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Lamellipodin tunes cell migration by stabilizing protrusions and promoting adhesion formation.
Dimchev, G. and Amiri, B. and Humphries, A.C. and Schaks, M. and Dimchev, V. and Stradal, T.E.B. and Faix, J. and Krause, M. and Way, M. and Falcke, M. and Rottner, K.
Journal of Cell Science 133 (7): jcs239020. 9 April 2020

DLC1 is a direct target of activated YAP/TAZ that drives collective migration and sprouting angiogenesis.
van der Stoel, M. and Schimmel, L. and Nawaz, K. and van Stalborch, A.M. and de Haan, A. and Klaus-Bergmann, A. and Valent, E.T. and Koenis, D.S. and van Nieuw Amerongen, G.P. and de Vries, C.J. and de Waard, V. and Gloerich, M. and van Buul, J.D. and Huveneers, S.
Journal of Cell Science 133 (3): jcs239947. 12 February 2020


DCAF8, a novel MuRF1 interaction partner, promotes muscle atrophy.
Nowak, M. and Suenkel, B. and Porras, P. and Migotti, R. and Schmidt, F. and Kny, M. and Zhu, X. and Wanker, E.E. and Dittmar, G. and Fielitz, J. and Sommer, T.
Journal of Cell Science 132 (17): jcs233395. 6 September 2019

First person - Marcel Nowak and Benjamin Suenkel.
Nowak, M. and Suenkel, B.
Journal of Cell Science 132 (17): jcs237297. September 2019

A SEPT1-based scaffold is required for Golgi integrity and function.
Song, K. and Gras, C. and Capin, G. and Gimber, N. and Lehmann, M. and Mohd, S. and Puchkov, D. and Rödiger, M. and Wilhelmi, I. and Daumke, O. and Schmoranzer, J. and Schürmann, A. and Krauss, M.
Journal of Cell Science 132 (3): jcs225557. 1 February 2019


Selective transport of neurotransmitters and modulators by distinct volume-regulated LRRC8 anion channels.
Lutter, D. and Ullrich, F. and Lueck, J.C. and Kempa, S. and Jentsch, T.J.
Journal of Cell Science 130 (6): 1122-1133. 15 March 2017


Sortilin regulates sorting and secretion of Sonic hedgehog.
Campbell, C. and Beug, S. and Nickerson, P.E.B. and Peng, J. and Mazerolle, C. and Bassett, E. and Ringuette, R. and Jama, F.A. and Morales, C. and Christ, A. and Wallace, V.A.
Journal of Cell Science 129 (20): 3832-3844. 15 October 2016

Bok is a genuine multi-BH-domain protein that triggers apoptosis in the absence of Bax and Bak and augments drug response.
Einsele-Scholz, S. and Malmsheimer, S. and Bertram, K. and Stehle, D. and Johaenning, J. and Manz, M. and Daniel, P.T. and Gillissen, B.F. and Schulze-Osthoff, K. and Essmann, F.
Journal of Cell Science 129 (11): 2213-2223. 1 June 2016


Phosphorylation of PACSIN2 by protein kinase C triggers the removal of caveolae from the plasma membrane.
Senju, Y. and Rosenbaum, E. and Shah, C. and Hamada-Nakahara, S. and Itoh, Y. and Yamamoto, K. and Hanawa-Suetsugu, K. and Daumke, O. and Suetsugu, S.
Journal of Cell Science 128 (15): 2766-2780. 1 August 2015

Autocrine VEGF maintains endothelial survival through regulation of metabolism and autophagy.
Domigan, C.K. and Warren, C.M. and Antanesian, V. and Happel, K. and Ziyad, S. and Lee, S. and Krall, A. and Duan, L. and Torres-Collado, A.X. and Castellani, L.W. and Elashoff, D. and Christofk, H.R. and van der Bliek, A.M. and Potente, M. and Iruela-Arispe, M.L.
Journal of Cell Science 128 (12): 2236-2248. 15 June 2015

Arabidopsis KCBP interacts with AIR9 but stays in the cortical division zone throughout mitosis via its MyTH4-FERM domain.
Buschmann, H. and Dols, J. and Kopischke, S. and Pena, E.J. and Andrade-Navarro, M.A. and Heinlein, M. and Szymanski, D.B. and Zachgo, S. and Doonan, J.H. and Lloyd, C.W.
Journal of Cell Science 28 (11): 2033-2046. 1 June 2015


Deletion of the titin N2B region accelerates myofibrillar force development but does not alter relaxation kinetics.
Elhamine, F. and Radke, M. and Pfitzer, G. and Granzier, H. and Gotthardt, M. and Stehle, R.
Journal of Cell Science 127 (Pt 17): 3666-3674. 1 September 2014

Intracellular glycine receptor function facilitates glioma formation in vivo.
Förstera, B. and a Dzaye, O.D. and Winkelmann, A. and Semtner, M. and Benedetti, B. and Markovic, D.S. and Synowitz, M. and Wend, P. and Fähling, M. and Junier, M.P. and Glass, R. and Kettenmann, H. and Meier, J.C.
Journal of Cell Science 127 (Pt 17): 3687-3698. 1 September 2014

LRP2 mediates folate uptake in the developing neural tube.
Kur, E. and Mecklenburg, N. and Cabrera, R.M. and Willnow, T.E. and Hammes, A.
Journal of Cell Science 127 (Pt 10): 2261-2268. 15 May 2014

Dissection of open chromatin domain formation by site specific recombination in Drosophila.
Zielke, T. and Saumweber, H.
Journal of Cell Science 127 (Pt 10): 2365-2375. 15 May 2014


Sorting receptor SORLA - a trafficking path to avoid Alzheimer disease.
Willnow, T.E. and Andersen, O.M.
Journal of Cell Science 126 (Pt 13): 2751-2760. 1 July 2013

Activation of the PTHRP/adenylate cyclase pathway promotes differentiation of rat XEN cells into parietal endoderm, whereas Wnt/β-catenin signaling promotes differentiation into visceral endoderm.
Chuykin, I. and Schulz, H. and Guan, K. and Bader, M.
Journal of Cell Science 126 (Pt 1): 128-138. 1 January 2013


A key phosphorylation site in AC8 mediates regulation of Ca2+-dependent cAMP dynamics by an AC8-AKAP79-PKA signalling complex.
Willoughby, D. and Halls, M.L. and Everett, K.L. and Skroblin, P. and Klussmann, E. and Cooper, D.M.F.
Journal of Cell Science 125 (Pt 23): 5850-5859. 1 December 2012

Heterodimerization of serotonin receptors 5-HT1A and 5-HT7 differentially regulates receptor signalling and trafficking.
Renner, U. and Zeug, A. and Woehler, A. and Niebert, M. and Dityatev, A. and Dityateva, G. and Gorinski, N. and Guseva, D. and Abdel-Galil, D. and Froehlich, M. and Doering, F. and Wischmeyer, E. and Richter, D.W. and Neher, E. and Ponimaskin, E.G.
Journal of Cell Science 125 (Pt 10): 2486-2499. 15 May 2012


Activation of metabotropic GABA receptors increases the energy barrier for vesicle fusion.
Rost, B.R. and Nicholson, P. and Ahnert-Hilger, G. and Rummel, A. and Rosenmund, C. and Breustedt, J. and Schmitz, D.
Journal of Cell Science 124 (Pt 18): 3066-3073. 15 September 2011

Interaction between LIS1 and PDE4, and its role in cytoplasmic dynein function.
Murdoch, H. and Vadrevu, S. and Prinz, A. and Dunlop, A.J. and Klussmann, E. and Bolger, G.B. and Norman, J.C. and Houslay, M.D.
Journal of Cell Science 124 (Pt 13): 2253-2266. 1 July 2011


The AP-1 clathrin adaptor facilitates cilium formation and functions with RAB-8 in C. elegans ciliary membrane transport.
Kaplan, O.I. and Molla-Herman, A. and Cevik, S. and Ghossoub, R. and Kida, K. and Kimura, Y. and Jenkins, P. and Martens, J.R. and Setou, M. and Benmerah, A. and Blacque, O.E.
Journal of Cell Science 123 (Pt 22): 3966-3977. 15 November 2010

LRP2 in ependymal cells regulates BMP signaling in the adult neurogenic niche.
Gajera, C.R. and Emich, H. and Lioubinski, O. and Christ, A. and Beckervordersandforth-Bonk, R. and Yoshikawa, K. and Bachmann, S. and Christensen, E.I. and Goetz, M. and Kempermann, G. and Peterson, A.S. and Willnow, T.E. and Hammes, A.
Journal of Cell Science 123 (Pt 11): 1922-1930. 1 June 2010


Inhibition of the ER Ca2+ pump forces multidrug-resistant cells deficient in Bak and Bax into necrosis.
Janssen, K. and Horn, S. and Niemann, M.T. and Daniel, P.T. and Schulze-Osthoff, K. and Fischer, U.
Journal of Cell Science 122 (Pt 24): 4481-4491. 15 December 2009

A novel genetic mechanism regulates dorsolateral hinge-point formation during zebrafish cranial neurulation.
Nyholm, M.K. and Abdelilah-Seyfried, S. and Grinblat, Y.
Journal of Cell Science 122 (Pt 12): 2137-2148. 15 June 2009

Claudin-10 exists in six alternatively spliced isoforms that exhibit distinct localization and function.
Guenzel, D. and Stuiver, M. and Kausalya, P.J. and Haisch, L. and Krug, S.M. and Rosenthal, R. and Meij, I.C. and Hunziker, W. and Fromm, M. and Mueller, D.
Journal of Cell Science 122 (Pt 10): 1507-1517. 15 May 2009

Apical membrane maturation and cellular rosette formation during morphogenesis of the zebrafish lateral line.
Hava, D. and Forster, U. and Matsuda, M. and Cui, S. and Link, B.A. and Eichhorst, J. and Wiesner, B. and Chitnis, A. and Abdelilah-Seyfried, S.
Journal of Cell Science 122 (Pt 5): 687-695. 1 March 2009

The function of glutamatergic synapses is not perturbed by severe knockdown of 4.1N and 4.1G expression.
Wozny, C. and Breustedt, J. and Wolk, F. and Varoqueaux, F. and Boretius, S. and Zivkovic, A.R. and Neeb, A. and Frahm, J. and Schmitz, D. and Brose, N. and Ivanovic, A.
Journal of Cell Science 122 (Pt 5): 735-744. 1 March 2009


Divergent polarization mechanisms during vertebrate epithelial development mediated by the Crumbs complex protein Nagie oko.
Bit-Avragim, N. and Hellwig, N. and Rudolph, F. and Munson, C. and Stainier, D.Y. and Abdelilah-Seyfried, S.
Journal of Cell Science 121 (Pt 15): 2503-2510. 1 August 2008


Vertebrate-specific sequences in the gephyrin E-domain regulate cytosolic aggregation and postsynaptic clustering.
Lardi-Studler, B. and Smolinsky, B. and Petitjean, C.M. and Koenig, F. and Sidler, C. and Meier, J.C. and Fritschy, J.M. and Schwarz, G.
Journal of Cell Science 120 (Pt 8): 1371-1382. 15 April 2007


Competition and cooperation between tenascin-R, lecticans and contactin 1 regulate neurite growth and morphology.
Zacharias, U. and Rauch, U.
Journal of Cell Science 119 (Pt. 16): 3456-3466. 15 August 2006

Elucidation of megalin/LRP2-dependent endocytic transport processes in the larval zebrafish pronephros.
Anzenberger, U. and Bit-Avragim, N. and Rohr, S. and Rudolph, F. and Dehmel, B. and Willnow, T.E. and Abdelilah-Seyfried, S.
Journal of Cell Science 119 (Pt. 10): 2127-2137. 15 May 2006

Complexes of syndapin II with dynamin II promote vesicle formation at the trans-Golgi network.
Kessels, M.M. and Dong, J. and Leibig, W. and Westermann, P. and Qualmann, B.
Journal of Cell Science 119 (8): 1504-1516. 15 April 2006

Spatiotemporal dynamics of p21CDKN1A protein recruitment to DNA-damage sites and interaction with proliferating cell nuclear antigen.
Perucca, P. and Cazzalini, O. and Mortusewicz, O. and Necchi, D. and Savio, M. and Nardo, T. and Stivala, L.A. and Leonhardt, H. and Cardoso, M.C. and Prosperi, E.
Journal of Cell Science 119 (8): 1517-1527. 15 April 2006


CAR might provide a survival signal for myocardial cells.
Asher, D. and Finberg, R. and Wegmann, F. and Butz, S. and Rathjen, F.G. and Wolburg-Buchholz, K. and Wolburg, H. and Vestweber, D.
Journal of Cell Science 118 : 5679-5680. 15 December 2005

Histone acetylation increases chromatin accessibility.
Goerisch, S.M. and Wachsmuth, M. and Toth, K.F. and Lichter, P. and Rippe, K.
Journal of Cell Science 118 (24): 5825-5834. 15 December 2005

Actin remodeling requires ERM function to facilitate AQP2 apical targeting.
Tamma, G. and Klussmann, E. and Oehlke, J. and Krause, E. and Rosenthal, W. and Svelto, M. and Valenti, G.
Journal of Cell Science 118 (Pt 16): 3623-3630. 15 August 2005

Synaptic transmission onto hippocampal glial cells with hGFAP promoter activity.
Jabs, R. and Pivneva, T. and Huettmann, K. and Wyczynski, A. and Nolte, C. and Kettenmann, H. and Steinhaeuser, C.
Journal of Cell Science 118 (16): 3791-3803. 2 August 2005

Coxsackievirus-adenovirus receptor (CAR) is essential for early embryonic cardiac development.
Dorner, A.A. and Wegmann, F. and Butz, S. and Wolburg-Buchholz, K. and Wolburg, H. and Mack, A. and Nasdala, I. and August, B. and Westermann, J. and Rathjen, F.G. and Vestweber, D.
Journal of Cell Science 118 (15): 3509-3521. 1 August 2005

Urokinase-induced activation of the gp130/Tyk2/Stat3 pathway mediates a pro-inflammatory effect in human mesangial cells via expression of the anaphylatoxin C5a receptor.
Shushakova, N. and Tkachuk, N. and Dangers, M. and Tkachuk, S. and Park, J.K. and Zwirner, J. and Hashimoto, K. and Haller, H. and Dumler, I.
Journal of Cell Science 118 (12): 2743-2753. 15 June 2005


Stable chromosomal units determine the spatial and temporal organization of DNA replication.
Sadoni, N. and Cardoso, M.C. and Stelzer, E.H. and Leonhardt, H. and Zink, D.
Journal of Cell Science 117 (22): 5353-5365. 15 October 2004


The prostaglandin E2 analogue sulprostone antagonizes vasopressin-induced antidiuresis through activation of Rho.
Tamma, G. and Wiesner, B. and Furkert, J. and Hahm, D. and Oksche, A. and Schaefer, M. and Valenti, G. and Rosenthal, W. and Klussmann, E.
Journal of Cell Science 116 (Pt 16): 3285-3294. 15 August 2003

cAMP-induced AQP2 translocation is associated with RhoA inhibition through RhoA phosphorylation and interaction with RhoGDI.
Tamma, G. and Klussmann, E. and Procino, G. and Svelto, M. and Rosenthal, W. and Valenti, G.
Journal of Cell Science 116 (Pt 8): 1519-1525. 15 April 2003

Functional interaction of megalin with the megalin-binding protein (MegBP), a novel tetratrico peptide repeat-containing adaptor molecule.
Heibroch Petersen, H. and Hilpert, J. and Militz, D. and Zandler, V. and Jacobsen, C. and Roebroek, A.J.M. and Willnow, T.E.
Journal of Cell Science 116 : 453-461. 1 January 2003


The Wnt signalling pathway.
Huelsken, J. and Behrens, J.
Journal of Cell Science 115 (21): 3977-3978. 1 November 2002

Functional involvement of VAMP/synaptobrevin-2 in cAMP-stimulated aquaporin 2 translocation in renal collecting duct cells.
Gouraud, S. and Laera, A. and Calamita, G. and Carmosino, M. and Procino, G. and Rossetto, O. and Mannucci, R. and Rosenthal, W. and Svelto, M. and Valenti, G.
Journal of Cell Science 115 (Pt 18): 3667-3674. 15 September 2002

A role for mammalian Ubc6 homologues in ER-associated protein degradation.
Lenk, U. and Yu, H. and Walter, J. and Gelman, M.S. and Hartmann, E. and Kopito, R.R. and Sommer, T.
Journal of Cell Science 115 (14): 3007-3014. 1 January 2002


Evidence for a nuclear passage of nascent polypeptide-associated complex subunits in yeast.
Franke, J. and Reimann, B. and Hartmann, E. and Koehler, M. and Wiedmann, B.
Journal of Cell Science 114 : 2641-2648. 1 January 2001


Sustained ERK phosphorylation is necessary but not sufficient for MMP-9 regulation in endothelial cells: involvement of Ras-dependent and -independent pathways.
Genersch, E. and Hayess, K. and Neuenfeld, Y. and Haller, H.
Journal of Cell Science 113 (Pt 23): 4319-4330. 1 December 2000

The Wnt signalling pathway.
Huelsken, J. and Behrens, J.
Journal of Cell Science 113 (20): 3545. 1 October 2000

Inhibition of MMH (Met murine hepatocyte) cell differentiation by TGF(beta) is abrogated by pre-treatment with the heritable differentiation effector FGF1.
Spagnoli, F.M. and Cicchini, C. and Tripodi, M. and Weiss, M.C.
Journal of Cell Science 113 (Pt 20): 3639-3647. October 2000

Activation of protein kinase Calpha inhibits growth of pancreatic cancer cells via p21cip-mediated G1 arrest.
Detjen, K.M. and Brembeck, F.H. and Welzel, M. and Kaiser, A. and Haller, H. and Wiedenmann, B. and Rosewicz, S.
Journal of Cell Science 113 : 3025-3035. 1 September 2000

Formation of glycine receptor clusters and their accumulation at synapses.
Meier, J. and Meunier-Durmort, C. and Forest, C. and Triller, A. and Vannier, C.
Journal of Cell Science 113 (Pt 15): 2783-2795. August 2000

Cross-regulation of the Wnt signalling pathway: a role of MAP kinases.
Behrens, J.
Journal of Cell Science 113 (6): 911-919. 1 March 2000


Polarised expression pattern of focal contact proteins in highly motile antigen presenting dendritic cells.
Madruga, J. and Koritschoner, N.P. and Diebold, S.S. and Kurz, S.M. and Zenke, M.
Journal of Cell Science 112 : 1685-1696. 1 January 1999


Novel alphaGalNAc containing glycans on cytokeratins are recognized invitro by galectins with type II carbohydrate recognition domains.
Goletz, S. and Hanisch, F.G. and Karsten, U.
Journal of Cell Science 110 : 1585-1596. 1 January 1997


Genetic deficiency in low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein confers cellular resistance to Pseudomonas exotoxin A. Evidence that this protein is required for uptake and degradation of multiple ligands.
Willnow, T.E. and Herz, J.
Journal of Cell Science 107 (Pt 3): 719-726. March 1994

Wilms' tumour - a case of disrupted development.
Miyagawa, K. and Kent, J. and Schedl, A. and van Heyningen, V. and Hastie, N.D.
Journal of Cell Science 18 Suppl. : 1-5. 1 January 1994

Modulation of tight junction structure in blood-brain barrier endothelial cells - effects of tissue culture, second messengers and cocultured astrocytes.
Wolburg, H. and Neuhaus, J. and Kniesel, U. and Krauss, B. and Schmid, E.M. and Ocalan, M. and Farrell, C. and Risau, W.
Journal of Cell Science 107 : 1347-1357. 1 January 1994


Molecular mechanisms leading to loss of differentiation and gain of invasiveness in epithelial cells.
Birchmeier, W. and Weidner, K.M. and Behrens, J.
Journal of Cell Science Suppl. 17 : 159-164. 1 January 1993

Cultured microvascular endothelial cells (MVEC) differ in cytoskeleton, expression of cadherins and fibronectin matrix.
Fenyves, A.M. and Behrens, J. and Spanel-Borowski, K.
Journal of Cell Science 106 : 879-890. 1 January 1993


Cis and transregulation of issue-specific transcription.
Engel, J.D. and Beug, H. and LaVail, J.H. and Zenke, M. and Mayo, K. and Leonard, M.W. and Foley, K.P. and Yang, Z. and Kornhauser, J.M. and Ko, L.J. and Lim, K.C. and George, K.M. and Briegel, K.
Journal of Cell Science 16 : 21-31. 1 January 1992

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