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IFT88 maintains sensory function by localising signalling proteins along Drosophila cilia.
Werner, S. and Okenve-Ramos, P. and Hehlert, P. and Zitouni, S. and Priya, P. and Mendonça, S. and Sporbert, A. and Spalthoff, C. and Göpfert, M.C. and Jana, S.C. and Bettencourt-Dias, M.
Life Science Alliance 7 (5): e202302289. May 2024

ADAM19 cleaves the PTH receptor and associates with brachydactyly type E.
Aydin, A. and Klenk, C. and Nemec, K. and Işbilir, Ali and Martin, L.M. and Zauber, H. and Rrustemi, T. and Toka, H.R. and Schuster, H. and Gong, M. and Stricker, S. and Bock, A. and Bähring, S. and Selbach, M. and Lohse, M.J. and Luft, F.C.
Life Science Alliance 7 (4): e202302400. April 2024

Single-cell time series analysis reveals the dynamics of HSPC response to inflammation.
Bouman, B.J. and Demerdash, Y. and Sood, S. and Grünschläger, F. and Pilz, F. and Itani, A.R. and Kuck, A. and Marot-Lassauzaie, V. and Haas, S. and Haghverdi, L. and Essers, M.A.
Life Science Alliance 7 (3): e202302309. March 2024


Branch point strength controls species-specific CAMK2B alternative splicing and regulates LTP.
Franz, A. and Weber, A.I. and Preußner, M. and Dimos, N. and Stumpf, A. and Ji, Y. and Moreno-Velasquez, L. and Voigt, A. and Schulz, F. and Neumann, A. and Kuropka, B. and Kuehn, R. and Urlaub, H. and Schmitz, D. and Wahl, M.C. and Heyd, F.
Life Science Alliance 6 (3): e202201826. March 2023

Disease- and sex-specific differences in patients with heart valve disease: a proteome study.
Nordmeyer, S. and Kraus, M. and Ziehm, M. and Kirchner, M. and Schafstedde, M. and Kelm, M. and Niquet, S. and Stephen, M.M. and Baczko, I. and Knosalla, C. and Schapranow, M.P. and Dittmar, G. and Gotthardt, M. and Falcke, M. and Regitz-Zagrosek, V. and Kuehne, T. and Mertins, P.
Life Science Alliance 6 (3): e202201411. March 2023


Cap analysis of gene expression reveals alternative promoter usage in a rat model of hypertension.
Dahale, S. and Ruiz-Orera, J. and Silhavy, J. and Hübner, N. and van Heesch, S. and Pravenec, M. and Atanur, S.S.
Life Science Alliance 5 (4): e202101234. April 2022

Epigenetic modifier balances Mapk and Wnt signalling in differentiation of goblet and Paneth cells.
Grinat, J. and Kosel, F. and Goveas, N. and Kranz, A. and Alexopoulou, D. and Rajewsky, K. and Sigal, M. and Stewart, A.F. and Heuberger, J.
Life Science Alliance 5 (4): e202101187. April 2022

Mammalian splicing divergence is shaped by drift, buffering in trans, and a scaling law.
Zou, X. and Schaefke, B. and Li, Y. and Jia, F. and Sun, W. and Li, G. and Liang, W. and Reif, T. and Heyd, F. and Gao, Q. and Tian, S. and Li, Y. and Tang, Y. and Fang, L. and Hu, Y. and Chen, W.
Life Science Alliance 5 (4): e202101333. April 2022


Negative correlation of single-cell PAX3:FOXO1 expression with tumorigenicity in rhabdomyosarcoma.
Regina, C. and Hamed, E. and Andrieux, G. and Angenendt, S. and Schneider, M. and Ku, M. and Follo, M. and Wachtel, M. and Ke, E. and Kikuchi, K. and Henssen, A.G. and Schäfer, B.W. and Boerries, M. and Wagers, A.J. and Keller, C. and Hettmer, S.
Life Science Alliance 4 (9): e202001002. September 2021

Myeloid transformation by MLL-ENL depends strictly on C/EBP.
Wesolowski, R. and Kowenz-Leutz, E. and Zimmermann, K. and Dörr, D. and Hofstätter, M. and Slany, R.K. and Mildner, A. and Leutz, A.
Life Science Alliance 4 (1): e202000709. January 2021


Gene selection for optimal prediction of cell position in tissues from single-cell transcriptomics data.
Tanevski, J. and Nguyen, T. and Truong, B. and Karaiskos, N. and Ahsen, M.E. and Zhang, X. and Shu, C. and Xu, K. and Liang, X. and Hu, Y. and Pham, H.V.V. and Xiaomei, L. and Le, T.D. and Tarca, A.L. and Bhatti, G. and Romero, R. and Karathanasis, N. and Loher, P. and Chen, Y. and Ouyang, Z. and Mao, D. and Zhang, Y. and Zand, M. and Ruan, J. and Hafemeister, C. and Qiu, P. and Tran, D. and Nguyen, T. and Gabor, A. and Yu, T. and Guinney, J. and Glaab, E. and Krause, R. and Banda, P. and Stolovitzky, G. and Rajewsky, N. and Saez-Rodriguez, J. and Meyer, P.
Life Science Alliance 3 (11): e202000867. November 2020

Immunoglobulin expression in the endoplasmic reticulum shapes the metabolic fitness of B lymphocytes.
Jumaa, H. and Caganova, M. and McAllister, E.J. and Hoenig, L. and He, X. and Saltukoglu, D. and Brenker, K. and Köhler, M. and Leben, R. and Hauser, A.E. and Niesner, R. and Rajewsky, K. and Reth, M. and Jellusova, J.
Life Science Alliance 3 (6): e202000700. June 2020


Evaluation of colorectal cancer subtypes and cell lines using deep learning.
Ronen, J. and Hayat, S. and Akalin, A.
Life Science Alliance 2 (6): 201900517. December 2019

m(6)A-mRNA methylation regulates cardiac gene expression and cellular growth.
Kmietczyk, V. and Riechert, E. and Kalinski, L. and Boileau, E. and Malovrh, E. and Malone, B. and Gorska, A. and Hofmann, C. and Varma, E. and Jürgensen, L. and Kamuf-Schenk, V. and Altmüller, J. and Tappu, R. and Busch, M. and Most, P. and Katus, H.A. and Dieterich, C. and Völkers, M.
Life Science Alliance 2 (2): e201800233. April 2019

A C/EBPα-Wnt connection in gut homeostasis and carcinogenesis.
Heuberger, J. and Hill, U. and Förster, S. and Zimmermann, K. and Malchin, V. and Kühl, A.A. and Stein, U. and Vieth, M. and Birchmeier, W. and Leutz, A.
Life Science Alliance 2 (1): e201800173. February 2019


Interaction modulation through arrays of clustered methyl-arginine protein modifications.
Woodsmith, J. and Casado-Medrano, V. and Benlasfer, N. and Eccles, R.L. and Hutten, S. and Heine, C.L. and Thormann, V. and Abou-Ajram, C. and Rocks, O. and Dormann, D. and Stelzl, U.
Life Science Alliance 1 (5): e201800178. October 2018

Pervasive allele-specific regulation on RNA decay in hybrid mice.
Sun, W. and Gao, Q. and Schaefke, B. and Hu, Y. and Chen, W.
Life Science Alliance 1 (2): e201800052. May 2018

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