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Assessing mitochondrial movement within neurons: manual versus automated tracking methods.
Bros, H. and Hauser, A. and Paul, F. and Niesner, R. and Infante-Duarte, C.
Traffic 16 (8): 906-917. August 2015

Lrp1/LDL receptor play critical roles in mannose 6-phosphate-independent lysosomal enzyme targeting.
Markmann, S. and Thelen, M. and Cornils, K. and Schweizer, M. and Brocke-Ahmadinejad, N. and Willnow, T. and Heeren, J. and Gieselmann, V. and Braulke, T. and Kollmann, K.
Traffic 16 (7): 743-759. July 2015


Sarcolemmal repair is a slow process and includes EHD2.
Marg, A. and Schoewel, V. and Timmel, T. and Schulze, A. and Shah, C. and Daumke, O. and Spuler, S.
Traffic 13 (9): 1286-1294. September 2012


Use of Kaede fusions to visualize recycling of G protein-coupled receptors.
Schmidt, A. and Wiesner, B. and Weisshart, K. and Schulz, K. and Furkert, J. and Lamprecht, B. and Rosenthal, W. and Schuelein, R.
Traffic 10 (1): 2-15. January 2009


A role of myosin Vb and Rab11-FIP2 in the aquaporin-2 shuttle.
Nedvetsky, P.I. and Stefan, E. and Frische, S. and Santamaria, K. and Wiesner, B. and Valenti, G. and Hammer, J.A. and Nielsen, S. and Goldenring, J.R. and Rosenthal, W. and Klussmann, E.
Traffic 8 (2): 110-123. February 2007

Patients with a non-dysferlin Miyoshi myopathy have a novel membrane repair defect.
Jaiswal, J.K. and Marlow, G. and Summerill, G. and Mahjneh, I. and Mueller, S. and Hill, M. and Miyake, K. and Haase, H. and Anderson, L.V. and Richard, I. and Kiuru-Enari, S. and McNeil, P.L. and Simon, S.M. and Bashir, R.
Traffic 8 (1): 77-88. January 2007


Regulation of apicomplexan microfilament dynamics by a minimal set of actin-binding proteins.
Schueler, H. and Matuschewski, K.
Traffic 7 (11): 1433-1439. November 2006


Direct observation of rapid internalization and intracellular transport of sterol by macrophage foam cells.
Wuestner, D. and Mondal, M. and Tabas, I. and Maxfield, F.R.
Traffic 6 (5): 396-412. 1 January 2005


Disease-causing V(2) vasopressin receptors are retained in different compartments of the early secretory pathway.
Hermosilla, R. and Oueslati, M. and Donalies, U. and Schoenenberger, E. and Krause, E. and Oksche, A. and Rosenthal, W. and Schuelein, R.
Traffic 5 (12): 993-1005. December 2004


Protein dislocation from the endoplasmic reticulum - Pulling out the suspect.
Jarosch, E. and Geiss-Friedlander, R. and Meusser, B. and Walter, J. and Sommer, T.
Traffic 3 (8): 530-536. 1 January 2002

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