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The histone demethylase PHF8 facilitates alternative splicing of the histocompatibility antigen HLA-G.
Leisegang, M.S. and Gu, L. and Preussner, J. and Günther, S. and Hitzel, J. and Ratiu, C. and Weigert, A. and Chen, W. and Schwarz, E.C. and Looso, M. and Fork, C. and Brandes, R.P.
FEBS Letters 593 (5): 487-498. March 2019


OPA1 functionally interacts with MIC60 but is dispensable for crista junction formation.
Barrera, M. and Koob, S. and Dikov, D. and Vogel, F. and Reichert, A.S.
FEBS Letters 590 (19): 3309-3322. October 2016

TAK1 adaptor proteins TAB2 and TAB3 link the signalosome to B cell receptor-induced IKK activation.
Shinohara, H. and Yasuda, T. and Kurosaki, T.
FEBS Letters 590 (18): 3264-3269. September 2016


The green tea polyphenol (-)-epigallocatechin gallate prevents the aggregation of tau protein into toxic oligomers at substoichiometric ratios.
Wobst, H.J. and Sharma, A. and Diamond, M.I. and Wanker, E.E. and Bieschke, J.
FEBS Letters 589 (1): 77-83. 2 January 2015


The protease-activated receptor 1 possesses a functional and cleavable signal peptide which is necessary for receptor expression.
Zampatis, D.E. and Rutz, C. and Furkert, J. and Schmidt, A. and Wuestenhagen, D. and Kubick, S. and Tsopanoglou, N.E. and Schuelein, R.
FEBS Letters 586 (16): 2351-2359. 31 May 2012


A kinome of 2600 in the ciliate Paramecium tetraurelia.
Bemm, F. and Schwarz, R. and Foerster, F. and Schultz, J.
FEBS Letters 583 (22): 3589-3592. 19 November 2009

Distinct roles of the two isoforms of the dynamin-like GTPase Mgm1 in mitochondrial fusion.
Zick, M. and Duvezin-Caubet, S. and Schaefer, A. and Vogel, F. and Neupert, W. and Reichert, A.S.
FEBS Letters 583 (13): 2237-2243. 7 July 2009


Distinct isocomplexes of the TRAPP trafficking factor coexist inside human cells.
Kuemmel, D. and Oeckinghaus, A. and Wang, C. and Krappmann, D. and Heinemann, U.
FEBS Letters 582 (27): 3729-3733. 12 November 2008

Predicting biological networks from genomic data.
Harrington, E.D. and Jensen, L.J. and Bork, P.
FEBS Letters 582 (8): 1251-1258. 9 April 2008

Large-scale prediction of drug-target relationships.
Kuhn, M. and Campillos, M. and Gonzalez, P. and Jensen, L.J. and Bork, P.
FEBS Letters 582 (8): 1283-1290. 9 April 2008


Beta-catenin regulates P-cadherin expression in mammary basal epithelial cells.
Faraldo, M.M. and Teuliere, J. and Deugnier, M.A. and Birchmeier, W. and Huelsken, J. and Thiery, J.P. and Cano, A. and Glukhova, M.A.
FEBS Letters 581 (5): 831-836. 6 March 2007


The collapsin response mediator protein 1 (CRMP-1) and the promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger protein (PLZF) bind to UDP-N-acetylglucosamine 2-epimerase/N-acetylmannosamine kinase (GNE), the key enzyme of sialic acid biosynthesis.
Weidemann, W. and Stelzl, U. and Lisewski, U. and Bork, K. and Wanker, E.E. and Hinderlich, S. and Horstkorte, R.
FEBS Letters 580 (28): 6649-6654. 11 December 2006


The hydrophobic amino acid residues in the membrane-proximal C tail of the G protein-coupled vasopressin V2 receptor are necessary for transport-competent receptor folding.
Thielen, A. and Oueslati, M. and Hermosilla, R. and Krause, G. and Oksche, A. and Rosenthal, W. and Schuelein, R.
FEBS Letters 579 (23): 5227-5235. 26 September 2005

Palindromic repetitive DNA elements with coding potential in Methanocaldococcus jannaschii.
Suyama, M. and Lathe, W.C. and Bork, P.
FEBS Letters 579 (24): 5281-5286. 21 September 2005

Parkin interacts with the proteasome subunit alpha4.
Daechsel, J.C. and Luecking, C.B. and Deeg, S. and Schultz, E. and Lalowski, M. and Casademunt, E. and Corti, O. and Hampe, C. and Patenge, N. and Vaupel, K. and Yamamoto, A. and Dichgans, M. and Brice, A. and Wanker, E.E. and Kahle, P.J. and Gasser, T.
FEBS Letters 579 (18): 3913-3919. 18 July 2005

Consistency of genome-based methods in measuring Metazoan evolution.
Zdobnov, E.M. and von Mering, C. and Letunic, I. and Bork, P.
FEBS Letters 579 : 3355-3361. 1 January 2005


The effect of raft lipid depletion on microvilli formation in MDCK cells, visualized by atomic force microscopy.
Poole, K. and Meder, D. and Simons, K. and Mueller, D.
FEBS Letters 565 (1-3): 53-58. 7 May 2004

Low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein interacts with MafB, a regulator of hindbrain development.
Petersen, H.H. and Hilpert, J. and Jacobsen, C. and Lauwers, A. and Roebroek, A.J.M. and Willnow, T.E.
FEBS Letters 565 (1-3): 23-27. 1 January 2004


IL-1 β-dependent activation of NF-κB mediates PGE(2)release via the expression of cyclooxygenase-2 and microsomal prostaglandin E synthase.
Catley, M.C. and Chivers, J.E. and Cambridge, L.M. and Holden, N. and Slater, D.M. and Staples, K.J. and Bergmann, M.W. and Loser, P. and Barnes, P.J. and Newton, R.
FEBS Letters 547 (1-3): 75-79. 17 July 2003


Structural domains required for channel function of the mouse transient receptor potential protein homologue TRP1beta.
Engelke, M. and Friedrich, O. and Budde, P. and Schaefer, C. and Niemann, U. and Zitt, C. and Juengling, E. and Rocks, O. and Lueckhoff, A. and Frey, J.
FEBS Letters 523 (1-3): 193-199. 17 July 2002

Monoclonal anti-diuron antibodies prevent inhibition of photosynthesis by diuron.
Werner, D. and Behrsing, O. and Scharte, G. and Woller, J. and Steup, M. and Micheel, B.
FEBS Letters 523 (1-3): 95-98. 17 July 2002

The LIM domain protein Lmo2 binds to AF6, a translocation partner of the MLL oncogene.
Begay-Mueller, V. and Ansieau, S. and Leutz, A.
FEBS Letters 521 (1-3): 36-38. 19 June 2002

Crystal structure of human nicotinamide mononucleotide adenylyltransferase in complex with NMN.
Werner, E. and Ziegler, M. and Lerner, F. and Schweiger, M. and Heinemann, U.
FEBS Letters 516 (1-3): 239-244. 10 April 2002

Protein domain analysis in the era of complete genomes.
Copley, R.R. and Doerks, T. and Letunic, I. and Bork, P.
FEBS Letters 513 (1): 129-134. 1 January 2002


Ht31: the first protein kinase A anchoring protein to integrate protein kinase A and Rho signaling.
Klussmann, E. and Edemir, B. and Pepperle, B. and Tamma, G. and Henn, V. and Klauschenz, E. and Hundsrucker, C. and Maric, K. and Rosenthal, W.
FEBS Letters 507 (3): 264-268. 2 November 2001

Mathematical analysis of a mechanism for autonomous metabolic oscillations in continuous culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Wolf, J. and Sohn, H. and Heinrich, R. and Kuriyama, H.
FEBS Letters 499 (3): 230-234. 22 June 2001

Evolution of tuf genes: ancient duplication, differential loss and gene conversion.
Lathe, W.C. and Bork, P.
FEBS Letters 502 (3): 113-116. 1 January 2001

Stability and DNA-binding properties of the omega regulator protein from the broad-host range Streptococcus pyogenes plasmid pSM19035.
Misselwitz, R. and de la Hoz, A.B. and Ayora, S. and Welfle, K. and Behlke, J. and Murayama, K. and Saenger, W. and Alonso, J.C. and Welfle, H.
FEBS Letters 505 (3): 436-440. 1 January 2001


Incorporation of N-propanoylneuraminic acid leads to calcium oscillations in oligodendrocytes upon the application of GABA.
Schmidt, C. and Ohlemeyer, C. and Kettenmann, H. and Reutter, W. and Horstkorte, R.
FEBS Letters 478 (3): 276-280. 4 August 2000

A direct photo-activated affinity modification of tetracycline transcription repressor protein TetR(D) with tetracycline.
Beliakova, M.M. and Anokhina, M.M. and Spiridonova, V.A. and Dobrov, E.N. and Egorov, T.A. and Wittmann-Liebold, B. and Orth, P. and Saenger, W. and Kopylov, A.M.
FEBS Letters 477 (3): 263-267. 21 July 2000

Automated extraction of information in molecular biology.
Andrade, M.A. and Bork, P.
FEBS Letters 476 (1-2): 12-17. 30 June 2000

Resistance to CD95/Fas-induced and ceramide-mediated apoptosis of human melanoma cells is caused by a defective mitochondrial cytochrome c release.
Raisova, M. and Bektas, M. and Wieder, T. and Daniel, P. and Eberle, J. and Orfanos, C.E. and Geilen, C.C.
FEBS Letters 473 : 27-32. 4 May 2000

Interaction of fMet-tRNAfMet with the C-terminal domain of translational initiation factor IF2 from Bacillus stearothermophilus.
Krafft, C. and Diehl, A. and Laettig, S. and Behlke, J. and Heinemann, U. and Pon, C.L. and Gualerzi, C.O. and Welfle, H.
FEBS Letters 471 (2-3): 128-132. 14 April 2000

beta Subunit heterogeneity of L-type Ca2+ channels in smooth muscle tissues.
Reimer, D. and Huber, I.G. and Garcia, M.L. and Haase, H. and Striessnig, J.
FEBS Letters 467 (1): 65-69. 4 February 2000

The role of conserved extracellular cysteine residues in vasopressin V2 receptor function and properties of two naturally occurring mutant receptors with additional extracellular cysteine residues.
Schuelein, R. and Zuehlke, K. and Oksche, A. and Hermosilla, R. and Furkert, J. and Rosenthal, W.
FEBS Letters 466 (1): 101-106. 21 January 2000

EST comparison indicates 38% of human mRNAs contain possible alternative splice forms.
Brett, D. and Hanke, J. and Lehmann, G. and Haase, S. and Delbrueck, S. and Krueger, S. and Reich, J. and Bork, P.
FEBS Letters 474 (1): 83-86. 1 January 2000

Intermediates in the reaction of substrate-free cytochrome P450cam with peroxy acetic acid.
Schuenemann, V. and Jung, C. and Trautwein, A.X. and Mandon, D. and Weiss, R.
FEBS Letters 479 (3): 149-154. 1 January 2000

Interaction of different oligomeric states of hexameric DNA-helicase RepA with single-stranded DNA studied by analytical ultracentrifugation.
Xu, H. and Frank, J. and Holzwarth, J.F. and Saenger, W. and Behlke, J.
FEBS Letters 482 (3): 180-184. 1 January 2000


The fMet-tRNA binding domain of translational initiation factor IF2: role and environment of its two Cys residues.
Misselwitz, R. and Welfle, K. and Krafft, C. and Welfle, H. and Brandi, L. and Caserta, E. and Gualerzi, C.O.
FEBS Letters 459 (3): 332-336. 15 October 1999

Proton nuclear magnetic resonance study of the binary complex of cytochrome P450cam and putidaredoxin: interaction and electron transfer rate analysis.
Mouro, C. and Bondon, A. and Jung, C. and Hoa, G.H.B. and De Certaines, J.D. and Spencer, R.G.S. and Simonneaux, G.
FEBS Letters 455 : 302-306. 23 July 1999

Superoxide induces apoptosis in cardiomyocytes, but proliferation and expression of transforming growth factor-beta1 in cardiac fibroblasts.
Li, P.F. and Dietz, R. and von Harsdorf, R.
FEBS Letters 448 : 206-210. 9 April 1999

A second mechanism of respiratory control.
Kadenbach, B. and Arnold, S.
FEBS Letters 447 : 131-134. 26 March 1999

Microinjected glutathione reductase crystals as indicators of the redox status in living cells.
Keese, M.A. and Saffrich, R. and Dandekar, T. and Becker, K. and Schirmer, R.H.
FEBS Letters 447 (2-3): 135-138. 26 March 1999

Regulation of Limulus skeletal muscle contraction.
Ritter, O. and Haase, H. and Morano, I.
FEBS Letters 446 : 233-235. 12 March 1999

The intramitochondrial ATP/ADP-ratio controls cytochrome c oxidase activity allosterically.
Arnold, S. and Kadenbach, B.
FEBS Letters 443 : 105-108. 25 January 1999

A 6 bp Z-DNA hairpin binds two Zalpha domains from the human RNA editing enzyme ADAR1.
Schade, M. and Behlke, J. and Lowenhaupt, K. and Herbert, A. and Rich, A. and Oschkinat, H.
FEBS Letters 458 : 27-31. 1 January 1999


Polarized cell surface expression of the green fluorescent protein-tagged vasopressin V2 receptor in Madin Darby canine kidney cells.
Schuelein, R. and Lorenz, D. and Oksche, A. and Wiesner, B. and Hermosilla, R. and Ebert, J. and Rosenthal, W.
FEBS Letters 441 (2): 170-176. 18 December 1998

Expression of a p16INK4a-specific ribozyme downmodulates p16INK4a abundance and accelerates cell proliferation.
Nylandsted, J. and Rohde, M. and Bartek, J. and Strauss, M.
FEBS Letters 436 : 41-45. 25 September 1998

Identification of mouse crystallins in 2D protein patterns by sequencing and mass spectrometry. Application to cataract mutants.
Jungblut, P.R. and Otto, A. and Favor, J. and Loewe, M. and Mueller, E.C. and Kastner, M. and Sperling, K. and Klose, J.
FEBS Letters 435 : 131-137. 18 September 1998

Evolution of new protein function: recombinational enhancer Fis originated by horizontal gene transfer from the transcriptional regulator NtrC.
Morett, E. and Bork, P.
FEBS Letters 433 : 108-112. 14 August 1998

HAP1-huntingtin interactions do not contribute to the molecular pathology in Huntington's disease transgenic mice.
Bertaux, F. and Sharp, A.H. and Ross, C.A. and Lehrach, H. and Bates, G.P. and Wanker, E.E.
FEBS Letters 426 : 229-232. 17 April 1998

Expression and regulation of phospholipase D in the human keratinocyte cell line HaCaT.
Mueller-Wieprecht, V. and Riebeling, C. and Alexander, C. and Scholz, F.R. and Hoeer, A. and Wieder, T. and Orfanos, C.E. and Geilen, C.C.
FEBS Letters 425 : 199-203. 27 March 1998

Folding and cell surface expression of the vasopressin V2 receptor: requirement of the intracellular C-terminus.
Oksche, A. and Dehe, M. and Schuelein, R. and Wiesner, B. and Rosenthal, W.
FEBS Letters 424 (1-2): 57-62. 6 March 1998

Differential genome analysis applied to the species-specific features of Helicobacter pylori.
Huynen, M. and Dandekar, T. and Bork, P.
FEBS Letters 426 : 1-5. 1 January 1998


Cloning of two novel human importin alpha subunits and analysis of the expression pattern of the importin-alpha protein family.
Koehler, M. and Ansieau, S. and Prehn, S. and Leutz, A. and Haller, H. and Hartmann, E.
FEBS Letters 417 (1): 104-108. 3 November 1997

Reactive oxygen species induce apoptosis of vascular smooth muscle cell.
Li, P.F. and Dietz, R. and von Harsdorf, R.
FEBS Letters 404 (2-3): 249-252. 10 March 1997

The endogenous cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+/calmodulin dependent kinase is activated in response to beta-adrenergic stimulation and becomes Ca2+independent in intact beating hearts.
Baltas, L.G. and Karczewski, P. and Bartel, S. and Krause, E.G.
FEBS Letters 409 : 131-136. 1 January 1997

Nuclear localization of protein kinase Calpha and its association with nuclear components in neuro-2a neuroblastoma cells.
Buchner, K. and Lindschau, C. and Hucho, F.
FEBS Letters 406 : 61-65. 1 January 1997

Ribonuclease T1 has different dimensions in the thermally and chemically denatured states: a dynamic light scattering study.
Gast, K. and Zirwer, D. and Damaschun, H. and Hahn, U. and Mueller-Frohne, M. and Wirth, M. and Damaschun, G.
FEBS Letters 403 : 245-248. 1 January 1997

Deletion in the Z-line region of the titin gene in a baby hamster kidney cell line, BHK-21-Bi.
Jaeckel, M. and Witt, C. and Antonova, O. and Curdt, I. and Labeit, S. and Jockusch, H.
FEBS Letters 408 : 21-24. 1 January 1997

Inhibition of Ga1beta1, 4GlcNAc alpha 2,6 sialyltransferase expression by antisense-oligodeoxynucleotides.
Kemmner, W. and Hohaus, K. and Schlag, P.M.
FEBS Letters 409 : 347-350. 1 January 1997

beta1B subunit of voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels is predominant isoform expressed in human neuroblastoma cell line IMR32.
McEnery, M.W. and Haase, H. and Vance, C.L. and Dubel, S.J. and Morano, I. and Copeland, T.D. and Choi, Y.
FEBS Letters 420 : 74-78. 1 January 1997

Different actin affinities of human cardiac essential myosin light chain isoforms.
Morano, I. and Haase, H.
FEBS Letters 408 : 71-74. 1 January 1997

1H-NMR study of diamagnetic cytochrome P450cam: assignment of heme resonances and substrate dependance of one cysteinate beta proton.
Mouro, C. and Bondon, A. and Simonneaux, G. and Jung, C.
FEBS Letters 414 : 203-208. 1 January 1997

Hepatocyte growth factor/ scatter factor (HGF/SF) signals via the STAT3/APRF transcription factor in human hepatoma cells and hepatocytes.
Schaper, F. and Siewert, E. and Gomez-Lechon, M.J. and Gatsios, P. and Sachs, M. and Birchmeier, W. and Heinrich, P.C. and Castell, J.
FEBS Letters 405 : 99-103. 1 January 1997

Crystal structure of cytochrome P450cam complexed with the (1S)-camphor enantiomer.
Schlichting, I. and Jung, C. and Schulze, H.
FEBS Letters 415 : 253-257. 1 January 1997


Hypo-osmotic cell swelling activates the p38 MAP kinase signalling cascade.
Tilly, B.C. and Gaestel, M. and Engel, K. and Edixhoven, M.J. and de Jonge, H.R.
FEBS Letters 395 (2-3): 133-136. 21 October 1996

Oligomerization of VIP21-caveolin in vitro is stabilized by long chain fatty acylation or cholesterol.
Monier, S. and Dietzen, D.J. and Hastings, W.R. and Lublin, D.M. and Kurzchalia, T.V.
FEBS Letters 388 (2-3): 143-149. 17 June 1996

Time-resolved Fourier-transform infrared studies of the cytochrome P-450cam carbonmonoxide complex boundwith (1R)-camphor and (1S)-camphor.
Contzen, J. and Ristau, O. and Jung, C.
FEBS Letters 383 : 13-17. 1 January 1996

The conformational stability of alpha-crystallin is rather low: calorimetric results.
Gesierich, U. and Pfeil, W.
FEBS Letters 393 : 151-154. 1 January 1996

And still they are moving ... dynamic properties of caveolae.
Kurzchalia, T.V. and Parton, R.G.
FEBS Letters 389 : 52-54. 1 January 1996

Hybridization of two oligodeoxynucleotides to both strands of an RNA hairpin structure increases the efficiency of RNA-DNA duplex formation.
Malygin, A.A. and Karpova, G.G. and Westermann, P.
FEBS Letters 392 : 114-116. 1 January 1996

Reduced-denatured ribonuclease A is not in a compact state.
Noeppert, A. and Gast, K. and Mueller-Frohne, M. and Zirwer, D. and Damaschun, G.
FEBS Letters 380 : 179-182. 1 January 1996

20S proteasome from LMP7 knock out mice reveals altered proteolytic activities and cleavage site preferences.
Stohwasser, R. and Kuckelkorn, U. and Kraft, R. and Kostka, S. and Kloetzel, P.M.
FEBS Letters 383 : 109-113. 1 January 1996


ClC-6 and ClC-7 are two novel broadly expressed members of the CLC chloride channel family.
Brandt, S. and Jentsch, T.J.
FEBS Letters 377 (1): 15-20. 11 December 1995

Identification of Rab3-, Rab5a- and synaptobrevin II-like proteins in a preparation of rat kidney vesicles containing the vasopressin-regulated water channel.
Liebenhoff, U. and Rosenthal, W.
FEBS Letters 365 (2-3): 209-213. 29 May 1995

MALDI-MS for C-terminal sequence determination of peptides and proteins degraded by carboxypeptidase Y and P.
Thiede, B. and Wittmann-Liebold, B. and Bienert, M. and Krause, E.
FEBS Letters 357 (2): 65-69. 2 January 1995

Temperature-jump induced unfolding of ribonuclease A: a time-resolved FTIR spectroscopic study.
Backmann, J. and Fabian, H. and Naumann, D.
FEBS Letters 364 : 175-178. 1 January 1995

The cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum phospholamban kinase is a distinct delta-CaM kinase isozyme.
Baltas, L.G. and Karczewski, P. and Krause, E.G.
FEBS Letters 373 : 71-75. 1 January 1995

1H NMR spectroscopy reveals that mouse Hsp25 has a flexible C-terminal extension of 18 amino acids.
Carver, J.A. and Esposito, G. and Schwedersky, G. and Gaestel, M.
FEBS Letters 369 : 305-310. 1 January 1995

Cold denaturation of yeast phosphoglycerate kinase which domain is more stable?
Gast, K. and Damaschun, G. and Desmadril, M. and Minard, P. and Mueller-Frohne, M. and Pfeil, W. and Zirwer, D.
FEBS Letters 358 : 247-250. 1 January 1995

Crystal structure of Bacillus licheniformis 1,3-1,4-beta-D-glucan 4-glucanohydrolase at 1.8A resolution.
Hahn, M. and Pons, J. and Planas, A. and Querol, E. and Heinemann, U.
FEBS Letters 374 : 221-224. 1 January 1995

A novel Ca2+ -dependent step in exocytosis subsequent to vesicle fusion.
Hartmann, J. and Lindau, M.
FEBS Letters 363 (3): 217-220. 1 January 1995

Substrate interactions in cytochrome P-450: correlation between carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance chemical shifts and C-O vibrational frequencies.
Legrand, N. and Bondon, A. and Simonneaux, G. and Jung, C. and Gill, E.
FEBS Letters 364 : 152-156. 1 January 1995

Expression of the mouse and rat mas proto-oncogene in the brain and peripheral tissues.
Metzger, R. and Bader, M. and Ludwig, T. and Berberich, C. and Bunnemann, B. and Ganten, D.
FEBS Letters 357 : 27-32. 1 January 1995

The SEC61complex is essential for the insertion of proteins into the membrane of the endoplasmatic reticulum.
Oliver, J. and Jungnickel, B. and Goerlich, D. and Rapoport, T.A. and High, S.
FEBS Letters 362 (2): 126-130. 1 January 1995

Reduction of the tyrosyl radical and the iron-center in protein R2 ribonucleotide reductase from mouse, herpes-simplex-virus, and E.coli by p-alkoxyphenols.
Poetsch, S. and Sahlin, M. and Langelier, Y. and Graeslund, A. and Lassmann, G.
FEBS Letters 374 : 95-99. 1 January 1995

Location and properties of the digitalis receptor site in Na+/K+-ATPase.
Repke, K.R.H. and Megges, R. and Weiland, J. and Schoen, R.
FEBS Letters 359 : 107-109. 1 January 1995

Characterization of a novel protein-binding module - the WW domain.
Sudol, M. and Chen, H.I. and Bourgeret, C. and Einbond, A. and Bork, P.
FEBS Letters 369 (1): 67-71. 1 January 1995


Alpha A-crystallin confers cellular thermoresistance.
van den Ijssel, P.R. and Overkamp, P. and Knauf, U. and Gaestel, M. and de Jong, W.W.
FEBS Letters 355 (1): 54-56. 21 November 1994

VIP21-Caveolin, a protein of the trans-Golgi network and caveolae.
Kurzchalia, T.V. and Dupree, P. and Monier, S.
FEBS Letters 346 (1): 88-91. 6 June 1994

Induction of c-fos gene expression by urokinase-type plasminogen activator in human ovarian cancer cells.
Dumler, I. and Petri, T. and Schleuning, W.D.
FEBS Letters 343 : 103-106. 25 April 1994

Induction of the small stress protein, Hsp25, in ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells by anticancer drugs.
Bielka, H. and Hoinkis, G. and Oesterreich, S. and Stahl, J. and Benndorf, R.
FEBS Letters 343 : 165-167. 1 January 1994

Selective chemical modification of Cys264 with diiodofluorescein iodoacetamide as a tool to study the membrane topology of cytochrome P450 SCC (CYP11A1).
Chernogolov, A. and Usanov, S. and Kraft, R. and Schwarz, D.
FEBS Letters 340 : 83-88. 1 January 1994

The N-terminal region of the alpha-subunit of the TRAP complex has a conserved cluster of negative charges.
Hartmann, E. and Prehn, S.
FEBS Letters 349 : 324-326. 1 January 1994

Complete amino acid sequence of ribosomal protein S14 from Bacillus stearothermophilus and homology studies to other ribosomal proteins.
Herfurth, E. and Briesemeister, U. and Wittmann-Liebold, B.
FEBS Letters 351 : 114-118. 1 January 1994

Protein translocation: common themes from bacteria to man.
Jungnickel, B. and Rapoport, T.A. and Hartmann, E.
FEBS Letters 346 : 73-77. 1 January 1994

Cell cycle-dependent association of Gag-Mil and hsp90.
Lovric, J. and Bischof, O. and Moelling, K.
FEBS Letters 343 : 15-21. 1 January 1994

Selectivity of DNA polymerases toward alpha and beta nucleotide substrate of D and L series.
Semizarov, D.G. and Victorova, L.S. and Dyatkina, N.B. and von Janta-Lipinski, M. and Krayevsky, A.A.
FEBS Letters 354 : 187-190. 1 January 1994

Detection of 4'-phosphopantetheine at the thioester binding site for L-valine of gramicidineS synthetase 2.
Stein, T. and Vater, J. and Kruft, V. and Wittmann-Liebold, B. and Franke, P. and Panico, M. and McDowell, R. and Morris, H.R.
FEBS Letters 340 : 39-44. 1 January 1994


Phosphorylation of the L-type calcium channel beta subunit is involved in beta-adrenergic signal transduction in canine myocardium.
Haase, H. and Karczewski, P. and Beckert, R. and Krause, E.G.
FEBS Letters 335 (2): 217-222. 6 December 1993

The modular architecture of a new family of growth regulators related to connective tissue growth factor.
Bork, P.
FEBS Letters 327 (2): 125-130. 26 July 1993

Interaction of urokinase-type plasminogenactivator (u-PA) with its cellular receptor (u-PAR) induces phosphorylation on tyrosine of a 38 kDa protein.
Dumler, I. and Petri, T. and Schleuning, W.D.
FEBS Letters 322 (1): 37-40. 3 May 1993

A hybrid protein kinase - RNase in an interferon-induced pathway.
Bork, P. and Sander, C.
FEBS Letters 334 : 149-152. 1 January 1993

The MAP kinase-activated protein kinase 2 contains a proline-rich SH3 binding domain.
Engel, K. and Plath, K. and Gaestel, M.
FEBS Letters 336 : 143-147. 1 January 1993

Substrate induced changes of the active site electronic states in reduced cytochrome P450 cam and the photolysis product of its CO complex. Low-temperature magnetic circular dichroism data.
Greschner, S. and Sharonov, Y.A. and Jung, C.
FEBS Letters 135 : 153-158. 1 January 1993

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