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Inflammatory exposure drives long-lived impairment of hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal activity and accelerated aging.
Bogeska, R. and Mikecin, A.M. and Kaschutnig, P. and Fawaz, M. and Büchler-Schäff, M. and Le, D. and Ganuza, M. and Vollmer, A. and Paffenholz, S.V. and Asada, N. and Rodriguez-Correa, E. and Frauhammer, F. and Buettner, F. and Ball, M. and Knoch, J. and Stäble, S. and Walter, D. and Petri, A. and Carreño-Gonzalez, M.J. and Wagner, V. and Brors, B. and Haas, S. and Lipka, D.B. and Essers, M.A.G. and Weru, V. and Holland-Letz, T. and Mallm, J.P. and Rippe, K. and Krämer, S. and Schlesner, M. and McKinney Freeman, S. and Florian, M.C. and King, K.Y. and Frenette, P.S. and Rieger, M.A. and Milsom, M.D.
Cell Stem Cell 29 (8): 1273-1284.e8. 4 August 2022

Antigen presentation safeguards the integrity of the hematopoietic stem cell pool.
Hernández-Malmierca, P. and Vonficht, D. and Schnell, A. and Uckelmann, H.J. and Bollhagen, A. and Mahmoud, M.A.A. and Landua, S.L. and van der Salm, E. and Trautmann, C. and Raffel, S. and Grünschläger, F. and Lutz, R. and Ghosh, M. and Renders, S. and Correia, N. and Donato, E. and Dixon, K.O. and Hirche, C. and Andresen, C. and Robens, Cl. and Werner, P.S. and Boch, T. and Eisel, D. and Osen, W. and Pilz, F. and Przybylla, A. and Klein, C. and Buchholz, F. and Milsom, M.D. and Essers, M.A.G. and Eichmüller, S.B. and Hofmann, W.K. and Nowak, D. and Hübschmann, D. and Hundemer, M. and Thiede, C. and Bullinger, L. and Müller-Tidow, C. and Armstrong, S.A. and Trumpp, A. and Kuchroo, V.K. and Haas, S.
Cell Stem Cell 29 (5): 760-775.e10. 5 May 2022

Chemical-induced chromatin remodeling reprograms mouse ESCs to totipotent-like stem cells.
Yang, M. and Yu, H. and Yu, X. and Liang, S. and Hu, Y. and Luo, Y. and Izsvák, Z. and Sun, C. and Wang, J.
Cell Stem Cell 29 (3): 400-418.e13. 3 March 2022

Relayed signaling between mesenchymal progenitors and muscle stem cells ensures adaptive stem cell response to increased mechanical load.
Kaneshige, A. and Kaji, T. and Zhang, L. and Saito, H. and Nakamura, A. and Kurosawa, T. and Ikemoto-Uezumi, M. and Tsujikawa, K. and Seno, S. and Hori, M. and Saito, Y. and Matozaki, T. and Maehara, K. and Ohkawa, Y. and Potente, M. and Watanabe, S. and Braun, T. and Uezumi, A. and Fukada, S.I.
Cell Stem Cell 29 (2): 265-280. 3 February 2022


Human brain organoids assemble functionally integrated bilateral optic vesicles.
Gabriel, E. and Albanna, W. and Pasquini, Gi. and Ramani, A. and Josipovic, N. and Mariappan, A. and Schinzel, F. and Karch, C.M. and Bao, G. and Gottardo, M. and Suren, A.A. and Hescheler, J. and Nagel-Wolfrum, K. and Persico, V. and Rizzoli, S.O. and Altmüller, J. and Riparbelli, M.G. and Callaini, G. and Goureau, O. and Papantonis, A. and Busskamp, V. and Schneider, T. and Gopalakrishnan, J.
Cell Stem Cell 28 (10): 1740-1757.e8. October 2021

Decline in IGF1 in the bone marrow microenvironment initiates hematopoietic stem cell aging.
Young, K. and Eudy, E. and Bell, R. and Loberg, M.A. and Stearns, T. and Sharma, D. and Velten, L. and Haas, S. and Filippi, M.D. and Trowbridge, J.J.
Cell Stem Cell 28 (8): 1473-1482. 5 August 2021

Donor cell memory confers a metastable state of directly converted cells.
Kim, K.P. and Li, C. and Bunina, D. and Jeong, H.W. and Ghelman, J. and Yoon, J. and Shin, B. and Park, H. and Han, D.W. and Zaugg, J.B. and Kim, J. and Kuhlmann, T. and Adams, R.H. and Noh, K.M. and Goldman, S.A. and Schöler, H.R.
Cell Stem Cell 28 (7): 1291-1306. 1 July 2021


Resolving fates and single-cell transcriptomes of hematopoietic stem cell clones by PolyloxExpress barcoding.
Pei, W. and Shang, F. and Wang, X. and Fanti, A.K. and Greco, A. and Busch, K. and Klapproth, K. and Zhang, Q. and Quedenau, C. and Sauer, S. and Feyerabend, T.B. and Höfer, T. and Rodewald, H.R.
Cell Stem Cell 27 (3): 383-395. 3 September 2020

C/EBPβ-dependent epigenetic memory induces trained immunity in hematopoietic stem cells.
de Laval, B. and Maurizio, J. and Kandalla, P.K. and Brisou, G. and Simonnet, L. and Huber, C. and Gimenez, G. and Matcovitch-Natan, O. and Reinhardt, S. and David, E. and Mildner, A. and Leutz, A. and Nadel, B. and Bordi, C. and Amit, I. and Sarrazin, S. and Sieweke, M.H.
Cell Stem Cell 26 (5): 657-674. May 2020

Self-organizing 3D human trunk neuromuscular organoids.
Faustino Martins, J.M. and Fischer, C. and Urzi, A. and Vidal, R. and Kunz, S. and Ruffault, P.L. and Kabuss, L. and Hube, I. and Gazzerro, E. and Birchmeier, C. and Spuler, S. and Sauer, S. and Gouti, M.
Cell Stem Cell 26 (2): 172-186. 6 February 2020


Spatially restricted stromal Wnt signaling restrains prostate epithelial progenitor growth through direct and indirect mechanisms.
Wei, X. and Zhang, L. and Zhou, Z. and Kwon, O.J. and Zhang, Y. and Nguyen, H. and Dumpit, R. and True, L. and Nelson, P. and Dong, B. and Xue, W. and Birchmeier, W. and Taketo, M.M. and Xu, F. and Creighton, C.J. and Ittmann, M.M. and Xin, L.
Cell Stem Cell 24 (5): 753-768. 2 May 2019


Causes and consequences of hematopoietic stem cell heterogeneity.
Haas, S. and Trumpp, A. and Milsom, M.D.
Cell Stem Cell 22 (5): 627-638. 3 May 2018

Autologous iPSC-based vaccines elicit anti-tumor responses in vivo.
Kooreman, N.G. and Kim, Y. and de Almeida, P.E. and Termglinchan, V. and Diecke, S. and Shao, N.Y. and Wei, T.T. and Yi, H. and Dey, De. and Nelakanti, R. and Brouwer, T.P. and Paik, D.T. and Sagiv-Barfi, I. and Han, A. and Quax, P.H.A. and Hamming, J.F. and Levy, R. and Davis, M.M. and Wu, J.C.
Cell Stem Cell 22 (4): 501-513. 5 April 2018


Mouse cutaneous melanoma induced by mutant BRaf arises from expansion and dedifferentiation of mature pigmented melanocytes.
Köhler, C. and Nittner, D. and Rambow, F. and Radaelli, E. and Stanchi, F. and Vandamme, N. and Baggiolini, A. and Sommer, L. and Berx, G. and van den Oord, J.J. and Gerhardt, H. and Blanpain, C. and Marine, J.C.
Cell Stem Cell 21 (5): 679-693.e6. 2 November 2017

Keep them close: PRC2 poises enhancer-promoter interactions at anterior neuronal genes.
Caglio, Giulia and Torlai Triglia, E. and Pombo, A.
Cell Stem Cell 20 (5): 573-575. 4 May 2017

Human iPSC-derived neural progenitors are an effective drug discovery model for neurological mtDNA disorders.
Lorenz, C. and Lesimple, P. and Bukowiecki, R. and Zink, A. and Inak, G. and Mlody, B. and Singh, M. and Semtner, M. and Mah, N. and Auré, K. and Leong, M. and Zabiegalov, O. and Lyras, E.M. and Pfiffer, V. and Fauler, B. and Eichhorst, J. and Wiesner, B. and Huebner, N. and Priller, J. and Mielke, T. and Meierhofer, D. and Izsvák, Z. and Meier, J.C. and Bouillaud, F. and Adjaye, J. and Schuelke, M. and Wanker, E.E. and Lombès, A. and Prigione, A.
Cell Stem Cell 20 (5): 659-674.e9. 4 May 2017

Pericytes or mesenchymal stem cells: is that the question?
Cano, E. and Gebala, V. and Gerhardt, H.
Cell Stem Cell 20 (3): 296-297. 2 March 2017

A multi-step transcriptional and chromatin state cascade underlies motor neuron programming from embryonic stem cells.
Velasco, S. and Ibrahim, M.M. and Kakumanu, A. and Garipler, G. and Aydin, B. and Al-Sayegh, M.A. and Hirsekorn, A. and Abdul-Rahman, F. and Satija, R. and Ohler, U. and Mahony, S. and Mazzoni, E.O.
Cell Stem Cell 20 (2): 205-217. 2 February 2017


A glycolytic solution for pluripotent stem cells.
Mlody, B. and Prigione, A.
Cell Stem Cell 19 (4): 419-420. 6 October 2016

Targeted application of human genetic variation can improve red blood cell production from stem cells.
Giani, F.C. and Fiorini, C. and Wakabayashi, A. and Ludwig, L.S. and Salem, R.M. and Jobaliya, C.D. and Regan, S.N. and Ulirsch, J.C. and Liang, G. and Steinberg-Shemer, O. and Guo, M.H. and Esko, T. and Tong, W. and Brugnara, C. and Hirschhorn, J.N. and Weiss, M.J. and Zon, L.I. and Chou, S.T. and French, D.L. and Musunuru, K. and Sankaran, V.G.
Cell Stem Cell 18 (1): 73-78. 7 January 2016


Inflammation-induced emergency megakaryopoiesis driven by hematopoietic stem cell-like megakaryocyte progenitors.
Haas, S. and Hansson, J. and Klimmeck, D. and Loeffler, D. and Velten, L. and Uckelmann, H. and Wurzer, S. and Prendergast, Á.M. and Schnell, A. and Hexel, K. and Santarella-Mellwig, R. and Blaszkiewicz, S. and Kuck, A. and Geiger, H. and Milsom, M.D. and Steinmetz, L.M. and Schroeder, T. and Trumpp, A. and Krijgsveld, J. and Essers, M.A.G.
Cell Stem Cell 17 (4): 422-34. 1 October 2015

Ascl2 acts as an R-spondin/Wnt-responsive switch to control stemness in intestinal crypts.
Schuijers, J. and Junker, J.P. and Mokry, M. and Hatzis, P. and Koo, B.K. and Sasselli, V. and van der Flier, L.G. and Cuppen, E. and van Oudenaarden, A. and Clevers, H.
Cell Stem Cell 16 (2): 158-170. 5 February 2015

Waddington's Valleys and Captain Cook's Islands.
Sieweke, M.H.
Cell Stem Cell 16 (1): 7-8. 8 January 2015


Identification of regulatory networks in HSCs and their immediate progeny via integrated proteome, transcriptome, and DNA methylome analysis.
Cabezas-Wallscheid, N. and Klimmeck, D. and Hansson, J. and Lipka, D.B. and Reyes, A. and Wang, Q. and Weichenhan, D. and Lier, A. and von Paleske, L. and Renders, S. and Wünsche, P. and Zeisberger, P. and Brocks, D. and Gu, L. and Herrmann, C. and Haas, S. and Essers, M.A.G. and Brors, B. and Eils, R. and Huber, W. and Milsom, M.D. and Plass, C. and Krijgsveld, J. and Trumpp, A.
Cell Stem Cell 15 (4): 507-522. 2 October 2014

Stem cell epigenetics: looking forward.
Benitah, S.A. and Bracken, A. and Dou, Y. and Huangfu, D. and Ivanova, N. and Koseki, H. and Laurent, L. and Lim, D.A. and Meshorer, E. and Pombo, A. and Sander, M. and Xu, G.L.
Cell Stem Cell 14 (6): 706-709. 5 June 2014


The transcriptional landscape of hematopoietic stem cell ontogeny.
McKinney-Freeman, S. and Cahan, P. and Li, H. and Lacadie, S.A. and Huang, H.T. and Curran, M. and Loewer, S. and Naveiras, O. and Kathrein, K.L. and Konantz, M. and Langdon, E.M. and Lengerke, C. and Zon, L.I. and Collins, J.J. and Daley, G.Q.
Cell Stem Cell 11 (5): 701-714. 2 November 2012

Polycomb associates genome-wide with a specific RNA polymerase II variant, and regulates metabolic genes in ESCs.
Brookes, E. and de Santiago, I. and Hebenstreit, D. and Morris, K.J. and Carroll, T. and Xie, S.Q. and Stock, J.K. and Heidemann, M. and Eick, D. and Nozaki, N. and Kimura, H. and Ragoussis, J. and Teichmann, S.A. and Pombo, A.
Cell Stem Cell 10 (2): 157-170. 3 February 2012


A genome-scale RNAi screen for Oct4 modulators defines a role of the Paf1 complex for embryonic stem cell identity.
Ding, L. and Paszkowski-Rogacz, M. and Nitzsche, A. and Slabicki, M.M. and Heninger, A.K. and Vries, I.D. and Kittler, R. and Junqueira, M. and Shevchenko, A. and Schulz, H. and Huebner, N. and Doss, M.X. and Sachinidis, A. and Hescheler, J. and Iacone, R. and Anastassiadis, K. and Stewart, A.F. and Pisabarro, M.T. and Caldarelli, A. and Poser, I. and Theis, M. and Buchholz, F.
Cell Stem Cell 4 (5): 403-415. 8 May 2009

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