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beta Subunit heterogeneity of L-type Ca2+ channels in smooth muscle tissues

Item Type:Article
Title:beta Subunit heterogeneity of L-type Ca2+ channels in smooth muscle tissues
Creators Name:Reimer, D., Huber, I.G., Garcia, M.L., Haase, H. and Striessnig, J.
Abstract:Various {beta} subunit isoforms stabilize different gating properties of voltage-gated L-type Ca2+ channels. We therefore investigated the expression of Ca2+ channel {beta} subunit isoforms in different smooth muscle types on the protein level by immunoblotting and immunoprecipitation employing {beta} subunit-selective sequence-directed antibodies. From the four known {beta} subunit isoforms only β2 and {beta}3 were detected in porcine uterus, bovine trachea and bovine aorta membranes. Multiple immunoreactive β2 bands were detected in a tissue-selective manner indicating structural heterogeneity of {beta}2. Immunoprecipitation of (+)-[3H]isradipine-prelabeled channels revealed that {beta}2 and {beta}3 participate in Ca2+ channel formation in uterus and trachea, and {beta}3 in aortic smooth muscle. We conclude that {beta}2 and {beta}3 subunits form L-type Ca2+ channels in smooth muscle tissues. This subunit heterogeneity may be important to fine-tune channel function. Copyright (C) 2000 Federation of European Biochemical Societies.
Keywords:1,4-Dihydropyridine, Ca2+ Channel, Smooth Muscle, Subunit
Source:FEBS Letters
Page Range:65-69
Date:4 February 2000
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/S0014-5793(00)01124-8
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