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The impact of membrane protein diffusion on GPCR signaling.
Boltz, H.H. and Sirbu, A. and Stelzer, N. and de Lanerolle, P. and Winkelmann, S. and Annibale, P.
Cells 11 (10): 1660. 17 May 2022

SMER28 attenuates PI3K/mTOR signaling by direct inhibition of PI3K p110 delta.
Kirchenwitz, M. and Stahnke, S. and Prettin, S. and Borowiak, M. and Menke, L. and Sieben, C. and Birchmeier, C. and Rottner, K. and Stradal, T.E.B. and Steffen, A.
Cells 11 (10): 1648. 16 May 2022

S100A4 is a strong negative prognostic marker and potential therapeutic target in adenocarcinoma of the stomach and esophagus.
Treese, C. and Hartl, K. and Pötzsch, M. and Dahlmann, M. and von Winterfeld, M. and Berg, E. and Hummel, M. and Timm, L. and Rau, B. and Walther, W. and Daum, S. and Kobelt, D. and Stein, U.
Cells 11 (6): 1056. 21 March 2022

Tph2 gene expression defines ethanol drinking behavior in mice.
Zaniewska, M. and Mosienko, V. and Bader, M. and Alenina, N.
Cells 11 (5): 874. 3 March 2022

Generation of a NES-mScarlet red fluorescent reporter human iPSC line for live cell imaging and flow cytometric analysis and sorting using CRISPR-Cas9-mediated gene editing.
Nouri, P. and Zimmer, A. and Brüggemann, S. and Friedrich, R. and Kühn, R. and Prakash, N.
Cells 11 (2): 268. 13 January 2022


Enduring effects of conditional brain serotonin knockdown, followed by recovery, on adult rat neurogenesis and behavior.
Sidorova, M. and Kronenberg, G. and Matthes, S. and Petermann, M. and Hellweg, R. and Tuchina, O. and Bader, M. and Alenina, N. and Klempin, F.
Cells 10 (11): 3240. 19 November 2021

Placental glycoredox dysregulation associated with disease progression in an animal model of superimposed preeclampsia.
Blois, S.M. and Prince, P.D. and Borowski, S. and Galleano, M. and Barrientos, G.
Cells 10 (4): 800. April 2021

CALINCA - a novel pipeline for the identification of lncRNAs in podocyte disease.
Talyan, S. and Filipów, S. and Ignarski, M. and Smieszek, M. and Chen, H. and Kühne, L. and Butt, L. and Göbel, H. and Hoyer-Allo, K.J.R. and Koehler, F.C. and Altmüller, J. and Brinkkötter, P. and Schermer, B. and Benzing, T. and Kann, M. and Müller, R.U. and Dieterich, C.
Cells 10 (3): 692. March 2021

Thymoquinone: a tie-breaker in SARS-CoV2-infected cancer patients?
Elgohary, S. and Elkhodiry, A.A. and Amin, N.S. and Stein, U. and El Tayebi, H.M.
Cells 10 (2): 302. 2 February 2021


Saffron crudes and compounds restrict MACC1-dependent cell proliferation and migration of colorectal cancer cells.
Güllü, N. and Kobelt, D. and Brim, H. and Rahman, S. and Timm, L. and Smith, J. and Soleimani, A. and Di Marco, S. and Bisti, S. and Ashktorab, H. and Stein, U.
Cells 9 (8): 1829. 3 August 2020

Concerted EP2 and EP4 receptor signaling stimulates autocrine prostaglandin E(2) activation in human podocytes.
Mangelsen, E. and Rothe, M. and Schulz, A. and Kourpa, A. and Panáková, D. and Kreutz, R. and Bolbrinker, J.
Cells 9 (5): 1256. 19 May 2020

ONX 0914 lacks selectivity for the cardiac immunoproteasome in CoxsackievirusB3 myocarditis of NMRI mice and promotes virus-mediated tissue damage.
Neumaier, H.L. and Harel, S. and Klingel, K. and Kaya, Z. and Heuser, A. and Kespohl, M. and Beling, A.
Cells 9 (5): 1093. May 2020

Cyclin-dependent kinase 18 controls trafficking of aquaporin-2 and its abundance through ubiquitin ligase STUB1, which functions as an AKAP.
Dema, A. and Faust, D. and Lazarow, K. and Wippich, M. and Neuenschwander, M. and Zühlke, K. and Geelhaar, A. and Pallien, T. and Hallscheidt, E. and Eichhorst, J. and Wiesner, B. and Cernecká, H. and Popp, O. and Mertins, P. and Dittmar, G. and von Kries, J.P. and Klussmann, E.
Cells 9 (3): 673. 10 March 2020

Opposite macrophage polarization in different subsets of ovarian cancer: observation from a pilot study.
Vankerckhoven, A. and Wouters, R. and Mathivet, T. and Ceusters, J. and Baert, T. and Van Hoylandt, A. and Gerhardt, H. and Vergote, I. and Coosemans, A.
Cells 9 (2): 305. 27 January 2020


Interaction of pregnancy-specific glycoprotein 1 with integrin Α5β1 is a modulator of extravillous trophoblast functions.
Rattila, S. and Dunk, C.E.E. and Im, M. and Grichenko, O. and Zhou, Y. and Cohen, M. and Yanez-Mo, M. and Blois, S.M. and Yamada, K.M. and Erez, O. and Gomez-Lopez, N. and Lye, S.J. and Hinz, B. and Romero, R. and Dveksler, G.
Cells 8 (11): 1369. 31 October 2019

Impact of diabetic stress conditions on renal cell metabolome.
Lagies, S. and Pichler, R. and Bork, T. and Kaminski, M.M. and Troendle, K. and Zimmermann, S. and Huber, T.B. and Walz, G. and Lienkamp, S.S. and Kammerer, B.
Cells 8 (10): 1141. 24 September 2019


Transfer of synthetic human chromosome into human induced pluripotent stem cells for biomedical applications.
Sinenko, S.A. and Skvortsova, E.V. and Liskovykh, M.A. and Ponomartsev, S.V. and Kuzmin, A.A. and Khudiakov, A.A. and Malashicheva, A.B. and Alenina, N. and Larionov, V. and Kouprina, N. and Tomilin, A.N.
Cells 7 (12): 261. 8 December 2018

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