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Spontaneous Ca(2+) transients in mouse microglia.
Korvers, L. and de Andrade Costa, A. and Mersch, M. and Matyash, V. and Kettenmann, H. and Semtner, M.
Cell Calcium 60 (6): 396-406. December 2016


Transmitter- and hormone-activated Ca(2+) responses in adult microglia/brain macrophages in situ recorded after viral transduction of a recombinant Ca(2+) sensor.
Seifert, S. and Pannell, M. and Uckert, W. and Faerber, K. and Kettenmann, H.
Cell Calcium 49 (6): 365-375. June 2011


Store-operated Ca(2+) entry in astrocytes: Different spatial arrangement of endoplasmic reticulum explains functional diversity in vitro and in situ.
Pivneva, T. and Haas, B. and Reyes-Haro, D. and Laube, G. and Veh, R.W. and Nolte, C. and Skibo, G. and Kettenmann, H.
Cell Calcium 43 (6): 591-601. June 2008

Temperature and nitric oxide control spontaneous calcium transients in astrocytes.
Schipke, C.G. and Heidemann, A. and Skupin, A. and Peters, O. and Falcke, M. and Kettenmann, H.
Cell Calcium 43 (3): 285-295. March 2008


Impact of testosterone on cardiac L-type calcium channels and Ca(2+) sparks: Acute actions antagonize chronic effects.
Er, F. and Michels, G. and Brandt, M.C. and Khan, I. and Haase, H. and Eicks, M. and Lindner, M. and Hoppe, U.C.
Cell Calcium 41 (5): 467-477. 1 May 2007


A role for T-type Ca2+ channels in mechanosensation.
Heppenstall, P.A. and Lewin, G.R.
Cell Calcium 40 (2): 165-174. August 2006


Sodium block and depolarization diminish P2Z-dependent Ca2+ entry in human B lymphocytes.
Loehn, M. and Klapperstueck, M. and Riemann, D. and Markwardt, F.
Cell Calcium 29 (6): 395-408. 1 January 2001


Calcium signalling in glial cells.
Deitmer, J.W. and Verkhratsky, A.J. and Lohr, C.
Cell Calcium 24 (5-6): 405-416. 1 November 1998

Neuronal calcium stores.
Verkhratsky, A.J. and Petersen, O.H.
Cell Calcium 24 (5-6): 333-343. 1 November 1998

Opposite effects on cytosolic Ca2+ of antitumor phospholipids by induction of calcium influx and activation of endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase.
Bergmann, J. and Langen, P. and Thomas, Y. and Brachwitz, H.
Cell Calcium 23 : 241-249. 1 January 1998


Bergmann glial cells in situ express endothelin Breceptors linked to cytoplasmic calcium signals.
Tuschick, S. and Kirischuk, S. and Kirchhoff, F. and Liefeldt, L. and Paul, M. and Verkhratsky, A. and Kettenmann, H.
Cell Calcium 21 : 409-419. 1 January 1997


Calcium signalling in granule neurones studied in cerebellar slices.
Kirischuk, S. and Voitenko, N. and Kostyuk, P. and Verkhratsky, A.
Cell Calcium 19 (1): 59-71. 1 January 1996

Calcium induced calcium release in neurones.
Verkhratsky, A. and Shmigol, A.
Cell Calcium 19 : 1-14. 1 January 1996


IBMX induces calcium release from intracellular stores in rat sensory neurones.
Usachev, Y. and Verkhratsky, A.
Cell Calcium 17 : 197-206. 1 January 1995

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