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Association of a PD-L2 gene polymorphism with chronic lymphatic filariasis in a South Indian cohort.
Venugopal, G. and O'Regan, N.L. and Babu, S. and Schumann, R.R. and Srikantam, A. and Merle, R. and Hartmann, S. and Steinfelder, S.
American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 100 (2): 344-350. February 2019

Somatostatin 2 receptors in the spinal cord tonically restrain thermogenic, cardiac and other sympathetic outflows.
Bowman, B.R. and Bokiniec, P. and McMullan, S. and Goodchild, A.K. and Burke, P.G.R.
Frontiers in Neuroscience 13 : 121. February 2019

Multiple two-photon targeted whole-cell patch-clamp recordings from monosynaptically connected neurons in vivo.
Jouhanneau, J.S. and Poulet, J.F.A.
bioRxiv : 516708. 9 January 2019

The cortical states of wakefulness.
Poulet, J.F.A. and Crochet, S.
Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience 12 : 64. January 2019


The sensory coding of warm perception: supplementary figures.
Paricio-Montesinos, R. and Schwaller, F. and Udhayachandran, A. and Walcher, J. and Evangalista, R. and Poulet, J.F.A. and Lewin, G.R.
bioRxiv : 502369. 20 December 2018

A novel non-invasive method to detect gut barrier related changes during a gastrointestinal nematode infection.
Ahmed, N. and Affinass, N. and Heitlinger, E. and Kühl, A.A. and Xenophontos, N. and Jarquin, V.H. and Jost, J. and Steinfelder, S. and Hartmann, S.
bioRxiv : 496760. 17 December 2018

The neural circuits of thermal perception.
Bokiniec, P. and Zampieri, N. and Lewin, G.R. and Poulet, J.F.A.
Current Opinion in Neurobiology 52 : 98-106. October 2018

Dendrite-specific amplification of weak synaptic input during network activity in vivo.
Ferrarese, L. and Jouhanneau, J.S. and Remme, M.W.H. and Kremkow, J. and Katona, G. and Rózsa, B. and Schreiber, S. and Poulet, J.F.A.
Cell Reports 24 (13): 3455-3465. 25 September 2018

Neuregulin 3 promotes excitatory synapse formation on hippocampal interneurons.
Müller, T. and Braud, S. and Jüttner, R. and Voigt, B.C. and Paulick, K. and Sheean, M.E. and Klisch, C. and Gueneykaya, D. and Rathjen, F.G. and Geiger, J.R.P. and Poulet, J.F.A. and Birchmeier, C.
EMBO Journal 37 (17): e98858. 3 September 2018

Somatostatin 2 receptor activation in the rostral ventrolateral medulla does not mediate the decompensatory phase of haemorrhage.
Bokiniec, P. and Burke, P.G.R. and Turner, A.J. and McMullan, S. and Goodchild, A.K.
Shock 50 (3): 331-338. September 2018

Single synaptic inputs drive high-precision action potentials in parvalbumin expressing GABA-ergic cortical neurons in vivo.
Jouhanneau, J.S. and Kremkow, J. and Poulet, J.F.A.
Nature Communications 9 (1): 1540. 18 April 2018

Precisely timed nicotinic activation drives SST inhibition in neocortical circuits.
Urban-Ciecko, J. and Jouhanneau, J.S. and Myal, S.E. and Poulet, J.F.A. and Barth, A.L.
Neuron 97 (3): 611-625. 7 February 2018


Regulation of body weight and energy homeostasis by neuronal cell adhesion molecule 1.
Rathjen, T. and Yan, X. and Kononenko, N.L. and Ku, M.C. and Song, K. and Ferrarese, L. and Tarallo, V. and Puchkov, D. and Kochlamazashvili, G. and Brachs, S. and Varela, L. and Szigeti-Buck, K. and Yi, C.X. and Schriever, S.C. and Tattikota, S.G. and Carlo, A.S. and Moroni, M. and Siemens, J. and Heuser, A. and van der Weyden, L. and Birkenfeld, A.L. and Niendorf, T. and Poulet, J.F.A. and Horvath, T.L. and Tschöp, M.H. and Heinig, M. and Trajkovski, M. and Haucke, V. and Poy, M.N.
Nature Neuroscience 20 (8): 1096-1103. August 2017

Parvalbumin-expressing GABAergic neurons in primary motor cortex signal reaching.
Estebanez, L. and Hoffmann, D. and Voigt, B.C. and Poulet, J.F.A.
Cell Reports 20 (2): 308-318. 11 July 2017

Polysialic acid regulates sympathetic outflow by facilitating information transfer within the nucleus of the solitary tract.
Bokiniec, P. and Shahbazian, S. and McDougall, S.J. and Berning, B.A. and Cheng, D. and Llewellyn-Smith, I.J. and Burke, P.G.R. and McMullan, S. and Muehlenhoff, M. and Hildebrandt, H. and Braet, F. and Connor, M. and Packer, N.H. and Goodchild, A.K.
Journal of Neuroscience 37 (27): 6558-6574. 5 July 2017

Scattering compensation by focus scanning holographic aberration probing (F-SHARP).
Papadopoulos, I.N. and Jouhanneau, J.S. and Poulet, J.F.A. and Judkewitz, B.
Nature Photonics 11 (2): 116-123. February 2017

Small-molecule inhibition of STOML3 oligomerization reverses pathological mechanical hypersensitivity.
Wetzel, C. and Pifferi, S. and Picci, C. and Gök, C. and Hoffmann, D. and Bali, K.K. and Lampe, A. and Lapatsina, L. and Fleischer, R. and Smith, E.S.J. and Bégay, V. and Moroni, M. and Estebanez, L. and Kühnemund, J. and Walcher, J. and Specker, E. and Neuenschwander, M. and von Kries, J.P. and Haucke, V. and Kuner, R. and Poulet, J.F.A. and Schmoranzer, J. and Poole, K. and Lewin, G.R.
Nature Neuroscience 20 (2): 209-218. February 2017


Translaminar cortical membrane potential synchrony in behaving mice.
Zhao, W.J. and Kremkow, J. and Poulet, J.F.A.
Cell Reports 15 (11): 2387-2399. 14 June 2016


In vivo monosynaptic excitatory transmission between layer 2 cortical pyramidal neurons.
Jouhanneau, J.S. and Kremkow, J. and Dorrn, A.L. and Poulet, J.F.A.
Cell Reports 13 (10): 2098-2106. 15 December 2015

Functional diversity of subicular principal cells during hippocampal ripples.
Böhm, C. and Peng, Y. and Maier, N. and Winterer, J. and Poulet, J.F.A. and Geiger, J.R.P. and Schmitz, D.
Journal of Neuroscience 35 (40): 13608-13618. 7 October 2015

Matching cell type to function in cortical circuits.
Estebanez, L. and Kremkow, J. and Poulet, J.F.A.
Neuron 87 (2): 249-251. 15 July 2015


Cortical fosGFP expression reveals broad receptive field excitatory neurons targeted by POm.
Jouhanneau, J.S. and Ferrarese, L. and Estebanez, L. and Audette, N.J. and Brecht, M. and Barth, AL. and Poulet, J.F.A.
Neuron 84 (5): 1065-1078. 3 December 2014

A somatosensory circuit for cooling perception in mice.
Milenkovic, N. and Zhao, W.J. and Walcher, J. and Albert, T. and Siemens, J. and Lewin, G.R. and Poulet, J.F.A.
Nature Neuroscience 17 (11): 1560-1566. November 2014

Keeping an eye on cortical States.
Poulet, J.F.A.
Neuron 84 (2): 246-248. 22 October 2014


Barrel cortex function.
Feldmeyer, D. and Brecht, M. and Helmchen, F. and Petersen, C.C.H. and Poulet, J.F.A. and Staiger, J.F. and Luhmann, H.J. and Schwarz, C.
Progress in Neurobiology 103 : 3-27. April 2013


Experimental evidence for sparse firing in the neocortex.
Barth, A.L. and Poulet, J.F.A.
Trends in Neurosciences 35 (6): 345-355. June 2012

Thalamic control of cortical states.
Poulet, J.F.A. and Fernandez, L.M.J. and Crochet, S. and Petersen, C.C.H.
Nature Neuroscience 15 (3): 370-372. 22 January 2012


Coherent phasic excitation during hippocampal ripples.
Maier, N. and Tejero-Cantero, A. and Dorrn, A.L. and Winterer, J. and Beed, P.S. and Morris, G. and Kempter, R. and Poulet, J.F.A. and Leibold, C. and Schmitz, D.
Neuron 72 (1): 137-152. 6 October 2011

Synaptic mechanisms underlying sparse coding of active touch.
Crochet, S. and Poulet, J.F.A. and Kremer, Y. and Petersen, C.C.H.
Neuron 69 (6): 1160-1175. 24 March 2011


An embedded subnetwork of highly active neurons in the neocortex.
Yassin, L. and Benedetti, B.L. and Jouhanneau, J.S. and Wen, J.A. and Poulet, J.F.A. and Barth, A.L.
Neuron 68 (6): 1043-1050. 22 December 2010

Developmental sensory experience balances cortical excitation and inhibition.
Dorrn, A.L. and Yuan, K. and Barker, A.J. and Schreiner, C.E. and Froemke, R.C.
Nature 465 (7300): 932-936. 17 June 2010


Internal brain state regulates membrane potential synchrony in barrel cortex of behaving mice.
Poulet, J.F.A. and Petersen, C.C.
Nature 454 (7206): 881-885. 14 August 2008


Facilitating sensory responses in developing mouse somatosensory barrel cortex.
Borgdorff, A.J. and Poulet, J.F.A. and Petersen, C.C.
Journal of Neurophysiology 97 (4): 2992-3003. 1 April 2007

New insights into corollary discharges mediated by identified neural pathways.
Poulet, J.F.A. and Hedwig, B.
Trends in Neurosciences 30 (1): 14-21. January 2007


The cellular basis of a corollary discharge.
Poulet, J.F.A. and Hedwig, B.
Science 311 (5760): 518-522. 27 January 2006


Corollary discharge inhibition and audition in the stridulating cricket.
Poulet, J.F.A.
Journal of Comparative Physiology A 191 (11): 979-986. November 2005

Auditory orientation in crickets: pattern recognition controls reactive steering.
Poulet, J.F.A. and Hedwig, B.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 102 (43): 15665-15669. 25 October 2005

Mechanisms underlying phonotactic steering in the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus revealed with a fast trackball system.
Hedwig, B. and Poulet, J.F.A.
Journal of Experimental Biology 208 (Pt 5): 915-927. March 2005


Complex auditory behaviour emerges from simple reactive steering.
Hedwig, B. and Poulet, J.F.A.
Nature 430 (7001): 781-785. 12 August 2004


Temporal pattern recognition based on instantaneous spike rate coding in a simple auditory system.
Nabatiyan, A. and Poulet, J.F.A. and de Polavieja, G.G. and Hedwig, B.
Journal of Neurophysiology 90 (4): 2484-2493. October 2003

Corollary discharge inhibition of ascending auditory neurons in the stridulating cricket.
Poulet, J.F.A. and Hedwig, B.
Journal of Neuroscience 23 (11): 4717-4725. 1 June 2003

A corollary discharge mechanism modulates central auditory processing in singing crickets.
Poulet, J.F.A. and Hedwig, B.
Journal of Neurophysiology 89 (3): 1528-1540. March 2003


A corollary discharge maintains auditory sensitivity during sound production.
Poulet, J.F.A. and Hedwig, B.
Nature 418 (6900): 872-876. 22 August 2002


Tympanic membrane oscillations and auditory receptor activity in the stridulating cricket Gryllus bimaculatus.
Poulet, J.F.A. and Hedwig, B.
Journal of Experimental Biology 204 (Pt 7): 1281-1293. April 2001

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