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Spinal cord lesions and atrophy in NMOSD with AQP4-IgG and MOG-IgG associated autoimmunity.
Chien, C. and Scheel, M. and Schmitz-Hübsch, T. and Borisow, N. and Ruprecht, K. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Paul, F. and Brandt, A.U.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 26 November 2018 (In Press)

Aquaporin-4 serostatus does not predict response to immunotherapy in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders.
Mealy, M.A. and Kim, S.H. and Schmidt, F. and López, R. and Jimenez Arango, J.A. and Paul, F. and Wingerchuk, D.M. and Greenberg, B.M. and Kim, H.Jin. and Levy, M.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 24 (13): 1737-1742. 1 November 2018

Brain activity, regional gray matter loss, and decision-making in multiple sclerosis.
Weygandt, M. and Wakonig, K. and Behrens, J. and Meyer-Arndt, L. and Söder, E. and Brandt, A.U. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Ruprecht, K. and Gold, S.M. and Haynes, J.D. and Paul, F.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 24 (9): 1163-1173. 1 August 2018

Association of smoking but not HLA-DRB1*15:01, APOE or body mass index with brain atrophy in early multiple sclerosis.
Graetz, C. and Gröger, A. and Luessi, F. and Salmen, A. and Zöller, D. and Schultz, J. and Siller, N. and Fleischer, V. and Bellenberg, B. and Berthele, A. and Biberacher, V. and Havla, J. and Hecker, M. and Hohlfeld, R. and Infante-Duarte, C. and Kirschke, J.S. and Kümpfel, T. and Linker, R. and Paul, F. and Pfeuffer, S. and Sämann, P. and Toenges, G. and Weber, F. and Zettl, U.K. and Jahn-Eimermacher, A. and Antony, G. and Groppa, S. and Wiendl, H. and Hemmer, B. and Mühlau, M. and Lukas, C. and Gold, R. and Lill, C.M. and Zipp, F.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 13 March 2018 (In Press)

Multiple sclerosis-related fatigue: altered resting-state functional connectivity of the ventral striatum and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.
Jaeger, S. and Paul, F. and Scheel, M. and Brandt, A. and Heine, J. and Pach, D. and Witt, C.M. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Finke, C.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 21 February 2018 (In Press)


Patients with multiple sclerosis demonstrate reduced subbasal corneal nerve fibre density.
Mikolajczak, J. and Zimmermann, H. and Kheirkhah, A. and Kadas, E.M. and Oberwahrenbrock, T. and Muller, R. and Ren, A. and Kuchling, J. and Dietze, H. and Prüss, H. and Paul, F. and Hamrah, P. and Brandt, A.U.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 23 (14): 1847-1853. 1 December 2017

A population-based prospective study of optic neuritis.
Soelberg, K. and Jarius, S. and Skejoe, H.P.B. and Engberg, H. and Mehlsen, J.J. and Nilsson, A.C. and Madsen, J.S. and Reindl, M. and Wildemann, B. and Grauslund, J. and Kyvik, K.O. and Smith, T.J. and Lillevang, S.T. and Paul, F. and Weinshenker, B.G. and Asgari, N.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 23 (14): 1893-1901. 1 December 2017

Influence of female sex and fertile age on neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders.
Borisow, N. and Kleiter, I. and Gahlen, A. and Fischer, K. and Wernecke, K.D. and Pache, F. and Ruprecht, K. and Havla, J. and Krumbholz, M. and Kümpfel, T. and Aktas, O. and Ringelstein, M. and Geis, C. and Kleinschnitz, C. and Berthele, A. and Hemmer, B. and Angstwurm, K. and Weissert, R. and Stellmann, J.P. and Schuster, S. and Stangel, M. and Lauda, F. and Tumani, H. and Mayer, C. and Zeltner, L. and Ziemann, U. and Linker, R.A. and Schwab, M. and Marziniak, M. and Then Bergh, F. and Hofstadt-van Oy, U. and Neuhaus, O. and Winkelmann, A. and Marouf, W. and Rückriem, L. and Faiss, J. and Wildemann, B. and Paul, F. and Jarius, S. and Trebst, C. and Hellwig, K.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 23 (8): 1092-1103. July 2017

Gadopentetate but not gadobutrol accumulates in the dentate nucleus of multiple sclerosis patients.
Schlemm, L. and Chien, C. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Dörr, J. and Wuerfel, J. and Brandt, A.U. and Paul, F. and Scheel, M.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 23 (7): 963-972. June 2017

Role of IL-17-producing lymphocytes in severity of multiple sclerosis upon natalizumab treatment.
Bühler, U. and Fleischer, V. and Luessi, F. and Rezk, A. and Belikan, P. and Graetz, C. and Gollan, R. and Wolf, C. and Lutz, J. and Bar-Or, A. and Siffrin, V. and Zipp, F.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 23 (4): 567-576. 1 April 2017


Validity of visual perceptive computing for static posturography in patients with multiple sclerosis.
Behrens, J.R. and Mertens, S. and Krüger, T. and Grobelny, A. and Otte, K. and Mansow-Model, S. and Gusho, E. and Paul, F. and Brandt, A.U. and Schmitz-Hübsch, T.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 22 (12): 1596-1606. October 2016

Characterizing the phenotype of multiple sclerosis-associated depression in comparison with idiopathic major depression.
Hasselmann, H. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Ricken, R. and Oberwahrenbrock, T. and Rose, M. and Otte, C. and Adli, M. and Paul, F. and Brandt, A.U. and Finke, C. and Gold, S.M.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 22 (11): 1476-1484. October 2016

Screening for MOG-IgG and 27 other anti-glial and anti-neuronal autoantibodies in 'pattern II multiple sclerosis' and brain biopsy findings in a MOG-IgG-positive case.
Jarius, S. and Metz, I. and König, F.B. and Ruprecht, K. and Reindl, M. and Paul, F. and Brück, W. and Wildemann, B.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 22 (12): 1541-1549. October 2016

PML risk stratification using anti-JCV antibody index and L-selectin.
Schwab, N. and Schneider-Hohendorf, T. and Pignolet, B. and Spadaro, M. and Görlich, D. and Meinl, I. and Windhagen, S. and Tackenberg, B. and Breuer, J. and Cantó, E. and Kümpfel, T. and Hohlfeld, R. and Siffrin, V. and Luessi, F. and Posevitz-Fejfár, A. and Montalban, X. and Meuth, S.G. and Zipp, F. and Gold, R. and Du Pasquier, R.A. and Kleinschnitz, C. and Jacobi, A. and Comabella, M. and Bertolotto, A. and Brassat, D. and Wiendl, H.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 22 (8): 1048-1060. July 2016

Placebo-controlled study in neuromyelitis optica : ethical and design considerations.
Cree, B.A.C. and Bennett, J.L. and Sheehan, M. and Cohen, J. and Hartung, H.P. and Aktas, O. and Kim, H.J. and Paul, F. and Pittock, S. and Weinshenker, B. and Wingerchuk, D. and Fujihara, K. and Cutter, G. and Patra, K. and Flor, A. and Barron, G. and Madani, S. and Ratchford, J.N. and Katz, E.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 22 (7): 862-872. June 2016

Flow cytometric analysis of T cell/monocyte ratio in clinically isolated syndrome identifies patients at risk of rapid disease progression.
Nemecek, A. and Zimmermann, H. and Rübenthaler, J. and Fleischer, V. and Paterka, M. and Luessi, F. and Müller-Forell, W. and Zipp, F. and Siffrin, V.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 22 (4): 483-493. April 2016

Distinct functionality of neutrophils in multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica.
Hertwig, L. and Pache, F. and Romero-Suarez, S. and Stuerner, K.H. and Borisow, N. and Behrens, J. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Seeger, B. and Asselborn, N. and Ruprecht, K. and Millward, J.M. and Infante-Duarte, C. and Paul, F.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 22 (2): 160-173. February 2016


Altered basal ganglia functional connectivity in multiple sclerosis patients with fatigue.
Finke, C. and Schlichting, J. and Papazoglou, S. and Scheel, M. and Freing, A. and Soemmer, C. and Pech, L.M. and Pajkert, A. and Pfueller, C.J. and Wuerfel, J.T. and Ploner, C. and Paul, F. and Brandt, A.U.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 21 (7): 925-934. June 2015

Demographic and clinical features of neuromyelitis optica: A review.
Pandit, L. and Asgari, N. and Apiwattanakul, M. and Palace, J. and Paul, F. and Leite, M.I. and Kleiter, I. and Chitnis, T.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 21 (7): 845-853. June 2015

Neuromyelitis optica and multiple sclerosis: Seeing differences through optical coherence tomography.
Bennett, J.L. and de Seze, J. and Lana-Peixoto, M. and Palace, J. and Waldman, A. and Schippling, S. and Tenembaum, S. and Banwell, B. and Greenberg, B. and Levy, M. and Fujihara, K. and Chan, K.H. and Kim, H.J. and Asgari, N. and Sato, D.K. and Saiz, A. and Wuerfel, J. and Zimmermann, H. and Green, A. and Villoslada, P. and Paul, F.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 21 (6): 678-688. May 2015

Signaling networks in MS: a systems-based approach to developing new pharmacological therapies.
Kotelnikova, E. and Bernardo-Faura, M. and Silberberg, G. and Kiani, N.A. and Messinis, D. and Melas, I.N. and Artigas, L. and Schwartz, E. and Mazo, I. and Masso, M. and Alexopoulos, L.G. and Mas, J.M. and Olsson, T. and Tegner, J. and Martin, R. and Zamora, A. and Paul, F. and Saez-Rodriguez, J. and Villoslada, P.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 21 (2): 138-146. February 2015

Quality control for retinal OCT in multiple sclerosis: validation of the OSCAR-IB criteria.
Schippling, S. and Balk, L. and Costello, F. and Albrecht, P. and Balcer, L. and Calabresi, P. and Frederiksen, J. and Frohman, E. and Green, A. and Klistorner, A. and Outteryck, O. and Paul, F. and Plant, G. and Traber, G. and Vermersch, P. and Villoslada, P. and Wolf, S. and Petzold, A.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 21 (2): 163-170. February 2015


Identical lesion morphology in primary progressive and relapsing-remitting MS -an ultrahigh field MRI study.
Kuchling, J. and Ramien, C. and Bozin, I. and Dörr, J. and Harms, L. and Rosche, B. and Niendorf, T. and Paul, F. and Sinnecker, T. and Wuerfel, J.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 20 (14): 1866-1871. December 2014

Retinal nerve fibre layer thickness correlates with brain white matter damage in multiple sclerosis: a combined optical coherence tomography and diffusion tensor imaging study.
Scheel, M. and Finke, C. and Oberwahrenbrock, T. and Freing, A. and Pech, L.M. and Schlichting, J. and Sömmer, C. and Wuerfel, J. and Paul, F. and Brandt, A.U.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 20 (14): 1904-1907. December 2014

Brainstem manifestations in neuromyelitis optica: a multicenter study of 258 patients.
Kremer, L. and Mealy, M. and Jacob, A. and Nakashima, I. and Cabre, P. and Bigi, S. and Paul, F. and Jarius, S. and Aktas, O. and Elsone, L. and Mutch, K. and Levy, M. and Takai, Y. and Collongues, N. and Banwell, B. and Fujihara, K. and de Seze, J.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 20 (7): 843-847. June 2014

Contribution of spinal cord biopsy to diagnosis of aquaporin-4 antibody positive neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder.
Ringelstein, M. and Metz, I. and Ruprecht, K. and Koch, A. and Rappold, J. and Ingwersen, J. and Mathys, C. and Jarius, S. and Brück, W. and Hartung, H.P. and Paul, F. and Aktas, O.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 20 (7): 882-888. June 2014

Visual evoked potentials in neuromyelitis optica and its spectrum disorders.
Ringelstein, M. and Kleiter, I. and Ayzenberg, I. and Borisow, N. and Paul, F. and Ruprecht, K. and Kraemer, M. and Cohn, E. and Wildemann, B. and Jarius, S. and Hartung, H.P. and Aktas, O. and Albrecht, P.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 20 (5): 617-620. April 2014

How to treat tumefactive demyelinating disease?
Siffrin, V. and Müller-Forell, W. and von Pein, H. and Zipp, F.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 20 (5): 631-633. April 2014

Comprehensive analysis of microRNA profiles in multiple sclerosis including next-generation sequencing.
Keller, A. and Leidinger, P. and Steinmeyer, F. and Stähler, C. and Franke, A. and Hemmrich-Stanisak, G. and Kappel, A. and Wright, I. and Dörr, J. and Paul, F. and Diem, R. and Tocariu-Krick, B. and Meder, B. and Backes, C. and Meese, E. and Ruprecht, K.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 20 (3): 295-303. March 2014

Characterization of neuromyelitis optica and neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder patients with a late onset.
Collongues, N. and Marignier, R. and Jacob, A. and Leite, M. and Siva, A. and Paul, F. and Zephir, H. and Akman-Demir, G. and Elsone, L. and Jarius, S. and Papeix, C. and Mutch, K. and Saip, S. and Wildemann, B. and Kitley, J. and Karabudak, R. and Aktas, O. and Kuscu, D. and Altintas, A. and Palace, J. and Confavreux, C. and De Seze, J.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 20 (8): 1086-1094. 2014


Retinal ganglion cell and inner plexiform layer thinning in clinically isolated syndrome.
Oberwahrenbrock, T. and Ringelstein, M. and Jentschke, S. and Deuschle, K. and Klumbies, K. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Harmel, J. and Ruprecht, K. and Schippling, S. and Hartung, H.P. and Aktas, O. and Brandt, A.U. and Paul, F.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 19 (14): 1887-1895. December 2013

Are there Epstein-Barr virus seronegative patients with multiple sclerosis?
Deuschle, K. and Hofmann, J. and Otto, C. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Scherner, O. and Klumbies, K. and Schneider, E. and Broddack, J. and Paul, F. and Ruprecht, K.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 19 (9): 1242-1243. August 2013

Breastfeeding is associated with lower risk for multiple sclerosis.
Conradi, S. and Malzahn, U. and Paul, F. and Quill, S. and Harms, L. and Then Bergh, F. and Ditzenbach, A. and Georgi, T. and Heuschmann, P. and Rosche, B.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 19 (5): 553-558. April 2013

Optic neuritis interferes with optical coherence tomography and magnetic resonance imaging correlations.
Zimmermann, H. and Freing, A. and Kaufhold, F. and Gaede, G. and Bohn, E. and Bock, M. and Oberwahrenbrock, T. and Young, K.L. and Dörr, J. and Wuerfel, J.T. and Schippling, S. and Paul, F. and Brandt, A.U.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 19 (4): 443-450. April 2013

Periventricular venous density in multiple sclerosis is inversely associated with T2 lesion count: a 7 Tesla MRI study.
Sinnecker, T. and Bozin, I. and Dörr, J. and Pfueller, C.F. and Harms, L. and Niendorf, T. and Brandt, A.U. and Paul, F. and Wuerfel, J.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 19 (3): 316-325. March 2013

'Obstructive sleep apnea is associated with fatigue in multiple sclerosis' by Kaminska et al.
Veauthier, C. and Blau, A. and Paul, F.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 19 (3): 372-373. March 2013


Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders in patients with myasthenia gravis: ten new aquaporin-4 antibody positive cases and a review of the literature.
Jarius, S. and Paul, F. and Franciotta, D. and de Seze, J. and Muench, C. and Salvetti, M. and Ruprecht, K. and Liebetrau, M. and Wandinger, K. and Akman-Demir, G. and Melms, A. and Kristoferitsch, W. and Wildemann, B.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 18 (8): 1135-1143. August 2012


Frequency and syndrome specificity of antibodies to aquaporin-4 in neurological patients with rheumatic disorders.
Jarius, S. and Jacobi, C. and de Seze, J. and Zephir, H. and Paul, F. and Franciotta, D. and Rommer, P. and Mader, S. and Kleiter, I. and Reindl, M. and Akman-Demir, G. and Seifert-Held, T. and Kristoferitsch, W. and Melms, A. and Wandinger, K.P. and Wildemann, B.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 17 (9): 1067-1073. September 2011

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