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The short-chain fatty acid propionate protects from hypertensive cardiovascular damage.
Bartolomaeus, H. and Balogh, A. and Yakoub, M. and Homann, S. and Markó, L. and Höges, S. and Tsvetkov, D. and Krannich, A. and Wundersitz, S. and Avery, E.G. and Haase, N. and Kräker, K. and Hering, L. and Maase, M. and Kusche-Vihrog, K. and Grandoch, M. and Fielitz, J. and Kempa, S. and Gollasch, M. and Zhumadilov, Z. and Kozhakhmetov, S. and Kushugulova, A. and Eckardt, K.U. and Dechend, R. and Rump, L.C. and Forslund, S.K. and Müller, D.N. and Stegbauer, J. and Wilck, N.
Circulation 139 (11): 1407-1421. 12 March 2019


Stage-specific metabolic features of differentiating neurons: implications for toxicant sensitivity.
Delp, J. and Gutbier, S. and Cerff, M. and Zasada, C. and Niedenführ, S. and Zhao, L. and Smirnova, L. and Hartung, T. and Borlinghaus, H. and Schreiber, F. and Bergemann, J. and Gätgens, J. and Beyss, M. and Azzouzi, S. and Waldmann, T. and Kempa, S. and Nöh, K. and Leist, M.
Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 354 : 64-80. 1 September 2018

Muscle atrophy due to nerve damage is accompanied by elevated myofibrillar protein synthesis rates.
Langer, H.T. and Senden, J.M.G. and Gijsen, A.P. and Kempa, S. and van Loon, Luc J. C. and Spuler, S.
Frontiers in Physiology 9 : 1220. August 2018

Alterations of mTOR signaling impact metabolic stress resistance in colorectal carcinomas with BRAF and KRAS mutations.
Fritsche-Guenther, R. and Zasada, C. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Royla, N. and Rainer, R. and Roßner, F. and Pietzke, M. and Klipp, E. and Sers, C. and Kempa, S.
Scientific Reports 8 (1): 9204. 15 June 2018

Proteomic analysis of chemosensory organs in the honey bee parasite Varroa destructor: a comprehensive examination of the potential carriers for semiochemicals.
Iovinella, I. and McAfee, A. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Kempa, S. and Foster, L.J. and Pelosi, P. and Dani, F.R.
Journal of Proteomics 181 : 131-141. 15 June 2018

Maf links Neuregulin1 signaling to cholesterol synthesis in myelinating Schwann cells.
Kim, M. and Wende, H. and Walcher, J. and Kühnemund, J. and Cheret, C. and Kempa, S. and McShane, E. and Selbach, M. and Lewin, G.R. and Birchmeier, C.
Genes & Development 32 (9-10): 645-657. 10 May 2018

Combined human genome-wide RNAi and metabolite analyses identify IMPDH as a host-directed target against Chlamydia infection.
Rother, M. and Gonzalez, E. and Teixeira da Costa, A.R. and Wask, L. and Gravenstein, I. and Pardo, M. and Pietzke, M. and Gurumurthy, R.K. and Angermann, J. and Laudeley, R. and Glage, S. and Meyer, M. and Chumduri, C. and Kempa, S. and Dinkel, K. and Unger, A. and Klebl, B. and Klos, A. and Meyer, T.F.
Cell Host & Microbe 23 (5): 661-671. 9 May 2018

Kinetic modelling of quantitative proteome data predicts metabolic reprogramming of liver cancer.
Berndt, N. and Egners, A. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Vvedenskaya, O. and Fragoulis, A. and Dugourd, A. and Bulik, S. and Pietzke, M. and Bielow, C. and van Gassel, R. and Olde Damink, S. and Erdem, M. and Saez-Rodriguez, J. and Holzhütter, H.G. and Kempa, S. and Cramer, T.
bioRxiv : 275040. 5 March 2018

Non-canonical HIF-1 stabilization is essential for intestinal tumorigenesis.
Rohwer, N. and Jumpertz, S. and Erdem, M. and Egners, A. and Warzecha, K.T. and Fragoulis, A. and Kuehl, A.A. and Kramann, R. and Neuss, S. and Rudolph, I. and Endermann, T. and Zasada, C. and Apostolova, I. and Gerling, M. and Kempa, S. and Hughes, R. and Lewis, C.E. and Brenner, W. and Malinowski, M.B. and Stockmann, M. and Schomburg, L. and Faller, W. and Sansom, O.J. and Tacke, F. and Morkel, M. and Cramer, T.
bioRxiv : 273045. 28 February 2018

Proteomic analysis of chemosensory organs in the honey bee parasite Varroa destructor: a comprehensive examination of the potential carriers for semiochemicals.
Iovinella, I. and McAfee, A. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Kempa, S. and Foster, L.J. and Pelosi, P. and Dani, F.R.
bioRxiv : 260539. 7 February 2018


Salt-responsive gut commensal modulates T(H)17 axis and disease.
Wilck, N. and Matus, M.G. and Kearney, S.M. and Olesen, S.W. and Forslund, K. and Bartolomaeus, H. and Haase, S. and Mähler, A. and Balogh, A. and Markó, L. and Vvedenskaya, O. and Kleiner, F.H. and Tsvetkov, D. and Klug, L. and Costea, P.I. and Sunagawa, S. and Maier, L. and Rakova, N. and Schatz, V. and Neubert, P. and Frätzer, C. and Krannich, A. and Gollasch, M. and Grohme, D.A. and Côrte-Real, B.F. and Gerlach, R.G. and Basic, M. and Typas, A. and Wu, C. and Titze, J.M. and Jantsch, J. and Boschmann, M. and Dechend, R. and Kleinewietfeld, M. and Kempa, S. and Bork, P. and Linker, R.A. and Alm, E.J. and Müller, D.N.
Nature 551 (7682): 585-589. 30 November 2017

Retinol saturase coordinates liver metabolism by regulating ChREBP activity.
Heidenreich, S. and Witte, N. and Weber, P. and Goehring, I. and Tolkachov, A. and von Loeffelholz, C. and Döcke, S. and Bauer, M. and Stockmann, M. and Pfeiffer, A.F.H. and Birkenfeld, A.L. and Pietzke, M. and Kempa, S. and Muenzner, M. and Schupp, M.
Nature Communications 8 (1): 384. 30 August 2017

The answer's in the tail: MYC mRNA has a metabolic sensor that supports cancer chemoresistance.
Royla, N. and Kempa, S.
Molecular & Cellular Oncology 4 (4): e1338209. 5 July 2017

The MYCmRNA3'-UTR couples RNA polymerase II function to glutamine and ribonucleotide levels.
Dejure, F.R. and Royla, N. and Herold, S. and Kalb, J. and Walz, S. and Ade, C.P. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Vanselow, J.T. and Schlosser, A. and Wolf, E. and Kempa, S. and Eilers, M.
EMBO Journal 36 (13): 1854-1868. 3 July 2017

The B-cell receptor controls fitness of MYC-driven lymphoma cells via GSK3β inhibition.
Varano, G. and Raffel, S. and Sormani, M. and Zanardi, F. and Lonardi, S. and Zasada, C. and Perucho, L. and Petrocelli, V. and Haake, A. and Lee, A.K. and Bugatti, M. and Paul, U. and Van Anken, E. and Pasqualucci, L. and Rabadan, R. and Siebert, R. and Kempa, S. and Ponzoni, M. and Facchetti, F. and Rajewsky, K. and Casola, S.
Nature 546 (7657): 302-306. 8 June 2017

Fructose-driven glycolysis supports anoxia resistance in the naked mole-rat.
Park, T.J. and Reznick, J. and Peterson, B.L. and Blass, G. and Omerbašić, D. and Bennett, N.C. and Kuich, P.H.J.L. and Zasada, C. and Browe, B.M. and Hamann, W. and Applegate, D.T. and Radke, M.H. and Kosten, T. and Lutermann, H. and Gavaghan, V. and Eigenbrod, O. and Bégay, V. and Amoroso, V. G. and Govind, V. and Minshall, R.D. and Smith, E.S.J. and Larson, J. and Gotthardt, M. and Kempa, S. and Lewin, G.R.
Science 356 (6335): 307-311. 21 April 2017

Selective transport of neurotransmitters and modulators by distinct volume-regulated LRRC8 anion channels.
Lutter, D. and Ullrich, F. and Lueck, J.C. and Kempa, S. and Jentsch, T.J.
Journal of Cell Science 130 (6): 1122-1133. 15 March 2017

On mass ambiguities in high-resolution shotgun lipidomics.
Bielow, C. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Orioli, M. and Kempa, S.
Analytical Chemistry 89 (5): 2986-2994. 7 March 2017


OpenMS: a flexible open-source software platform for mass spectrometry data analysis.
Roest, H.L. and Sachsenberg, T. and Aiche, S. and Bielow, C. and Weisser, H. and Aicheler, F. and Andreotti, S. and Ehrlich, H.C. and Gutenbrunner, P. and Kenar, E. and Liang, X. and Nahnsen, S. and Nilse, L. and Pfeuffer, J. and Rosenberger, G. and Rurik, M. and Schmitt, U. and Veit, J. and Walzer, M. and Wojnar, D. and Wolski, W.E. and Schilling, O. and Choudhary, J.S. and Malmstroem, L. and Aebersold, R. and Reinert, K. and Kohlbacher, O.
Nature Methods 13 (9): 741-748. September 2016

Quantitative analysis of cancer metabolism: From pSIRM to MFA.
Zasada, C. and Kempa, S.
Recent Results in Cancer Research 207 (207): 207-220. 25 August 2016

SORLA facilitates insulin receptor signaling in adipocytes and exacerbates obesity.
Schmidt, V. and Schulz, N. and Yan, X. and Schürmann, A. and Kempa, S. and Kern, M. and Blüher, M. and Poy, M.N. and Olivecrona, G. and Willnow, T.E.
Journal of Clinical Investigation 126 (7): 2706-2720. 1 July 2016

Proteomics quality control : a quality control software for MaxQuant results.
Bielow, C. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Kempa, S.
Journal of Proteome Research 15 (3): 777-787. 4 March 2016

IFNs modify the proteome of Legionella-containing vacuoles and restrict infection via IRG1-derived itaconic acid.
Naujoks, J. and Tabeling, C. and Dill, B.D. and Hoffmann, C. and Brown, A.S. and Kunze, M. and Kempa, S. and Peter, A. and Mollenkopf, H.J. and Dorhoi, A. and Kershaw, O. and Gruber, A.D. and Sander, L.E. and Witzenrath, M. and Herold, S. and Nerlich, A. and Hocke, A.C. and van Driel, I. and Suttorp, N. and Bedoui, S. and Hilbi, H. and Trost, M. and Opitz, B.
PLoS Pathogens 12 (2): e1005408. 1 February 2016

Effects of RAF inhibitors on PI3K/AKT signalling depend on mutational status of the RAS/RAF signalling axis.
Fritsche-Guenther, R. and Witzel, F. and Kempa, S. and Brummer, T. and Sers, C. and Blüthgen, N.
Oncotarget 7 (7): 7960-7969. 20 January 2016


Annexin A1 sustains tumor metabolism and cellular proliferation upon stable loss of HIF1A.
Rohwer, N. and Bindel, F. and Grimm, C. and Lin, S.J. and Wappler, J. and Klinger, B. and Blüthgen, N. and Du Bois, I. and Schmeck, B. and Lehrach, H. and de Graauw, M. and Goncalves, E. and Saez-Rodriguez, J. and Tan, P. and Grabsch, H.I. and Prigione, A. and Kempa, S. and Cramer, T.
Oncotarget 7 (6): 6693-6710. 29 December 2015

A MYC-driven change in mitochondrial dynamics limits YAP/TAZ function in mammary epithelial cells and breast cancer.
von Eyss, B. and Jaenicke, L.A. and Kortlever, R.M. and Royla, N. and Wiese, K.E. and Letschert, S. and McDuffus, L.A. and Sauer, M. and Rosenwald, A. and Evan, G.I. and Kempa, S. and Eilers, M.
Cancer Cell 28 (6): 743-757. 14 December 2015

Dietary fatty acids directly impact central nervous system autoimmunity via the small intestine.
Haghikia, A. and Jörg, S. and Duscha, A. and Berg, J. and Manzel, A. and Waschbisch, A. and Hammer, A. and Lee, D.H. and May, C. and Wilck, N. and Balogh, A. and Ostermann, A.I. and Schebb, N.H. and Akkad, D.A. and Grohme, D.A. and Kleinewietfeld, M. and Kempa, S. and Thöne, J. and Demir, S. and Müller, D.N. and Gold, R. and Linker, R.A.
Immunity 43 (4): 817-829. 20 October 2015

Extensive identification and analysis of conserved small ORFs in animals.
Mackowiak, S.D. and Zauber, H. and Bielow, C. and Thiel, D. and Kutz, K. and Calviello, L. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Rajewsky, N. and Kempa, S. and Selbach, M. and Obermayer, B.
Genome Biology 16 : 179. 14 September 2015

Analysis of impedance-based cellular growth assays.
Witzel, F. and Fritsche-Guenther, R. and Lehmann, N. and Sieber, A. and Bluethgen, N.
Bioinformatics 31 (16): 2705-2712. 15 August 2015

Crosstalk between two bZIP signaling pathways orchestrates salt-induced metabolic reprogramming in arabidopsis roots.
Hartmann, L. and Pedrotti, L. and Weiste, C. and Fekete, A. and Schierstaedt, J. and Göttler, J. and Kempa, S. and Krischke, M. and Dietrich, K. and Mueller, M.J. and Vicente-Carbajosa, J. and Hanson, J. and Dröge-Laser, W.
Plant Cell 27 (8): 2244-2260. August 2015

RC3H1 post-transcriptionally regulates A20 mRNA and modulates the activity of the IKK/NF-κB pathway.
Murakawa, Y. and Hinz, M. and Mothes, J. and Schuetz, A. and Uhl, M. and Wyler, E. and Yasuda, T. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Friedel, C.C. and Dölken, L. and Kempa, S. and Schmidt-Supprian, M. and Blüthgen, N. and Backofen, R. and Heinemann, U. and Wolf, J. and Scheidereit, C. and Landthaler, M.
Nature Communications 6 : 7367. 14 July 2015

Comprehensive identification and characterization of conserved small ORFs in animals.
Mackowiak, S.D. and Zauber, H. and Bielow, C. and Thiel, D. and Kutz, K. and Calviello, L. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Rajewsky, N. and Kempa, S. and Selbach, M. and Obermayer, B.
bioRxiv : 017772. 9 April 2015

Glycolysis-mediated changes in acetyl-CoA and histone acetylation control the early differentiation of embryonic stem cells.
Moussaieff, A. and Rouleau, M. and Kitsberg, D. and Cohen, M. and Levy, G. and Barasch, D. and Nemirovski, A. and Shen-Orr, S. and Laevsky, I. and Amit, M. and Bomze, D. and Elena-Herrmann, B. and Scherf, T. and Nissim-Rafinia, M. and Kempa, S. and Itskovitz-Eldor, J. and Meshorer, E. and Aberdam, D. and Nahmias, Y.
Cell Metabolism 21 (3): 392-402. 3 March 2015

GABA blocks pathological but not acute TRPV1 pain signals.
Hanack, C. and Moroni, M. and Lima, W.C. and Wende, H. and Kirchner, M. and Adelfinger, L. and Schrenk-Siemens, K. and Tappe-Theodor, A. and Wetzel, C. and Kuich, P.H. and Gassmann, M. and Roggenkamp, D. and Bettler, B. and Lewin, G.R. and Selbach, M. and Siemens, J.
Cell 160 (4): 759-770. 12 February 2015

Maui-VIA: a user-friendly software for visual identification, alignment, correction, and quantification of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry data.
Kuich, P.H.J.L. and Hoffmann, N. and Kempa, S.
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 2 : 84. 21 January 2015


Decoding the dynamics of cellular metabolism and the action of 3-bromopyruvate and 2-deoxyglucose using pulsed stable isotope-resolved metabolomics.
Pietzke, M. and Zasada, C. and Mudrich, S. and Kempa, S.
Cancer & Metabolism 2 : 9. 30 June 2014

Pulsed stable isotope-resolved metabolomic studies of cancer cells.
Pietzke, M. and Kempa, S.
Methods in Enzymology 543 : 179-198. 9 June 2014

MOV10 is a 5' to 3' RNA helicase contributing to UPF1 mRNA target degradation by translocation along 3' UTRs.
Gregersen, L.H. and Schueler, M. and Munschauer, M. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Chen, W. and Kempa, S. and Dieterich, C. and Landthaler, M.
Molecular Cell 54 (4): 573-585. 22 May 2014


A proteomic investigation of soluble olfactory proteins in Anopheles gambiae.
Mastrobuoni, G. and Qiao, H. and Iovinella, I. and Sagona, S. and Niccolini, A. and Boscaro, F. and Caputo, B. and Orejuela, M.R. and Della Torre, A. and Kempa, S. and Felicioli, A. and Pelosi, P. and Moneti, G. and Dani, F.R.
PLoS ONE 8 (11): e75162. 25 November 2013

Synthetic lethal metabolic targeting of cellular senescence in cancer therapy.
Dörr, J.R. and Yu, Y. and Milanovic, M. and Beuster, G. and Zasada, C. and Däbritz, J.H.M. and Lisec, J. and Lenze, D. and Gerhardt, A. and Schleicher, K. and Kratzat, S. and Purfürst, B. and Walenta, S. and Mueller-Klieser, W. and Gräler, M. and Hummel, M. and Keller, U. and Buck, A.K. and Dörken, B. and Willmitzer, L. and Reimann, M. and Kempa, S. and Lee, S. and Schmitt, C.A.
Nature 501 (7467): 421-425. 19 September 2013

The growing complexity of HIF-1α's role in tumorigenesis: DNA repair and beyond.
Rohwer, N. and Zasada, C. and Kempa, S. and Cramer, T.
Oncogene 32 (31): 3569-3576. 1 August 2013

Identification of LIN28B-bound mRNAs reveals features of target recognition and regulation.
Graf, R. and Munschauer, M. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Mayr, F. and Heinemann, U. and Kempa, S. and Rajewsky, N. and Landthaler, M.
RNA Biology 10 (7): 1146-1159. 1 July 2013

UHPLC-HRMS-Experimente planen und auswerten - Beispiel Thyroxin [Plan and evaluate UHPLC-HRMS-experiments - example Thyroxine].
Neu, V. and Bielow, C. and Schneider, P. and Braun, R. and Stuppner, H. and Reinert, K. and Huber, C.G.
Nachrichten aus der Chemie 61 (4): 455-458. April 2013

The pro-neurotrophin receptor sortilin is a major neuronal apolipoprotein E receptor for catabolism of amyloid-β peptide in the brain.
Carlo, A.S. and Gustafsen, C. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Nielsen, M.S. and Burgert, T. and Hartl, D. and Rohe, M. and Nykjaer, A. and Herz, J. and Heeren, J. and Kempa, S. and Petersen, C.M. and Willnow, T.E.
Journal of Neuroscience 33 (1): 358-370. 2 January 2013


Stress-induced GSK3 regulates the redox stress response by phosphorylating glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in Arabidopsis.
Dal Santo, S. and Stampfl, H. and Krasensky, J. and Kempa, S. and Gibon, Y. and Petutschnig, E. and Rozhon, W. and Heuck, A. and Clausen, T. and Jonak, C.
Plant Cell 24 (8): 3380-3392. August 2012

Proteome dynamics and early salt stress response of the photosynthetic organism Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
Mastrobuoni, G. and Irgang, S. and Pietzke, M. and Wenzel, M. and Assmus, H.E. and Schulze, W.X. and Kempa, S.
BMC Genomics 13 (1): 215. 31 May 2012

Gene expression of pluripotency determinants is conserved between mammalian and planarian stem cells.
Onal, P. and Gruen, D. and Adamidi, C. and Rybak, A. and Solana, J. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Wang, Y. and Rahn, H.P. and Chen, W. and Kempa, S. and Ziebold, U. and Rajewsky, N.
EMBO Journal 31 (12): 2755-2769. 27 April 2012

Deregulated MYC expression induces dependence upon AMPK-related kinase 5.
Liu, L. and Ulbrich, J. and Mueller, J. and Wuestefeld, T. and Aeberhard, L. and Kress, T.R. and Muthalagu, N. and Rycak, L. and Rudalska, R. and Moll, R. and Kempa, S. and Zender, L. and Eilers, M. and Murphy, D.J.
Nature 483 (7391): 608-612. 29 March 2012


In vivo and transcriptome-wide identification of RNA binding protein target sites.
Jungkamp, A.C. and Stoeckius, M. and Mecenas, D. and Gruen, D. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Kempa, S. and Rajewsky, N.
Molecular Cell 44 (5): 828-840. 9 December 2011

Expression of root glutamate dehydrogenase genes in tobacco plants subjected to boron deprivation.
Beato, V.M. and Navarro-Gochicoa, M.T. and Rexach, J. and Herrera-Rodriguez, M.B. and Camacho-Cristobal, J.J. and Kempa, S. and Weckwerth, W. and Gonzalez-Fontes, A.
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 49 (11): 1350-1354. November 2011

De novo assembly and validation of planaria transcriptome by massive parallel sequencing and shotgun proteomics.
Adamidi, C. and Wang, Y. and Gruen, D. and Mastrobuoni, G. and You, X. and Tolle, D. and Dodt, M. and Mackowiak, S.D. and Gogol-Doering, A. and Oenal, P. and Rybak, A. and Ross, E. and Alvarado, A.S. and Kempa, S. and Dieterich, C. and Rajewsky, N. and Chen, W.
Genome Research 21 (7): 1193-1200. July 2011

Odorant-binding proteins and chemosensory proteins in pheromone detection and release in the silkmoth Bombyx mori.
Dani, F.R. and Michelucci, E. and Francese, S. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Cappellozza, S. and La Marca, G. and Niccolini, A. and Felicioli, A. and Moneti, G. and Pelosi, P.
Chemical Senses 36 (4): 335-344. May 2011

Thioredoxin reductase, an emerging target for anticancer metallodrugs. Enzyme inhibition by cytotoxic gold(III) compounds studied with combined mass spectrometry and biochemical assays.
Gabbiani, C. and Mastrobuoni, G. and Sorrentino, F. and Dani, B. and Rigobello, M.P. and Bindoli, A. and Cinellu, M.A. and Pieraccini, G. and Messori, L. and Casini, A.
MedChemComm 2 (1): 50-54. January 2011


Targeted proteomics for Chlamydomonas reinhardtii combined with rapid subcellular protein fractionation, metabolomics and metabolic flux analyses.
Wienkoop, S. and Weiss, J. and May, P. and Kempa, S. and Irgang, S. and Recuenco-Munoz, L. and Pietzke, M. and Schwemmer, T. and Rupprecht, J. and Egelhofer, V. and Weckwerth, W.
Molecular BioSystems 6 (6): 1018-1031. 18 June 2010


An integrative approach towards completing genome-scale metabolic networks.
Christian, N. and May, P. and Kempa, S. and Handorf, T. and Ebenhoeh, O.
Molecular BioSystems 5 (12): 1889-1903. December 2009

Carbon metabolism and bacteroid functioning are involved in the regulation of nitrogen fixation in Medicago truncatula under drought and recovery.
Larrainzar, E. and Wienkoop, S. and Scherling, C. and Kempa, S. and Ladrera, R. and Arrese-Igor, C. and Weckwerth, W. and Gonzalez, E.M.
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 22 (12): 1565-1576. December 2009

ChlamyCyc: an integrative systems biology database and web-portal for Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
May, P. and Christian, J.O. and Kempa, S. and Walther, D.
BMC Genomics 10 : 209. 4 May 2009

An automated GCxGC-TOF-MS protocol for batch-wise extraction and alignment of mass isotopomer matrixes from differential 13C-labelling experiments: a case study for photoautotrophic-mixotrophic grown Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cells.
Kempa, S. and Hummel, J. and Schwemmer, T. and Pietzke, M. and Strehmel, N. and Wienkoop, S. and Kopka, J. and Weckwerth, W.
Journal of Basic Microbiology 49 (1): 82-91. February 2009


A central role of abscisic acid in stress-regulated carbohydrate metabolism.
Kempa, S. and Krasensky, J. and Dal Santo, S. and Kopka, J. and Jonak, C.
PLoS ONE 3 (12): e3935. 12 December 2008

Metabolomics- and proteomics-assisted genome annotation and analysis of the draft metabolic network of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
May, P. and Wienkoop, S. and Kempa, S. and Usadel, B. and Christian, N. and Rupprecht, J. and Weiss, J. and Recuenco-Munoz, L. and Ebenhoeh, O. and Weckwerth, W. and Walther, D.J.
Genetics 179 (1): 157-166. 1 May 2008


A plastid-localized glycogen synthase kinase 3 modulates stress tolerance and carbohydrate metabolism.
Kempa, S. and Rozhon, W. and Samaj, J. and Erban, A. and Baluska, F. and Becker, T. and Haselmayer, J. and Schleiff, E. and Kopka, J. and Hirt, H. and Jonak, C.
Plant Journal 49 (6): 1076-1090. March 2007


Effect of sulfur availability on the integrity of amino acid biosynthesis in plants.
Nikiforova, V.J. and Bielecka, M. and Gakiere, B. and Krueger, S. and Rinder, J. and Kempa, S. and Morcuende, R. and Scheible, W.R. and Hesse, H. and Hoefgen, R.
Amino Acids 30 (2): 173-183. March 2006


Towards dissecting nutrient metabolism in plants: a systems biology case study on sulphur metabolism.
Nikiforova, V.J. and Gakiere, B. and Kempa, S. and Adamik, M. and Willmitzer, L. and Hesse, H. and Hoefgen, R.
Journal of Experimental Botany 55 (404): 1861-1870. August 2004


Muscle-type creatine kinase interacts with central domains of the M-band proteins myomesin and M-protein.
Hornemann, T. and Kempa, S. and Himmel, M. and Hayess, K. and Fuerst, D.O. and Wallimann, T.
Journal of Molecular Biology 332 (4): 877-887. 26 September 2003

Transcriptome analysis of sulfur depletion in Arabidopsis thaliana: interlacing of biosynthetic pathways provides response specificity.
Nikiforova, V. and Freitag, J. and Kempa, S. and Adamik, M. and Hesse, H. and Hoefgen, R.
Plant Journal 33 (4): 633-650. February 2003


Engineering of cysteine and methionine biosynthesis in potato.
Nikiforova, V. and Kempa, S. and Zeh, M. and Maimann, S. and Kreft, O. and Casazza, A.P. and Riedel, K. and Tauberger, E. and Hoefgen, R. and Hesse, H.
Amino Acids 22 (3): 259-278. April 2002


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