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Muscle stiffness indicating mission crew health in space.
Schoenrock, B. and Muckelt, P.E. and Hastermann, M. and Albracht, K. and MacGregor, R. and Martin, D. and Gunga, H.C. and Salanova, M. and Stokes, M.J. and Warner, M.B. and Blottner, D.
Scientific Reports 14 (1): 4196. 20 February 2024

Space omics and tissue response in astronaut skeletal muscle after short and long duration missions.
Blottner, D. and Moriggi, M. and Trautmann, G. and Hastermann, M. and Capitanio, D. and Torretta, E. and Block, K. and Rittweger, J. and Limper, U. and Gelfi, C. and Salanova, M.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24 (4): 4095. 2 February 2023

Impaired response of blood neutrophils to cell-death stimulus differentiates AQP4-IgG-seropositive NMOSD from MOGAD.
Schroeder-Castagno, M. and Del Rio-Serrato, A. and Wilhelm, A. and Romero-Suárez, S. and Schindler, P. and Alvarez-González, C. and Duchow, A.S. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Ruprecht, K. and Hastermann, M. and Grütz, G. and Wildemann, B. and Jarius, S. and Schmitz-Hübsch, T. and Paul, F. and Infante-Duarte, C.
Journal of Neuroinflammation 19 (1): 239. 1 October 2022

Protocol and reference values for minimal detectable change of MyotonPRO and ultrasound imaging measurements of muscle and subcutaneous tissue.
Muckelt, P.E. and Warner, M.B. and Cheliotis-James, T. and Muckelt, R. and Hastermann, M. and Schoenrock, B. and Martin, D. and MacGregor, R. and Blottner, D. and Stokes, M.
Scientific Reports 12 (1): 13654. 11 August 2022

Diurnal variations in the expression of core-clock genes correlate with resting muscle properties and predict fluctuations in exercise performance across the day.
Basti, A. and Yalçin, M. and Herms, D. and Hesse, J. and Aboumanify, O. and Li, Y. and Aretz, Z. and Garmshausen, J. and El-Athman, R. and Hastermann, M. and Blottner, D. and Relógio, A.
BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine 7 (1): e000876. 10 February 2021


Delimiting MOGAD as a disease entity using translational imaging.
Oertel, F.C. and Hastermann, M. and Paul, F.
Frontiers in Neurology 14 : 1216477. 7 December 2023

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