblad, M. and Hrydziuszko, O. and Vitezic, M. and Freeman, T.C. and Alhendi, A. and Arner, P. and Axton, R. and Baillie, J.K. and Beckhouse, A. and Bodega, B. and Briggs, J. and Brombacher, F. and Davis, M. and Detmar, M. and Ehrlund, A. and Endoh, M. and Eslami, A. and Fagiolini, M. and Fairbairn, L. and Faulkner, G.J. and Ferrai, C. and Fisher, M.E. and Forrester, L. and Goldowitz, D. and Guler, R. and Ha, T. and Hara, M. and Herlyn, M. and Ikawa, T. and Kai, C. and Kawamoto, H. and Khachigian, L. and Klinken, P.S. and Kojima, S. and Koseki, H. and Klein, S. and Mejhert, N. and Miyaguchi, K. and Mizuno, Y. and Morimoto, M. and Morris, K.J. and Mummery, C. and Nakachi, Y. and Ogishima, S. and Okada-Hatakeyama, M. and Okazaki, Y. and Orlando, V. and Ovchinnikov, D. and Passier, R. and Patrikakis, M. and Pombo, A. and Qin, X.Y. and Roy, S. and Sato, H. and Savvi, S. and Saxena, A. and Schwegmann, A. and Sugiyama, D. and Swoboda, R. and Tanaka, H. and Tomoiu, A. and Winteringham, L.N. and Wolvetang, E. and Yanagi-Mizuochi, C. and Yoneda, M. and Zabierowski, S. and Zhang, P. and Abugessaisa, I. and Bertin, N. and Diehl, A.D. and Fukuda, S. and Furuno, M. and Harshbarger, J. and Hasegawa, A. and Hori, F. and Ishikawa-Kato, S. and Ishizu, Y. and Itoh, M. and Kawashima, T. and Kojima, M. and Kondo, N. and Lizio, M. and Meehan, T.F. and Mungall, C.J. and Murata, M. and Nishiyori-Sueki, H. and Sahin, S. and Sato-Nagao, S. and Severin, J. and de Hoon, M.J. and Kawai, J. and Kasukawa, T. and Lassmann, T. and Suzuki, H. and Kawaji, H. and Summers, K.M. and Wells, C. and Hume, D.A. and Forrest, A.R.R. and Sandelin, A. and Carninci, P. and Hayashizaki, Y.
Science 347 (6225): 1010-1014. 27 February 2015


Parasympathetic neurons originate from nerve-associated peripheral glial progenitors.
Dyachuk, V. and Furlan, A. and Shahidi, M.K. and Giovenco, M. and Kaukua, N. and Konstantinidou, C. and Pachnis, V. and Memic, F. and Marklund, U. and Müller, T. and Birchmeier, C. and Fried, K. and Ernfors, P. and Adameyko, I.
Science 345 (6192): 82-87. 4 July 2014

Identification of LRRC8 heteromers as an essential component of the volume-regulated anion channel VRAC.
Voss, F.K. and Ullrich, F. and Muench, J. and Lazarow, K. and Lutter, D. and Mah, N. and Andrade-Navarro, M.A. and von Kries, J.P. and Stauber, T. and Jentsch, T.J.
Science 344 (6184): 634-638. 9 May 2014


Beyond stem cells: self-renewal of differentiated macrophages.
Sieweke, M.H. and Allen, J.E.
Science 342 (6161): 1242974. 22 November 2013

Natural selection and pain meet at a sodium channel.
Lewin, G.R.
Science 342 (6157): 428-429. 25 October 2013

NextGen speaks.
Lacadie, S.A.
Science 340 (6128): 29. April 2013

Rif1 prevents resection of DNA breaks and promotes immunoglobulin class switching.
Di Virgilio, M. and Callen, E. and Yamane, A. and Zhang, W. and Jankovic, M. and Gitlin, A.D. and Feldhahn, N. and Resch, W. and Oliveira, T.Y. and Chait, B.T. and Nussenzweig, A. and Casellas, R. and Robbiani, D.F. and Nussenzweig, M.C.
Science 339 (6120): 711-715. 8 February 2013


Segregation of axonal and somatic activity during fast network oscillations.
Dugladze, T. and Schmitz, D. and Whittington, M.A. and Vida, I. and Gloveli, T.
Science 336 (6087): 1458-1461. 15 June 2012

p53 dynamics control cell fate.
Purvis, J.E. and Karhohs, K.W. and Mock, C. and Batchelor, E. and Loewer, A. and Lahav, G.
Science 336 (6087): 1440-1444. 15 June 2012

The transcription factor c-Maf controls touch receptor development and function.
Wende, H. and Lechner, S.G. and Cheret, C. and Bourane, S. and Kolanczyk, M.E. and Pattyn, A. and Reuter, K. and Munier, F.L. and Carroll, P. and Lewin, G.R. and Birchmeier, C.
Science 335 (6074): 1373-1376. 16 March 2012


RIM-binding protein, a central part of the active zone, is essential for neurotransmitter release.
Liu, K.S.Y. and Siebert, M. and Mertel, S. and Knoche, E. and Wegener, S. and Wichmann, C. and Matkovic, T. and Muhammad, K. and Depner, H. and Mettke, C. and Bueckers, J. and Hell, S.W. and Mueller, M. and Davis, G.W. and Schmitz, D. and Sigrist, S.J.
Science 334 (6062): 1565-1659. 16 December 2011

The molecular basis of acid insensitivity in the African naked mole-rat.
Smith, E.S.J. and Omerbasic, D. and Lechner, S.G. and Anirudhan, G. and Lapatsina, L. and Lewin, G.R.
Science 334 (6062): 1557-1560. 16 December 2011

Direct conversion of C. elegans germ cells into specific neuron types.
Tursun, B. and Patel, T. and Kratsios, P. and Hobert, O.
Science 331 (6015): 304-308. 21 January 2011


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