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Reversible amyloids of pyruvate kinase couple cell metabolism and stress granule disassembly.
Cereghetti, G. and Wilson-Zbinden, C. and Kissling, V.M. and Diether, M. and Arm, A. and Yoo, H. and Piazza, I. and Saad, S. and Picotti, P. and Drummond, D.A. and Sauer, U. and Dechant, R. and Peter, M.
Nature Cell Biology 23 (10): 1085-1094. October 2021

Cargo-specific recruitment in clathrin- and dynamin-independent endocytosis.
Moreno-Layseca, P. and Jäntti, N.Z. and Godbole, R. and Sommer, C. and Jacquemet, G. and Al-Akhrass, H. and Conway, J.R.W. and Kronqvist, P. and Kallionpää, R.E. and Oliveira-Ferrer, L. and Cervero, P. and Linder, S. and Aepfelbacher, M. and Zauber, H. and Rae, J. and Parton, R.G. and Disanza, A. and Scita, G. and Mayor, S. and Selbach, M. and Veltel, S. and Ivaska, J.
Nature Cell Biology 23 (10): 1073-1084. October 2021

Niche stiffening compromises hair follicle stem cell potential during ageing by reducing bivalent promoter accessibility.
Koester, J. and Miroshnikova, Y.A. and Ghatak, S. and Chacón-Martínez, C.A. and Morgner, J. and Li, X. and Atanassov, I. and Altmüller, J. and Birk, D.E. and Koch, M. and Bloch, W. and Bartusel, M. and Niessen, C.M. and Rada-Iglesias, A. and Wickström, S.A.
Nature Cell Biology 23 (7): 771-781. July 2021

Control of endothelial quiescence by FOXO-regulated metabolites.
Andrade, J. and Shi, C. and Costa, A.S.H. and Choi, J. and Kim, J. and Doddaballapur, A. and Sugino, T. and Ong, Y.T. and Castro, M. and Zimmermann, B. and Kaulich, M. and Guenther, S. and Wilhelm, K. and Kubota, Y. and Braun, T. and Koh, G.Y. and Grosso, A.R. and Frezza, C. and Potente, M.
Nature Cell Biology 23 : 413-423. April 2021

Depletion of aneuploid cells in human embryos and gastruloids.
Yang, M. and Rito, T. and Metzger, J. and Naftaly, J. and Soman, R. and Hu, J. and Albertini, D.F. and Barad, D.H. and Brivanlou, A.H. and Gleicher, N.
Nature Cell Biology 23 (4): 314-321. April 2021


AP-1 imprints a reversible transcriptional programme of senescent cells.
Martínez-Zamudio, R.I. and Roux, P.F. and de Freitas, J.A.N.L.F. and Robinson, L. and Doré, G. and Sun, B. and Belenki, D. and Milanovic, M. and Herbig, U. and Schmitt, C.A. and Gil, J. and Bischof, O.
Nature Cell Biology 22 (7): 842-855. July 2020

Systems analysis of RhoGEF and RhoGAP regulatory proteins reveals spatially organized RAC1 signalling from integrin adhesions.
Müller, P.M. and Rademacher, J. and Bagshaw, R.D. and Wortmann, C. and Barth, C. and van Unen, J. and Alp, K.M. and Giudice, G. and Eccles, R.L. and Heinrich, L.E. and Pascual-Vargas, P. and Sanchez-Castro, M. and Brandenburg, L. and Mbamalu, G. and Tucholska, M. and Spatt, L. and Czajkowski, M.T. and Welke, R.W. and Zhang, S. and Nguyen, V. and Rrustemi, T. and Trnka, P. and Freitag, K. and Larsen, B. and Popp, O. and Mertins, P. and Gingras, A.C. and Roth, F.P. and Colwill, K. and Bakal, C. and Pertz, O. and Pawson, T. and Petsalaki, E. and Rocks, O.
Nature Cell Biology 22 (4): 498-511. April 2020

Combined single-cell and spatial transcriptomics reveal the molecular, cellular and spatial bone marrow niche organization.
Baccin, C. and Al-Sabah, J. and Velten, L. and Helbling, P.M. and Grünschläger, F. and Hernández-Malmierca, P. and Nombela-Arrieta, C. and Steinmetz, L.M. and Trumpp, A. and Haas, S.
Nature Cell Biology 22 (1): 38-48. January 2020


A large pool of actively cycling progenitors orchestrates self-renewal and injury repair of an ectodermal appendage.
Sharir, A. and Marangoni, P. and Zilionis, R. and Wan, M. and Wald, T. and Hu, J.K. and Kawaguchi, K. and Castillo-Azofeifa, D. and Epstein, L. and Harrington, K. and Pagella, P. and Mitsiadis, T. and Siebel, C.W. and Klein, A.M. and Klein, O.D.
Nature Cell Biology 21 (9): 1102-1112. September 2019

R-spondin-3 induces secretory, antimicrobial Lgr5(+) cells in the stomach.
Sigal, M. and Del Mar Reinés, M. and Müllerke, S. and Fischer, C. and Kapalczynska, M. and Berger, H. and Bakker, E.R.M. and Mollenkopf, H.J. and Rothenberg, M.E. and Wiedenmann, B. and Sauer, S. and Meyer, T.F.
Nature Cell Biology 21 (7): 812-823. July 2019

A 3D model of a human epiblast reveals BMP4-driven symmetry breaking.
Simunovic, M. and Metzger, J.J. and Etoc, F. and Yoney, A. and Ruzo, A. and Martyn, I. and Croft, G. and You, D.S. and Brivanlou, A.H. and Siggia, E.D.
Nature Cell Biology 21 (7): 900-910. July 2019

The dynamic nature of senescence in cancer.
Lee, S. and Schmitt, C.A.
Nature Cell Biology 21 (1): 94-101. January 2019


Human haematopoietic stem cell lineage commitment is a continuous process.
Velten, L. and Haas, S.F. and Raffel, S. and Blaszkiewicz, S. and Islam, S. and Hennig, B.P. and Hirche, C. and Lutz, C. and Buss, E.C. and Nowak, D. and Boch, T. and Hofmann, W.K. and Ho, A.D. and Huber, W. and Trumpp, A. and Essers, M.A.G. and Steinmetz, L.M.
Nature Cell Biology 19 (4): 271-281. April 2017


Asymmetric division coordinates collective cell migration in angiogenesis.
Costa, G. and Harrington, K.I. and Lovegrove, H.E. and Page, D.J. and Chakravartula, S. and Bentley, K. and Herbert, S.P.
Nature Cell Biology 18 (12): 1292-1301. December 2016

Direct reprogramming of fibroblasts into renal tubular epithelial cells by defined transcription factors.
Kaminski, M.M. and Tosic, J. and Kresbach, C. and Engel, H. and Klockenbusch, J. and Müller, A.L. and Pichler, R. and Grahammer, F. and Kretz, O. and Huber, T.B. and Walz, G. and Arnold, S.J. and Lienkamp, S.S.
Nature Cell Biology 18 (12): 1269-1280. December 2016

The persistent dynamic secrets of senescence.
Schmitt, C.A.
Nature Cell Biology 18 (9): 913-915. September 2016

Mechanical regulation of transcription controls Polycomb-mediated gene silencing during lineage commitment.
Le, H.Q. and Ghatak, S. and Yeung, C.Y.C. and Tellkamp, F. and Günschmann, C. and Dieterich, C. and Yeroslaviz, A. and Habermann, B. and Pombo, A. and Niessen, C.M. and Wickström, S.A.
Nature Cell Biology 18 (8): 864-875. August 2016

Orchestrating Wnt signalling for metabolic liver zonation.
Birchmeier, W.
Nature Cell Biology 18 (5): 463-465. May 2016

Blood flow drives lumen formation by inverse membrane blebbing during angiogenesis in vivo.
Gebala, V. and Collins, R. and Geudens, I. and Phng, L.K. and Gerhardt, H.
Nature Cell Biology 18 (4): 443-450. April 2016


In vivo reprogramming for tissue repair.
Heinrichs, C. and Spagnoli, F.M. and Berninger, B.
Nature Cell Biology 17 (3): 204-211. 27 February 2015


Rsp5/Nedd4 clears cells of heat-damaged proteins.
Sommer, T. and Weber, A. and Jarosch, E.
Nature Cell Biology 16 (12): 1130-1132. 1 December 2014

The role of differential VE-cadherin dynamics in cell rearrangement during angiogenesis.
Bentley, K. and Franco, C.A. and Philippides, A. and Blanco, R. and Dierkes, M. and Gebala, V. and Stanchi, F. and Jones, M. and Aspalter, I.M. and Cagna, G. and Weström, S. and Claesson-Welsh, L. and Vestweber, D. and Gerhardt, H.
Nature Cell Biology 16 (4): 309-321. April 2014

Der1 promotes movement of misfolded proteins through the endoplasmic reticulum membrane.
Mehnert, M. and Sommer, T. and Jarosch, E.
Nature Cell Biology 16 (1): 77-86. January 2014


Diverse epigenetic strategies interact to control epidermal differentiation.
Mulder, K.W. and Wang, X. and Escriu, C. and Ito, Y. and Schwarz, R.F. and Gillis, J. and Sirokmany, G. and Donati, G. and Uribe-Lewis, S. and Pavlidis, P. and Murrell, A. and Markowetz, F. and Watt, F.M.
Nature Cell Biology 14 (7): 753-763. 24 June 2012


VEGFR-3 controls tip to stalk conversion at vessel fusion sites by reinforcing Notch signalling.
Tammela, T. and Zarkada, G. and Nurmi, H. and Jakobsson, L. and Heinolainen, K. and Tvorogov, D. and Zheng, W. and Franco, C.A. and Murtomäki, A. and Aranda, E. and Miura, N. and Ylä-Herttuala, S. and Fruttiger, M. and Mäkinen, T. and Eichmann, A. and Pollard, J.W. and Gerhardt, H. and Alitalo, K.
Nature Cell Biology 13 (10): 1202-1213. 11 September 2011

FOXO1 is an essential regulator of pluripotency in human embryonic stem cells.
Zhang, X. and Yalcin, S. and Lee, D.F. and Yeh, T.Y. and Lee, S.M. and Su, J. and Mungamuri, S.K. and Rimmele, P. and Kennedy, M. and Sellers, R. and Landthaler, M. and Tuschl, T. and Chi, N.W. and Lemischka, I. and Keller, G. and Ghaffari, S.
Nature Cell Biology 13 (9): 1092-1099. 31 July 2011

Interplay between oncogene-induced DNA damage response and heterochromatin in senescence and cancer.
Di Micco, R. and Sulli, G. and Dobreva, M. and Liontos, M. and Botrugno, O.A. and Gargiulo, G. and dal Zuffu, R. and Matti, V. and d'Ario, G. and Montani, E. and Mercurio, C. and Hahn, W.C. and Gorgoulis, V. and Minucci, S. and d'Adda di Fagagna, F.
Nature Cell Biology 13 (3): 292-302. March 2011


Endothelial cells dynamically compete for the tip cell position during angiogenic sprouting.
Jakobsson, L. and Franco, C.A. and Bentley, K. and Collins, R.T. and Ponsioen, B. and Aspalter, I.M. and Rosewell, I. and Busse, M. and Thurston, G. and Medvinsky, A. and Schulte-Merker, S. and Gerhardt, H.
Nature Cell Biology 12 (10): 943-953. October 2010

Jarid2 is a PRC2 component in embryonic stem cells required for multi-lineage differentiation and recruitment of PRC1 and RNA Polymerase II to developmental regulators.
Landeira, D. and Sauer, S. and Poot, R. and Dvorkina, M. and Mazzarella, L. and Jorgensen, H.F. and Pereira, C.F. and Leleu, M. and Piccolo, F.M. and Spivakov, M. and Brookes, E. and Pombo, A. and Fisher, C. and Skarnes, W.C. and Snoek, T. and Bezstarosti, K. and Demmers, J. and Klose, R.J. and Casanova, M. and Tavares, L. and Brockdorff, N. and Merkenschlager, M. and Fisher, A.G.
Nature Cell Biology 12 (6): 618-624. June 2010

MTCH2/MIMP is a major facilitator of tBID recruitment to mitochondria.
Zaltsman, Y. and Shachnai, L. and Yivgi-Ohana, N. and Schwarz, M. and Maryanovich, M. and Houtkooper, R.H. and Vaz, F.M. and De Leonardis, F. and Fiermonte, G. and Palmieri, F. and Gillissen, B. and Daniel, P.T. and Jimenez, E. and Walsh, S. and Koehler, C.M. and Roy, S.S. and Walter, L. and Hajnoczky, G. and Gross, A.
Nature Cell Biology 12 (6): 553-562. June 2010

The CHK2-BRCA1 tumour suppressor pathway ensures chromosomal stability in human somatic cells.
Stolz, A. and Ertych, N. and Kienitz, A. and Vogel, C. and Schneider, V. and Fritz, B. and Jacob, R. and Dittmar, G. and Weichert, W. and Petersen, I. and Bastians, H.
Nature Cell Biology 12 (5): 492-499. May 2010


Ageing-related chromatin defects through loss of the NURD complex.
Pegoraro, G. and Kubben, N. and Wickert, U. and Goehler, H. and Hoffmann, K. and Misteli, T.
Nature Cell Biology 11 (10): 1261-1267. October 2009


Endothelial adherens junctions control tight junctions by VE-cadherin-mediated upregulation of claudin-5.
Taddei, A. and Giampietro, C. and Conti, A. and Orsenigo, F. and Breviario, F. and Pirazzoli, V. and Potente, M. and Daly, C. and Dimmeler, S. and Dejana, E.
Nature Cell Biology 10 (8): 923-934. August 2008

Sirt1 contributes critically to the redox-dependent fate of neural progenitors.
Prozorovski, T. and Schulze-Topphoff, U. and Glumm, R. and Baumgart, J. and Schroeter, F. and Ninnemann, O. and Siegert, E. and Bendix, I. and Bruestle, O. and Nitsch, R. and Zipp, F. and Aktas, O.
Nature Cell Biology 10 (4): 385-394. April 2008


Normal brain development in importin-alpha5 deficient-mice.
Shmidt, T. and Hampich, F. and Ridders, M. and Schultrich, S. and Hans, V.H. and Tenner, K. and Vilianovich, L. and Qadri, F. and Alenina, N. and Hartmann, E. and Koehler, M. and Bader, M.
Nature Cell Biology 9 (12): 1337-1338. December 2007

Ring1-mediated ubiquitination of H2A restrains poised RNA polymerase II at bivalent genes in mouse ES cells.
Stock, J.K. and Giadrossi, S. and Casanova, M. and Brookes, E. and Vidal, M. and Koseki, H. and Brockdorff, N. and Fisher, A.G. and Pombo, A.
Nature Cell Biology 9 (12): 1428-1435. December 2007

Proteome analysis of soluble nuclear proteins reveals that HMGB1/2 suppress genotoxic stress in polyglutamine diseases.
Qi, M.L. and Tagawa, K. and Enokido, Y. and Yoshimura, N. and Wada, Y.I. and Watase, K. and Ishiura, S.I. and Kanazawa, I. and Botas, J. and Saitoe, M. and Wanker, E.E. and Okazawa, H.
Nature Cell Biology 9 (4): 402-414. April 2007


A complex of Yos9p and the HRD ligase integrates endoplasmic reticulum quality control into the degradation machinery.
Gauss, R. and Jarosch, E. and Sommer, T. and Hirsch, C.
Nature Cell Biology 8 (8): 849-854. August 2006

Chromatin signatures of pluripotent cell lines.
Azuara, V. and Perry, P. and Sauer, S. and Spivakov, M. and Jorgensen, H.F. and John, R.M. and Gouti, M. and Casanova, M. and Warnes, G. and Merkenschlager, M. and Fisher, A.G.
Nature Cell Biology 8 (5): 532-538. May 2006


Ubx2 links the Cdc48 complex to ER-associated protein degradation.
Neuber, O. and Jarosch, E. and Volkwein, C. and Walter, J. and Sommer, T.
Nature Cell Biology 7 (10): 993-998. 18 September 2005

ERAD: the long road to destruction.
Meusser, B. and Hirsch, C. and Jarosch, E. and Sommer, T.
Nature Cell Biology 7 (8): 766-772. August 2005


Ion channels: function unravelled by dysfunction.
Jentsch, T.J. and Huebner, C.A. and Fuhrmann, J.C.
Nature Cell Biology 6 (11): 1039-1047. November 2004


EGFR activation coupled to inhibition of tyrosine phosphatases causes lateral signal propagation.
Reynolds, A.R. and Tischer, C. and Verveer, P.J. and Rocks, O. and Bastiaens, P.I.
Nature Cell Biology 5 (5): 447-453. May 2003


Proteasome subunit Rpn1 binds ubiquitin-like protein domains.
Elsasser, S. and Gali, R.R. and Schwickart, M. and Larsen, C.N. and Leggett, D.S. and Mueller, B. and Feng, M.T. and Tuebing, F. and Dittmar, G.A.G. and Finley, D.
Nature Cell Biology 4 : 725-730. 1 September 2002

Hakai, a c-Cbl-like protein, ubiquitinates and induces endocytosis of the E-cadherin complex.
Fujita, Y. and Krause, G. and Scheffner, M. and Zechner, D. and Leddy, H.E.M. and Behrens, J. and Sommer, T. and Birchmeier, W.
Nature Cell Biology 4 (3): 222-231. 1 March 2002

Protein dislocation from the ER requires polyubiquitination and the AAA-ATPase Cdc48.
Jarosch, E. and Taxis, C. and Volkwein, C. and Bordallo, J. and Finley, D. and Wolf, D.H. and Sommer, T.
Nature Cell Biology 4 (2): 134-139. 1 February 2002


A regulatory link between ER-associated protein degradation and the unfolded-protein response.
Friedlander, R. and Jarosch, E. and Urban, J. and Volkwein, C. and Sommer, T.
Nature Cell Biology 2 (7): 379-384. 1 July 2000

Smooth-muscle contraction without smooth-muscle myosin.
Morano, I. and Chai, G.X. and Baltas, L.G. and Lamounier-Zepter, V. and Lutsch, G. and Kott, M. and Haase, H. and Bader, M.
Nature Cell Biology 2 (6): 371-375. 1 June 2000


Lipoprotein receptors: new roles for ancient proteins.
Willnow, T.E. and Nykjaer, A. and Herz, J.
Nature Cell Biology 1 : E157-E162. 1 October 1999

The base of the proteasome regulatory particle exhibits chaperone-like activity.
Braun, B.C. and Glickman, M. and Kraft, R. and Dahlmann, B. and Kloetzel, P.M. and Finley, D. and Schmidt, M.
Nature Cell Biology 1 (4): 221-226. 1 August 1999

MAPKAP kinase 2 is essential for LPS-induced TNF-alpha biosynthesis.
Kotlyarov, A. and Neininger, A. and Schubert, C. and Eckert, R. and Birchmeier, C. and Volk, H.D. and Gaestel, M.
Nature Cell Biology 1 : 94-97. 1 June 1999

Involvement of caveolin-1 in meiotic cell-cycle progression in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Scheel, J. and Srinivasan, J. and Honnert, U. and Henske, A. and Kurzchalia, T.V.
Nature Cell Biology 1 : 127-129. 1 January 1999

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