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The role of the gut microbiota and microbial metabolites in neuroinflammation.
Haase, S. and Wilck, N. and Haghikia, A. and Gold, R. and Mueller, D.N. and Linker, R.A.
European Journal of Immunology 50 (12): 1863-1870. December 2020

ER-aminopeptidase 1 determines the processing and presentation of an immunotherapy-relevant melanoma epitope.
Textoris-Taube, K. and Cammann, C. and Henklein, P. and Topfstedt, E. and Ebstein, F. and Henze, S. and Liepe, J. and Zhao, F. and Schadendorf, D. and Dahlmann, B. and Uckert, W. and Paschen, A. and Mishto, M. and Seifert, U.
European Journal of Immunology 50 (2): 270-283. February 2020


Guidelines for the use of flow cytometry and cell sorting in immunological studies (second edition).
Cossarizza, A. and Chang, H.D. and Radbruch, A. and Acs, A. and Adam, D. and Adam-Klages, S. and Agace, W.W. and Aghaeepour, N. and Akdis, M. and Allez, M. and Almeida, L.N. and Alvisi, G. and Anderson, G. and Andrä, I. and Annunziato, F. and Anselmo, A. and Bacher, P. and Baldari, C.T. and Bari, S. and Barnaba, V. and Barros-Martins, J. and Battistini, L. and Bauer, W. and Baumgart, S. and Baumgarth, N. and Baumjohann, D. and Baying, B. and Bebawy, M. and Becher, B. and Beisker, W. and Benes, V. and Beyaert, R. and Blanco, A. and Boardman, D.A. and Bogdan, C. and Borger, J.G. and Borsellino, G. and Boulais, P.E. and Bradford, J.A. and Brenner, D. and Brinkman, R.R. and Brooks, A.E.S. and Busch, D.H. and Büscher, M. and Bushnell, T.P. and Calzetti, F. and Cameron, G. and Cammarata, I. and Cao, X. and Cardell, S.L. and Casola, S. and Cassatella, M.A. and Cavani, A. and Celada, A. and Chatenoud, L. and Chattopadhyay, P.K. and Chow, S. and Christakou, E. and Čičin-Šain, L. and Clerici, M. 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Wilkinson, R.J. and Willimsky, G. and Wing, J.B. and Winkelmann, R. and Winkler, T.H. and Wirz, O.F. and Wong, A. and Wurst, P. and Yang, J.H.M. and Yang, J. and Yazdanbakhsh, M. and Yu, L. and Yue, A. and Zhang, H. and Zhao, Y. and Ziegler, S.M. and Zielinski, C. and Zimmermann, J. and Zychlinsky, A.
European Journal of Immunology 49 (10): 1457-1973. October 2019

Interferon signature in patients with STAT1 gain-of-function mutation is epigenetically determined.
Kaleviste, E. and Saare, M. and Leahy, T.R. and Bondet, V. and Duffy, D. and Mogensen, T. and Jørgensen, S.E. and Nurm, H. and Ip, W. and Davies, E.G. and Sauer, S. and Syvänen, A.C. and Milani, L. and Peterson, P. and Kisand, K.
European Journal of Immunology 49 (5): 790-800. May 2019

A novel allele for inducible Cre expression in germinal center B cells.
Weber, T. and Seagal, J. and Winkler, W. and Wirtz, T. and Chu, V.T. and Rajewsky, K.
European Journal of Immunology 49 (1): 192-194. January 2019


FACS single cell index sorting is highly reliable and determines immune phenotypes of clonally expanded T cells.
Penter, L. and Dietze, K. and Bullinger, L. and Westermann, J. and Rahn, H.P. and Hansmann, L.
European Journal of Immunology 48 (7): 1248-1250. July 2018


CX3CR1-dependent recruitment of mature NK cells into the central nervous system contributes to control autoimmune neuroinflammation.
Hertwig, L. and Hamann, I. and Romero-Suarez, S. and Millward, J.M. and Pietrek, R. and Chanvillard, C. and Stuis, H. and Pollok, K. and Ransohoff, R.M. and Cardona, A.E. and Infante-Duarte, C.
European Journal of Immunology 46 (8): 1984-1996. August 2016


miR-148a is upregulated by Twist1 and T-bet and promotes Th1-cell survival by regulating the proapoptotic gene Bim.
Haftmann, C. and Stittrich, A.B. and Zimmermann, J. and Fang, Z. and Hradilkova, K. and Bardua, M. and Westendorf, K. and Heinz, G.A. and Riedel, R. and Siede, J. and Lehmann, K. and Weinberger, E.E. and Zimmel, D. and Lauer, U. and Häupl, T. and Sieper, J. and Backhaus, M. and Neumann, C. and Hoffmann, U. and Porstner, M. and Chen, W. and Grün, J.R. and Baumgrass, R. and Matz, M. and Löhning, M. and Scheffold, A. and Wittmann, J. and Chang, H.D. and Rajewsky, N. and Jäck, H.M. and Radbruch, A. and Mashreghi, M.F.
European Journal of Immunology 45 (4): 1192-1205. April 2015


Misinitiation of intrathymic MART-1 transcription and biased TCR usage explain the high frequency of MART-1-specific T cells.
Pinto, S. and Sommermeyer, D. and Michel, C. and Wilde, S. and Schendel, D. and Uckert, W. and Blankenstein, T. and Kyewski, B.
European Journal of Immunology 44 (9): 2811-2821. September 2014

B-cell-intrinsic STAT6 signaling controls germinal center formation.
Turqueti-Neves, A. and Otte, M. and da Costa, O.P. and Höpken, U.E. and Lipp, M. and Buch, T. and Voehringer, D.
European Journal of Immunology 44 (7): 2130-2138. July 2014

Generation of memory B cells inside and outside germinal centers.
Takemori, T. and Kaji, T. and Takahashi, Y. and Shimoda, M. and Rajewsky, K.
European Journal of Immunology 44 (5): 1258-1264. May 2014

TCR-engineered T cells: a model of inducible TCR expression to dissect the interrelationship between two TCRs.
Reuß, S. and Sebestyén, Z. and Heinz, N. and Loew, R. and Baum, C. and Debets, R. and Uckert, W.
European Journal of Immunology 44 (1): 265-274. January 2014


Loss of methylation at the IFNG promoter and CNS-1 associates with the development of functional IFN-γ memory in human CD4(+) T lymphocytes.
Dong, J. and Chang, H.D. and Ivascu, C. and Qian, Y. and Rezai, S. and Okhrimenko, A. and Cosmi, L. and Maggi, L. and Eckhardt, F. and Wu, P. and Sieper, J. and Alexander, T. and Annunziato, F. and Gossen, M. and Li, J. and Radbruch, A. and Thiel, A.
European Journal of Immunology 43 (3): 793-804. March 2013


Reduced tumor-antigen density leads to PD-1/PD-L1 mediated impairment of partially exhausted CD8(+) T cells.
Kaiser, A.D. and Schuster, K. and Gadiot, J. and Borkner, L. and Daebritz, H. and Schmitt, C. and Andreesen, R. and Blank, C.
European Journal of Immunology 42 (3): 662-671. March 2012


Visualizing the dynamic of adoptively transferred T cells during the rejection of large established tumors.
Charo, J. and Perez, C. and Buschow, C. and Jukica, A. and Czeh, M. and Blankenstein, T.
European Journal of Immunology 41 (11): 3187-3197. November 2011

Antigen-presentation capacity of dendritic cells is impaired in ongoing enterovirus myocarditis.
Rahnefeld, A. and Ebstein, F. and Albrecht, N. and Opitz, E. and Kuckelkorn, U. and Stangl, K. and Rehm, A. and Kloetzel, P.M. and Voigt, A.
European Journal of Immunology 41 (9): 2774-2781. September 2011

Efficient generation of B lymphocytes by recognition of self-antigens.
Eschbach, C. and Bach, M.P. and Fidler, I. and Pelanda, R. and Köhler, F. and Rajewsky, K. and Jumaa, H.
European Journal of Immunology 41 (8): 2397-2403. August 2011

Steady state migratory RelB(+) Langerin(+) dermal dendritic cells mediate peripheral induction of antigen-specific CD4(+) CD25(+) Foxp3(+) regulatory T cells.
Azukizawa, H. and Doehler, A. and Kanazawa, N. and Nayak, A. and Lipp, M. and Malissen, B. and Autenrieth, I. and Katayama, I. and Riemann, M. and Weih, F. and Berberich-Siebelt, F. and Lutz, M.B.
European Journal of Immunology 41 (5): 1420-1434. May 2011


Commensal microflora and interferon-gamma promote steady-state interleukin-7 production in vivo.
Shalapour, S. and Deiser, K. and Sercan, O. and Tuckermann, J. and Minnich, K. and Willimsky, G. and Blankenstein, T. and Haemmerling, G.J. and Arnold, B. and Schueler, T.
European Journal of Immunology 40 (9): 2391-2400. September 2010

Human peripheral blood and bone marrow Epstein-Barr virus-specific T-cell repertoire in latent infection reveals distinct memory T-cell subsets.
Guerreiro, M. and Na, I.K. and Letsch, A. and Haase, D. and Bauer, S. and Meisel, C. and Roemhild, A. and Reinke, P. and Volk, H.D. and Scheibenbogen, C.
European Journal of Immunology 40 (6): 1566-1576. June 2010

MAPK3 deficiency drives autoimmunity via dendritic cell arming.
Bendix, I. and Pfueller, C.F. and Leuenberger, T. and Glezeva, N. and Siffrin, V. and Mueller, Y. and Prozorovski, T. and Hansen, W. and Schulze-Topphoff, U. and Loddenkemper, C. and Zipp, F. and Waiczies, S.
European Journal of Immunology 40 (5): 1486-1495. May 2010


Making and circumventing tolerance to cancer.
Kammertoens, T. and Blankenstein, T.
European Journal of Immunology 39 (9): 2345-2353. September 2009


IkappaBalpha is required for marginal zone B cell lineage development.
Ellinghaus, U. and Rupec, R.A. and Pabst, O. and Ignatius, R. and Foerster, R. and Doerken, B. and Jundt, F.
European Journal of Immunology 38 (8): 2096-2105. August 2008

Dendritic cell expression of the Notch ligand jagged2 is not essential for Th2 response induction in vivo.
Worsley, A.G.F. and LeibundGut-Landmann, S. and Slack, E. and Phng, L.K. and Gerhardt, H. and Reis e Sousa, C. and MacDonald, A.S.
European Journal of Immunology 38 (4): 1043-1049. April 2008


CMV-specific central memory T cells reside in bone marrow.
Letsch, A. and Knoedler, M. and Na, I.K. and Kern, F. and Asemissen, A.M. and Keilholz, U. and Loesch, M. and Thiel, E. and Volk, H.D. and Scheibenbogen, C.
European Journal of Immunology 37 (11): 3063-3068. November 2007

CD8alpha/alpha homodimers fail to function as co-receptor for a CD8-dependent TCR.
McNicol, A.M. and Bendle, G. and Holler, A. and Matjeka, T. and Dalton, E. and Rettig, L. and Zamoyska, R. and Uckert, W. and Xue, S.A. and Stauss, H.J.
European Journal of Immunology 37 (6): 1634-1641. June 2007

Distinctive role of CCR7 in migration and functional activity of naive- and effector/memory-like Treg subsets.
Menning, A. and Höpken, U.E. and Siegmund, K. and Lipp, M. and Hamann, A. and Huehn, J.
European Journal of Immunology 37 (6): 1575-1583. June 2007

Transforming growth factor beta1 up-regulates interferon regulatory factor 8 during dendritic cell development.
Ju, X.S. and Ruau, D. and Jaentti, P. and Sere, K. and Becker, C. and Wiercinska, E. and Bartz, C. and Erdmann, B. and Dooley, S. and Zenke, M.
European Journal of Immunology 37 (5): 1174-83. May 2007

The germinal center response is impaired in the absence of T cell-expressed CXCR5.
Arnold, C.N. and Campbell, D.J. and Lipp, M. and Butcher, E.C.
European Journal of Immunology 37 (1): 100-109. January 2007


Designer T cells by T cell receptor replacement.
Sommermeyer, D. and Neudorfer, J. and Weinhold, M. and Leisegang, M. and Engels, B. and Noessner, E. and Heemskerk, M.H. and Charo, J. and Schendel, D.J. and Blankenstein, T. and Bernhard, H. and Uckert, W.
European Journal of Immunology 36 (11): 3052-3059. November 2006

Salmonella typhimurium infection triggers dendritic cells and macrophages to adopt distinct migration patterns in vivo.
Zhao, C. and Wood, M.W. and Galyov, E.E. and Höpken, U.E. and Lipp, M. and Bodmer, H.C. and Tough, D.F. and Carter, R.W.
European Journal of Immunology 36 (11): 2939-2950. November 2006

Migration of immature mouse DC across resting endothelium is mediated by ICAM-2 but independent of beta2-integrins and murine DC-SIGN homologues.
Wethmar, K. and Helmus, Y. and Luehn, K. and Jones, C. and Laskowska, A. and Varga, G. and Grabbe, S. and Lyck, R. and Engelhardt, B. and Bixel, M.G. and Butz, S. and Loser, K. and Beissert, S. and Ipe, U. and Vestweber, D. and Wild, M.K.
European Journal of Immunology 36 (10): 2781-2794. October 2006

Follicular B helper T cell activity is confined to CXCR5(hi)ICOS(hi) CD4 T cells and is independent of CD57 expression.
Rasheed, A.U. and Rahn, H.P. and Sallusto, F. and Lipp, M. and Mueller, G.
European Journal of Immunology 36 (7): 1892-1903. July 2006


The ratio between dendritic cells and T cells determines the outcome of their encounter: Proliferation versus deletion.
Höpken, U.E. and Lehmann, I. and Droese, J. and Lipp, M. and Schueler, T. and Rehm, A.
European Journal of Immunology 35 (10): 2851-2863. 23 September 2005

Costimulation by CD137/4-1BB inhibits T cell apoptosis and induces Bcl-xL and c-FLIPshort via phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and AKT/protein kinase B.
Staerck, L. and Scholz, C. and Doerken, B. and Daniel, P.T.
European Journal of Immunology 35 : 1257-1266. 1 January 2005


Dual T cell receptor T cells with two defined specificities mediate tumor suppression via both receptors.
Gladow, M. and Uckert, W. and Blankenstein, T.
European Journal of Immunology 34 (7): 1882-1891. 1 July 2004

CD8 alpha is an activation marker for a subset of peripheral CD4 T cells.
Kenny, E. and Mason, D. and Saoudi, A. and Pombo, A. and Ramirez, F.
European Journal of Immunology 34 (5): 1262-1271. May 2004

Subversion of effector CD8+ T cell differentiation in acute hepatitis C virus infection: exploring the immunological mechanisms.
Francavilla, V. and Accapezzato, D. and De Salvo, M. and Rawson, P. and Cosimi, O. and Lipp, M. and Cerino, A. and Cividini, A. and Mondelli, M.U. and Barnaba, V.
European Journal of Immunology 34 (2): 427-437. 1 January 2004

The chemokine receptor CCR7 controls lymph node-dependent cytotoxic T cell priming in alloimmune responses.
Höpken, U.E. and Droese, J. and Li, J.P. and Joergensen, J. and Breitfeld, D. and Zerwes, H.G. and Lipp, M.
European Journal of Immunology 34 (2): 461-470. 1 January 2004


ICOS+Th cells produce distinct cytokines in different mucosal immune responses.
Bonhagen, K. and Liesenfeld, O. and Stadecker, M.J. and Hutloff, A. and Erb, K. and Coyle, A.J. and Lipp, M. and Kroczek, R.A. and Kamradt, T.
European Journal of Immunology 33 (2): 392-401. February 2003


The impact of c-met/scatter factor receptor on dendritic cell migration.
Kurz, S.M. and Diebold, S.S. and Hieronymus, T. and Gust, T.C. and Bartunek, P. and Sachs, M. and Birchmeier, W. and Zenke, M.
European Journal of Immunology 32 (7): 1832-1838. 1 January 2002


A monoclonal antibody against the immunodominant epitope of the ribosomal P2β protein of Trypanosoma cruzi interacts with the human β 1-adrenergic receptor.
Mahler, E. and Sepulveda, P. and Jeannequin, O. and Liegeard, P. and Gounon, P. and Wallukat, G. and Eftekhari, P. and Levin, M.J. and Hoebeke, J. and Hontebeyrie, M.
European Journal of Immunology 31 (7): 2210-2216. 4 July 2001

The protein tyrosine kinase inhibitor AG126 prevents the massive microglial cytokine induction by pneumococcal cell walls.
Hanisch, U.K. and Prinz, M. and Angstwurm, K. and Haeusler, K.G. and Kann, O. and Kettenmann, H. and Weber, J.R.
European Journal of Immunology 31 (7): 2104-2115. July 2001

The T cell chemokine receptor CCR7 is internalized on stimulation with ELC, but not with SLC.
Bardi, G. and Lipp, M. and Baggiolini, M. and Loetscher, P.
European Journal of Immunology 31 (11): 3291-3297. 1 January 2001

Decreased generation of anti-tumor immunity after intrasplenic immunization.
Cayeux, S. and Qin, Z.H. and Doerken, B. and Blankenstein, T.
European Journal of Immunology 31 (5): 1392-1399. 1 January 2001


Antigen-specific elimination of T cells induced by oligomerized hemagglutinin (HA) 306-318.
Falk, K. and Roetzschke, O. and Strominger, J.L.
European Journal of Immunology 30 (10): 3012-3020. 1 October 2000

CXCR5-deficient mice develop functional germinal centers in the splenic T cell zone.
Voigt, I. and Camacho, S.A. and de Boer, B.A. and Lipp, M. and Foerster, R. and Berek, C.
European Journal of Immunology 30 (2): 560-567. 1 February 2000

Interaction and functional interference of C/EBPbeta with octamer factors in immunoglobulin gene transcription.
Hatada, E.N. and Chen-Kiang, S. and Scheidereit, C.
European Journal of Immunology 30 (1): 174-184. 1 January 2000


Myasthenia gravis: selective enrichment of antiacetylcholine receptor antibody production in untransformed human B cell cultures.
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