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Novel role for inhibitor of differentiation 2 in the genesis of angiotensin II-induced hypertension.
Gratze, P. and Dechend, R. and Stocker, C. and Park, J.K. and Feldt, S. and Shagdarsuren, E. and Wellner, M. and Gueler, F. and Rong, S. and Gross, V. and Obst, M. and Plehm, R. and Alenina, N. and Zenclussen, A. and Titze, J. and Small, K. and Yokota, Y. and Zenke, M. and Luft, F.C. and Mueller, D.N.
Circulation 117 (20): 2645-2656. 20 May 2008


GandrKB - ontological microarray annotation and visualization.
Schober, D. and Leser, U. and Zenke, M. and Reich, J.
Bioinformatics 21 (11): 2785-2786. 1 January 2005

Immunomodulatory derivative of thalidomide (IMiD CC-4047) induces a shift in lineage commitment by suppressing erythropoiesis and promoting myelopoiesis.
Koh, K.R. and Janz, M. and Mapara, M.Y. and Lemke, B. and Stirling, D. and Doerken, B. and Zenke, M. and Lentzsch, S.
Blood 105 (10): 3833-3840. 1 January 2005

Infection of mature dendritic cells with herpes simplex virus type 1 dramatically reduces lymphoid chemokine-mediated migration.
Prechtel, A.T. and Turza, N.M. and Kobelt, D.J. and Eisemann, J.I. and Coffin, R.S. and McGrath, Y. and Hacker, C. and Ju, X.S. and Zenke, M. and Steinkasserer, A.
Journal of General Virology 86 (6): 1645-1657. 1 January 2005

Membrane proteinase 3 expression in patients with Wegener's granulomatosis and in human hematopoietic stem cell-derived neutrophils.
Schreiber, A. and Otto, B. and Ju, X. and Zenke, M. and Goebel, U. and Luft, F.C. and Kettritz, R.
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 16 : 2216-2224. 1 January 2005

Progressive and controlled development of mouse dendritic cells from Flt3+ CD11b+ progenitors in vitro.
Hieronymus, T. and Gust, T.C. and Kirsch, R.D. and Jorgas, T. and Blendinger, G. and Goncharenko, M. and Supplitt, K. and Rose-John, S. and Mueller, A.M. and Zenke, M.
Journal of Immunology 174 (5): 2552-2562. 1 January 2005


Immunoglobulin-like transcripts ILT2, ILT3 and ILT7 are expressed by human dendritic cells and down-regulated following activation.
Ju, X.S. and Hacker, C. and Scherer, B. and Redecke, V. and Berger, T. and Schuler, G. and Wagner, H. and Lipford, G.B. and Zenke, M.
Gene 331 (1-2): 159-164. 28 April 2004

RNA-containing adenovirus/polyethylenimine transfer complexes effectively transduce dendritic cells and induce antigen-specific T cell responses.
Gust, T.C. and Diebold, S.S. and Cotten, M. and Zenke, M.
Journal of Gene Medicine 6 (4): 464-470. 1 April 2004


Therapeutics and diagnostics for disorders of erythropoiesis.
Lemke, B. and Zenke, M. and Hacker, C. and Brissette, W.H. and Zagouras, P. and Neote, K.S.
WO03038130 ; US2004014064 ; EP1446507. 8 May 2003

Mittel zur Behandlung von leukaemischen Erkrankungen.
Zenke, M. and Bartunek, P. and Madruga, J. and Koritschoner, N.P.
DE10150183A1. 24 April 2003

TR4, TR4 activators, TR4 inhibitors or TR4-associated molecules for treating leukaemic diseases [TR4, TR4-Aktivatoren, TR4-Inhibitoren oder TR4-assoziierten Molekuelen zur Behandlung von leukaemischen Erkrankungen].
Zenke, M. and Bartunek, P. and Madruga, J. and Koritschoner, M.P.
WO0333529. 24 April 2003

GATA-1 and c-myb crosstalk during red blood cell differentiation through GATA-1 binding sites in the c-myb promoter.
Bartunek, P. and Kralova, J. and Blendinger, G. and Dvorak, M. and Zenke, M.
Oncogene 22 (13): 1927-1935. 3 April 2003

Transcriptional profiling identifies Id2 function in dendritic cell development.
Hacker, C. and Kirsch, R.D. and Ju, X.S. and Hieronymus, T. and Gust, T.C. and Kuhl, C. and Jorgas, T. and Kurz, S.M. and Rose-John, S. and Yokota, Y. and Zenke, M.
Nature Immunology 4 (4): 380-386. April 2003

Cryopreservation of mature monocyte-derived human dendritic cells for vaccination: influence on phenotype and functional properties.
Westermann, J. and Koerner, I.J. and Kopp, J. and Kurz, S. and Zenke, M. and Doerken, B. and Pezzutto, A.
Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy 52 (3): 194-198. March 2003

Methods and compositions relating to plasmacytoid dendritic cells.
Lipford, G.B. and Wagner, H. and Zenke, M.
WO0312061 ; US2003148316. 13 February 2003

Towards determining the differentiation program of antigen-presenting dentritic cells by transcriptional profiling.
Ju, X.S. and Hacker, C. and Kurz, S.M. and Knespel, S. and Blendinger, G. and Rose-John, S. and Zenke, M.
European Journal of Cell Biology 82 (2): 75-86. February 2003

Differentiation of human antigen-presenting dendritic cells from CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells in vitro.
Ju, X.S. and Zenke, M.
Methods in Molecular Biology 215 : 399-407. 2003


Immunosuppressive treatment protects against angiotensin II-induced renal damage.
Muller, D.N. and Shagdarsuren, E. and Park, J.K. and Dechend, R. and Mervaala, E. and Hampich, F. and Fiebeler, A. and Ju, X. and Finckenberg, P. and Theuer, J. and Viedt, C. and Kreuzer, J. and Heidecke, H. and Haller, H. and Zenke, M. and Luft, F.C.
American Journal of Pathology 161 (5): 1679-1693. November 2002

Mannose receptor-mediated gene delivery into antigen presenting dendritic cells.
Diebold, S.S. and Plank, C. and Cotten, M. and Wagner, E. and Zenke, M.
Somatic Cell and Molecular Genetics 27 (1-6): 65-74. November 2002

Myb-transformierte Blutzellen und ihre Verwendung zum Wirkstoffscreening [MYB-transformed blood cells and their use for active ingredient screening].
Bartunek, P. and Dvorak, M. and Zenke, M. and Karafiat, V.
DE10112360A1 ; WO02072116 ; CZ20032431 ; EP1365783. 12 September 2002

Transformierte Blutzellen und ihre Verwendung zum Wirkstoffscreening.
Bartunek, P. and Dvorak, M. and Zenke, M. and Karafiat, V.
DE10112360A1. 12 September 2002

Nuclear factor κB-dependent gene expression profiling of Hodgkins disease tumor cells, pathogenetic significance, and link to constitutive signal transducer and activator of transcription 5a activity.
Hinz, M. and Lemke, P. and Anagnostopoulos, I. and Hacker, C. and Krappmann, D. and Mathas, S. and Doerken, B. and Zenke, M. and Stein, H. and Scheidereit, C.
Journal of Experimental Medicine 196 (5): 605-617. 2 September 2002

[Regulation of bone mass for skeletal loading] [Article in Japanese].
Sakai, A. and Tanaka, S. and Sakata, T. and Watanuki, M. and Zenke, M. and Nakamura, T.
Journal of UOEH 24 : 281-287. 1 September 2002

Receptor-mediated gene delivery.
Gust, T.C. and Zenke, M.
ScientificWorldJournal 2 : 224-229. 24 January 2002

bFGF signaling and v-Myb cooperate in sustained growth of primitive erythroid progenitors.
Bartunek, P. and Pajer, P. and Karafiat, V. and Blendinger, G. and Dvorak, M. and Zenke, M.
Oncogene 21 (3): 400-410. 17 January 2002

The impact of c-met/scatter factor receptor on dendritic cell migration.
Kurz, S.M. and Diebold, S.S. and Hieronymus, T. and Gust, T.C. and Bartunek, P. and Sachs, M. and Birchmeier, W. and Zenke, M.
European Journal of Immunology 32 (7): 1832-1838. 1 January 2002


MHC class II presentation of endogenously expressed antigens by transfected dendritic cells.
Diebold, S.S. and Cotten, M. and Koch, N. and Zenke, M.
Gene Therapy 8 (6): 487-493. 1 January 2001

Molecular cloning, expression and regulation of the avian tubby-like protein 1 (tulp1) gene.
Heikenwaelder, M.F. and Koritschoner, N.P. and Pajer, P. and Chaboissier, M.C. and Kurz, S.M. and Briegel, K.J. and Bartunek, P. and Zenke, M.
Gene 273 (1): 131-139. 1 January 2001

The leucine zipper region of Myb oncoprotein regulates the commitment of hematopoietic progenitors.
Karafiat, V. and Dvorakova, M. and Pajer, P. and Kralova, J. and Horejsi, Z. and Cermak, V. and Bartunek, P. and Zenke, M. and Dvorak, M.
Blood 98 (13): 3668-3676. 1 January 2001

The nuclear orphan receptor TR4 promotes proliferation of myeloid progenitor cells.
Koritschoner, N.P. and Madruga, J. and Knespel, S. and Blendinger, G. and Anzinger, B. and Otto, A. and Zenke, M. and Bartunek, P.
Cell Growth and Differentiation 12 (11): 563-572. 1 January 2001

Thyroid hormone regulates the obesity gene tub.
Koritschoner, N.P. and Alvarez-Dolado, M. and Kurz, S.M. and Heikenwaelder, M.F. and Hacker, C. and Vogel, F. and Munoz, A. and Zenke, M.
EMBO Reports 2 (6): 499-504. 1 January 2001


Dendritic cells conditionally transformed by v-relER oncogene express lymphoid marker genes.
Madruga, J. and Briegel, K. and Diebold, S. and Boehmelt, G. and Vogel, F. and Zenke, M.
Immunobiology 202 (4): 394-407. 1 November 2000


Identification of a mammalian homologue of the fungal Tom70 mitochondrial precursor protein import receptor as a thyroid hormone-regulated gene in specific brain regions.
Alvarez-Dolado, M. and Gonzalez-Moreno, M. and Valencia, A. and Zenke, M. and Bernal, J. and Munoz, A.
Journal of Neurochemistry 73 (6): 2240-2249. December 1999

The fibroblast growth factor receptor FGFR-4 acts as a ligand dependent modulator of erythroid cell proliferation.
Koritschoner, N.P. and Bartunek, P. and Knespel, S. and Blendinger, G. and Zenke, M.
Oncogene 18 (43): 5904-5914. 21 October 1999

Mannose polyethylenimine conjugates for targeted DNA delivery into dendritic cells.
Diebold, S.S. and Kursa, P. and Wagner, E. and Cotten, M. and Zenke, M.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 274 : 19087-19094. 2 July 1999

Molecular cloning, expression and evolutionary analysis of the avian tyrosine kinase JAK1.
Bartunek, P. and Koritschoner, N.P. and Brett, D. and Zenke, M.
Gene 230 : 129-136. 16 April 1999

Efficient gene delivery into human dendritic cells by adenovirus polyethylenimine and mannose polyethylenimine transfection.
Diebold, S.S. and Lehrmann, H. and Kursa, M. and Wagner, E. and Cotten, M. and Zenke, M.
Human Gene Therapy 10 : 775-786. 20 March 1999

Polarised expression pattern of focal contact proteins in highly motile antigen presenting dendritic cells.
Madruga, J. and Koritschoner, N.P. and Diebold, S.S. and Kurz, S.M. and Zenke, M.
Journal of Cell Science 112 : 1685-1696. 1 January 1999


Growth and differentiation of human stem cell factor/erythropoietin-dependent erythroid progenitor cells in vitro.
Panzenboeck, B. and Bartunek, P. and Mapara, M.Y. and Zenke, M.
Blood 92 (10): 3658-3668. 15 November 1998

Retinoid X receptor and c-erbA/ thyroid hormone receptor regulate erythroid cell growth and differentiation.
Bartunek, P. and Zenke, M.
Molecular Endocrinology 12 (9): 1269-1279. September 1998

Assignment of the gene encoding the core promoter element binding protein (COPEB) to human chromosome 10p15 by somatic hybrid analysis and fluorescence in situ hybridization.
Onyango, P. and Koritschoner, N.P. and Patrito, L.C. and Zenke, M. and Weith, A.
Genomics 48 : 143-144. 1 January 1998

Gene-modified dendritic cells by receptor-mediated transfection.
Diebold, S.S. and Cotten, M. and Wagner, E. and Zenke, M.
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 451 : 449-455. 1 January 1998


The Myb leucine zipper is essential for leukemogenicity of the v-Myb protein.
Bartunek, P. and Karafiat, V. and Dvorakova, M. and Zahorova, V. and Mandikova, S. and Zenke, M. and Dvorak, M.
Oncogene 15 (24): 2939-2949. 11 December 1997

Insulin-like growth factor type I (IGF-I) supports growth of V-relER dendritic cell progenitors.
Madruga, J. and Koritschoner, N. and Stengl, G. and Knespel, S. and Bartunek, P. and Zenke, M.
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 417 : 461-465. 1 January 1997


Regulation and function of transcription factor GATA-1 during red blood cell differentiation.
Briegel, K. and Bartunek, P. and Stengl, G. and Lim, K.C. and Beug, H. and Engel, J.D. and Zenke, M.
Development 122 (12): 3839-3850. December 1996

Avian stem cell factor (SCF): production and characterization of the recombinant His- tagged SCF of chicken and its neutralizing antibody.
Bartunek, P. and Pichlikova, L. and Stengl, G. and Boehmelt, G. and Martin, F.H. and Beug, H. and Dvorak, M. and Zenke, M.
Cytokine 8 (1): 14-20. 1 January 1996


Dendritic cell progenitor is transformed by a conditional v-rel estrogen receptor fusion v-relER.
Boehmelt, G. and Madruga, J. and Doerfler, P. and Briegel, K. and Schwarz, H. and Enrietto, P. and Zenke, M.
Cell 80 (2): 341-352. 27 January 1995

Generation of cell lines from embryonic quail retina capable of mature neuronal differentiation.
Pollerberg, G.E. and Kuschel, C. and Zenke, M.
Journal of Neuroscience Research 41 : 427-442. 1 January 1995


Structure and expression of the chicken retinoblastoma gene.
Boehmelt, G. and Ulrich, E. and Kurzbauer, R. and Mellitzer, G. and Bird, A. and Zenke, M.
Cell Growth and Differentiation 5 : 221-230. 1 January 1994


A conserved C-terminal sequence that is deleted in v-erbA is essential for the biological activities of c-erbA (the thyroid hormone receptor).
Saatcioglu, F. and Bartunek, P. and Deng, T. and Zenke, M. and Karin, M.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 13 (6): 3675-3685. June 1993

Unliganded T3R, but not its oncogenic variant, v-erbA, suppresses RAR-dependent transactivation by titrating out RXR.
Barettino, D. and Bugge, T.H. and Bartunek, P. and Vivanco Ruiz, M.D. and Sonntag-Buck, V. and Beug, H. and Zenke, M. and Stunnenberg, H.G.
EMBO Journal 12 (4): 1343-1354. April 1993

Ectopic expression of a conditional GATA-2/estrogen receptor chimera arrests erythroid differentiation in a hormone-dependent manner.
Briegel, K. and Lim, K.C. and Plank, C. and Beug, H. and Engel, J.D. and Zenke, M.
Genes & Development 7 : 1097-1109. 1 January 1993


Hormone-regulated v-rel estrogen receptor fusion protein: reversible induction of cell transformation and cellular gene expression.
Boehmelt, G. and Walker, A. and Kabrun, N. and Mellitzer, G. and Beug, H. and Zenke, M. and Enrietto, P.J.
EMBO Journal 11 (12): 4641-4652. December 1992

Modulation of normal erythroid differentiation by the endogenous thyroid hormone and retinoic acid receptors: a possible target for v-erbA oncogene action.
Schroeder, C. and Gibson, L. and Zenke, M. and Beug, H.
Oncogene 7 (2): 217-227. 1 February 1992

Cis and transregulation of issue-specific transcription.
Engel, J.D. and Beug, H. and LaVail, J.H. and Zenke, M. and Mayo, K. and Leonard, M.W. and Foley, K.P. and Yang, Z. and Kornhauser, J.M. and Ko, L.J. and Lim, K.C. and George, K.M. and Briegel, K.
Journal of Cell Science 16 : 21-31. 1 January 1992

Constitutive myc expression impairs hypertrophy and calcification in cartilage.
Quarto, R. and Dozin, B. and Tacchetti, C. and Robino, G. and Zenke, M. and Campanile, G. and Cancedda, R.
Developmental Biology 149 (1): 168-176. 1 January 1992

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