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Comprehensive micro-scaled proteome and phosphoproteome characterization of archived retrospective cancer repositories.
Friedrich, C. and Schallenberg, S. and Kirchner, M. and Ziehm, M. and Niquet, S. and Haji, M. and Beier, C. and Neudecker, J. and Klauschen, F. and Mertins, P.
Nature Communications 12 (1): 3576. 11 June 2021

Spatio-temporal mRNA tracking in the early zebrafish embryo.
Holler, K. and Neuschulz, A. and Drewe-Boß, P. and Mintcheva, J. and Spanjaard, B. and Arsiè, R. and Ohler, U. and Landthaler, M. and Junker, J.P.
Nature Communications 12 : 3358. 7 June 2021

Discovery of widespread transcription initiation at microsatellites predictable by sequence-based deep neural network.
Grapotte, M. and Saraswat, M. and Bessière, C. and Menichelli, C. and Ramilowski, J.A. and Severin, J. and Hayashizaki, Y. and Itoh, M. and Tagami, M. and Murata, M. and Kojima-Ishiyama, M. and Noma, S. and Noguchi, S. and Kasukawa, T. and Hasegawa, A. and Suzuki, H. and Nishiyori-Sueki, H. and Frith, M.C. and Chatelain, C. and Carninci, P. and de Hoon, M.J.L. and Wasserman, W.W. and Bréhélin, L. and Lecellier, C.H.
Nature Communications 12 (1): 3297. 2 June 2021

Fasting alters the gut microbiome reducing blood pressure and body weight in metabolic syndrome patients.
Maifeld, A. and Bartolomaeus, H. and Löber, U. and Avery, E.G. and Steckhan, N. and Markó, L. and Wilck, N. and Hamad, I. and Šušnjar, U. and Mähler, A. and Hohmann, C. and Chen, C.Y. and Cramer, H. and Dobos, G. and Lesker, T.R. and Strowig, T. and Dechend, R. and Bzdok, D. and Kleinewietfeld, M. and Michalsen, A. and Müller, D.N. and Forslund, S.K.
Nature Communications 12 (1): 1970. 30 March 2021

Defective metabolic programming impairs early neuronal morphogenesis in neural cultures and an organoid model of Leigh syndrome.
Inak, G. and Rybak-Wolf, A. and Lisowski, P. and Pentimalli, T.M. and Jüttner, R. and Glažar, P. and Uppal, K. and Bottani, E. and Brunetti, D. and Secker, C. and Zink, A. and Meierhofer, D. and Henke, M.T. and Dey, M. and Ciptasari, U. and Mlody, B. and Hahn, T. and Berruezo-Llacuna, M. and Karaiskos, N. and Di Virgilio, M. and Mayr, J.A. and Wortmann, S.B. and Priller, J. and Gotthardt, M. and Jones, D.P. and Mayatepek, E. and Stenzel, W. and Diecke, S. and Kühn, R. and Wanker, E.E. and Rajewsky, N. and Schuelke, M. and Prigione, A.
Nature Communications 12 (1): 1929. 26 March 2021

Xbp1s-FoxO1 axis governs lipid accumulation and contractile performance in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.
Schiattarella, G.G. and Altamirano, F. and Kim, S.Y. and Tong, D. and Ferdous, A. and Piristine, H. and Dasgupta, S. and Wang, X. and French, K.M. and Villalobos, E. and Spurgin, S.B. and Waldman, M. and Jiang, N. and May, H.I. and Hill, T.M. and Luo, Y. and Yoo, H. and Zaha, V.G. and Lavandero, S. and Gillette, T.G. and Hill, J.A.
Nature Communications 12 (1): 1684. 16 March 2021

Identification of leukemic and pre-leukemic stem cells by clonal tracking from single-cell transcriptomics.
Velten, L. and Story, B.A. and Hernández-Malmierca, P. and Raffel, S. and Leonce, D.R. and Milbank, J. and Paulsen, M. and Demir, A. and Szu-Tu, C. and Frömel, R. and Lutz, C. and Nowak, D. and Jann, J.C. and Pabst, C. and Boch, T. and Hofmann, W.K. and Müller-Tidow, C. and Trumpp, A. and Haas, S. and Steinmetz, L.M.
Nature Communications 12 (1): 1366. 1 March 2021

Oscillations of Delta-like1 regulate the balance between differentiation and maintenance of muscle stem cells.
Zhang, Y. and Lahmann, I. and Baum, K. and Shimojo, H. and Mourikis, P. and Wolf, J. and Kageyama, R. and Birchmeier, C.
Nature Communications 12 (1): 1318. 26 February 2021

Alternative lengthening of telomeres in childhood neuroblastoma from genome to proteome.
Hartlieb, S.A. and Sieverling, L. and Nadler-Holly, M. and Ziehm, M. and Toprak, U.H. and Herrmann, C. and Ishaque, N. and Okonechnikov, K. and Gartlgruber, M. and Park, Y.G. and Wecht, E.M. and Savelyeva, L. and Henrich, K.O. and Rosswog, C. and Fischer, M. and Hero, B. and Jones, D.T.W. and Pfaff, E. and Witt, O. and Pfister, S.M. and Volckmann, Ri. and Koster, J. and Kiesel, K. and Rippe, K. and Taschner-Mandl, S. and Ambros, P. and Brors, B. and Selbach, M. and Feuerbach, L. and Westermann, F.
Nature Communications 12 (1): 1269. 24 February 2021

Genomic aberrations after short-term exposure to colibactin-producing E. coli transform primary colon epithelial cells.
Iftekhar, A. and Berger, H. and Bouznad, N. and Heuberger, J. and Boccellato, F. and Dobrindt, U. and Hermeking, H. and Sigal, M. and Meyer, T.F.
Nature Communications 12 (1): 1003. 12 February 2021

Uncovering de novo gene birth in yeast using deep transcriptomics.
Blevins, W.R. and Ruiz-Orera, J. and Messeguer, X. and Blasco-Moreno, B. and Villanueva-Cañas, J.L. and Espinar, L. and Díez, J. and Carey, L.B. and Albà, M.M.
Nature Communications 12 (1): 604. 27 January 2021

Endophilin A2 deficiency protects rodents from autoimmune arthritis by modulating T cell activation.
Norin, U. and Rintisch, C. and Meng, L. and Forster, F. and Ekman, D. and Tuncel, J. and Klocke, K. and Bäcklund, J. and Yang, M. and Bonner, M.Y and Lahore, G.F. and James, J. and Shchetynsky, K. and Bergquist, M. and Gjertsson, I. and Hubner, N. and Bäckdahl, L. and Holmdahl, R.
Nature Communications 12 (1): 610. 27 January 2021

Age-related and disease locus-specific mechanisms contribute to early remodelling of chromatin structure in Huntington's disease mice.
Alcalá-Vida, R. and Seguin, J. and Lotz, C. and Molitor, A.M. and Irastorza-Azcarate, I. and Awada, A. and Karasu, N. and Bombardier, A. and Cosquer, B. and Skarmeta, J.L.G. and Cassel, J.C. and Boutillier, A.L. and Sexton, T. and Merienne, K.
Nature Communications 12 (1): 364. 13 January 2021

CXCR5 CAR-T cells simultaneously target B cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and tumor-supportive follicular T helper cells.
Bunse, M. and Pfeilschifter, J. and Bluhm, J. and Zschummel, M. and Joedicke, J.J. and Wirges, A. and Stark, H. and Kretschmer, V. and Chmielewski, M. and Uckert, W. and Abken, H. and Westermann, J. and Rehm, A. and Höpken, U.E.
Nature Communications 12 : 240. 11 January 2021


The epigenetic regulator Mll1 is required for Wnt-driven intestinal tumorigenesis and cancer stemness.
Grinat, J. and Heuberger, J. and Vidal, R. and Goveas, N. and Kosel, F. and Berenguer-Llergo, A. and Kranz, A. and Wulf-Goldenberg, A. and Behrens, D. and Melcher, B. and Sauer, S. and Vieth, M. and Batlle, E. and Stewart, A. and Birchmeier, W.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 6422. 21 December 2020

Single-nucleus transcriptomics reveals functional compartmentalization in syncytial skeletal muscle cells.
Kim, M. and Franke, V. and Brandt, B. and Lowenstein, E.D. and Schöwel, V. and Spuler, S. and Akalin, A. and Birchmeier, C.
Nature Communications 11 : 6375. 11 December 2020

Imidazole propionate is increased in diabetes and associated with dietary patterns and altered microbial ecology.
Molinaro, A. and Bel Lassen, P. and Henricsson, M. and Wu, H. and Adriouch, S. and Belda, E. and Chakaroun, R. and Nielsen, T. and Bergh, P.O. and Rouault, C. and André, S. and Marquet, F. and Andreelli, F. and Salem, J.E. and Assmann, K. and Bastard, J.P. and Forslund, S. and Le Chatelier, E. and Falony, G. and Pons, N. and Prifti, E. and Quinquis, B. and Roume, H. and Vieira-Silva, S. and Hansen, T.H. and Pedersen, H.K. and Lewinter, C. and Sønderskov, N.B. and Køber, L. and Vestergaard, H. and Hansen, T. and Zucker, J.D. and Galan, P. and Dumas, M.E. and Raes, J. and Oppert, J.M. and Letunic, I. and Nielsen, J. and Bork, P. and Ehrlich, S.D. and Stumvoll, M. and Pedersen, O. and Aron-Wisnewsky, J. and Clément, K. and Bäckhed, F.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 5881. 18 November 2020

Enhancer hijacking determines extrachromosomal circular MYCN amplicon architecture in neuroblastoma.
Helmsauer, K. and Valieva, M.E. and Ali, S. and Chamorro Gonzalez, R. and Schöpflin, R. and Röefzaad, C. and Bei, Y. and Dorado Garcia, H. and Rodriguez-Fos, E. and Puiggròs, M. and Kasack, K. and Haase, K. and Keskeny, C. and Chen, C.Y. and Kuschel, L.P. and Euskirchen, P. and Heinrich, V. and Robson, M.I. and Rosswog, C. and Toedling, J. and Szymansky, A. and Hertwig, F. and Fischer, M. and Torrents, D. and Eggert, A. and Schulte, J.H. and Mundlos, S. and Henssen, A.G. and Koche, R.P.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 5823. 16 November 2020

Spatially and cell-type resolved quantitative proteomic atlas of healthy human skin.
Dyring-Andersen, B. and Løvendorf, M.B. and Coscia, F. and Santos, A. and Møller, L.B.P. and Colaço, A.R. and Niu, L. and Bzorek, M. and Doll, S. and Andersen, J.L. and Clark, R.A. and Skov, L. and Teunissen, M.B.M. and Mann, M.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 5587. 5 November 2020

Expanding the genetic architecture of nicotine dependence and its shared genetics with multiple traits.
Quach, B.C. and Bray, M.J. and Gaddis, N.C. and Liu, M. and Palviainen, T. and Minica, C.C. and Zellers, S. and Sherva, R. and Aliev, F. and Nothnagel, M. and Young, K.A. and Marks, J.A. and Young, H. and Carnes, M.U. and Guo, Y. and Waldrop, A. and Sey, N..A. and Landi, M.T. and McNeil, D.W. and Drichel, D. and Farrer, L.A. and Markunas, C.A. and Vink, J.M. and Hottenga, J.J. and Iacono, W.G. and Kranzler, H.R. and Saccone, N.L. and Neale, M.C. and Madden, P. and Rietschel, M. and Marazita, M.L. and McGue, M. and Won, H. and Winterer, G. and Grucza, R. and Dick, D.M. and Gelernter, J. and Caporaso, N.E. and Baker, T.B. and Boomsma, D.I. and Kaprio, J. and Hokanson, J.E. and Vrieze, S. and Bierut, L.J. and Johnson, E.O. and Hancock, D.B.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 5562. 3 November 2020

Divergent architecture of the heterotrimeric NatC complex explains N-terminal acetylation of cognate substrates.
Grunwald, S. and Hopf, L.V.M. and Bock-Bierbaum, T. and Lally, C.C.M. and Spahn, C.M.T. and Daumke, O.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 5506. 2 November 2020

YAP and TAZ protect against white adipocyte cell death during obesity.
Wang, L. and Wang, S.P. and Shi, Y. and Li, R. and Günther, S. and Ong, Y.T. and Potente, M. and Yuan, Z. and Liu, E. and Offermanns, S.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 5455. 28 October 2020

Globally altered epigenetic landscape and delayed osteogenic differentiation in H3.3-G34W-mutant giant cell tumor of bone.
Lutsik, P. and Baude, A. and Mancarella, D. and Öz, S. and Kühn, A. and Toth, R. and Hey, J. and Toprak, U.H. and Lim, J. and Nguyen, V.H. and Jiang, C. and Mayakonda, A. and Hartmann, M. and Rosemann, F. and Breuer, K. and Vonficht, D. and Grünschläger, F. and Lee, S. and Schuhmacher, M.K. and Kusevic, D. and Jauch, A. and Weichenhan, D. and Zustin, J. and Schlesner, M. and Haas, S. and Park, J.H. and Park, Y.J. and Oppermann, U. and Jeltsch, A. and Haller, F. and Fellenberg, J. and Lindroth, A.M. and Plass, C.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 5414. 27 October 2020

The GEF Trio controls endothelial cell size and arterial remodeling downstream of Vegf signaling in both zebrafish and cell models.
Klems, A. and van Rijssel, J. and Ramms, A.S. and Wild, R. and Hammer, J. and Merkel, M. and Derenbach, L. and Préau, L. and Hinkel, R. and Suarez-Martinez, I. and Schulte-Merker, S. and Vidal, R. and Sauer, S. and Kivelä, R. and Alitalo, K. and Kupatt, C. and van Buul, J.D. and le Noble, F.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 5319. 21 October 2020

Cross-regulation of viral kinases with cyclin A secures shutoff of host DNA synthesis.
Bogdanow, B. and Schmidt, M. and Weisbach, H. and Gruska, I. and Vetter, B. and Imami, K. and Ostermann, E. and Brune, W. and Selbach, M. and Hagemeier, C. and Wiebusch, L.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 4845. 24 September 2020

Retrospective evaluation of whole exome and genome mutation calls in 746 cancer samples.
Bailey, M.H. and Meyerson, W.U. and Dursi, L.J. and Wang, L.B. and Dong, G. and Liang, W.W. and Weerasinghe, A. and Li, S. and Li, Y. and Kelso, S. and Saksena, G. and Ellrott, K. and Wendl, M.C. and Wheeler, D.A. and Getz, G. and Simpson, J.T. and Gerstein, M.B. and Ding, Li
Nature Communications 11 (1): 4748. 21 September 2020

A machine learning-based chemoproteomic approach to identify drug targets and binding sites in complex proteomes.
Piazza, I. and Beaton, N. and Bruderer, R. and Knobloch, T. and Barbisan, C. and Chandat, L. and Sudau, A. and Siepe, I. and Rinner, O. and de Souza, N. and Picotti, P. and Reiter, L.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 4200. 21 August 2020

H3K9me3-mediated epigenetic regulation of senescence in mice predicts outcome of lymphoma patients.
Schleich, K. and Kase, J. and Dörr, J.R. and Trescher, S. and Bhattacharya, A. and Yu, Y. and Wailes, E.M. and Fan, D.N.Y. and Lohneis, P. and Milanovic, M. and Lau, A. and Lenze, D. and Hummel, M. and Chapuy, B. and Leser, U. and Reimann, M. and Lee, S. and Schmitt, C.A.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 3651. 20 July 2020

Deep learning for genomics using Janggu.
Kopp, W. and Monti, R. and Tamburrini, A. and Ohler, U. and Akalin, A.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 3488. 13 July 2020

Polymer physics indicates chromatin folding variability across single-cells results from state degeneracy in phase separation.
Conte, M. and Fiorillo, L. and Bianco, S. and Chiariello, A.M. and Esposito, A. and Nicodemi, M.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 3289. 3 July 2020

Deconstructing sarcomeric structure-function relations in titin-BioID knock-in mice.
Rudolph, F. and Fink, C. and Hüttemeister, J. and Kirchner, M. and Radke, M.H. and Lopez Carballo, J. and Wagner, E. and Kohl, T. and Lehnart, S.E. and Mertins, P. and Gotthardt, M.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 3133. 19 June 2020

Transcriptomics and proteomics reveal a cooperation between interferon and T-helper 17 cells in neuromyelitis optica.
Agasing, A.M. and Wu, Q. and Khatri, B. and Borisow, N. and Ruprecht, K. and Brandt, A.U. and Gawde, S. and Kumar, G. and Quinn, J.L. and Ko, R.M. and Mao-Draayer, Y. and Lessard, C.J. and Paul, F. and Axtell, R.C.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 2856. 5 June 2020

Partner independent fusion gene detection by multiplexed CRISPR-Cas9 enrichment and long read nanopore sequencing.
Stangl, C. and de Blank, S. and Renkens, I. and Westera, L. and Verbeek, T. and Valle-Inclan, J.E. and Chamorro González, R. and Henssen, A.G. and van Roosmalen, M.J. and Stam, R.W. and Voest, E.E. and Kloosterman, W.P. and van Haaften, G. and Monroe, G.R.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 2861. 5 June 2020

FoxO1-Dio2 signaling axis governs cardiomyocyte thyroid hormone metabolism and hypertrophic growth.
Ferdous, A. and Wang, Z.V. and Luo, Y. and Li, D.L. and Luo, X. and Schiattarella, G.G. and Altamirano, F. and May, H.I. and Battiprolu, P.K. and Nguyen, A. and Rothermel, B.A. and Lavandero, S. and Gillette, T.G. and Hill, J.A.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 2551. 21 May 2020

Oncogenic hijacking of a developmental transcription factor evokes vulnerability toward oxidative stress in Ewing sarcoma.
Marchetto, A. and Ohmura, S. and Orth, M.F. and Knott, M.M.L. and Colombo, M.V. and Arrigoni, C. and Bardinet, V. and Saucier, D. and Wehweck, F.S. and Li, J. and Stein, S. and Gerke, J.S. and Baldauf, M.C. and Musa, J. and Dallmayer, M. and Romero-Pérez, L. and Hölting, T.L.B. and Amatruda, J.F. and Cossarizza, A. and Henssen, A.G. and Kirchner, T. and Moretti, M. and Cidre-Aranaz, F. and Sannino, G. and Grünewald, T.G.P.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 2423. 15 May 2020

Integrative functional genomics decodes herpes simplex virus 1.
Whisnant, A.W. and Jürges, C.S. and Hennig, T. and Wyler, E. and Prusty, B. and Rutkowski, A.J. and L'hernault, A. and Djakovic, L. and Göbel, M. and Döring, K. and Menegatti, J. and Antrobus, R. and Matheson, N.J. and Künzig, F.W.H. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Bielow, C. and Kempa, S. and Liang, C. and Dandekar, T. and Zimmer, R. and Landthaler, M. and Grässer, F. and Lehner, P.J. and Friedel, C.C. and Erhard, F. and Dölken, L.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 2038. 27 April 2020

Apolipoprotein J is a hepatokine regulating muscle glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.
Seo, J.A. and Kang, M.C. and Yang, W.M. and Hwang, W.M. and Kim, S.S. and Hong, S.H. and Heo, J.I. and Vijyakumar, A. and Pereira de Moura, L. and Uner, A. and Huang, H. and Lee, S.H. and Lima, I.S. and Park, K.S. and Kim, M.S. and Dagon, Y. and Willnow, T.E. and Aroda, V. and Ciaraldi, T.P. and Henry, R.R. and Kim, Y.B.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 2024. 24 April 2020

Propagation of hippocampal ripples to the neocortex by way of a subiculum-retrosplenial pathway.
Nitzan, N. and McKenzie, S. and Beed, P. and English, D.F. and Oldani, S. and Tukker, J.J. and Buzsáki, G. and Schmitz, D.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 1947. 23 April 2020

Ribosome profiling at isoform level reveals evolutionary conserved impacts of differential splicing on the proteome.
Reixachs-Solé, M. and Ruiz-Orera, J. and Albà, M.M. and Eyras, E.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 1768. 14 April 2020

Integrated proteogenomic deep sequencing and analytics accurately identify non-canonical peptides in tumor immunopeptidomes.
Chong, C. and Müller, M. and Pak, H.S. and Harnett, D. and Huber, F. and Grun, D. and Leleu, M. and Auger, A. and Arnaud, M. and Stevenson, B.J. and Michaux, J. and Bilic, I. and Hirsekorn, A. and Calviello, L. and Simó-Riudalbas, L. and Planet, E. and Lubiński, J. and Bryśkiewicz, M. and Wiznerowicz, M. and Xenarios, I. and Zhang, L. and Trono, D. and Harari, A. and Ohler, U. and Coukos, G. and Bassani-Sternberg, M.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 1293. 10 March 2020

Prioritizing disease and trait causal variants at the TNFAIP3 locus using functional and genomic features.
Ray, J.P. and de Boer, C.G. and Fulco, C.P. and Lareau, C.A. and Kanai, M. and Ulirsch, J.C. and Tewhey, R. and Ludwig, L.S. and Reilly, S.K. and Bergman, D.T. and Engreitz, J.M. and Issner, R. and Finucane, H.K. and Lander, E.S. and Regev, A. and Hacohen, N.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 1237. 6 March 2020

Tracing tumorigenesis in a solid tumor model at single-cell resolution.
Praktiknjo, S.D. and Obermayer, B. and Zhu, Q. and Fang, L. and Liu, H. and Quinn, H. and Stoeckius, M. and Kocks, C. and Birchmeier, W. and Rajewsky, N.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 991. 20 February 2020

Inhibiting WNT and NOTCH in renal cancer stem cells and the implications for human patients.
Fendler, A. and Bauer, D. and Busch, J. and Jung, K. and Wulf-Goldenberg, A. and Kunz, S. and Song, K. and Myszczyszyn, A. and Elezkurtaj, S. and Erguen, B. and Jung, S. and Chen, W. and Birchmeier, W.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 929. 17 February 2020

High-coverage whole-genome analysis of 1220 cancers reveals hundreds of genes deregulated by rearrangement-mediated cis-regulatory alterations.
Zhang, Y. and Chen, F. and Fonseca, N.A. and He, Y. and Fujita, M. and Nakagawa, H. and Zhang, Z. and Brazma, A. and Creighton, C.J.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 736. 5 February 2020

Human and mouse essentiality screens as a resource for disease gene discovery.
Cacheiro, P. and Muñoz-Fuentes, V. and Murray, S.A. and Dickinson, M.E. and Bucan, M. and Nutter, L.M.J. and Peterson, K.A. and Haselimashhadi, H. and Flenniken, A.M. and Morgan, H. and Westerberg, H. and Konopka, T. and Hsu, C.W. and Christiansen, A. and Lanza, D.G. and Beaudet, A.L. and Heaney, J.D. and Fuchs, H. and Gailus-Durner, V. and Sorg, T. and Prochazka, J. and Novosadova, V. and Lelliott, C.J. and Wardle-Jones, H. and Wells, S. and Teboul, L. and Cater, H. and Stewart, M. and Hough, T. and Wurst, W. and Sedlacek, R. and Adams, D.J. and Seavitt, J.R. and Tocchini-Valentini, G. and Mammano, F. and Braun, R.E. and McKerlie, C. and Herault, Y. and de Angelis, M.H. and Mallon, A.M. and Lloyd, K.C.K. and Brown, S.D.M. and Parkinson, H. and Meehan, T.F. and Smedley, D.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 655. 31 January 2020

Rapid and deep-scale ubiquitylation profiling for biology and translational research.
Udeshi, N.D. and Mani, D.C. and Satpathy, S. and Fereshetian, S. and Gasser, J.A. and Svinkina, T. and Olive, M.E. and Ebert, B.L. and Mertins, P. and Carr, S.A.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 359. 17 January 2020

Cold-induced urticarial autoinflammatory syndrome related to factor XII activation.
Scheffel, J. and Mahnke, N.A. and Hofman, Z.L.M. and Maat, S.d. and Wu, J. and Bonnekoh, H. and Pengelly, R.J. and Ennis, S. and Holloway, J.W. and Kirchner, M. and Mertins, P. and Church, M.K. and Maurer, M. and Maas, C. and Krause, K.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 179. 10 January 2020


CD8(+) T cell-mediated endotheliopathy is a targetable mechanism of neuro-inflammation in Susac syndrome.
Gross, C.C. and Meyer, C. and Bhatia, U. and Yshii, L. and Kleffner, I. and Bauer, J. and Tröscher, A.R. and Schulte-Mecklenbeck, A. and Herich, S. and Schneider-Hohendorf, T. and Plate, H. and Kuhlmann, T. and Schwaninger, M. and Brück, W. and Pawlitzki, M. and Laplaud, D.A. and Loussouarn, D. and Parratt, J. and Barnett, M. and Buckland, M.E. and Hardy, T.A. and Reddel, S.W. and Ringelstein, M. and Dörr, J. and Wildemann, B. and Kraemer, M. and Lassmann, H. and Höftberger, R. and Beltrán, E. and Dornmair, K. and Schwab, N. and Klotz, L. and Meuth, S.G. and Martin-Blondel, G. and Wiendl, H. and Liblau, R.
Nature Communications 10 (1): 5779. 18 December 2019

Human muscle-derived CLEC14A-positive cells regenerate muscle independent of PAX7.
Marg, A. and Escobar Fernandez, H. and Karaiskos, N. and Grunwald, S.A. and Metzler, E. and Kieshauer, J. and Sauer, S. and Pasemann, D. and Malfatti, E. and Mompoint, D. and Quijano-Roy, S. and Boltengagen, A. and Schneider, J. and Schülke, M. and Kunz, S. and Carlier, R. and Birchmeier, C. and Amthor, H. and Spuler, A. and Kocks, C. and Rajewsky, N. and Spuler, S.
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The dynamic proteome of influenza A virus infection identifies M segment splicing as a host range determinant.
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Elevated aldosterone and blood pressure in a mouse model of familial hyperaldosteronism with ClC-2 mutation.
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Nature Communications 10 (1): 5155. 14 November 2019

Full-length transcriptome reconstruction reveals a large diversity of RNA and protein isoforms in rat hippocampus.
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Single-cell RNA-sequencing of herpes simplex virus 1-infected cells connects NRF2 activation to an antiviral program.
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Nature Communications 10 (1): 4878. 25 October 2019

B-1a cells acquire their unique characteristics by bypassing the pre-BCR selection stage.
Wong, J.B. and Hewitt, S.L. and Heltemes-Harris, L.M. and Mandal, M. and Johnson, K. and Rajewsky, K. and Koralov, S.B. and Clark, M.R. and Farrar, M.A. and Skok, J.A.
Nature Communications 10 (1): 4768. 18 October 2019

Pathogenesis of hypertension in a mouse model for human CLCN2 related hyperaldosteronism.
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Nature Communications 10 (1): 4678. 15 October 2019

R-spondin 3 promotes stem cell recovery and epithelial regeneration in the colon.
Harnack, C. and Berger, H. and Antanaviciute, A. and Vidal, R. and Sauer, S. and Simmons, A. and Meyer, T.F. and Sigal, M.
Nature Communications 10 (1): 4368. 25 September 2019

Identification of proteins and miRNAs that specifically bind an mRNA in vivo.
Theil, K. and Imami, K. and Rajewsky, N.
Nature Communications 10 (1): 4205. 16 September 2019

Maximizing binary interactome mapping with a minimal number of assays.
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WWP2 regulates pathological cardiac fibrosis by modulating SMAD2 signaling.
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Nature Communications 10 (1): 3616. 9 August 2019

Blimp1(+) cells generate functional mouse sebaceous gland organoids in vitro.
Feldman, A. and Mukha, D. and Maor, I.I. and Sedov, E. and Koren, E. and Yosefzon, Y. and Shlomi, T. and Fuchs, Y.
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Multi-platform discovery of haplotype-resolved structural variation in human genomes.
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Global identification of functional microRNA-mRNA interactions in Drosophila.
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Shp-2 is critical for ERK and metabolic engagement downstream of IL-15 receptor in NK cells.
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Microbial abundance, activity and population genomic profiling with mOTUs2.
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Purification of cross-linked RNA-protein complexes by phenol-toluol extraction.
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E47 modulates hepatic glucocorticoid action.
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Nature Communications 10 (1): 306. 18 January 2019

Chi3l3 induces oligodendrogenesis in an experimental model of autoimmune neuroinflammation.
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Nature Communications 10 (1): 217. 15 January 2019


A virus-encoded type I interferon decoy receptor enables evasion of host immunity through cell-surface binding.
Hernáez, B. and Alonso-Lobo, J.M. and Montanuy, I. and Fischer, C. and Sauer, S. and Sigal, L. and Sevilla, N. and Alcamí, A.
Nature Communications 9 (1): 5440. 21 December 2018

aPKC controls endothelial growth by modulating c-Myc via FoxO1 DNA-binding ability.
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Inhalation of the prodrug PI3K inhibitor CL27c improves lung function in asthma and fibrosis.
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GPCR-specific autoantibody signatures are associated with physiological and pathological immune homeostasis.
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Nature Communications 9 (1): 5224. 6 December 2018

Robo signalling controls pancreatic progenitor identity by regulating Tead transcription factors.
Escot, S. and Willnow, D. and Naumann, H. and Di Francescantonio, S. and Spagnoli, F.M.
Nature Communications 9 (1): 5082. 30 November 2018

TBX2 is a neuroblastoma core regulatory circuitry component enhancing MYCN/FOXM1 reactivation of DREAM targets.
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Nature Communications 9 (1): 4866. 19 November 2018

Endothelial cell rearrangements during vascular patterning require PI3-kinase-mediated inhibition of actomyosin contractility.
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Nature Communications 9 (1): 4826. 16 November 2018

Potassium channel-based optogenetic silencing.
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Nature Communications 9 (1): 4611. 5 November 2018

ARTS mediates apoptosis and regeneration of the intestinal stem cell niche.
Koren, E. and Yosefzon, Y. and Ankawa, R. and Soteriou, D. and Jacob, A. and Nevelsky, A. and Ben-Yosef, R. and Bar-Sela, G. and Fuchs, Y.
Nature Communications 9 (1): 4582. 2 November 2018

Determinants of promoter and enhancer transcription directionality in metazoans.
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Nature Communications 9 (1): 4472. 26 October 2018

Loss of pyruvate kinase M2 limits growth and triggers innate immune signaling in endothelial cells.
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Nature Communications 9 (1): 4077. 9 October 2018

Genetic and pharmacological regulation of the endocannabinoid CB1 receptor in Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
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Nature Communications 9 (1): 3950. 27 September 2018

Structural basis for membrane tethering by a bacterial dynamin-like pair.
Liu, J. and Noel, J.K. and Low, H.H.
Nature Communications 9 (1): 3345. 21 August 2018

The tyrosine phosphatase SHP2 controls TGFβ-induced STAT3 signaling to regulate fibroblast activation and fibrosis.
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Nature Communications 9 (1): 3259. 14 August 2018

Role of VTA dopamine neurons and neuroligin 3 in sociability traits related to nonfamiliar conspecific interaction.
Bariselli, S. and Hörnberg, H. and Prévost-Solié, C. and Musardo, S. and Hatstatt-Burklé, L. and Scheiffele, P. and Bellone, C.
Nature Communications 9 (1): 3173. 9 August 2018

Embryos and embryonic stem cells from the white rhinoceros.
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Planar cell polarity signalling coordinates heart tube remodelling through tissue-scale polarisation of actomyosin activity.
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Nature Communications 9 (1): 2161. 4 June 2018

Postnatal DNA demethylation and its role in tissue maturation.
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Nature Communications 9 (1): 2040. 23 May 2018

Continuous addition of progenitors forms the cardiac ventricle in zebrafish.
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Nature Communications 9 (1): 2001. 21 May 2018

LRRC8/VRAC anion channels enhance β-cell glucose sensing and insulin secretion.
Stuhlmann, T. and Planells-Cases, R. and Jentsch, T.J.
Nature Communications 9 (1): 1974. 17 May 2018

Single synaptic inputs drive high-precision action potentials in parvalbumin expressing GABA-ergic cortical neurons in vivo.
Jouhanneau, J.S. and Kremkow, J. and Poulet, J.F.A.
Nature Communications 9 (1): 1540. 18 April 2018

Conformational switching within dynamic oligomers underpins toxic gain-of-function by diabetes-associated amyloid.
Birol, M. and Kumar, S. and Rhoades, E. and Miranker, A.D.
Nature Communications 9 (1): 1312. 3 April 2018

Structure of Schlafen13 reveals a new class of tRNA/rRNA- targeting RNase engaged in translational control.
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Nature Communications 9 (1): 1165. 21 March 2018

Voltage gating of mechanosensitive PIEZO channels.
Moroni, M. and Servin-Vences, M.R. and Fleischer, R. and Sánchez-Carranza, O. and Lewin, G.R.
Nature Communications 9 (1): 1096. 15 March 2018

A global ocean atlas of eukaryotic genes.
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Identification of genetic elements in metabolism by high-throughput mouse phenotyping.
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Nature Communications 9 (1): 288. 18 January 2018

Perturbation-response genes reveal signaling footprints in cancer gene expression.
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Nature Communications 9 (1): 20. 2 January 2018


Excitotoxic inactivation of constitutive oxidative stress detoxification pathway in neurons can be rescued by PKD1.
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Evolutionary action and structural basis of the allosteric switch controlling β(2)AR functional selectivity.
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Nature Communications 8 (1): 2169. 18 December 2017

Cardiac myocyte miR-29 promotes pathological remodeling of the heart by activating Wnt signaling.
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Transient cardiomyocyte fusion regulates cardiac development in zebrafish.
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Nature Communications 8 (1): 1525. 15 November 2017

Dense and accurate whole-chromosome haplotyping of individual genomes.
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Nature Communications 8 (1): 1293. 3 November 2017

Genome-wide association study identifies the SERPINB gene cluster as a susceptibility locus for food allergy.
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Nature Communications 8 (1): 1056. 20 October 2017

A large scale hearing loss screen reveals an extensive unexplored genetic landscape for auditory dysfunction.
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Nature Communications 8 (1): 886. 12 October 2017

RNA localization is a key determinant of neurite-enriched proteome.
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Nature Communications 8 (1): 583. 19 September 2017

Retinol saturase coordinates liver metabolism by regulating ChREBP activity.
Heidenreich, S. and Witte, N. and Weber, P. and Goehring, I. and Tolkachov, A. and von Loeffelholz, C. and Döcke, S. and Bauer, M. and Stockmann, M. and Pfeiffer, A.F.H. and Birkenfeld, A.L. and Pietzke, M. and Kempa, S. and Muenzner, M. and Schupp, M.
Nature Communications 8 (1): 384. 30 August 2017

The endothelial transcription factor ERG mediates angiopoietin-1-dependent control of notch signalling and vascular stability.
Shah, A.V. and Birdsey, G.M. and Peghaire, C. and Pitulescu, M.E. and Dufton, N.P. and Yang, Y. and Weinberg, I. and Osuna Almagro, L. and Payne, L. and Mason, J.C. and Gerhardt, H. and Adams, R.H. and Randi, A.M.
Nature Communications 8 : 16002. 11 July 2017

Flipping between Polycomb repressed and active transcriptional states introduces noise in gene expression.
Kar, G. and Kim, J.K. and Kolodziejczyk, A.A. and Natarajan, K.N. and Torlai Triglia, E. and Mifsud, B. and Elderkin, S. and Marioni, J.C. and Pombo, A. and Teichmann, S.A.
Nature Communications 8 (1): 36. 26 June 2017

Identification of the elementary structural units of the DNA damage response.
Natale, F. and Rapp, A. and Yu, W. and Maiser, A. and Harz, H. and Scholl, A. and Grulich, S. and Anton, T. and Hoerl, D. and Chen, W. and Durante, M. and Taucher-Scholz, G. and Leonhardt, H. and Cardoso, M.C.
Nature Communications 8 : 15760. 12 June 2017

Regulated membrane remodeling by Mic60 controls formation of mitochondrial crista junctions.
Hessenberger, M. and Zerbes, R.M. and Rampelt, H. and Kunz, S. and Xavier, A.H. and Purfürst, B. and Lilie, H. and Pfanner, N. and van der Laan, M. and Daumke, O.
Nature Communications 8 : 15258. 31 May 2017

Proteogenomic integration reveals therapeutic targets in breast cancer xenografts.
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Nature Communications 8 : 14864. 28 March 2017

Stepwise reprogramming of liver cells to a pancreas progenitor state by the transcriptional regulator Tgif2.
Cerdá-Esteban, N. and Naumann, H. and Ruzittu, S. and Mah, N. and Pongrac, I.M. and Cozzitorto, C. and Hommel, A. and Andrade-Navarro, M.A. and Bonifacio, E. and Spagnoli, F.M.
Nature Communications 8 : 14127. 13 February 2017

Molecular dissection of colorectal cancer in pre-clinical models identifies biomarkers predicting sensitivity to EGFR inhibitors.
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DNA copy number changes define spatial patterns of heterogeneity in colorectal cancer.
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Nature Communications 8 : 14093. 25 January 2017


How EF-Tu can contribute to efficient proofreading of aa-tRNA by the ribosome.
Noel, J.K. and Whitford, P.C.
Nature Communications 7 : 13314. 31 October 2016

Quantitative interaction mapping reveals an extended UBX domain in ASPL that disrupts functional p97 hexamers.
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Nature Communications 7 : 13047. 20 October 2016

Bimodal antagonism of PKA signalling by ARHGAP36.
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Nature Communications 7 : 12963. 7 October 2016

Integrative proteomic profiling of ovarian cancer cell lines reveals precursor cell associated proteins and functional status.
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Nature Communications 7 : 12645. 26 August 2016

reChIP-seq reveals widespread bivalency of H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 in CD4(+) memory T cells.
Kinkley, S. and Helmuth, J. and Polansky, J.K. and Dunkel, I. and Gasparoni, G. and Froehler, S. and Chen, W. and Walter, J. and Hamann, A. and Chung, H.R.
Nature Communications 7 : 12514. 17 August 2016

Glycolytic regulation of cell rearrangement in angiogenesis.
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Nature Communications 7 : 12240. 20 July 2016

Disruption of Kcc2-dependent inhibition of olfactory bulb output neurons suggests its importance in odour discrimination.
Gödde, K. and Gschwend, O. and Puchkov, D. and Pfeffer, C.K. and Carleton, A. and Jentsch, T.J.
Nature Communications 7 : 12043. 8 July 2016

Wars2 is a determinant of angiogenesis.
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Nature Communications 7 : 12061. 8 July 2016

Deficient methylation and formylation of mt-tRNA(Met) wobble cytosine in a patient carrying mutations in NSUN3.
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Nature Communications 7 : 12039. 30 June 2016

Foldamer-mediated manipulation of a pre-amyloid toxin.
Kumar, S. and Birol, M. and Schlamadinger, D.E. and Wojcik, S.P. and Rhoades, E. and Miranker, A.D.
Nature Communications 7 : 11412. 25 April 2016

Energy efficiency trade-offs drive nucleotide usage in transcribed regions.
Chen, W.H. and Lu, G. and Bork, P. and Hu, S. and Lercher, M.J.
Nature Communications 7 : 11334. 21 April 2016

4D visualization of replication foci in mammalian cells corresponding to individual replicons.
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Nature Communications 7 : 11231. 7 April 2016

Serial interactome capture of the human cell nucleus.
Conrad, T. and Albrecht, A.-S. and Rodrigues de Melo Costa, V. and Sauer, S. and Meierhofer, D. and Ørom, U.A.
Nature Communications 7 : 11212. 4 April 2016

Sleeping Beauty transposase structure allows rational design of hyperactive variants for genetic engineering.
Voigt, F. and Wiedemann, L. and Zuliani, C. and Querques, I. and Sebe, A. and Mátés, L. and Izsvák, Z. and Ivics, Z. and Barabas, O.
Nature Communications 7 : 11126. 30 March 2016

Cyanobacterial symbionts diverged in the late Cretaceous towards lineage-specific nitrogen fixation factories in single-celled phytoplankton.
Cornejo-Castillo, F.M. and Cabello, A.M. and Salazar, G. and Sanchez-Baracaldo, P. and Lima-Mendez, G. and Hingamp, P. and Alberti, A. and Sunagawa, S. and Bork, P. and de Vargas, C. and Raes, J. and Bowler, C. and Wincker, P. and Zehr, J.P. and Gasol, J.M. and Massana, R. and Acinas, S.G.
Nature Communications 7 : 11071. 22 March 2016

A Helitron transposon reconstructed from bats reveals a novel mechanism of genome shuffling in eukaryotes.
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Intestinal microbiome is related to lifetime antibiotic use in Finnish pre-school children.
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Nature Communications 7 : 10410. 26 January 2016

Reprogramming triggers endogenous L1 and Alu retrotransposition in human induced pluripotent stem cells.
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Nature Communications 7 : 10286. 8 January 2016


Meta-analysis identifies seven susceptibility loci involved in the atopic march.
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Stonin1 mediates endocytosis of the proteoglycan NG2 and regulates focal adhesion dynamics and cell motility.
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Diffusional spread and confinement of newly exocytosed synaptic vesicle proteins.
Gimber, N. and Tadeus, G. and Maritzen, T. and Schmoranzer, J. and Haucke, V.
Nature Communications 6 : 8392. 24 September 2015

Chamber identity programs drive early functional partitioning of the heart.
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PTEN mediates Notch-dependent stalk cell arrest in angiogenesis.
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Nature Communications 6 : 7935. 31 July 2015

RC3H1 post-transcriptionally regulates A20 mRNA and modulates the activity of the IKK/NF-κB pathway.
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Alk1 and Alk5 inhibition by Nrp1 controls vascular sprouting downstream of Notch.
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Translational regulation shapes the molecular landscape of complex disease phenotypes.
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Photoswitchable fatty acids enable optical control of TRPV1.
Frank, J.A. and Moroni, M. and Moshourab, R. and Sumser, M. and Lewin, G.R. and Trauner, D.
Nature Communications 6 : 7118. 21 May 2015

eQTL mapping identifies insertion- and deletion-specific eQTLs in multiple tissues.
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KCNQ5 K(+) channels control hippocampal synaptic inhibition and fast network oscillations.
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Nature Communications 6 : 6254. 4 February 2015


Roquin binding to target mRNAs involves a winged helix-turn-helix motif.
Schuetz, A. and Murakawa, Y. and Rosenbaum, E. and Landthaler, M. and Heinemann, U.
Nature Communications 5 : 5701. 11 December 2014

Chlamydia infection depends on a functional MDM2-p53 axis.
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Dendritic cell-mediated survival signals in Eμ-Myc B-cell lymphoma depend on the transcription factor C/EBPβ.
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Warped linear mixed models for the genetic analysis of transformed phenotypes.
Fusi, N. and Lippert, C. and Lawrence, N.D. and Stegle, O.
Nature Communications 5 : 4890. 19 September 2014

AmotL2 disrupts apical-basal cell polarity and promotes tumour invasion.
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Nature Communications 5 : 4557. 1 August 2014

WT1 controls antagonistic FGF and BMP-pSMAD pathways in early renal progenitors.
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Nature Communications 5 : 4444. 17 July 2014

MRTF-A controls vessel growth and maturation by increasing the expression of CCN1 and CCN2.
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Klf4 and Klf5 differentially inhibit mesoderm and endoderm differentiation in embryonic stem cells.
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Tuning piezo ion channels to detect molecular-scale movements relevant for fine touch.
Poole, K. and Herget, R. and Lapatsina, L. and Ngo, H.D. and Lewin, G.R.
Nature Communications 5 : 3520. 24 March 2014

Disrupting MLC1 and GlialCAM and ClC-2 interactions in leukodystrophy entails glial chloride channel dysfunction.
Hoegg-Beiler, M.B. and Sirisi, S. and Orozco, I.J. and Ferrer, I. and Hohensee, S. and Auberson, M. and Goedde, K. and Vilches, C. and de Heredia, M.L. and Nunes, V. and Estévez, R. and Jentsch, T.J.
Nature Communications 5 : 3475. 19 March 2014


Role of RIM1α in short- and long-term synaptic plasticity at cerebellar parallel fibres.
Kintscher, M. and Wozny, C. and Johenning, F.W. and Schmitz, D. and Breustedt, J.
Nature Communications 4 : 2392. 3 September 2013

Translation of HTT mRNA with expanded CAG repeats is regulated by the MID1-PP2A protein complex.
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A chronic model of arthritis supported by a strain-specific periarticular lymph node in BALB/c mice.
Baddack, U. and Hartmann, S. and Bang, H. and Grobe, J. and Loddenkemper, C. and Lipp, M. and Mueller, G.
Nature Communications 4 : 1644. 2013

A functional deficiency of TERA/VCP/p97 contributes to impaired DNA repair in multiple polyglutamine diseases.
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Nature Communications 4 : 1816. 2013


Backbone rigidity and static presentation of guanidinium groups increases cellular uptake of arginine-rich cell-penetrating peptides.
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Histone acetylation controls the inactive X chromosome replication dynamics.
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Nature Communications 2 (1): 222. March 2011

Differential use of importin-alpha isoforms governs cell tropism and host adaptation of influenza virus.
Gabriel, G. and Klingel, K. and Otte, A. and Thiele, S. and Hudjetz, B. and Arman-Kalcek, G. and Sauter, M. and Shmidt, T. and Rother, F. and Baumgarte, S. and Keiner, B. and Hartmann, E. and Bader, M. and Brownlee, G.G. and Fodor, E. and Klenk, H.D.
Nature Communications 2 (1): 156. January 2011

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