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HNRNPM controls circRNA biogenesis and splicing fidelity to sustain prostate cancer cell fitness.
Ho, J.S.Y. and Low, D. and Schwarz, M. and Incarnato, D. and Gay, F. and Tabaglio, T. and Zhang, J. and Wollman, H. and Chen, L. and An, O. and Chan, T.H.M. and Hickman, A.H. and Zheng, S. and Roudko, V. and Chen, S. and Ahmed, M. and He, H.H. and Greenbaum, B.D. and Marazzi, I. and Serresi, M. and Gargiulo, G. and Oliviero, S. and Wee, D.K.B. and Guccione, E.
bioRxiv : 2020.06.17.157537. 18 June 2020

USP15 deubiquitinase safeguards hematopoiesis and genome integrity in hematopoietic stem cells and leukemia cells.
van den Berk, P. and Lancini, C. and Company, C. and Serresi, M. and Hulsman, D. and Pritchard, C. and Song, J.Y. and Schmitt, M.J. and Tanger, E. and Huijbers, I.J. and Jacobs, H. and van Lohuizen, M. and Gargiulo, G. and Citterio, E.
bioRxiv : 2020.01.23.916627. 24 January 2020


NF1 regulates mesenchymal glioblastoma plasticity and aggressiveness through the AP-1 transcription factor FOSL1.
Marques, C. and Unterkircher, T. and Kroon, P. and Izzo, A. and Gargiulo, G. and Kling, E. and Schnell, O. and Nelander, S. and Wagner, E.F. and Bakiri, L. and Carro, M.S. and Squatrito, M.
bioRxiv : 834531. 7 November 2019

Targeting APLN/APLNR improves antiangiogenic efficiency and blunts proinvasive side effects of VEGFA/VEGFR2 blockade in glioblastoma.
Mastrella, G. and Hou, M. and Li, M. and Stoecklein, V.M. and Zdouc, N. and Volmar, M.N.M. and Miletic, H. and Reinhard, S. and Herold-Mende, C.C. and Kleber, S. and Eisenhut, K. and Gargiulo, G. and Synowitz, M. and Vescovi, A.L. and Harter, P.N. and Penninger, J.M. and Wagner, E. and Mittelbronn, M. and Bjerkvig, R. and Hambardzumyan, D. and Schüller, U. and Tonn, J.C. and Radke, J. and Glass, R. and Kälin, R.E.
Cancer Research 79 (9): 2298-2313. May 2019


Ezh2 inhibition in Kras-driven lung cancer amplifies inflammation and associated vulnerabilities.
Serresi, M. and Siteur, B. and Hulsman, D. and Company, C. and Schmitt, M.J. and Lieftink, C. and Morris, B. and Cesaroni, M. and Proost, N. and Beijersbergen, R.L. and van Lohuizen, M. and Gargiulo, G.
Journal of Experimental Medicine 215 (12): 3115. 3 December 2018

Next-generation in vivo modeling of human cancers.
Gargiulo, G.
Frontiers in Oncology 8 : 429. October 2018


SOX2 is the determining oncogenic switch in promoting lung squamous cell carcinoma from different cells of origin.
Ferone, G. and Song, J.Y. and Sutherland, K.D. and Bhaskaran, R. and Monkhorst, K. and Lambooij, J.P. and Proost, N. and Gargiulo, G. and Berns, A.
Cancer Cell 30 (4): 519-532. 10 October 2016

Polycomb and lung cancer: when the dosage makes the (kind of) poison.
Gargiulo, G. and Citterio, E. and Serresi, M.
Molecular & Cellular Oncology 3 (3): e1152345. May 2016

Polycomb repressive complex 2 is a barrier to KRAS-driven inflammation and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in non-small-cell lung cancer.
Serresi, M. and Gargiulo, G. and Proost, N. and Siteur, B. and Cesaroni, M. and Koppens, M. and Xie, H. and Sutherland, K.D. and Hulsman, D. and Citterio, E. and Orkin, S. and Berns, A. and van Lohuizen, M.
Cancer Cell 29 (1): 17-31. 11 January 2016


In vivo shRNA screens in solid tumors.
Gargiulo, G. and Serresi, M. and Cesaroni, M. and Hulsman, D. and van Lohuizen, M.
Nature Protocols 9 (12): 2880-2902. December 2014

Tight regulation of ubiquitin-mediated DNA damage response by USP3 preserves the functional integrity of hematopoietic stem cells.
Lancini, C. and van den Berk, P.C.M. and Vissers, J.H.A. and Gargiulo, G. and Song, J.Y. and Hulsman, D. and Serresi, M. and Tanger, E. and Blom, M. and Vens, C. and van Lohuizen, M. and Jacobs, H. and Citterio, E.
Journal of Experimental Medicine 211 (9): 1759-1777. 25 August 2014


The chromodomain helicase Chd4 is required for Polycomb-mediated inhibition of astroglial differentiation.
Sparmann, A. and Xie, Y. and Verhoeven, E. and Vermeulen, M. and Lancini, C. and Gargiulo, G. and Hulsman, D. and Mann, M. and Knoblich, J.A. and van Lohuizen, M.
EMBO Journal 32 (11): 1598-1612. 29 May 2013

In vivo RNAi screen for BMI1 targets identifies TGF-β/BMP-ER stress pathways as key regulators of neural- and malignant glioma-stem cell homeostasis.
Gargiulo, G. and Cesaroni, M. and Serresi, M. and de Vries, N. and Hulsman, D. and Bruggeman, S.W. and Lancini, C. and van Lohuizen, M.
Cancer Cell 23 (5): 660-676. 13 May 2013


Interplay between oncogene-induced DNA damage response and heterochromatin in senescence and cancer.
Di Micco, R. and Sulli, G. and Dobreva, M. and Liontos, M. and Botrugno, O.A. and Gargiulo, G. and dal Zuffu, R. and Matti, V. and d'Ario, G. and Montani, E. and Mercurio, C. and Hahn, W.C. and Gorgoulis, V. and Minucci, S. and d'Adda di Fagagna, F.
Nature Cell Biology 13 (3): 292-302. March 2011


NA-Seq: a discovery tool for the analysis of chromatin structure and dynamics during differentiation.
Gargiulo, G. and Levy, S. and Bucci, G. and Romanenghi, M. and Fornasari, L. and Beeson, K.Y. and Goldberg, S.M. and Cesaroni, M. and Ballarini, M. and Santoro, F. and Bezman, N. and Frige, G. and Gregory, P.D. and Holmes, M.C. and Strausberg, R.L. and Pelicci, P.G. and Urnov, F.D. and Minucci, S.
Developmental Cell 16 (3): 466-481. 17 March 2009

Epigenomic profiling of cancer cells.
Gargiulo, G. and Minucci, S.
International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology 41 (1): 127-135. January 2009


The Polycomb group proteins bind throughout the INK4A-ARF locus and are disassociated in senescent cells.
Bracken, A.P. and Kleine-Kohlbrecher, D. and Dietrich, N. and Pasini, D. and Gargiulo, G. and Beekman, C. and Theilgaard-Moench, K. and Minucci, S. and Porse, B.T. and Marine, J.-C. and Hansen, K.H. and Helin, K.
Genes & Development 21 (5): 525-530. 1 March 2007

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