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A model of the large-scale organization of chromatin.
Barbieri, M. and Chotalia, M. and Fraser, J. and Lavitas, L.M. and Dostie, J. and Pombo, A. and Nicodemi, M.
Biochemical Society Transactions 41 (2): 508-512. April 2013


Mathematical modelling of Wnt/beta-catenin signalling.
Kofahl, B. and Wolf, J.
Biochemical Society Transactions 38 (5): 1281-1285. 1 October 2010


VEGFRs and Notch: a dynamic collaboration in vascular patterning.
Jakobsson, L. and Bentley, K. and Gerhardt, H.
Biochemical Society Transactions 37 (Pt 6): 1233-1236. December 2009

Structural and functional restraints in the evolution of protein families and superfamilies.
Gong, S. and Worth, C.L. and Bickerton, G.R.J. and Lee, S. and Tanramluk, D. and Blundell, T.L.
Biochemical Society Transactions 37 (4): 727-733. 1 August 2009


Peptides for disruption of PKA anchoring.
Hundsrucker, C. and Rosenthal, W. and Klussmann, E.
Biochemical Society Transactions 34 (Pt 4): 472-473. 1 August 2006

Mechanisms of neurotrophin receptor signalling.
Zampieri, N. and Chao, M.V.
Biochemical Society Transactions 34 (Pt 4): 607-611. 1 August 2006

Heparan sulphate requirement in platelet-derived growth factor B-mediated pericyte recruitment.
Kurup, S. and Abramsson, A. and Li, J.P. and Lindahl, U. and Kjellen, L. and Betsholtz, C. and Gerhardt, H. and Spillmann, D.
Biochemical Society Transactions 34 (3): 454-455. 1 June 2006


Compartmentalized cAMP signalling regulates vasopressin-mediated water reabsorption by controlling aquaporin-2.
Henn, V. and Stefan, E. and Baillie, G.S. and Houslay, M.D. and Rosenthal, W. and Klussmann, E.
Biochemical Society Transactions 33 (Pt 6): 1316-1318. December 2005


Polyglutamine expansion and Huntington's disease.
Bates, G.P. and Mangiarini, L. and Wanker, E.E. and Davies, S.W.
Biochemical Society Transactions 26 : 471-475. 1 August 1998

Gross conformation of dissolved angiotensin derived from sedimentation and diffusion coefficients.
Behlke, J. and Ristau, O.
Biochemical Society Transactions 26 : 758-761. 1 January 1998


Derivation of conditionally immortal mammary epithelial cell lines.
Gordon, K.E. and Binas, B. and Wallace, R. and Clark, A.J. and Watson, C.J.
Biochemical Society Transactions 24 : S371.. 1 January 1996


APO-1-mediated apoptosis in normal and malignant lymphocytes.
Dhein, J. and Behrmann, I. and Daniel, P.T. and Debatin, K.M. and Klas, C. and Moller, P. and Oehm, A. and Trauth, B.C. and Walczak, H. and Krammer, P.H.
Biochemical Society Transactions 22 : 598-600. 1 January 1994


Glycoproteins implicated in neural cell adhesion and axonal growth.
Rathjen, F.G. and Noerenberg, U. and Volkmer, H.
Biochemical Society Transactions 20 : 405-409. 1 May 1992


Compactness of protein molecules in native and denatured states as revealed by laser light scattering and x-ray scattering.
Gast, K. and Damaschun, G. and Damaschun, H. and Misselwitz, R. and Zirwer, D.
Biochemical Society Transactions 19 : 488. 1 January 1991

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