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Parallel generation of easily selectable multiple nephronal cell types from human pluripotent stem cells.
Hariharan, K. and Stachelscheid, H. and Rossbach, B. and Oh, S.J. and Mah, N. and Schmidt-Ott, K. and Kurtz, A. and Reinke, P.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 76 (1): 179. January 2019

Depletion of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 reduces brain serotonin and impairs the running-induced neurogenic response.
Klempin, F. and Mosienko, V. and Matthes, S. and Villela, D.C. and Todiras, M. and Penninger, J.M. and Bader, M. and Santos, R.A.S. and Alenina, N.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 75 (19): 3625-3634. October 2018

Evidence of G-protein-coupled receptor and substrate transporter heteromerization at a single molecule level.
Fischer, J. and Kleinau, G. and Rutz, C. and Zwanziger, D. and Khajavi, N. and Müller, A. and Rehders, M. and Brix, K. and Worth, C.L. and Führer, D. and Krude, H. and Wiesner, B. and Schülein, R. and Biebermann, H.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 75 (12): 2227-2239. June 2018

Downregulation of p53 drives autophagy during human trophoblast differentiation.
Gauster, M. and Maninger, S. and Siwetz, M. and Deutsch, A. and El-Heliebi, A. and Kolb-Lenz, D. and Hiden, U. and Desoye, G. and Herse, F. and Prokesch, A.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 75 (10): 1839-1855. May 2018

Dimerization leads to changes in APP (amyloid precursor protein) trafficking mediated by LRP1 and SorLA.
Eggert, S. and Gonzalez, A.C. and Thomas, C. and Schilling, S. and Schwarz, S.M. and Tischer, C. and Adam, V. and Strecker, P. and Schmidt, V. and Willnow, T.E. and Hermey, G. and Pietrzik, C.U. and Koo, E.H. and Kins, Stefan
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 75 (2): 301-322. January 2018

Homeostatic regulation of NCAM polysialylation is critical for correct synaptic targeting.
Vogt, J. and Glumm, R. and Schlueter, L. and Schmitz, D. and Rost, B.R. and Streu, N. and Rister, B. and Suman Bharathi, B. and Gagiannis, D. and Hildebrandt, H. and Weinhold, B. and Muehlenhoff, M. and Naumann, T. and Savaskan, N.E. and Brauer, A.U. and Reutter, W. and Heimrich, B. and Nitsch, R. and Horstkorte, R.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 69 (7): 1179-1191. April 2012

Elucidating the principles of the molecular organization of heteropolymeric tight junction strands.
Piontek, J. and Fritzsche, S. and Cording, J. and Richter, S. and Hartwig, J. and Walter, M. and Yu, D. and Turner, J.R. and Gehring, C. and Rahn, H.P. and Wolburg, H. and Blasig, I.E.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 8 (23): 3903-3918. December 2011

Different roles of the human Orc6 protein in the replication initiation process.
Thomae, A.W. and Baltin, J. and Pich, D. and Deutsch, M.J. and Ravasz, M. and Zeller, K. and Gossen, M. and Hammerschmidt, W. and Schepers, A.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 68 (22): 3741-3756. November 2011

The structure of the Klf4 DNA-binding domain links to self-renewal and macrophage differentiation.
Schuetz, A. and Nana, D. and Rose, C. and Zocher, G. and Milanovic, M. and Koenigsmann, J. and Blasig, R. and Heinemann, U. and Carstanjen, D.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 68 (18): 3121-3131. September 2011

Characterization of the self-palmitoylation activity of the transport protein particle component Bet3.
Kuemmel, D. and Walter, J. and Heck, M. and Heinemann, U. and Veit, M.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 67 (15): 2653-2664. August 2010

Molecular and structural effects of inverse agonistic mutations on signaling of the thyrotropin receptor - a basally active GPCR.
Kleinau, G. and Jaeschke, H. and Mueller, S. and Worth, C.L. and Paschke, R. and Krause, G.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 65 (22): 3664-3676. November 2008

The translocation motif of hepatitis B virus improves protein vaccination.
Bleifuss, E. and Kammertoens, T. and Hutloff, A. and Quarcoo, D. and Dorner, M. and Straub, P. and Uckert, W. and Hildt, E.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 63 : 627-635. March 2006

Sialyl Lewisx-liposomes as vehicles for site-directed, E-selectin-mediated drug transfer into activated endothelial cells.
Stahn, R. and Grittner, C. and Zeisig, R. and Karsten, U. and Felix, S.B. and Wenzel, K.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 58 (1): 141-147. 1 January 2001

Phylogenetic relationship of organisms obtained by ribosomal protein comparison.
Mueller, E.C. and Wittmann-Liebold, B.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 53 : 34-50. 1 January 1997


Sorting receptor SORLA: cellular mechanisms and implications for disease.
Schmidt, V. and Subkhangulova, A. and Willnow, T.E.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 74 (8): 1475-1483. April 2017

Environmental factors in autoimmune diseases and their role in multiple sclerosis.
Jörg, S. and Grohme, D.A. and Erzler, M. and Binsfeld, M. and Haghikia, A. and Müller, D.N. and Linker, R.A. and Kleinewietfeld, M.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 73 (24): 4611-4622. December 2016

Metabolic restructuring and cell fate conversion.
Prigione, A. and Ruiz-Perez, M.V. and Bukowiecki, R. and Adjaye, J.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 72 (9): 1759-1777. 1 May 2015

A potential pathophysiological role for galectins and the renin-angiotensin system in preeclampsia.
Blois, S.M. and Dechend, R. and Barrientos, G. and Staff, A.C.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 72 (1): 39-50. January 2015

Molecular domestication of transposable elements: From detrimental parasites to useful host genes.
Sinzelle, L. and Izsvak, Z. and Ivics, Z.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 66 (6): 1073-1093. March 2009

From endoderm to pancreas: a multistep journey.
Spagnoli, F.M.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 64 (18): 2378-2390. September 2007

Molecular analysis of axonal target specificity and synapse formation.
Juettner, R. and Rathjen, F.G.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 62 : 2811-2827. 21 October 2005

DNA transposons in vertebrate functional genomics.
Miskey, C. and Izsvak, Z. and Kawakami, K. and Ivics, Z.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 62 (6): 629-641. March 2005

Genes essential for early events in gonadal development.
Parker, K.L. and Schimmer, B.P. and Schedl, A.
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 55 : 831-838. 1 June 1999

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