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A study protocol to characterise pathophysiological and molecular markers of rheumatic heart disease and degenerative aortic stenosis using multiparametric cardiovascular imaging and multiomics techniques.
Mutithu, D.W. and Aremu, O.O. and Mokaila, D. and Bana, T. and Familusi, M. and Taylor, L. and Martin, L.J. and Heathfield, L.J. and Kirwan, J.A. and Wiesner, L. and Adeola, H.A. and Lumngwena, E.N. and Manganyi, R. and Skatulla, S. and Naidoo, R. and Ntusi, N.A.B.
PLoS ONE 19 (5): e0303496. 13 May 2024

Simulating rigid head motion artifacts on brain magnitude MRI data-Outcome on image quality and segmentation of the cerebral cortex.
Olsson, H. and Millward, J.M. and Starke, L. and Gladytz, T. and Klein, T. and Fehr, J. and Lai, W.C. and Lippert, C. and Niendorf, T. and Waiczies, S.
PLoS ONE 19 (4): e0301132. 16 April 2024

Specific nanoprobe design for MRI: targeting laminin in the blood-brain barrier to follow alteration due to neuroinflammation.
Zapata-Acevedo, J.F. and Losada-Barragán, M. and Osma, J.F. and Cruz, J.C. and Reiber, A. and Petry, K.G. and Caillard, A. and Sauldubois, A. and Llamosa Pérez, D. and Morillo Zárate, A.J. and Muñoz, S.B. and Daza Moreno, A. and Silva, R.V. and Infante-Duarte, C. and Chamorro-Coral, W. and González-Reyes, R.E. and Vargas-Sánchez, K.
PLoS ONE 19 (4): e0302031. 11 April 2024

Mice with renal-specific alterations 1 of stem cell-associated signaling develop symptoms of chronic kidney disease but surprisingly no tumors.
Myszczyszyn, A. and Popp, O. and Kunz, S. and Sporbert, A. and Jung, S. and Penning, L.C. and Fendler, A. and Mertins, P. and Birchmeier, W.
PLoS ONE 19 (3): e0282938. 21 March 2024

Diverse modulatory effects of bibenzyls from Dendrobium species on human immune cell responses under inflammatory conditions.
Kongkatitham, V. and Dehlinger, A. and Chaotham, C. and Likhitwitayawuid, K. and Böttcher, C. and Sritularak, B.
PLoS ONE 19 (2): e0292366. 1 February 2024

GPER activation attenuates cardiac dysfunction by upregulating the SIRT1/3-AMPK-UCP2 pathway in postmenopausal diabetic rats.
Azizian, H. and Farhadi, Z. and Bader, M. and Ghalenoei, J.A. and Ghafari, M.A. and Mahmoodzadeh, S.
PLoS ONE 18 (12): e0293630. 22 December 2023

Effectiveness of oral prednisone tapering following intravenous methylprednisolone for acute optic neuritis in multiple sclerosis.
Wilf-Yarkoni, A. and Feldmann, K. and Rubarth, K. and Dorsch, E.M. and Rust, R. and Urman, I. and Hellmann, M.A. and Friedman, Y. and Lotan, I. and Bialer, O. and Buenrostro, G.S. and Zimmermann, H.G. and Leutloff, C. and Schmitz-Hübsch, T. and Paul, F. and Asseyer, S. and Stiebel-Kalish, H.
PLoS ONE 18 (12): e0288366. 7 December 2023

Small molecule specifically inhibiting microglial nitric oxide release could become a potential treatment for neuroinflammation.
Jordan, P. and Costa, A. and Specker, E. and Popp, O. and Volkamer, A. and Piske, R. and Obrusnik, T. and Kleissle, S. and Stuke, K. and Rex, A. and Neuenschwander, M. and von Kries, J.P. and Nazare, M. and Mertins, P. and Kettenmann, H. and Wolf, S.A.
PLoS ONE 18 (2): e0278325. 6 February 2023

Lack of the Ig cell adhesion molecule BT-IgSF (IgSF11) induced behavioral changes in the open maze, water maze and resident intruder test.
Montag, D. and Pelz, L. and Rathjen, F.G.
PLoS ONE 18 (1): e0280133. 6 January 2023

State-of-the-art analytical methods of viral infections in human lung organoids.
Baumgardt, M. and Hülsemann, M. and Löwa, A. and Fatykhova, D. and Hoffmann, K. and Kessler, M. and Mieth, M. and Hellwig, K. and Frey, D. and Langenhagen, A. and Voss, A. and Obermayer, B. and Wyler, E. and Dökel, S. and Gruber, A.D. and Tölch, U. and Hippenstiel, S. and Hocke, A.C. and Hönzke, K.
PLoS ONE 17 (12): e0276115. 20 December 2022

Prevalence of hypertension and possible risk factors of hypertension unawareness among individuals aged 30-75 years from two Panamanian provinces: results from population-based cross-sectional studies, 2010 and 2019.
Del Rio, A.I. and Moreno Velásquez, I. and Roa, R. and Montenegro Mendoza, R. and Motta, J. and Quintana, H.K.
PLoS ONE 17 (11): e0276222. 28 November 2022

Aging-regulated TUG1 is dispensable for endothelial cell function.
Gimbel, A.T. and Koziarek, S. and Theodorou, K. and Schulz, J.F. and Stanicek, L. and Kremer, V. and Ali, T. and Günther, S. and Kumar, S. and Jo, H. and Hübner, N. and Maegdefessel, L. and Dimmeler, S. and van Heesch, S. and Boon, R.A.
PLoS ONE 17 (9): e0265160. 29 September 2022

Transcriptome analysis reveals high tumor heterogeneity with respect to re-activation of stemness and proliferation programs.
Baranovsky, A. and Ivanov, T. and Granovskaya, M. and Papatsenko, D. and Pervouchine, D.D.
PLoS ONE 17 (5): e0268626. 19 May 2022

Diagnostic efficacy of the magnetic resonance T1w/T2w ratio for the middle cerebellar peduncle in multiple system atrophy and spinocerebellar ataxia: a preliminary study.
Wang, J. and Sugiyama, A. and Yokota, H. and Hirano, S. and Cooper, G. and Mukai, H. and Ohira, K. and Koide, K. and Ito, S. and Finke, C. and Brandt, A.U. and Paul, F. and Kuwabara, S.
PLoS ONE 17 (4): e0267024. 15 April 2022

Variant profiling of colorectal adenomas from three patients of two families with MSH3-related adenomatous polyposis.
Perne, C. and Peters, S. and Cartolano, M. and Horpaopan, S. and Grimm, C. and Altmüller, J. and Sommer, A.K. and Hillmer, A.M. and Thiele, H. and Odenthal, M. and Möslein, G. and Adam, R. and Sivalingam, S. and Kirfel, J. and Schweiger, M.R. and Peifer, M. and Spier, I. and Aretz, S.
PLoS ONE 16 (11): e0259185. 29 November 2021

COVID19-associated cardiomyocyte dysfunction, arrhythmias and the effect of Canakinumab.
Dimai, S. and Semmler, L. and Prabhu, A. and Stachelscheid, H. and Huettemeister, J. and Klaucke, S.C. and Lacour, P. and Blaschke, F. and Kruse, J. and Parwani, A. and Boldt, L.H. and Bullinger, L. and Pieske, B.M. and Heinzel, F.R. and Hohendanner, F.
PLoS ONE 16 (8): e0255976. 19 August 2021

Coupling proteomics and metabolomics for the unsupervised identification of protein-metabolite interactions in Chaetomium thermophilum.
Li, Y. and Kuhn, M. and Zukowska-Kasprzyk, J. and Hennrich, M.L. and Kastritis, P.L. and O'Reilly, F.J. and Phapale, P. and Beck, M. and Gavin, A.C. and Bork, P.
PLoS ONE 16 (7): e0254429. 9 July 2021

Beneficial effect of voluntary physical exercise in Plakophilin2 transgenic mice.
Hammer, K.P. and Mustroph, J. and Stauber, T. and Birchmeier, W. and Wagner, S. and Maier, L.S.
PLoS ONE 16 (6): e0252649. 4 June 2021

Agonistic autoantibodies against β2-adrenergic receptor influence retinal microcirculation in glaucoma suspects and patients.
Hohberger, B. and Hosari, S. and Wallukat, G. and Kunze, R. and Krebs, J. and Müller, M. and Hennig, T. and Lämmer, R. and Horn, F. and Muñoz, L.E. and Herrmann, M. and Mardin, C.
PLoS ONE 16 (5): e0249202. 7 May 2021

Stress hormones or general well-being are not altered in immune-deficient mice lacking either T- and B- lymphocytes or Interferon gamma signaling if kept under specific pathogen free housing conditions.
Jeuthe, S. and Kemna, J. and Kemna, C.P. and Zocholl, D. and Klopfleisch, R. and Palme, R. and Kirschbaum, C. and Thoene-Reineke, C. and Kammertoens, T.
PLoS ONE 15 (9): e0239231. 30 September 2020

Cbl-Associated Protein CAP contributes to correct formation and robust function of the Drosophila heart tube.
Jammrath, J. and Reim, I. and Saumweber, H.
PLoS ONE 15 (5): e0233719. 29 May 2020

The accumulation of deficits approach to describe frailty.
Lachmann, R. and Stelmach-Mardas, M. and Bergmann, M.M. and Bernigau, W. and Weber, D. and Pischon, T. and Boeing, H.
PLoS ONE 14 (10): e0223449. 15 October 2019

eNOS-NO-induced small blood vessel relaxation requires EHD2-dependent caveolae stabilization.
Matthaeus, C. and Lian, X. and Kunz, S. and Lehmann, M. and Zhong, C. and Bernert, C. and Lahmann, I. and Müller, D.N. and Gollasch, M. and Daumke, O.
PLoS ONE 14 (10): e0223620. 10 October 2019

Cerebral microbleeds are not associated with postoperative delirium and postoperative cognitive dysfunction in older individuals.
Lachmann, G. and Kant, I. and Lammers, F. and Windmann, V. and Spies, C. and Speidel, S. and Borchers, F. and Hadzidiakos, D. and Hendrikse, J. and Winterer, G. and de Bresser, J.
PLoS ONE 14 (6): e0218411. 14 June 2019

Ninjurin1 regulates striated muscle growth and differentiation.
Kny, M. and Csályi, K.D. and Klaeske, K. and Busch, K. and Meyer, A.M. and Merks, A.M. and Darm, K. and Dworatzek, E. and Fliegner, D. and Baczko, I. and Regitz-Zagrosek, V. and Butter, C. and Luft, F.C. and Panáková, D. and Fielitz, J.
PLoS ONE 14 (5): e0216987. 15 May 2019

Use of a sequential high throughput screening assay to identify novel inhibitors of the eukaryotic SRP-Sec61 targeting/translocation pathway.
Klein, W. and Rutz, C. and Eckhard, J. and Provinciael, B. and Specker, E. and Neuenschwander, M. and Kleinau, G. and Scheerer, P. and von Kries, J.P. and Nazaré, M. and Vermeire, K. and Schülein, R.
PLoS ONE 13 (12): e0208641. 13 December 2018

A simple approach for multi-targeted shRNA-mediated inducible knockdowns using Sleeping Beauty vectors.
Fink, S. and Zugelder, L. and Roth, B. and Brandt, E. and Meloche, S. and Izsvák, Z. and Bargou, R.C. and Stühmer, T.
PLoS ONE 13 (10): e0205585. 19 October 2018

Longitudinal study of multiple sclerosis lesions using ultra-high field (7T) multiparametric MR imaging.
Chawla, S. and Kister, I. and Sinnecker, T. and Wuerfel, J. and Brisset, J.C. and Paul, F. and Ge, Y.
PLoS ONE 13 (9): e0202918. 13 September 2018

Rare gene deletions in genetic generalized and Rolandic epilepsies.
Jabbari, K. and Bobbili, D.R. and Lal, D. and Reinthaler, E.M. and Schubert, J. and Wolking, S. and Sinha, V. and Motameny, S. and Thiele, H. and Kawalia, A. and Altmüller, J. and Toliat, M.R. and Kraaij, R. and van Rooij, J. and Uitterlinden, A.G. and Ikram, M.A. and Zara, F. and Lehesjoki, A.E. and Krause, R. and Zimprich, F. and Sander, T. and Neubauer, B.A. and May, P. and Lerche, H. and Nürnberg, P.
PLoS ONE 13 (8): e0202022. 27 August 2018

Objective assessment of a relative afferent pupillary defect by B-mode ultrasound.
Schmidt, F.A. and Connolly, F. and Maas, M.B. and Grittner, U. and Harms, L. and Brandt, A. and Paul, F. and Schreiber, S. and Ruprecht, K.
PLoS ONE 13 (8): e0202774. 27 August 2018

Drug discovery with an RBM20 dependent titin splice reporter identifies cardenolides as lead structures to improve cardiac filling.
Liss, M. and Radke, M.H. and Eckhard, J. and Neuenschwander, M. and Dauksaite, V. and von Kries, J.P. and Gotthardt, M.
PLoS ONE 13 (6): e0198492. 11 June 2018

Loss of murine Gfi1 causes neutropenia and induces osteoporosis depending on the pathogen load and systemic inflammation.
Geissler, S. and Textor, M. and Stumpp, S. and Seitz, S. and Lekaj, A. and Brunk, S. and Klaassen, S. and Schinke, T. and Klein, C. and Mundlos, S. and Kornak, U. and Kühnisch, J.
PLoS ONE 13 (6): e0198510. 7 June 2018

Measurement of intracellular concentration of fluorescently-labeled targets in living cells.
Cherkas, V. and Grebenyuk, S. and Osypenko, D. and Dovgan, A.V. and Grushevskyi, E.O. and Yedutenko, M. and Sheremet, Y. and Dromaretsky, A. and Bozhenko, A. and Agashkov, K. and Kononenko, N.I. and Belan, P.
PLoS ONE 13 (4): e0194031. 25 April 2018

Brain region-specific expression of genes mapped within quantitative trait loci for behavioral responsiveness to acute stress in Fisher 344 and Wistar Kyoto male rats.
Meckes, J.K. and Lim, P.H. and Wert, S.L. and Luo, W. and Gacek, S.A. and Platt, D. and Jankord, R. and Saar, K. and Redei, E.E.
PLoS ONE 13 (3): e0194293. 12 March 2018

An AKAP-Lbc-RhoA interaction inhibitor promotes the translocation of aquaporin-2 to the plasma membrane of renal collecting duct principal cells.
Schrade, K. and Tröger, J. and Eldahshan, A. and Zühlke, K. and Abdul Azeez, K.R. and Elkins, J.M. and Neuenschwander, M. and Oder, A. and Elkewedi, M.M.H. and Jaksch, S. and Andrae, K. and Li, J. and Fernandes, J. and Müller, P.M. and Grunwald, S. and Marino, S.F. and Vukićević, T. and Eichhorst, J. and Wiesner, B. and Weber, M. and Kapiloff, M. and Rocks, O. and Daumke, O. and Wieland, T. and Knapp, S. and von Kries, J.P. and Klussmann, E.
PLoS ONE 13 (1): e0191423. 26 January 2018

Maximum walking speed in multiple sclerosis assessed with visual perceptive computing.
Grobelny, A. and Behrens, J.R. and Mertens, S. and Otte, K. and Mansow-Model, S. and Krüger, T. and Gusho, E. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Paul, F. and Brandt, A.U. and Schmitz-Hübsch, T.
PLoS ONE 12 (12): e0189281. 15 December 2017

B-mode ultrasound assessment of pupillary function: feasibility, reliability and normal values.
Schmidt, F. and Ruprecht, K. and Connolly, F. and Maas, M.B. and Paul, F. and Hoffmann, J. and Harms, L. and Schreiber, S.J.
PLoS ONE 12 (12): e0189016. 6 December 2017

Structure of the human chromosome interaction network.
Sarnataro, S. and Chiariello, A.M. and Esposito, A. and Prisco, A. and Nicodemi, M.
PLoS ONE 12 (11): e0188201. 15 November 2017

Differential immunomodulation in human monocytes versus macrophages by filarial cystatin.
Venugopal, G. and Mueller, M. and Hartmann, S. and Steinfelder, S.
PLoS ONE 12 (11): e0188138. 15 November 2017

Generation of an immortalized mesenchymal stem cell line producing a secreted biosensor protein for glucose monitoring.
Siska, E.K. and Weisman, I. and Romano, J. and Ivics, Z. and Izsvák, Z. and Barkai, U. and Petrakis, S. and Koliakos, G.
PLoS ONE 12 (9): e0185498. 26 September 2017

Purification and characterisation of the yeast plasma membrane ATP binding cassette transporter Pdr11p.
Laub, K.R. and Marek, M. and Stanchev, L.D. and Herrera, S.A. and Kanashova, T. and Bourmaud, A. and Dittmar, G. and Guenther Pomorski, T.
PLoS ONE 12 (9): e0184236. 18 September 2017

Modulation of the endogenous omega-3 fatty acid and oxylipin profile in vivo - a comparison of the fat-1 transgenic mouse with C57BL/6 wildtype mice on an omega-3 fatty acid enriched diet.
Ostermann, A.I. and Waindok, P. and Schmidt, M.J. and Chiu, C.Y. and Smyl, C. and Rohwer, N. and Weylandt, K.H. and Schebb, N.H.
PLoS ONE 12 (9): e0184470. 8 September 2017

Validation of commercial Mas receptor antibodies for utilization in Western Blotting, immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry studies.
Burghi, V. and Fernández, N.C. and Gándola, Y.B. and Piazza, V.G. and Quiroga, D.T. and Guilhen Mario, E. and Felix Braga, J. and Bader, M. and Santos, R.A.S. and Dominici, F.P. and Munoz, M.C.
PLoS ONE 12 (8): e0183278. 16 August 2017

CX3CR1 knockout aggravates Coxsackievirus B3-induced myocarditis.
Müller, I. and Pappritz, K. and Savvatis, K. and Puhl, K. and Dong, F. and El-Shafeey, M. and Hamdani, N. and Hamann, I. and Noutsias, M. and Infante-Duarte, C. and Linke, W.A. and Van Linthout, S. and Tschöpe, C.
PLoS ONE 12 (8): e0182643. 11 August 2017

Isolation and functional characterization of hepatitis B virus-specific T-cell receptors as new tools for experimental and clinical use.
Wisskirchen, K. and Metzger, K. and Schreiber, S. and Asen, T. and Weigand, L. and Dargel, C. and Witter, K. and Kieback, E. and Sprinzl, M.F. and Uckert, W. and Schiemann, M. and Busch, D.H. and Krackhardt, A.M. and Protzer, U.
PLoS ONE 12 (8): e0182936. 8 August 2017

MetaSNV: a tool for metagenomic strain level analysis.
Costea, P.I. and Munch, R. and Coelho, L.P. and Paoli, L. and Sunagawa, S. and Bork, P.
PLoS ONE 12 (7): e0182392. 28 July 2017

Validity and reliability of total body volume and relative body fat mass from a 3-dimensional photonic body surface scanner.
Adler, C. and Steinbrecher, A. and Jaeschke, L. and Mähler, A. and Boschmann, M. and Jeran, S. and Pischon, T.
PLoS ONE 12 (7): e0180201. 3 July 2017

Muscle-relevant genes marked by stable H3K4me2/3 profiles and enriched MyoD binding during myogenic differentiation.
Cui, H. and Bansal, V. and Grunert, M. and Malecova, B. and Dall Agnese, A. and Latella, L. and Gatto, S. and Ryan, T. and Schulz, K. and Chen, W. and Dorn, C. and Puri, P.L. and Sperling, S.R.
PLoS ONE 12 (6): e0179464. 13 June 2017

Comparison of single-marker and multi-marker tests in rare variant association studies of quantitative traits.
Konigorski, S. and Yilmaz, Y.E. and Pischon, T.
PLoS ONE 12 (5): e0178504. 31 May 2017

Rodents and humans are able to detect the odour of L-Lactate.
Mosienko, V. and Chang, A.J. and Alenina, N. and Teschemacher, A.G. and Kasparov, S.
PLoS ONE 12 (5): e0178478. 25 May 2017

Does NGAL reduce costs? A cost analysis of urine NGAL (uNGAL) & serum creatinine (sCr) for acute kidney injury (AKI) diagnosis.
Parikh, A. and Rizzo, J.A and Canetta, P. and Forster, C. and Sise, M. and Maarouf, O. and Singer, E. and Elger, A. and Elitok, S. and Schmidt-Ott, K. and Barasch, J. and Nickolas, T.L
PLoS ONE 12 (5): e0178091. 19 May 2017

Epstein-Barr virus antibodies in serum and DNA load in saliva are not associated with radiological or clinical disease activity in patients with early multiple sclerosis.
Gieß, R.M. and Pfuhl, C. and Behrens, J.R. and Rasche, L. and Freitag, E. and Khalighy, N. and Otto, C. and Wuerfel, J. and Brandt, A.U. and Hofmann, J. and Eberspächer, B. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Paul, F. and Ruprecht, K.
PLoS ONE 12 (4): e0175279. 7 April 2017

The adenosine generating enzymes CD39/CD73 control microglial processes ramification in the mouse brain.
Matyash, M. and Zabiegalov, O. and Wendt, S. and Matyash, V. and Kettenmann, H.
PLoS ONE 12 (4): e0175012. 4 April 2017

Activation of odorant receptor in colorectal cancer cells leads to inhibition of cell proliferation and apoptosis.
Weber, L. and Al-Refae, K. and Ebbert, J. and Jägers, P. and Altmüller, J. and Becker, C. and Hahn, S. and Gisselmann, G. and Hatt, H.
PLoS ONE 12 (3): e0172491. 8 March 2017

Renal function is independently associated with circulating betatrophin.
Maurer, L. and Schwarz, F. and Fischer-Rosinsky, A. and Schlueter, N. and Brachs, S. and Moehlig, M. and Pfeiffer, A. and Mai, K. and Spranger, J. and Bobbert, T.
PLoS ONE 12 (3): e0173197. 3 March 2017

Transcriptome-wide co-expression analysis identifies LRRC2 as a novel mediator of mitochondrial and cardiac function.
McDermott-Roe, C. and Leleu, M. and Rowe, G.C. and Palygin, O. and Bukowy, J.D. and Kuo, J. and Rech, M. and Hermans-Beijnsberger, S. and Schaefer, S. and Adami, E. and Creemers, E.E. and Heinig, M. and Schroen, B. and Arany, Z. and Petretto, E. and Geurts, A.M.
PLoS ONE 12 (2): e0170458. 3 February 2017

The Slavic NBN founder mutation: a role for reproductive fitness?
Seemanova, E. and Varon, R. and Vejvalka, J. and Jarolim, P. and Seeman, P. and Chrzanowska, K.H. and Digweed, M. and Resnick, I. and Kremensky, I. and Saar, K. and Hoffmann, K. and Dutrannoy, V. and Karbasiyan, M. and Ghani, M. and Baric, I. and Tekin, M. and Kovacs, P. and Krawczak, M. and Reis, A. and Sperling, K. and Nothnagel, M.
PLoS ONE 11 (12): e0167984. 9 December 2016

Accuracy and reliability of the kinect version 2 for clinical measurement of motor function.
Otte, K. and Kayser, B. and Mansow-Model, S. and Verrel, J. and Paul, F. and Brandt, A.U. and Schmitz-Hübsch, T.
PLoS ONE 11 (11): e0166532. 18 November 2016

Mass spectrometry based metabolomics comparison of liver grafts from donors after circulatory death (DCD) and donors after brain death (DBD) used in human orthotopic liver transplantation.
Hrydziuszko, O. and Perera, M.T.P.R. and Laing, R. and Kirwan, J. and Silva, M.A. and Richards, D.A. and Murphy, N. and Mirza, D.F. and Viant, M.R.
PLoS ONE 11 (11): e0165884. 11 November 2016

Afferent visual pathway affection in patients with PMP22 deletion-related hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies.
Brandt, A.U. and Meinert-Bohn, E. and Rinnenthal, J. and Zimmermann, H. and Mikolajczak, J. and Oberwahrenbrock, T. and Papazoglou, S. and Pfüller, C.F. and Schinzel, J. and Tackenberg, B. and Paul, F. and Hahn, K. and Bellmann-Strobl, J.
PLoS ONE 11 (10): e0164617. 17 October 2016

Targeting of the Plzf gene in the rat by transcription activator-like effector nuclease results in caudal regression syndrome in spontaneously hypertensive rats.
Liška, F. and Peterková, R. and Peterka, M. and Landa, V. and Zidek, V. and Mlejnek, P. and Šilhavý, J. and Šimáková, M. and Křen, V. and Starker, C.G. and Voytas, D.F. and Izsvák, Z. and Pravenec, M.
PLoS ONE 11 (10): e0164206. 11 October 2016

Comprehensive small RNA-Seq of adeno-associated virus (AAV)-infected human cells detects patterns of novel, non-coding AAV RNAs in the absence of cellular miRNA regulation.
Stutika, C. and Mietzsch, M. and Gogol-Doering, A. and Weger, S. and Sohn, M. and Chen, W. and Heilbronn, R.
PLoS ONE 11 (9): e0161454. 9 September 2016

Local multi-channel RF surface coil versus body RF coil transmission for cardiac magnetic resonance at 3 Tesla: which configuration is winning the game?
Weinberger, O. and Winter, L. and Dieringer, M.A. and Els, A. and Oezerdem, C. and Rieger, J. and Kuehne, A. and Cassara, A.M. and Pfeiffer, H. and Wetterling, F. and Niendorf, T.
PLoS ONE 11 (9): e0161863. 6 September 2016

Interleukin-7 modulates anti-tumor CD8+ T cell responses via its action on host cells.
Deiser, K. and Stoycheva, D. and Bank, U. and Blankenstein, T. and Schüler, T.
PLoS ONE 11 (7): e0159690. 22 July 2016

Identification of novel and recurrent disease-causing mutations in retinal dystrophies using whole exome sequencing (WES): Benefits and limitations.
Tiwari, A. and Lemke, J. and Altmüller, J. and Thiele, H. and Glaus, E. and Fleischhauer, J. and Nürnberg, P. and Neidhardt, J. and Berger, W.
PLoS ONE 11 (7): e0158692. 8 July 2016

Metabolic profiling as well as stable isotope assisted metabolic and proteomic analysis of RAW 264.7 macrophages exposed to ship engine aerosol emissions: different effects of heavy fuel Oil and refined diesel fuel.
Sapcariu, S.C. and Kanashova, T. and Dilger, M. and Diabate, S. and Oeder, S. and Passig, J. and Radischat, C. and Buters, J. and Sippula, O. and Streibel, T. and Paur, H.R. and Schlager, C. and Muelhopt, S. and Stengel, B. and Rabe, R. and Harndorf, H. and Krebs, T. and Karg, E. and Groeger, T. and Weiss, C. and Dittmar, G. and Hiller, K. and Zimmermann, R.
PLoS ONE 11 (6): e0157964. 27 June 2016

Specific metabolic markers are associated with future waist-gaining phenotype in women.
Merz, B. and Nöthlings, U. and Wahl, S. and Haftenberger, M. and Schienkiewitz, A. and Adamski, J. and Suhre, K. and Wang-Sattler, R. and Grallert, H. and Thorand, B. and Pischon, T. and Bachlechner, U. and Floegel, A. and Peters, A. and Boeing, H.
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Von Willebrand factor gene variants associate with herpes simplex encephalitis.
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Colorectal cancer and the human gut microbiome: reproducibility with whole-genome shotgun sequencing.
Vogtmann, E. and Hua, X. and Zeller, G. and Sunagawa, S. and Voigt, A.Y. and Hercog, R. and Goedert, J.J. and Shi, J. and Bork, P. and Sinha, R.
PLoS ONE 11 (5): e0155362. 12 May 2016

Akap1 deficiency promotes mitochondrial aberrations and exacerbates cardiac injury following permanent coronary ligation via enhanced mitophagy and apoptosis.
Schiattarella, G.G. and Cattaneo, F. and Pironti, G. and Magliulo, F. and Carotenuto, G. and Pirozzi, M. and Polishchuk, R. and Borzacchiello, D. and Paolillo, R. and Oliveti, M. and Boccella, N. and Avvedimento, M. and Sepe, M. and Lombardi, A. and Busiello, R.A. and Trimarco, B. and Esposito, G. and Feliciello, A. and Perrino, C.
PLoS ONE 11 (5): e0154076. 2 May 2016

Identifying prognostic SNPs in clinical cohorts: complementing univariate ynalyses by resampling and multivariable modeling.
Hieke, S. and Benner, A. and Schlenk, R.F. and Schumacher, M. and Bullinger, L. and Binder, H.
PLoS ONE 11 (5): e0155226. May 2016

Optimization of the All-D peptide D3 for Aβ oligomer elimination.
Klein, A.N. and Ziehm, T. and Tusche, M. and Buitenhuis, J. and Bartnik, D. and Boeddrich, A. and Wiglenda, T. and Wanker, E. and Funke, S.A. and Brener, O. and Gremer, L. and Kutzsche, J. and Willbold, D.
PLoS ONE 11 (4): e0153035. 22 April 2016

Genetic deletion of ACE2 induces vascular dysfunction in C57BL/6 mice: role of nitric oxide imbalance and oxidative stress.
Rabelo, L.A. and Todiras, M. and Nunes-Souza, V. and Qadri, F. and Szijártó, I.A. and Gollasch, M. and Penninger, J.M. and Bader, M. and Santos, R.A. and Alenina, N.
PLoS ONE 11 (4): e0150255. 12 April 2016

Intrinsic deregulation of vascular smooth muscle and myofibroblast differentiation in mesenchymal stromal cells from patients with systemic sclerosis.
Hegner, B. and Schaub, T. and Catar, R. and Kusch, A. and Wagner, P. and Essin, K. and Lange, C. and Riemekasten, G. and Dragun, D.
PLoS ONE 11 (4): e0153101. 7 April 2016

Association of common polymorphisms in the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor alpha4 subunit gene with an electrophysiological endophenotype in a large population-based sample.
Mobascher, A. and Diaz-Lacava, A. and Wagner, M. and Gallinat, J. and Wienker, T.F. and Drichel, D. and Becker, T. and Steffens, M. and Dahmen, N. and Gruender, G. and Thuerauf, N. and Kiefer, F. and Kornhuber, J. and Toliat, M.R. and Thiele, H. and Nuernberg, P. and Steinlein, O. and Winterer, G.
PLoS ONE 11 (4): e0152984. 7 April 2016

Iberis amara extract induces intracellular formation of reactive oxygen species and inhibits colon cancer.
Weidner, C. and Rousseau, M. and Plauth, A. and Wowro, S.J. and Fischer, C. and Abdel-Aziz, H. and Sauer, S.
PLoS ONE 11 (4): e0152398. 6 April 2016

Evaluation of presumably disease causing SCN1A variants in a cohort of common epilepsy syndromes.
Lal, D. and Reinthaler, E.M. and Dejanovic, B. and May, P. and Thiele, H. and Lehesjoki, A.E. and Schwarz, G. and Riesch, E. and Ikram, M.A. and van Duijn, C.M. and Uitterlinden, A.G. and Hofman, A. and Steinböck, H. and Gruber-Sedlmayr, U. and Neophytou, B. and Zara, F. and Hahn, A. and Gormley, P. and Becker, F. and Weber, Y.G. and Cilio, M.R. and Kunz, W.S. and Krause, R. and Zimprich, F. and Lemke, J.R. and Nürnberg, P. and Sander, T. and Lerche, H. and Neubauer, B.A.
PLoS ONE 11 (3): e0150426. 18 March 2016

Relaxin treatment in an Ang-II-based transgenic reeclamptic-rat model.
Haase, N. and Golic, M. and Herse, F. and Rugor, J. and Linz, D. and Solano, M.E. and Müller, D.N. and Dechend, R.
PLoS ONE 11 (3): e0150743. 10 March 2016

High spatial resolution cardiovascular magnetic resonance at 7.0 Tesla in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - first experiences: lesson learned from 7.0 Tesla.
Prothmann, M. and von Knobelsdorff-Brenkenhoff, F. and Töpper, A. and Dieringer, M.A. and Shahid, E. and Graessl, A. and Rieger, J. and Lysiak, D. and Thalhammer, C. and Huelnhagen, T. and Kellman, P. and Niendorf, T. and Schulz-Menger, J.
PLoS ONE 11 (2): e0148066. 10 February 2016

Analysis of genes involved in body weight regulation by targeted re-sequencing.
Volckmar, A.L. and Han, C.T. and Pütter, C. and Haas, S. and Vogel, C.I.G. and Knoll, N. and Struve, C. and Göbel, M. and Haas, K. and Herrfurth, N. and Jarick, I. and Grallert, H. and Schürmann, A. and Al-Hasani, H. and Hebebrand, J. and Sauer, S. and Hinney, A.
PLoS ONE 11 (2): e0147904. 1 February 2016

Analysis of lymphocytic DNA damage in early multiple sclerosis by automated γ-H2AX and 53BP1 foci detection: A case control study.
Rasche, L. and Heiserich, L. and Behrens, J.R. and Lenz, K. and Pfuhl, C. and Wakonig, K. and Gieß, R.M. and Freitag, E. and Eberle, C. and Wuerfel, J. and Doerr, J. and Bauer, P. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Paul, F. and Roggenbuck, D. and Ruprecht, K.
PLoS ONE 11 (1): e0147968. 28 January 2016

Structural changes and lack of HCN1 channels in the binaural auditory brainstem of the naked mole-rat (Heterocephalus glaber).
Gessele, N. and Garcia-Pino, E. and Omerbasic, D. and Park, T.J. and Koch, U.
PLoS ONE 11 (1): e0146428. 13 January 2016

Renal ischemia/reperfusion injury in soluble epoxide hydrolase-deficient mice.
Zhu, Y. and Blum, M. and Hoff, U. and Wesser, T. and Fechner, M. and Westphal, C. and Gürgen, D. and Catar, R.A. and Philippe, A. and Wu, K. and Bubalo, G. and Rothe, M. and Weldon, S.M. and Dragun, D. and Schunck, W.H.
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Increased probability of co-occurrence of two rare diseases in consanguineous families and resolution of a complex phenotype by next generation sequencing.
Lal, D. and Neubauer, B.A. and Toliat, M.R. and Altmüller, J. and Thiele, H. and Nürnberg, P. and Kamrath, C. and Schänzer, A. and Sander, T. and Hahn, A. and Nothnagel, M.
PLoS ONE 11 (1): e0146040. January 2016

Loss of Gadkin affects dendritic cell migration in vitro.
Schachtner, H. and Weimershaus, M. and Stache, V. and Plewa, N. and Legler, D.F. and Höpken, U.E. and Maritzen, T.
PLoS ONE 10 (12): e0143883. 1 December 2015

(23)Na magnetic resonance imaging of the lower leg of acute heart failure patients during diuretic treatment.
Hammon, M. and Grossmann, S. and Linz, P. and Kopp, C. and Dahlmann, A. and Garlichs, C. and Janka, R. and Cavallaro, A. and Luft, F.C. and Uder, M. and Titze, J.
PLoS ONE 10 (10): e0141336. 26 October 2015

Identification and characterization of circular RNAs as a new class of putative biomarkers in human blood.
Memczak, S. and Papavasileiou, P. and Peters, O. and Rajewsky, N.
PLoS ONE 10 (10): e0141214. 20 October 2015

Proteomic analysis of the ubiquitin landscape in the drosophila embryonic nervous system and the adult photoreceptor cells.
Ramirez, J. and Martinez, A. and Lectez, B. and Lee, S.Y. and Franco, M. and Barrio, R. and Dittmar, G. and Mayor, U.
PLoS ONE 10 (10): e0139083. 13 October 2015

Corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor type 1 (CRHR1) clustering with MAGUKs is mediated via its C-terminal PDZ binding motif.
Bender, J. and Engeholm, M. and Ederer, M.S. and Breu, J. and Møller, T.C. and Michalakis, S. and Rasko, T. and Wanker, E.E. and Biel, M. and Martinez, K.L. and Wurst, W. and Deussing, J.M.
PLoS ONE 10 (9): e0136768. 9 September 2015

Reliability of intra-retinal layer thickness estimates.
Oberwahrenbrock, T. and Weinhold, M. and Mikolajczak, J. and Zimmermann, H. and Paul, F. and Beckers, I. and Brandt, A.U.
PLoS ONE 10 (9): e0137316. 8 September 2015

Striatal infarction elicits secondary extrafocal MRI changes in ipsilateral substantia nigra.
Winter, B. and Brunecker, P. and Fiebach, J.B. and Jungehulsing, G.J. and Kronenberg, G. and Endres, M.
PLoS ONE 10 (9): e0136483. 1 September 2015

Deletion of kinin B2 receptor alters muscle metabolism and exercise performance.
Reis, F.C.G. and Haro, A.S. and Bacurau, A.V.N. and Hirabara, S.M. and Wasinski, F. and Ormanji, M.S. and Moreira, J.B.N. and Kiyomoto, B.H. and Bertoncini, C.R.A. and Brum, P.C. and Curi, R. and Bader, M. and Bacurau, R.F.P. and Pesquero, J.B. and Araújo, R.C.
PLoS ONE 10 (8): e0134844. 24 August 2015

Identification of region-specific myocardial gene expression patterns in a chronic swine model of repaired tetralogy of fallot.
Charron, S. and Roubertie, F. and Benoist, D. and Dubes, V. and Gilbert, S.H. and Constantin, M. and Vieillot, D. and Elbes, D. and Quesson, B. and Bordachar, P. and Haissaguerre, M. and Bernus, O. and Thambo, J.B. and Rooryck, C.
PLoS ONE 10 (8): e0134146. 7 August 2015

Magnetic resonance phase alterations in multiple sclerosis patients with short and long disease duration.
Bozin, I. and Ge, Y. and Kuchling, J. and Dusek, P. and Chawla, S. and Harms, L. and Ruprecht, K. and Niendorf, T. and Paul, F. and Kister, I. and Sinnecker, T. and Wuerfel, J.
PLoS ONE 10 (7): e0128386. 17 July 2015

The murine model of mucopolysaccharidosis IIIB develops cardiopathies over time leading to heart failure.
Schiattarella, G.G. and Cerulo, G. and De Pasquale, V. and Cocchiaro, P. and Paciello, O. and Avallone, L. and Belfiore, M.P. and Iacobellis, F. and Di Napoli, D. and Magliulo, F. and Perrino, C. and Trimarco, B. and Esposito, G. and Di Natale, P. and Pavone, L.M.
PLoS ONE 10 (7): e0131662. 6 July 2015

Treatment of chronic experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis with epigallocatechin-3-gallate and glatiramer acetate alters expression of heme-oxygenase-1.
Janssen, A. and Fiebiger, S. and Bros, H. and Hertwig, L. and Romero-Suarez, S. and Hamann, I. and Chanvillard, C. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Paul, F. and Millward, J.M. and Infante-Duarte, C.
PLoS ONE 10 (6): e0130251. 26 June 2015

Foxg1-Cre mediated Lrp2 inactivation in the developing mouse neural retina, ciliary and retinal pigment epithelia models congenital high myopia.
Cases, O. and Joseph, A. and Obry, A. and Santin, M.D. and Ben-Yacoub, S. and Paques, M. and Amsellem-Levera, S. and Bribian, A. and Simonutti, M. and Augustin, S. and Debeir, T. and Sahel, J.A. and Christ, A. and de Castro, F. and Lehericy, S. and Cosette, P. and Kozyraki, R.
PLoS ONE 10 (6): e0129518. 24 June 2015

Podocyte-specific deletion of murine CXADR does not impair podocyte development, function or stress response.
Schell, C. and Kretz, O. and Bregenzer, A. and Rogg, M. and Helmstädter, M. and Lisewski, U. and Gotthardt, M. and Tharaux, P.L. and Huber, T.B. and Grahammer, F.
PLoS ONE 10 (6): e0129424. 15 June 2015

Particulate matter from both heavy fuel oil and diesel fuel shipping emissions show strong biological effects on human lung cells at realistic and comparable in vitro exposure conditions.
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Acyclovir has low but detectable influence on HLA-B*57:01 specificity without inducing hypersensitivity.
Metushi, I.G. and Wriston, A. and Banerjee, P. and Gohlke, B.O. and English, A.M. and Lucas, A. and Moore, C. and Sidney, J. and Buus, S. and Ostrov, D.A. and Mallal, S. and Phillips, E. and Shabanowitz, J. and Hunt, D.F. and Preissner, R. and Peters, B.
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Identification of a new genomic hot spot of evolutionary diversification of protein function.
Winkelmann, A. and You, X. and Gruenewald, N. and Haeussler, U. and Krestel, H. and Haas, C.A. and Schwarz, G. and Chen, W. and Meier, J.C.
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17β-estradiol regulates mTORC2 sensitivity to rapamycin in adaptive cardiac remodeling.
Kusch, A. and Schmidt, M. and Gürgen, D. and Postpieszala, D. and Catar, R. and Hegner, B. and Davidson, M.M. and Mahmoodzadeh, S. and Dragun, D.
PLoS ONE 10 (4): e0123385. 16 April 2015

Codon optimization of the human papillomavirus E7 oncogene induces a CD8(+) T cell response to a cryptic epitope not harbored by wild-type E7.
Lorenz, F.K.M. and Wilde, S. and Voigt, K. and Kieback, E. and Mosetter, B. and Schendel, D.J. and Uckert, W.
PLoS ONE 10 (3): e0121633. 23 March 2015

Measurement of waist and hip circumference with a body surface scanner: feasibility, validity, reliability, and correlations with markers of the metabolic syndrome.
Jaeschke, L. and Steinbrecher, A. and Pischon, T.
PLoS ONE 10 (3): e0119430. 6 March 2015

Genetic etiology of renal agenesis: fine mapping of renag1 and identification of Kit as the candidate functional gene.
Samanas, N.B. and Commers, T.W. and Dennison, K.L. and Harenda, Q.E. and Kurz, S.G. and Lachel, C.M. and Wavrin, K.L. and Bowler, M. and Nijman, I.J. and Guryev, V. and Cuppen, E. and Hubner, N. and Sullivan, R. and Vezina, C.M. and Shull, J.D.
PLoS ONE 10 (2): e0118147. 18 February 2015

Glioma-associated microglia/macrophages display an expression profile different from M1 and M2 polarization and highly express Gpnmb and Spp1.
Szulzewsky, F. and Pelz, A. and Feng, X. and Synowitz, M. and Markovic, D. and Langmann, T. and Holtman, I.R. and Wang, X. and Eggen, B.J.L. and Boddeke, H.W.G.M. and Hambardzumyan, D. and Wolf, S.A. and Kettenmann, H.
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On the subjective acceptance during cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging at 7.0 Tesla.
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Label-free protein-RNA interactome analysis identifies khsrp signaling downstream of the p38/Mk2 kinase complex as a critical modulator of cell cycle progression.
Boucas, J. and Fritz, C. and Schmitt, A. and Riabinska, A. and Thelen, L. and Peifer, M. and Leeser, U. and Nuernberg, P. and Altmüller, J. and Gaestel, M. and Dieterich, C. and Reinhardt, H.C.
PLoS ONE 10 (5): e0125745. 2015

RNA-Seq analysis of human trigeminal and dorsal root ganglia with a focus on chemoreceptors.
Flegel, C. and Schöbel, N. and Altmüller, J. and Becker, C. and Tannapfel, A. and Hatt, H. and Gisselmann, G.
PLoS ONE 10 (6): e0128951. 2015

Deep sequencing of the murine olfactory receptor neuron transcriptome.
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PCR duplication: a one-step cloning-free method to generate duplicated chromosomal loci and interference-free expression reporters in yeast.
Huber, F. and Meurer, M. and Bunina, D. and Kats, I. and Maeder, C.I. and Stefl, M. and Mongis, C. and Knop, M.
PLoS ONE 9 (12): e114590. 10 December 2014

Comparison of neutralizing antibody responses elicited from highly diverse polyvalent heterotrimeric HIV-1 gp140 cocktail immunogens versus a monovalent counterpart in rhesus macaques.
Bowles, E.J. and Schiffner, T. and Rosario, M. and Needham, G.A. and Ramaswamy, M. and McGouran, J. and Kessler, B. and LaBranche, C. and McMichael, A.J. and Montefiori, D. and Sattentau, Q.J. and Hanke, T. and Stewart-Jones, G.B.E.
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The homeostatic chemokine CCL21 predicts mortality in aortic stenosis patients and modulates left ventricular remodeling.
Finsen, A.V. and Ueland, T. and Sjaastad, I. and Ranheim, T. and Ahmed, M.S. and Dahl, C.P. and Askevold, E.T. and Aakhus, S. and Husberg, C. and Fiane, A.E. and Lipp, M. and Gullestad, L. and Christensen, G. and Aukrust, P. and Yndestad, A.
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Genomic analysis of Sleeping Beauty transposon integration in human somatic cells.
Turchiano, G. and Latella, M.C. and Gogol-Döring, A. and Cattoglio, C. and Mavilio, F. and Izsvák, Z. and Ivics, Z. and Recchia, A.
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Multimodal retinal vessel analysis in CADASIL patients.
Alten, F. and Motte, J. and Ewering, C. and Osada, N. and Clemens, C.R. and Kadas, E.M. and Eter, N. and Paul, F. and Marziniak, M.
PLoS ONE 9 (11): e112311. 5 November 2014

Cupulin is a zona pellucida-like domain protein and major component of the cupula from the inner ear.
Dernedde, J. and Weise, C. and Mueller, E.C. and Hagiwara, A. and Bachmann, S. and Suzuki, M. and Reutter, W. and Tauber, R. and Scherer, H.
PLoS ONE 9 (11): e111917. 4 November 2014

A phylogeny-based benchmarking test for orthology inference reveals the limitations of function-based validation.
Trachana, K. and Forslund, K. and Larsson, T. and Powell, S. and Doerks, T. and von Mering, C. and Bork, P.
PLoS ONE 9 (11): e111122. 4 November 2014

Role of TRPV1 channels in ischemia/reperfusion-induced acute kidney injury.
Chen, L. and Markó, L. and Kaßmann, M. and Zhu, Y. and Wu, K. and Gollasch, M.
PLoS ONE 9 (10): e109842. 17 October 2014

Quantitative profiling of Drosophila melanogaster Dscam1 isoforms reveals no changes in splicing after bacterial exposure.
Armitage, S.A.O. and Sun, W. and You, X. and Kurtz, J. and Schmucker, D. and Chen, W.
PLoS ONE 9 (10): e108660. 13 October 2014

Control of astrocyte progenitor specification, migration and maturation by Nkx6.1 homeodomain transcription factor.
Zhao, X. and Chen, Y. and Zhu, Q. and Huang, H. and Teng, P. and Zheng, K. and Hu, X. and Xie, B. and Zhang, Z. and Sander, M. and Qiu, M.
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Vessel labeling in combined confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy and optical coherence tomography Images : criteria for blood vessel discrimination.
Motte, J. and Alten, F. and Ewering, C. and Osada, N. and Kadas, E.M. and Brandt, A.U. and Oberwahrenbrock, T. and Clemens, C.R. and Eter, N. and Paul, F. and Marziniak, M.
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Epigenetic switch at Atp2a2 and Myh7 gene promoters in pressure overload-induced heart failure.
Angrisano, T. and Schiattarella, G.G. and Keller, S. and Pironti, G. and Florio, E. and Magliulo, F. and Bottino, R. and Pero, R. and Lembo, F. and Avvedimento, E.V. and Esposito, G. and Trimarco, B. and Chiariotti, L. and Perrino, C.
PLoS ONE 9 (9): e106024. 2 September 2014

Distribution of non-AT(1), non-AT(2) binding of (125)I-Sarcosine(1), Isoleucine(8) angiotensin II in neurolysin knockout mouse brains.
Speth, R.C. and Carrera, E.J. and Bretón, C. and Linares, A. and Gonzalez-Reiley, L. and Swindle, J.D. and Santos, K.L. and Schadock, I. and Bader, M. and Karamyan, V.T.
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Structural and biochemical characterization of the Cop9 signalosome CSN5/CSN6 heterodimer.
Birol, M. and Enchev, R.I. and Padilla, A. and Stengel, F. and Aebersold, R. and Betzi, S. and Yang, Y. and Hoh, F. and Peter, M. and Dumas, C. and Echalier, A.
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Reduced oxygen uptake efficiency slope in patients with cardiac sarcoidosis.
Ammenwerth, W. and Wurps, H. and Klemens, M.A. and Crolow, C. and Schulz-Menger, J. and Schoenfeld, N. and Bittner, R.C. and Bauer, T.T.
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Memory concerns, memory performance and risk of dementia in patients with mild cognitive impairment.
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Modulation of dendritic cell immunobiology via inhibition of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA (HMG-CoA) reductase.
Leuenberger, T. and Pfueller, C.F. and Luessi, F. and Bendix, I. and Paterka, M. and Prozorovski, T. and Treue, D. and Luenstedt, S. and Herz, J. and Siffrin, V. and Infante-Duarte, C. and Zipp, F. and Waiczies, S.
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FGF/FGFR2 signaling regulates the generation and correct positioning of Bergmann glia cells in the developing mouse cerebellum.
Meier, F. and Giesert, F. and Delic, S. and Faus-Kessler, T. and Matheus, F. and Simeone, A. and Hoelter, S.M. and Kühn, R. and Vogt-Weisenhorn, D.M. and Wurst, W. and Prakash, N.
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Pregnancy in multiple sclerosis: a questionnaire study.
Borisow, N. and Paul, F. and Ohlraun, S. and Pach, D. and Fischer, F. and Dörr, J.
PLoS ONE 9 (6): e99106. 5 June 2014

Vitamin D antagonizes negative effects of preeclampsia on fetal endothelial colony forming cell number and function.
von Versen-Höynck, F. and Brodowski, L. and Dechend, R. and Myerski, A.C. and Hubel, C.A.
PLoS ONE 9 (6): e98990. 3 June 2014

Aberrant DNA methylation in ES cells.
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Polyglutamine-rich suppressors of huntingtin toxicity act upstream of hsp70 and sti1 in spatial quality control of amyloid-like proteins.
Wolfe, K.J. and Ren, H.Y. and Trepte, P. and Cyr, D.M.
PLoS ONE 9 (5): e95914. 14 May 2014

The nerve growth factor receptor CD271 is crucial to maintain tumorigenicity and stem-like properties of melanoma cells.
Redmer, T. and Welte, Y. and Behrens, D. and Fichtner, I. and Przybilla, D. and Wruck, W. and Yaspo, M.L. and Lehrach, H. and Schaefer, R. and Regenbrecht, C.R.A.
PLoS ONE 9 (5): e92596. 5 May 2014

Glatiramer acetate (Copaxone) modulates platelet activation and inhibits thrombin-induced calcium influx: Possible role of copaxone in targeting platelets during autoimmune neuroinflammation.
Starossom, S.C. and Veremeyko, T. and Dukhinova, M. and Yung, A.W.Y. and Ponomarev, E.D.
PLoS ONE 9 (5): e96256. 2 May 2014

Quantitative-proteomic comparison of alpha and beta cells to uncover novel targets for lineage reprogramming.
Choudhary, A. and He, K.H. and Mertins, P. and Udeshi, N.D. and Dančík, V. and Fomina-Yadlin, D. and Kubicek, S. and Clemons, P.A. and Schreiber, S.L. and Carr, S.A. and Wagner, B.K.
PLoS ONE 9 (4): e95194. 23 April 2014

Identification of Stim1 as a candidate gene for exaggerated sympathetic response to stress in the stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rat.
Ferdaus, M.Z. and Xiao, B. and Ohara, H. and Nemoto, K. and Harada, Y. and Saar, K. and Hübner, N. and Isomura, M. and Nabika, T.
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Accelerated fast spin-echo magnetic resonance imaging of the heart using a self-calibrated split-echo approach.
Klix, S. and Hezel, F. and Fuchs, K. and Ruff, J. and Dieringer, M.A. and Niendorf, T.
PLoS ONE 9 (4): e94654. 11 April 2014

Alteration of protein levels during influenza virus H1N1 infection in host cells: a proteomic survey of host and virus reveals differential dynamics.
Kummer, S. and Flöttmann, M. and Schwanhäusser, B. and Sieben, C. and Veit, M. and Selbach, M. and Klipp, E. and Herrmann, A.
PLoS ONE 9 (4): e94257. 9 April 2014

Relaxin does not improve angiotensin II-induced target-organ damage.
Haase, N. and Rugor, J. and Przybyl, L. and Qadri, F. and Müller, D.N. and Dechend, R.
PLoS ONE 9 (4): e93743. 7 April 2014

Inflammation-induced acute phase response in skeletal muscle and critical illness myopathy.
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Quantitative proteomic analysis of gene regulation by miR-34a and miR-34c.
Ebner, O.A. and Selbach, M.
PLoS ONE 9 (3): e92166. 17 March 2014

Rapid parametric mapping of the longitudinal relaxation time t1 using two-dimensional variable flip angle magnetic resonance imaging at 1.5 Tesla, 3 Tesla, and 7 Tesla.
Dieringer, M.A. and Deimling, M. and Santoro, D. and Wuerfel, J. and Madai, V.I. and Sobesky, J. and von Knobelsdorff-Brenkenhoff, F. and Schulz-Menger, J. and Niendorf, T.
PLoS ONE 9 (3): e91318. 12 March 2014

Vinculin binding angle in podosomes revealed by high resolution microscopy.
Walde, M. and Monypenny, J. and Heintzmann, R. and Jones, G.E. and Cox, S.
PLoS ONE 9 (2): e88251. 11 February 2014

Formation of transient lamellipodia.
Zimmermann, J. and Falcke, M.
PLoS ONE 9 (2): e87638. 5 February 2014

Water-induced finger wrinkles do not affect touch acuity or dexterity in handling wet objects.
Haseleu, J. and Omerbašić, D. and Frenzel, H. and Gross, M. and Lewin, G.R.
PLoS ONE 9 (1): e84949. 8 January 2014

Outlier-based identification of copy number variations using targeted resequencing in a small cohort of patients with tetralogy of fallot.
Bansal, V. and Dorn, C. and Grunert, M. and Klaassen, S. and Hetzer, R. and Berger, F. and Sperling, S.R.
PLoS ONE 9 (1): e85375. 6 January 2014

Stromal protein Ecm1 regulates ureteric bud patterning and branching.
Paroly, S.S. and Wang, F. and Spraggon, L. and Merregaert, J. and Batourina, E. and Tycko, B. and Schmidt-Ott, K.M. and Grimmond, S. and Little, M. and Mendelsohn, C.
PLoS ONE 8 (12): e84155. 31 December 2013

Polymorphic cytochrome P450 enzymes (CYPs) and their role in personalized therapy.
Preissner, S.C. and Hoffmann, M.F. and Preissner, R. and Dunkel, M. and Gewiess, A. and Preissner, S.
PLoS ONE 8 (12): e82562. 10 December 2013

A proteomic investigation of soluble olfactory proteins in Anopheles gambiae.
Mastrobuoni, G. and Qiao, H. and Iovinella, I. and Sagona, S. and Niccolini, A. and Boscaro, F. and Caputo, B. and Orejuela, M.R. and Della Torre, A. and Kempa, S. and Felicioli, A. and Pelosi, P. and Moneti, G. and Dani, F.R.
PLoS ONE 8 (11): e75162. 25 November 2013

Functional and genomic analyses of α-solenoid proteins.
Fournier, D. and Palidwor, G.A. and Shcherbinin, S. and Szengel, A. and Schaefer, M.H. and Perez-Iratxeta, C. and Andrade-Navarro, M.A.
PLoS ONE 8 (11): e79894. 21 November 2013

An RNAi-based approach to down-regulate a gene family in vivo.
Kim, J. and Badaloni, A. and Willert, T. and Zimber-Strobl, U. and Kühn, R. and Wurst, W. and Kieslinger, M.
PLoS ONE 8 (11): e80312. 12 November 2013

A transcription factor code defines nine sensory interneuron subtypes in the mechanosensory area of the spinal cord.
Del Barrio, M.G. and Bourane, S. and Grossmann, K.S. and Schuele, R. and Britsch, S. and O'Leary, D.D.M. and Goulding, M.
PLoS ONE 8 (11): e77928. 4 November 2013

Hybrid adeno-associated viral vectors utilizing transposase-mediated somatic integration for stable transgene expression in human cells.
Zhang, W. and Solanki, M. and Müther, N. and Ebel, M. and Wang, J. and Sun, C. and Izsvak, Z. and Ehrhardt, A.
PLoS ONE 8 (10): e76771. 8 October 2013

Integration profile and safety of an adenovirus hybrid-vector utilizing hyperactive Sleeping Beauty transposase for somatic integration.
Zhang, W. and Muck-Hausl, M. and Wang, J. and Sun, C. and Gebbing, M. and Miskey, C. and Ivics, Z. and Izsvak, Z. and Ehrhardt, A.
PLoS ONE 8 (10): e75344. 4 October 2013

Sortilin-related receptor SORCS3 is a postsynaptic modulator of synaptic depression and fear extinction.
Breiderhoff, T. and Christiansen, G.B. and Pallesen, L.T. and Vaegter, C. and Nykjaer, A. and Holm, M.M. and Glerup, S. and Willnow, T.E.
PLoS ONE 8 (9): e75006. 19 September 2013

Altered expression of cyclin A 1 in muscle of patients with facioscapulohumeral muscle dystrophy (FSHD-1).
Pakula, A. and Schneider, J. and Janke, J. and Zacharias, U. and Schulz, H. and Hübner, N. and Mähler, A. and Spuler, A. and Spuler, S. and Carlier, P. and Boschmann, M.
PLoS ONE 8 (9): e73573. 3 September 2013

CYP2J2 overexpression protects against arrhythmia susceptibility in cardiac hypertrophy.
Westphal, C. and Spallek, B. and Konkel, A. and Marko, L. and Qadri, F. and Degraff, L.M. and Schubert, C. and Bradbury, J.A. and Regitz-Zagrosek, V. and Falck, J.R. and Zeldin, D.C. and Müller, D.N. and Schunck, W.H. and Fischer, R.
PLoS ONE 8 (8): e73490. 30 August 2013

Regulated intramembrane proteolysis and degradation of murine epithelial cell adhesion molecule mEpCAM.
Hachmeister, M. and Bobowski, K.D. and Hogl, S. and Dislich, B. and Fukumori, A. and Eggert, C. and Mack, B. and Kremling, H. and Sarrach, S. and Coscia, F. and Zimmermann, W. and Steiner, H. and Lichtenthaler, S.F. and Gires, O.
PLoS ONE 8 (8): e71836. 29 August 2013

Enlargement of cerebral ventricles as an early indicator of encephalomyelitis.
Lepore, S. and Waiczies, H. and Hentschel, J. and Ji, Y. and Skodowski, J. and Pohlmann, A. and Millward, J.M. and Paul, F. and Wuerfel, J. and Niendorf, T. and Waiczies, S.
PLoS ONE 8 (8): e72841. 22 August 2013

SORLA-mediated trafficking of TrkB enhances the response of neurons to BDNF.
Rohe, M. and Hartl, D. and Fjorback, A.N. and Klose, J. and Willnow, T.E.
PLoS ONE 8 (8): e72164. 19 August 2013

Functional mapping of human dynamin-1-like GTPase domain based on X-ray structure analyses.
Wenger, J. and Klinglmayr, E. and Fröhlich, C. and Eibl, C. and Gimeno, A. and Hessenberger, M. and Puehringer, S. and Daumke, O. and Goettig, P.
PLoS ONE 8 (8): e71835. 19 August 2013

Multiple sclerosis: modulation of toll-like receptor (TLR) expression by interferon-β includes upregulation of TLR7 in plasmacytoid dendritic cells.
Derkow, K. and Bauer, J.M.J. and Hecker, M. and Paap, B.K. and Thamilarasan, M. and Koczan, D. and Schott, E. and Deuschle, K. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Paul, F. and Zettl, U.K. and Ruprecht, K. and Lehnardt, S.
PLoS ONE 8 (8): e70626. 12 August 2013

Optic neuritis is associated with inner nuclear layer thickening and microcystic macular edema independently of multiple sclerosis.
Kaufhold, F. and Zimmermann, H. and Schneider, E. and Ruprecht, K. and Paul, F. and Oberwahrenbrock, T. and Brandt, A.U.
PLoS ONE 8 (8): e71145. 6 August 2013

Evaluation of 41 candidate gene variants for obesity in the EPIC-Potsdam cohort by multi-locus stepwise regression.
Knueppel, S. and Rohde, K. and Meidtner, K. and Drogan, D. and Holzhuetter, H.G. and Boeing, H. and Fisher, E.
PLoS ONE 8 (7): e68941. 12 July 2013

Emotional voice processing: investigating the role of genetic variation in the serotonin transporter across development.
Grossmann, T. and Vaish, A. and Franz, J. and Schroeder, R. and Stoneking, M. and Friederici, A.D.
PLoS ONE 8 (7): e68377. 8 July 2013

Optical coherence tomography reveals distinct patterns of retinal damage in neuromyelitis optica and multiple sclerosis.
Schneider, E. and Zimmermann, H. and Oberwahrenbrock, T. and Kaufhold, F. and Kadas, E.M. and Petzold, A. and Bilger, F. and Borisow, N. and Jarius, S. and Wildemann, B. and Ruprecht, K. and Brandt, A.U. and Paul, F.
PLoS ONE 8 (6): e66151. 21 June 2013

Genotype-phenotype correlation of 2q37 deletions including NPPC gene associated with skeletal malformations.
Tassano, E. and Buttgereit, J. and Bader, M. and Lerone, M. and Divizia, M.T. and Bocciardi, R. and Napoli, F. and Pala, G. and Sloan-Béna, F. and Gimelli, S. and Gimelli, G.
PLoS ONE 8 (6): e66048. 21 June 2013

Soluble alpha-APP (sAPPalpha) regulates CDK5 expression and activity in neurons.
Hartl, D. and Klatt, S. and Roch, M. and Konthur, Z. and Klose, J. and Willnow, T.E. and Rohe, M.
PLoS ONE 8 (6): e65920. 11 June 2013

Beneficial effects of the activation of the Angiotensin-(1-7) MAS receptor in a murine model of adriamycin-induced nephropathy.
Silveira, K.D. and Barroso, L.C. and Vieira, A.T. and Cisalpino, D. and Lima, C.X. and Bader, M. and Esteves Arantes, R.M. and Souza dos Santos, R.A. and Simoes-e-Silva, A.C. and Teixeira, M.M.
PLoS ONE 8 (6): e66082. 7 June 2013

Lymphoid to myeloid cell trans-differentiation is determined by C/EBPβ structure and post-translational modifications.
Stoilova, B. and Kowenz-Leutz, E. and Scheller, M. and Leutz, A.
PLoS ONE 8 (6): e65169. 5 June 2013

Active suppression induced by repetitive self-epitopes protects against EAE development.
Puentes, F. and Dickhaut, K. and Hofstätter, M. and Falk, K. and Roetzschke, O.
PLoS ONE 8 (5): e64888. 30 May 2013

Rat model for dominant dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa: glycine substitution reduces collagen VII stability and shows gene-dosage effect.
Nyström, A. and Buttgereit, J. and Bader, M. and Shmidt, T. and Özcelik, C. and Hausser, I. and Bruckner-Tuderman, L. and Kern, J.S.
PLoS ONE 8 (5): e64243. 23 May 2013

Simple method for sub-diffraction resolution imaging of cellular structures on standard confocal microscopes by three-photon absorption of quantum dots.
Sporbert, A. and Cseresnyes, Z. and Heidbreder, M. and Domaing, P. and Hauser, S. and Kaltschmidt, B. and Kaltschmidt, C. and Heilemann, M. and Widera, D.
PLoS ONE 8 (5): e64023. 21 May 2013

A "candidate-interactome" aggregate analysis of genome-wide association data in multiple sclerosis.
Mechelli, R. and Umeton, R. and Policano, C. and Annibali, V. and Coarelli, G. and Ricigliano, V.A.G. and Vittori, D. and Fornasiero, A. and Buscarinu, M.C. and Romano, S. and Salvetti, M. and Ristori, G.
PLoS ONE 8 (5): e63300. 16 May 2013

Genomic approach to identify factors that drive the formation of three-dimensional structures by EA.hy926 endothelial cells.
Ma, X. and Wehland, M. and Schulz, H. and Saar, K. and Hübner, N. and Infanger, M. and Bauer, J. and Grimm, D.
PLoS ONE 8 (5): e64402. 10 May 2013

Comparative transcriptional profiling of the axolotl limb identifies a tripartite regeneration-specific gene program.
Knapp, D. and Schulz, H. and Rascon, C.A. and Volkmer, M. and Scholz, J. and Nacu, E. and Le, M. and Novozhilov, S. and Tazaki, A. and Protze, S. and Jacob, T. and Hubner, N. and Habermann, B. and Tanaka, E.M.
PLoS ONE 8 (5): e61352. 1 May 2013

MHC multimer-guided and cell culture-independent isolation of functional T cell receptors from single cells facilitates TCR identification for immunotherapy.
Dössinger, G. and Bunse, M. and Bet, J. and Albrecht, J. and Paszkiewicz, P.J. and Weißbrich, B. and Schiedewitz, I. and Henkel, L. and Schiemann, M. and Neuenhahn, M. and Uckert, W. and Busch, D.H.
PLoS ONE 8 (4): e61384. 26 April 2013

Design and evaluation of a hybrid radiofrequency applicator for magnetic resonance imaging and RF induced hyperthermia: electromagnetic field simulations up to 14.0 Tesla and proof-of-concept at 7.0 Tesla.
Winter, L. and Özerdem, C. and Hoffmann, W. and Santoro, D. and Müller, A. and Waiczies, H. and Seemann, R. and Graessl, A. and Wust, P. and Niendorf, T.
PLoS ONE 8 (4): e61661. 22 April 2013

Parallelized TCSPC for dynamic intravital fluorescence lifetime imaging: quantifying neuronal dysfunction in neuroinflammation.
Rinnenthal, J.L. and Börnchen, C. and Radbruch, H. and Andresen, V. and Mossakowski, A. and Siffrin, V. and Seelemann, T. and Spiecker, H. and Moll, I. and Herz, J. and Hauser, A.E. and Zipp, F. and Behne, M.J. and Niesner, R.
PLoS ONE 8 (4): e60100. 16 April 2013

Simultaneous quantitative live cell imaging of multiple FRET-based biosensors.
Woehler, A.
PLoS ONE 8 (4): e61096. 16 April 2013

Functional impairment of microglia coincides with beta-amyloid deposition in mice with Alzheimer-like pathology.
Krabbe, G. and Halle, A. and Matyash, V. and Rinnenthal, J.L. and Eom, G.D. and Bernhardt, U. and Miller, K.R. and Prokop, S. and Kettenmann, H. and Heppner, F.L.
PLoS ONE 8 (4): e60921. 8 April 2013

Overexpression of full-length centrobin rescues limb malformation but not male fertility of the hypodactylous (hd) rats.
Liška, F. and Gosele, C. and Popova, E. and Chylíková, B. and Krenová, D. and Křen, V. and Bader, M. and Tres, L.L. and Hubner, N. and Kierszenbaum, A.L.
PLoS ONE 8 (4): e60859. 8 April 2013

Estrogen-related receptor alpha modulates lactate dehydrogenase activity in thyroid tumors.
Mirebeau-Prunier, D. and Le Pennec, S. and Jacques, C. and Fontaine, J.F. and Gueguen, N. and Boutet-Bouzamondo, N. and Donnart, A. and Malthiery, Y. and Savagner, F.
PLoS ONE 8 (3): e58683. 13 March 2013

Characterization of phase-based methods used for transmission field uniformity mapping: a magnetic resonance study at 3.0 T and 7.0 T.
Carinci, F. and Santoro, D. and von Samson-Himmelstjerna, F. and Lindel, T.D. and Dieringer, M.A. and Niendorf, T.
PLoS ONE 8 (3): e57982. 5 March 2013

High temporal resolution parametric MRI monitoring of the initial ischemia/reperfusion phase in experimental acute kidney injury.
Pohlmann, A. and Hentschel, J. and Fechner, M. and Hoff, U. and Bubalo, G. and Arakelyan, K. and Cantow, K. and Seeliger, E. and Flemming, B. and Waiczies, H. and Waiczies, S. and Schunck, W.H. and Dragun, D. and Niendorf, T.
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Efficient generation of rat induced pluripotent stem cells using a non-viral inducible vector.
Merkl, C. and Saalfrank, A. and Riesen, N. and Kühn, R. and Pertek, A. and Eser, S. and Hardt, M.S. and Kind, A. and Saur, D. and Wurst, W. and Iglesias, A. and Schnieke, A.
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Direct homo- and hetero-interactions of MeCP2 and MBD2.
Becker, A. and Allmann, L. and Hofstätter, M. and Casa, V. and Weber, P. and Lehmkuhl, A. and Herce, H.D. and Cardoso, M.C.
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Hierarchic stochastic modelling applied to intracellular Ca(2+) signals.
Moenke, G. and Falcke, M. and Thurley, K.
PLoS ONE 7 (12): e51178. 27 December 2012

A novel mouse model for multiple myeloma (MOPC315.BM) that allows noninvasive spatiotemporal detection of osteolytic disease.
Hofgaard, P.O. and Jodal, H.C. and Bommert, K. and Huard, B. and Caers, J. and Carlsen, H. and Schwarzer, R. and Schuenemann, N. and Jundt, F. and Lindeberg, M.M. and Bogen, B.
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High-resolution intravital microscopy.
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High spatial resolution and temporally resolved t(2) (*) mapping of normal human myocardium at 7.0 tesla: an ultrahigh field magnetic resonance feasibility study.
Hezel, F. and Thalhammer, C. and Waiczies, S. and Schulz-Menger, J. and Niendorf, T.
PLoS ONE 7 (12): e52324. 14 December 2012

Urocortin 3 marks mature human primary and embryonic stem cell-derived pancreatic alpha and beta cells.
van der Meulen, T. and Xie, R. and Kelly, O.G. and Vale, W.W. and Sander, M. and Huising, M.O.
PLoS ONE 7 (12): e52181. 14 December 2012

Laser fusion of mouse embryonic cells and intra-embryonic fusion of blastomeres without affecting the embryo integrity.
Krivokharchenko, A. and Karmenyan, A. and Sarkisov, O. and Bader, M. and Chiou, A. and Shakhbazyan, A.
PLoS ONE 7 (12): e50029. 5 December 2012

Detailing radio frequency heating induced by coronary stents: a 7.0 tesla magnetic resonance study.
Santoro, D. and Winter, L. and Mueller, A. and Vogt, J. and Renz, W. and Ozerdem, C. and Graessl, A. and Tkachenko, V. and Schulz-Menger, J. and Niendorf, T.
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Dysferlin-peptides reallocate mutated dysferlin thereby restoring function.
Schoewel, V. and Marg, A. and Kunz, S. and Overkamp, T. and Siegert Carrazedo, R. and Zacharias, U. and Daniel, P.T. and Spuler, S.
PLoS ONE 7 (11): e49603. 20 November 2012

Circulating MACC1 transcripts in colorectal cancer patient plasma predict metastasis and prognosis.
Stein, U. and Burock, S. and Herrmann, P. and Wendler, I. and Niederstrasser, M. and Wernecke, K.D. and Schlag, P.M.
PLoS ONE 7 (11): e49249. 14 November 2012

Visualization of endothelial actin cytoskeleton in the mouse retina.
Fraccaroli, A. and Franco, C.A. and Rognoni, E. and Neto, F. and Rehberg, M. and Aszodi, A. and Wedlich-Söldner, R. and Pohl, U. and Gerhardt, H. and Montanez, E.
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In vivo functional requirement of the mouse Ifitm1 gene for germ cell development, interferon mediated immune response and somitogenesis.
Klymiuk, I. and Kenner, L. and Adler, T. and Busch, D.H. and Boersma, A. and Irmler, M. and Fridrich, B. and Gailus-Durner, V. and Fuchs, H. and Leitner, N. and Mueller, M. and Kuehn, R. and Schlederer, M. and Treise, I. and de Angelis, M.H. and Beckers, J.
PLoS ONE 7 (10): e44609. 24 October 2012

MOCAT: A Metagenomics Assembly and Gene Prediction Toolkit.
Kultima, J.R. and Sunagawa, S. and Li, J. and Chen, W. and Chen, H. and Mende, D.R. and Arumugam, M. and Pan, Q. and Liu, B. and Qin, J. and Wang, J. and Bork, P.
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Kinin b(1) receptor in adipocytes regulates glucose tolerance and predisposition to obesity.
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PLoS ONE 7 (9): e44782. 14 September 2012

The Drosophila translational control element (TCE) is required for high-level transcription of many genes that are specifically expressed in testes.
Katzenberger, R.J. and Rach, E.A. and Anderson, A.K. and Ohler, U. and Wassarman, D.A.
PLoS ONE 7 (9): e45009. 11 September 2012

Group II metabotropic glutamate receptors depress synaptic transmission onto subicular burst firing neurons.
Kintscher, M. and Breustedt, J. and Miceli, S. and Schmitz, D. and Wozny, C.
PLoS ONE 7 (9): e45039. 11 September 2012

A novel MCPH1 isoform complements the defective chromosome condensation of human MCPH1-deficient cells.
Gavvovidis, I. and Rost, I. and Trimborn, M. and Kaiser, F.J. and Purps, J. and Wiek, C. and Hanenberg, H. and Neitzel, H. and Schindler, D.
PLoS ONE 7 (8): e40387. 30 August 2012

Is metabolic flexibility altered in multiple sclerosis patients?
Mähler, A. and Steiniger, J. and Bock, M. and Brandt, A.U. and Haas, V. and Boschmann, M. and Paul, F.
PLoS ONE 7 (8): e43675. 28 August 2012

Atrial natriuretic Peptide and adiponectin interactions in man.
Birkenfeld, A.L. and Boschmann, M. and Engeli, S. and Moro, C. and Arafat, A.M. and Luft, F.C. and Jordan, J.
PLoS ONE 7 (8): e43238. 16 August 2012

Differential effects of cystathionine-gamma-lyase-dependent vasodilatory H(2)S in periadventitial vasoregulation of rat and mouse aortas.
Koehn, C. and Schleifenbaum, J. and Szijártó, I.A. and Marko, L. and Dubrovska, G. and Huang, Y. and Gollasch, M.
PLoS ONE 7 (8): e41951. 3 August 2012

Quantification of uncoupling protein 2 reveals its main expression in immune cells and selective up-regulation during T-cell proliferation.
Rupprecht, A. and Braeuer, A.U. and Smorodchenko, A. and Goyn, J. and Hilse, K.E. and Shabalina, I.G. and Infante-Duarte, C. and Pohl, E.E.
PLoS ONE 7 (8): e41406. 3 August 2012

Functional and morphological cardiac magnetic resonance imaging of mice using a cryogenic quadrature radiofrequency coil.
Wagenhaus, B. and Pohlmann, A. and Dieringer, M.A. and Els, A. and Waiczies, H. and Waiczies, S. and Schulz-Menger, J. and Niendorf, T.
PLoS ONE 7 (8): e42383. 1 August 2012

Humanized c-Myc mouse.
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In vivo conditions to identify prkci phosphorylation targets using the analog-sensitive kinase method in zebrafish.
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The biochemical anatomy of cortical inhibitory synapses.
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TrakEM2 software for neural circuit reconstruction.
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Patterns of retinal damage facilitate differential diagnosis between susac syndrome and MS.
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Ultrahigh-field MRI in human ischemic stroke - a 7 tesla study.
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Sexual dimorphic regulation of body weight dynamics and adipose tissue lipolysis.
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Regulation of adipocyte 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 (11 beta-HSD1) by CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein (C/EBP) beta isoforms, LIP and LAP.
Esteves, C.L. and Kelly, V. and Bégay, V. and Man, T.Y. and Morton, N.M. and Leutz, A. and Seckl, J.R. and Chapman, K.E.
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Optic nerve head quantification in idiopathic intracranial hypertension by spectral domain OCT.
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MAPK signaling determines anxiety in the juvenile mouse brain but depression-like behavior in adults.
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Mutual regulation of Bcl-2 proteins independent of the BH3 domain as shown by the BH3-lacking protein Bcl-x(AK).
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Annotation of the M. tuberculosis hypothetical orfeome: adding functional information to more than half of the uncharacterized proteins.
Doerks, T. and van Noort, V. and Minguez, P. and Bork, P.
PLoS ONE 7 (4): e34302. 2 April 2012

Stromal interferon-γ signaling and cross-presentation are required to eliminate antigen-loss variants of B cell lymphomas in mice.
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Identification of cellular infiltrates during early stages of brain inflammation with magnetic resonance microscopy.
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The homeostatic chemokine CCL21 predicts mortality and may play a pathogenic role in heart failure.
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Integrated epigenome profiling of repressive histone modifications, DNA methylation and gene expression in normal and malignant urothelial cells.
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PLoS ONE 7 (3): e32750. 7 March 2012

Interleukin-7 links T lymphocyte and intestinal epithelial cell homeostasis.
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Assessment of metagenomic assembly using simulated next generation sequencing data.
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Xirp proteins mark injured skeletal muscle in zebrafish.
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HIPPIE: integrating protein interaction networks with experiment based quality scores.
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Brain viscoelasticity alteration in chronic-progressive multiple sclerosis.
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Cardiac alpha-myosin (MYH6) is the predominant sarcomeric disease gene for familial atrial septal defects.
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A novel multiplex cell viability assay for high-throughput RNAi screening.
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Streamlining homogeneous glycoprotein production for biophysical and structural applications by targeted cell line development.
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Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma agonists suppress tissue factor overexpression in rat balloon injury model with Paclitaxel infusion.
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Genotype-independent transmission of transgenic fluorophore protein by boar spermatozoa.
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Mitochondrial-associated cell death mechanisms are reset to an embryonic-like state in aged donor-derived iPS cells harboring chromosomal aberrations.
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Ku70 alleviates neurodegeneration in drosophila models of Huntington's disease.
Tamura, T. and Sone, M. and Iwatsubo, T. and Tagawa, K. and Wanker, E.E. and Okazawa, H.
PLoS ONE 6 (11): e27408. 7 November 2011

Derivation, characterization, and stable transfection of induced pluripotent stem cells from Fischer344 rats.
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Physiological phenomenology of neurally-mediated syncope with management implications.
Schroeder, C. and Tank, J. and Heusser, K. and Diedrich, A. and Luft, F.C. and Jordan, J.
PLoS ONE 6 (10): e26489. 25 October 2011

N-CAM exhibits a regulatory function in pathological angiogenesis in oxygen induced retinopathy.
Håkansson, J. and Ståhlberg, A. and Wolfhagen Sand, F. and Gerhardt, H. and Semb, H.
PLoS ONE 6 (10): e26026. 17 October 2011

Neuroprotective effect of combination therapy of glatiramer acetate and epigallocatechin-3-gallate in neuroinflammation.
Herges, K. and Millward, J.M. and Hentschel, N. and Infante-Duarte, C. and Aktas, O. and Zipp, F.
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Properties of doublecortin-(DCX)-expressing cells in the piriform cortex compared to the neurogenic dentate gyrus of adult mice.
Klempin, F. and Kronenberg, G. and Cheung, G. and Kettenmann, H. and Kempermann, G.
PLoS ONE 6 (10): e25760. 13 October 2011

The prevalence of TNFα-induced necrosis over apoptosis is determined by TAK1-RIP1 interplay.
Coel Arslan, S. and Scheidereit, C.
PLoS ONE 6 (10): e26069. 10 October 2011

The amino-terminus of nitric oxide sensitive guanylyl cyclase alpha(1) does not affect dimerization but influences subcellular localization.
Kraehling, J.R. and Busker, M. and Haase, T. and Haase, N. and Koglin, M. and Linnenbaum, M. and Behrends, S.
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Dissecting the transcriptional regulatory properties of human chromosome 16 highly conserved non-coding regions.
Royo, J.L. and Hidalgo, C. and Roncero, Y. and Seda, M.A. and Akalin, A. and Lenhard, B. and Casares, F. and Gomez-Skarmeta, J.L.
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Adult spinal cord radial glia display a unique progenitor phenotype.
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The influence of physiological aging and atrophy on brain viscoelastic properties in humans.
Sack, I. and Streitberger, K.J. and Krefting, D. and Paul, F. and Braun, J.
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Molecular insights into reprogramming-initiation events mediated by the OSKM gene regulatory network.
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Germline transgenic pigs by Sleeping Beauty transposition in porcine zygotes and targeted integration in the pig genome.
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Development of immune-specific interaction potentials and their application in the multi-agent-system VaccImm.
Woelke, A.L. and von Eichborn, J. and Murgueitio, M.S. and Worth, C.L. and Castiglione, F. and Preissner, R.
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An RNA interference phenotypic screen identifies a role for FGF signals in colon cancer progression.
Leushacke, M. and Spoerle, R. and Bernemann, C. and Brouwer-Lehmitz, A. and Fritzmann, J. and Theis, M. and Buchholz, F. and Herrmann, B.G. and Morkel, M.
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Sox9-haploinsufficiency causes glucose intolerance in mice.
Dubois, C.L. and Shih, H.P. and Seymour, P.A. and Patel, N.A. and Behrmann, J.M. and Ngo, V. and Sander, M.
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Temporal retinal nerve fiber loss in patients with spinocerebellar ataxia type 1.
Stricker, S. and Oberwahrenbrock, T. and Zimmermann, H. and Schroeter, J. and Endres, M. and Brandt, A.U. and Paul, F.
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Perfluorocarbon particle size influences magnetic resonance signal and immunological properties of dendritic cells.
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Network neighbors of drug targets contribute to drug side-effect similarity.
Brouwers, L. and Iskar, M. and Zeller, G. and van Noort, V. and Bork, P.
PLoS ONE 6 (7): e22187. 13 July 2011

Ceacam1 separates graft-versus-host-disease from graft-versus-tumor activity after experimental allogeneic bone marrow transplantation.
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MRI pattern recognition in multiple sclerosis normal-appearing brain areas.
Weygandt, M. and Hackmack, K. and Pfueller, C. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Paul, F. and Zipp, F. and Haynes, J.D.
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Reliability of serum metabolite concentrations over a 4-month period using a rargeted metabolomic approach.
Floegel, A. and Drogan, D. and Wang-Sattler, R. and Prehn, C. and Illig, T. and Adamski, J. and Joost, H.G. and Boeing, H. and Pischon, T.
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Integration of expressed sequence tag data flanking predicted RNA secondary structures facilitates novel non-coding RNA discovery.
Krzyzanowski, P.M. and Price, F.D. and Muro, E.M. and Rudnicki, M.A. and Andrade-Navarro, M.A.
PLoS ONE 6 (6): e20561. 15 June 2011

Assessing the utility of thermodynamic features for microRNA target prediction under relaxed seed and no conservation requirements.
Lekprasert, P. and Mayhew, M. and Ohler, U.
PLoS ONE 6 (6): e20622. 6 June 2011

Investigation of association between PFO complicated by cryptogenic stroke and a common variant of the cardiac transcription factor GATA4.
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Development of resistance towards artesunate in MDA-MB-231 human breast cancer cells.
Bachmeier, B. and Fichtner, I. and Killian, P.H. and Kronski, E. and Pfeffer, U. and Efferth, T.
PLoS ONE 6 (5): e20550. 26 May 2011

Directed neural differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells is a sensitive system for the identification of novel Hox gene effectors.
Bami, M. and Episkopou, V. and Gavalas, A. and Gouti, M.
PLoS ONE 6 (5): e20197. 26 May 2011

RAD21 cooperates with pluripotency transcription factors in the maintenance of embryonic stem cell identity.
Nitzsche, A. and Paszkowski-Rogacz, M. and Matarese, F. and Janssen-Megens, E.M. and Hubner, N.C. and Schulz, H. and de Vries, I. and Ding, L. and Huebner, N. and Mann, M. and Stunnenberg, H.G. and Buchholz, F.
PLoS ONE 6 (5): e19470. 12 May 2011

Molecular mode of action and role of TP53 in the sensitivity to the novel epothilone sagopilone (ZK-EPO) in A549 non-small cell lung cancer cells.
Winsel, S. and Sommer, A. and Eschenbrenner, J. and Mittelstaedt, K. and Klar, U. and Hammer, S. and Hoffmann, J.
PLoS ONE 6 (4): e19273. 29 April 2011

Virulence evolution of the human pathogen Neisseria meningitidis by recombination in the core and accessory genome.
Joseph, B. and Schwarz, R.F. and Linke, B. and Blom, J. and Becker, A. and Claus, H. and Goesmann, A. and Frosch, M. and Mueller, T. and Vogel, U. and Schoen, C.
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Lack of chemokine signaling through CXCR5 causes increased mortality, ventricular dilatation and deranged matrix during cardiac pressure overload.
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Characterization of structural features controlling the receptiveness of empty class II MHC molecules.
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Association of retinal and macular damage with brain atrophy in multiple sclerosis.
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Metabolic changes in the visual cortex are linked to retinal nerve fiber layer thinning in multiple sclerosis.
Pfueller, C.F. and Brandt, A.U. and Schubert, F. and Bock, M. and Walaszek, B. and Waiczies, H. and Schwenteck, T. and Doerr, J. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Mohr, C. and Weinges-Evers, N. and Ittermann, B. and Wuerfel, J.T. and Paul, F.
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Altered gene expression in pulmonary tissue of tryptophan hydroxylase-1 knockout mice: implications for pulmonary arterial hypertension.
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The impact of miRNA target sites in coding sequences and in 3'UTRs.
Fang, Z. and Rajewsky, N.
PLoS ONE 6 (3): e18067. 22 March 2011

Importin alpha7 is essential for zygotic genome activation and early mouse development.
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Genetic variability of the mTOR pathway and prostate cancer risk in the European Prospective Investigation on Cancer (EPIC).
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E. coli Nissle 1917 Affects Salmonella Adhesion to Porcine Intestinal Epithelial Cells.
Schierack, P. and Kleta, S. and Tedin, K. and Babila, J.T. and Oswald, S. and Oelschlaeger, T.A. and Hiemann, R. and Paetzold, S. and Wieler, L.H.
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Skeletal muscle 11beta-HSD1 controls glucocorticoid-induced proteolysis and expression of E3 ubiquitin ligases atrogin-1 and MuRF-1.
Biedasek, K. and Andres, J. and Mai, K. and Adams, S. and Spuler, S. and Fielitz, J. and Spranger, J.
PLoS ONE 6 (1): e16674. 31 January 2011

A two-way communication between microglial cells and angiogenic sprouts regulates angiogenesis in aortic ring cultures.
Rymo, S.F. and Gerhardt, H. and Wolfhagen Sand, F. and Lang, R. and Uv, A. and Betsholtz, C.
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Evolutionary distances in the twilight zone-a rational kernel approach.
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An ES-like pluripotent state in FGF-dependent murine iPS cells.
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