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Tackling metabolic defects in HFpEF.
Wang, R. and Schiattarella, G.G.
European Heart Journal : ehad884. 17 February 2024 (In Press)


Autoantibodies against the chemokine receptor 3 predict cardiovascular risk.
Müller, F.S. and Aherrahrou, Z. and Grasshoff, H. and Heidorn, M.W. and Humrich, J.Y. and Johanson, L. and Aherrahrou, R. and Reinberger, T. and Schulz, A. and Ten Cate, V. and Robles, A.P. and Koeck, T. and Rapp, S. and Lange, T. and Brachaczek, L. and Luebber, F. and Erdmann, J. and Heidecke, H. and Schulze-Forster, K. and Dechend, R. and Lackner, K.J. and Pfeiffer, N. and Ghaemi Kerahrodi, J. and Tüscher, O. and Schwarting, A. and Strauch, K. and Münzel, T. and Prochaska, J.H. and Riemekasten, G. and Wild, P.S.
European Heart Journal 44 (47): 4935-4949. 14 December 2023

Competency-based cardiac imaging for patient-centred care. A statement of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).
Westwood, M. and Almeida, A.G. and Barbato, E. and Delgado, V. and Dellegrottaglie, S. and Fox, K.F. and Gargani, L. and Huber, K. and Maurovich-Horvat, P. and Merino, J.L. and Mindham, R. and Muraru, D. and Neubeck, L. and Nijveldt, R. and Papadakis, M. and Pontone, G. and Price, S. and Rosano, G.M.C. and Rossi, A. and Sade, L.E. and Schulz-Menger, J. and Weidinger, F. and Achenbach, S. and Petersen, S.E.
European Heart Journal 44 (45): 4771-4780. 1 December 2023

2023 ESC Guidelines for the management of cardiomyopathies: developed by the task force on the management of cardiomyopathies of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).
Arbelo, E. and Protonotarios, A. and Gimeno, J.R. and Arbustini, E. and Barriales-Villa, R. and Basso, C. and Bezzina, C.R. and Biagini, E. and Blom, N.A. and de Boer, R.A. and De Winter, T. and Elliott, P.M. and Flather, M. and Garcia-Pavia, P. and Haugaa, K.H. and Ingles, J. and Jurcut, R.O. and Klaassen, S. and Limongelli, G. and Loeys, B. and Mogensen, J. and Olivotto, I. and Pantazis, A. and Sharma, S. and Van Tintelen, J.P. and Ware, J.S. and Kaski, J.P.
European Heart Journal 44 (37): 3503-3626. 1 October 2023


2022 ESC Guidelines for the management of patients with ventricular arrhythmias and the prevention of sudden cardiac death.
Zeppenfeld, K. and Tfelt-Hansen, J. and de Riva, M. and Winkel, B.G. and Behr, E.R. and Blom, N.A. and Charron, P. and Corrado, D. and Dagres, N. and de Chillou, C. and Eckardt, L. and Friede, T. and Haugaa, K.H. and Hocini, M. and Lambiase, P.D. and Marijon, E. and Merino, J.L. and Peichl, P. and Priori, S.G. and Reichlin, T. and Schulz-Menger, J. and Sticherling, C. and Tzeis, S. and Verstrael, A. and Volterrani, M.
European Heart Journal 43 (40): 3997-4126. 21 October 2022

Serine biosynthesis as a novel therapeutic target for dilated cardiomyopathy.
Perea-Gil, I. and Seeger, T. and Bruyneel, A.A.N. and Termglinchan, V. and Monte, E. and Lim, E.W. and Vadgama, N. and Furihata, T. and Gavidia, A.A. and Arthur Ataam, J. and Bharucha, N. and Martinez-Amador, N. and Ameen, M. and Nair, P. and Serrano, R. and Kaur, B. and Feyen, D.A.M. and Diecke, S. and Snyder, M.P. and Metallo, C.M. and Mercola, M. and Karakikes, I.
European Heart Journal 43 (36): 3477-3489. 21 September 2022

Translating plasma sodium, stores, and hydration state from mouse to man.
Luft, F.C.
European Heart Journal 43 (35): 3349-3351. 14 September 2022

Left ventricular remodelling post-myocardial infarction: pathophysiology, imaging, and novel therapies.
Frantz, S. and Hundertmark, M.J. and Schulz-Menger, J. and Bengel, F.M. and Bauersachs, J.
European Heart Journal 43 (27): 2549-2561. 14 July 2022

Propionate attenuates atherosclerosis by immune-dependent regulation of intestinal cholesterol metabolism.
Haghikia, A. and Zimmermann, F. and Schumann, P. and Jasina, A. and Roessler, J. and Schmidt, D. and Heinze, P. and Kaisler, J. and Nageswaran, V. and Aigner, A. and Ceglarek, U. and Cineus, R. and Hegazy, A.N. and van der Vorst, E.P.C. and Döring, Y. and Strauch, C.M. and Nemet, I. and Tremaroli, V. and Dwibedi, C. and Kränkel, N. and Leistner, D.M. and Heimesaat, M.M. and Bereswill, S. and Rauch, G. and Seeland, U. and Soehnlein, O. and Müller, D.N. and Gold, R. and Bäckhed, F. and Hazen, S.L. and Haghikia, A. and Landmesser, U.
European Heart Journal 43 (6): ehab644. 7 February 2022


Canagliflozin and myocardial oxidative stress: SGLT1 inhibition takes centre stage.
Schiattarella, G.G. and Bode, D.
European Heart Journal 42 (48): 4961-4963. 21 December 2021

Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction in humans and mice: embracing clinical complexity in mouse models.
Withaar, C. and Lam, C.S.P. and Schiattarella, G.G. and de Boer, R.A. and Meems, L.M.G.
European Heart Journal 42 (43): 4420-4430. 14 November 2021


Differential immunological signature at the culprit site distinguishes acute coronary syndrome with intact from acute coronary syndrome with ruptured fibrous cap: results from the prospective translational OPTICO-ACS study.
Leistner, D.M. and Kränkel, N. and Meteva, D. and Abdelwahed, Y.S. and Seppelt, C. and Stähli, B.E. and Rai, H. and Skurk, C. and Lauten, A. and Mochmann, H.C. and Fröhlich, G. and Rauch-Kröhnert, U. and Flores, E. and Riedel, M. and Sieronski, L. and Kia, S. and Strässler, E. and Haghikia, A. and Dirks, F. and Steiner, J. K. and Mueller, D.N. and Volk, H.D. and Klotsche, J. and Joner, M. and Libby, P. and Landmesser, U.
European Heart Journal 41 (37): 3549-3560. 20 October 2020

Salt and cardiovascular disease: insufficient evidence to recommend low sodium intake.
O'Donnell, M. and Mente, A. and Alderman, M.H. and Brady, A.J.B. and Diaz, R. and Gupta, R. and López-Jaramillo, P. and Luft, F.C. and Lüscher, T.F. and Mancia, G. and Mann, J.F.E. and McCarron, D. and McKee, M. and Messerli, F.H. and Moore, L.L. and Narula, J. and Oparil, S. and Packer, M. and Prabhakaran, D. and Schutte, A. and Sliwa, K. and Staessen, J.A. and Yancy, C. and Yusuf, S.
European Heart Journal 41 (35): 3363-3373. 14 September 2020


Protease-activated receptor 2 deficiency mediates cardiac fibrosis and diastolic dysfunction.
Friebel, J. and Weithauser, A. and Witkowski, M. and Rauch, B.H. and Savvatis, K. and Dörner, A. and Tabaraie, T. and Kasner, M. and Moos, V. and Bösel, D. and Gotthardt, M. and Radke, M.H. and Wegner, M. and Bobbert, P. and Lassner, D. and Tschöpe, C. and Schutheiss, H.P. and Felix, S.B. and Landmesser, U. and Rauch, U.
European Heart Journal 40 (40): 3318-3332. 21 October 2019

Microbial metabolites as predictive biomarkers: a paradigm shift for cardiovascular risk stratification.
Schiattarella, G.G. and Trimarco, B.
European Heart Journal 40 (32): 2710-2712. 21 August 2019


Clinical genetics and outcome of left ventricular non-compaction cardiomyopathy.
Sedaghat-Hamedani, F. and Haas, J. and Zhu, F. and Geier, C. and Kayvanpour, E. and Liss, M. and Lai, A. and Frese, K. and Pribe-Wolferts, R. and Amr, A. and Li, D.T. and Samani, O.S. and Carstensen, A. and Bordalo, D.M. and Müller, M. and Fischer, C. and Shao, J. and Wang, J. and Nie, M. and Yuan, L. and Haßfeld, S. and Schwartz, C. and Zhou, M. and Zhou, Z. and Shu, Y. and Wang, M. and Huang, K. and Zeng, Q. and Cheng, L. and Fehlmann, T. and Ehlermann, P. and Keller, A. and Dieterich, C. and Streckfuß-Bömeke, K. and Liao, Y. and Gotthardt, M. and Katus, H.A. and Meder, B.
European Heart Journal 38 (46): 3449-3460. 7 December 2017

Gut microbe-generated metabolite trimethylamine-N-oxide as cardiovascular risk biomarker: a systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis.
Schiattarella, G.G. and Sannino, A. and Toscano, E. and Giugliano, G. and Gargiulo, G. and Franzone, A. and Trimarco, B. and Esposito, G. and Perrino, C.
European Heart Journal 38 (39): 2948-2956. 14 October 2017

Metabolic control and oxidative stress in pathological cardiac remodelling.
Schiattarella, G.G. and Hill, J.A.
European Heart Journal 38 (18): 1399-1401. 7 May 2017

The technical report on sodium intake and cardiovascular disease in low- and middle-income countries by the joint working group of the World Heart Federation, the European Society of Hypertension and the European Public Health Association.
Mancia, G. and Oparil, S. and Whelton, P.K. and McKee, M. and Dominiczak, A. and Luft, F.C. and AlHabib, K. and Lanas, F. and Damasceno, A. and Prabhakaran, D. and La Torre, G. and Weber, M. and O'Donnell, M. and Smith, S.C. and Narula, J.
European Heart Journal 38 (10): 712-719. 7 March 2017


2016 ESC Position Paper on cancer treatments and cardiovascular toxicity developed under the auspices of the ESC Committee for Practice Guidelines: The Task Force for cancer treatments and cardiovascular toxicity of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).
Zamorano, J.L. and Lancellotti, P. and Rodriguez Munoz, D. and Aboyans, V. and Asteggiano, R. and Galderisi, M. and Habib, G. and Lenihan, D.J. and Lip, G.Y.H. and Lyon, A.R. and Lopez Fernandez, T. and Mohty, D. and Piepoli, M.F. and Tamargo, J. and Torbicki, A. and Suter, T.M.
European Heart Journal 37 (36): 2768-2801. 21 September 2016

Hypertrophic remodelling in cardiac regulatory myosin light chain (MYL2) founder mutation carriers.
Claes, G.R.F. and van Tienen, F.H.J. and Lindsey, P. and Krapels, I.P.C. and Helderman-van den Enden, A.T.J.M. and Hoos, M.B. and Barrois, Y.E.G. and Janssen, J.W.H. and Paulussen, A.D.C. and Sels, J.W.E.M. and Kuijpers, S.H.H. and van Tintelen, J.P. and van den Berg, M.P. and Heesen, W.F. and Garcia-Pavia, P. and Perrot, A. and Christiaans, I. and Salemink, S. and Marcelis, C.L.M. and Smeets, H.J.M. and Brunner, H.G. and Volders, P.G.A. and van den Wijngaard, A.
European Heart Journal 37 (23): 1815-1822. 14 June 2016

Prevention of Cardiac Dysfunction During Adjuvant Breast Cancer Therapy (PRADA): a 2 x 2 factorial, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial of candesartan and metoprolol.
Gulati, G. and Heck, S.L. and Ree, A.H. and Hoffmann, P. and Schulz-Menger, J. and Fagerland, M.W. and Gravdehaug, B. and von Knobelsdorff-Brenkenhoff, F. and Bratland, Å. and Storås, T.H. and Hagve, T.A. and Røsjø, H. and Steine, K. and Geisler, J. and Omland, T.
European Heart Journal 37 (21): 1671-1680. June 2016


Pravastatin reverses obesity-induced dysfunction of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived endothelial cells via a nitric oxide-dependent mechanism.
Gu, M. and Mordwinkin, N.M. and Kooreman, N.G. and Lee, J. and Wu, H. and Hu, S. and Churko, J.M. and Diecke, S. and Burridge, P.W. and He, C. and Barron, F.E. and Ong, S.G. and Gold, J.D. and Wu, J.C
European Heart Journal 36 (13): 806-16. 1 April 2015

Long-term clinical effects of ventricular pacing reduction with a changeover mode to minimize ventricular pacing in a general pacemaker population.
Stockburger, M. and Boveda, S. and Moreno, J. and Da Costa, A. and Hatala, R. and Brachmann, J. and Butter, C. and Garcia Seara, J. and Rolando, M. and Defaye, P.
European Heart Journal 36 (3): 151-157. 14 January 2015


A genome-wide association study identifies 6p21 as novel risk locus for dilated cardiomyopathy.
Meder, B. and Rühle, F. and Weis, T. and Homuth, G. and Keller, A. and Franke, J. and Peil, B. and Bermejo, J.L. and Frese, K. and Huge, A. and Witten, A. and Vogel, B. and Haas, J. and Völker, U. and Ernst, F. and Teumer, A. and Ehlermann, P. and Zugck, C. and Friedrichs, F. and Kroemer, H. and Dörr, M. and Hoffmann, W. and Maisch, B. and Pankuweit, S. and Ruppert, V. and Scheffold, T. and Kühl, U. and Schultheiss, H.P. and Kreutz, R. and Ertl, G. and Angermann, C. and Charron, P. and Villard, E. and Gary, F. and Isnard, R. and Komajda, M. and Lutz, M. and Meitinger, T. and Sinner, M.F. and Wichmann, H.E. and Krawczak, M. and Ivandic, B. and Weichenhan, D. and Gelbrich, G. and El-Mokhtari, N.E. and Schreiber, S. and Felix, S.B. and Hasenfuß, G. and Pfeufer, A. and Hübner, N. and Kääb, S. and Arbustini, E. and Rottbauer, W. and Frey, N. and Stoll, M. and Katus, H.A.
European Heart Journal 35 (16): 1069-1077. 21 April 2014


From bench to bedside: the Max Delbruck Center.
Jaques, H.
European Heart Journal 34 (1): 3-4. 1 January 2013


Training and accreditation in cardiovascular magnetic resonance in Europe: a position statement of the working group on cardiovascular magnetic resonance of the European Society of Cardiology.
Plein, S. and Schulz-Menger, J. and Almeida, A. and Mahrholdt, H. and Rademakers, F. and Pennell, D. and Nagel, E. and Schwitter, J. and Lombardi, M.
European Heart Journal 32 (7): 793-798. April 2011


Genetic counselling and testing in cardiomyopathies: a position statement of the European Society of Cardiology Working Group on Myocardial and Pericardial Diseases.
Charron, P. and Arad, M. and Arbustini, E. and Basso, C. and Bilinska, Z. and Elliott, P. and Helio, T. and Keren, A. and McKenna, W.J. and Monserrat, L. and Pankuweit, S. and Perrot, A. and Rapezzi, C. and Ristic, A. and Seggewiss, H. and van Langen, I. and Tavazzi, L.
European Heart Journal 31 (22): 2715-2726. November 2010


Heritability of left ventricular and papillary muscle heart size: a twin study with cardiac magnetic resonance imaging.
Busjahn, C.A. and Schulz-Menger, J. and Abdel-Aty, H. and Rudolph, A. and Jordan, J. and Luft, F.C. and Busjahn, A.
European Heart Journal 30 (13): 1643-1647. July 2009


Adiponectin and risk of acute coronary syndromes: defining the obesity phenotype.
Pischon, T. and Rimm, E.B.
European Heart Journal 28 (3): 274-275. 1 February 2007


Guidelines on the management of stable angina pectoris: executive summary: The Task Force on the Management of Stable Angina Pectoris of the European Society of Cardiology.
Fox, K. and Garcia, M.A. and Ardissino, D. and Buszman, P. and Camici, P.G. and Crea, F. and Daly, C. and De Backer, G. and Hjemdahl, P. and Lopez-Sendon, J. and Marco, J. and Morais, J. and Pepper, J. and Sechtem, U. and Simoons, M. and Thygesen, K. and Priori, S.G. and Blanc, J.J. and Budaj, A. and Camm, J. and Dean, V. and Deckers, J. and Dickstein, K. and Lekakis, J. and McGregor, K. and Metra, M. and Morais, J. and Osterspey, A. and Tamargo, J. and Zamorano, J.L. and Zamorano, J.L. and Andreotti, F. and Becher, H. and Dietz, R. and Fraser, A. and Gray, H. and Antolin, R.A. and Huber, K. and Kremastinos, D.T. and Maseri, A. and Nesser, H.J. and Pasierski, T. and Sigwart, U. and Tubaro, M. and Weis, M.
European Heart Journal 27 : 1341-1381. 1 June 2006

Resource utilization and costs in the Candesartan in Heart failure: Assessment of Reduction in Mortality and morbidity (CHARM) programme.
McMurray, J.J. and Andersson, F.L. and Stewart, S. and Svensson, K. and Solal, A.C. and Dietz, R. and Vanhaecke, J. and van Veldhuisen, D.J. and Oestergren, J. and Granger, C.B. and Yusuf, S. and Pfeffer, M.A. and Swedberg, K.
European Heart Journal 27 : 1447-1458. 1 June 2006


Public awareness of heart failure in Europe: first results from SHAPE.
Remme, W.J. and McMurray, J.J. and Rauch, B. and Zannad, F. and Keukelaar, K. and Cohen-Solal, A. and Lopez-Sendon, J. and Hobbs, F.D. and Grobbee, D.E. and Boccanelli, A. and Cline, C. and Macarie, C. and Dietz, R. and Ruzyllo, W.
European Heart Journal 26 (22): 2413-2421. 31 August 2005

Dilated cardiomyopathy: more genes means more phenotypes.
Osterziel, K.J. and Perrot, A.
European Heart Journal 26 : 751-754. 1 April 2005


Impact of body mass index on outcome in patients after coronary artery bypass grafting with and without valve surgery.
Potapov, E.V. and Loebe, M. and Anker, S. and Stein, J. and Bondy, S. and Nasseri, B.A. and Sodian, R. and Hausmann, H. and Hetzer, R.
European Heart Journal 24 (21): 1933-1941. 1 November 2003

The EuroHeart Failure Survey programme - a survey on the quality of care among patients with heart failure in Europe. Part 2: treatment.
Komajda, M. and Follath, F. and Swedberg, K. and Cleland, J. and Aguilar, J.C. and Cohen-Solal, A. and Dietz, R. and Gavazzi, A. and van Gilst, W.H. and Hobbs, R. and Korewicki, J. and Madeira, H.C. and Moiseyev, V.S. and Preda, I. and Widimsky, J. and Freemantle, N. and Eastaugh, J. and Mason, J.
European Heart Journal 24 (5): 464-474. 1 March 2003

The EuroHeart Failure survey programme - a survey on the quality of care among patients with heart failure in Europe. Part 1: patient characteristics and diagnosis.
Cleland, J.G. and Swedberg, K. and Follath, F. and Komajda, M. and Cohen-Solal, A. and Aguilar, J.C. and Dietz, R. and Gavazzi, A. and Hobbs, R. and Korewicki, J. and Madeira, H.C. and Moiseyev, V.S. and Preda, I. and van Gilst, W.H. and Widimsky, J. and Freemantle, N. and Eastaugh, J. and Mason, J.
European Heart Journal 24 : 442-463. 1 January 2003


Sympathetic activation and malignant ventricular arrhythmias: a molecular link?
Kalra, P.R. and Ponikowski, P.P. and Anker, S.D.
European Heart Journal 23 (14): 1078-1080. 1 July 2002

Assessment of myocardial viability by cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging.
Mahrholdt, H. and Wagner, A. and Judd, R.M. and Sechtem, U.
European Heart Journal 23 : 602-619. 1 April 2002

From tissue wasting to cachexia: changes in peripheral blood flow and skeletal musculature.
Sharma, R. and Anker, S.D.
European Heart Journal 4 (D): D12-D17. 1 April 2002


The role of C-type natriuretic peptide in cardiovascular medicine.
Kalra, P.R. and Anker, S.D. and Struthers, A.D. and Coats, A.J.
European Heart Journal 22 (12): 997-1007. June 2001

Preservation of exercise capacity and lack of peripheral changes in asymptomatic patients with severely impaired left ventricular function.
Harrington, D. and Anker, S.D. and Coats, A.J.
European Heart Journal 22 (5): 392-399. March 2001

Mutation in the promoter region of the beta-fibrinogen gene and the risk of future myocardial infarction, stroke and venous thrombosis.
Blake, G.J. and Schmitz, C. and Lindpaintner, K. and Ridker, P.M.
European Heart Journal 22 (24): 2262-2266. 1 January 2001

Ventricular assist device in severe heart failure - Effects on cytokines, complement and body weight.
Clark, A.L. and Leobe, M. and Potapov, E.V. and Egerer, K. and Knosalla, C. and Hetzer, R. and Anker, S.D.
European Heart Journal 22 : 2275-2283. 1 January 2001

A polymorphism in the endothelin-A receptor gene predicts survival in patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy.
Herrmann, S.M. and Schmidt-Petersen, K. and Pfeifer, J. and Perrot, A. and Bit-Avragim, N. and Eichhorn, C. and Dietz, R. and Kreutz, R. and Paul, M. and Osterziel, K.J.
European Heart Journal 22 : 1948-1953. 1 January 2001

The 6-minute walk test and prognosis in chronic heart failure - the available evidence.
Sharma, R. and Anker, S.D.
European Heart Journal 22 : 445-448. 1 January 2001


TNF-alpha system in CHF.
Doehner, W. and Anker, S.D.
European Heart Journal 21 : 782-783. 1 May 2000

Prognostic value of changes over time in exercise capacity and echocardiographic measurements in patients with chronic heart failure.
Florea, V.G. and Henein, M.Y. and Anker, S.D. and Francis, D.P. and Chambers, J.S. and Ponikowski, P. and Coats, A.J.S.
European Heart Journal 21 : 146-153. 1 January 2000

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing for prognosis in chronic heart failure: continuous and independent prognostic value from VE/VCO2 slope and peak VO2.
Francis, D.P. and Shamim, W. and Davies, L.C. and Piepoli, M.F. and Ponikowski, P. and Anker, S.D. and Coats, A.J.S.
European Heart Journal 21 : 154-161. 1 January 2000

Non-invasive assessment of vascular function; paradoxical vascular response to intravenous glucose in coronary heart disease.
Leyva, F. and Rauchhaus, M. and Anker, S.D. and Proudler, A.J. and Godsland, I.F. and Stiefel, P. and Coats, A.J. and Poole-Wilson, P.A. and Stevenson, J.C.
European Heart Journal 21 : 39-44. 1 January 2000


The impact of cachexia on cardiorespiratory reflex control in chronic heart failure.
Ponikowski, P. and Piepoli, M. and Chua, T.P. and Banasiak, W. and Francis, D. and Anker, S.D. and Coats, A.J.S.
European Heart Journal 20 : 1667-1675. 1 November 1999

Cytokines and neurohormones relating to body composition alterations in the wasting syndrome of chronic heart failure.
Anker, S.D. and Ponikowski, P.P. and Clark, A.L. and Leyva, F. and Rauchhaus, M. and Kemp, M. and Teixeira, M.M. and Hellewell, P.G. and Hooper, J. and Poole-Wilson, P.A. and Coats, A.J.S.
European Heart Journal 20 (9): 683-693. 1 May 1999


Uric acid in chronic heart failure: A marker of chronic inflammation.
Leyva, F. and Anker, S.D. and Godsland, I.F. and Teixeira, M. and Hellewell, P.G. and Kox, W.J. and Poole-Wilson, P.A. and Coats, A.J.S.
European Heart Journal 19 (12): 1814-1822. 1 December 1998

Growth hormone treatment in chronic heart failure: lessons from the first 99 patients.
Cicoira, M. and Coats, A.J.S. and Anker, S.D.
European Heart Journal 19 : 1605-1607. 1 November 1998

Hyperleptinaemia in chronic heart failure. Relationships with insulin.
Leyva, F. and Anker, S.D. and Egerer, K. and Stevenson, J.C. and Kox, W.J. and Coats, A.J.S.
European Heart Journal 19 (10): 1547-1551. 1 October 1998

Elective stenting of carotid artery stenosis in patients with severe coronary artery disease.
Waigand, J. and Gross, C.M. and Uhlich, F. and Kramer, J. and Tamaschke, C. and Vogel, P. and Luft, F.C. and Dietz, R.
European Heart Journal 19 (9): 1365-1370. 1 September 1998

Catecholamine levels and treatment in chronic heart failure.
Anker, S.D.
European Heart Journal 19 Suppl F : F56-F61. 1 June 1998

Cachexia in heart failure is bad for you.
Anker, S.D. and Coats, A.J.
European Heart Journal 19 : 191-193. 1 February 1998

Use of abciximab in interventional cardiology.
Chronos, N. and Vahanian, A. and Betriu, A. and Emanuelsson, H. and Goldberg, S. and Gulba, D.C. and Van Hout, B.A.
European Heart Journal 19 Suppl. D : D31-D39. 1 January 1998


The mode of onset of ventricular tachycardia: a patient-specific phenomen.
Meyerfeldt, U. and Schirdewan, A. and Wiedemann, M. and Schutt, H. and Zimmerman, F. and Luft, F.C. and Dietz, R.
European Heart Journal 18 : 1956-1965. 1 January 1997


Vectorcardiographic monitoring to assess early vessel patency after reperfusion therapy for acute myocardial infarction.
Dellborg, M. and Steg, P.G. and Simoons, M. and Dietz, R. and Sen, S. and van den Brand, M. and Lotze, U. and Hauck, S. and van den Wieken, R. and Himbert, D. and Svensson, A.M. and Swedberg, K.
European Heart Journal 16 : 21-29. 1 January 1995

Pathogenesis of myocardial fibrosis in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR).
Herrmann, H.J. and Fiedler, U. and Bloedner, R. and Meyer, R.
European Heart Journal 16 : 243-252. 1 January 1995

Mechanisms of angiotensin II formation in humans.
Urata, H. and Nishimura, H. and Ganten, D.
European Heart Journal 16, Suppl.N : 79-85. 1 January 1995

Differential influences of carnitine palmitoyltransferase-1 inhibition and hyperthyroidism on cardiac growth and sarcoplasmic reticulum phosphorylation.
Vetter, R. and Kott, M. and Rupp, H.
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The beta1 adrenoceptor as antigen: functional aspects.
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