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A weak-labelling and deep learning approach for in-focus object segmentation in 3D widefield microscopy.
Li, R. and Kudryashev, M. and Yakimovich, A.
Research Square : rs.3.rs-2362531/v1. 20 December 2022

Beta cell dysfunction and dedifferentiation induced by Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP)-2 is associated with histone modifications and decreased NeuroD1 chromatin binding.
Ibarra, A. and Prause, M. and Ingerslev, L. and Wortham, M. and Sui, Y. and Sander, M. and Williams, K. and Barrès, R. and Larsen, M. and Christensen, G. and Billestrup, N.
Research Square : rs-2254065. 23 November 2022

Diverse but unique astrocytic phenotypes during embryonic stem cell differentiation, culturing and development.
Freitag, K. and Eede, P. and Ivanov, A. and Schneeberger, S. and Borodina, T. and Sauer, S. and Beule, D. and Heppner, F.
Research Square : rs.3.rs-1362379/v1. 28 February 2022

Epstein-Barr virus-driven B cell lymphoma mediated by a unique LMP1-TRAF6 complex.
Giehler, F. and Ostertag, M. and Sommermann, T. and Weidl, D. and Sterz, K. and Kutz, H. and Feller, S. and Geerlof, A. and Biesinger, B. and Popowicz, G. and Kirchmair, J. and Kieser, A.
Research Square : rs.3.rs-1295699/v1. 4 February 2022


The gut microbiota is associated with the small intestinal paracellular permeability and the development of the immune system in healthy children during the first two years of life.
Kaczmarczyk, M. and Löber, U. and Adamek, K. and Węgrzyn, D. and Skonieczna-Żydecka, K. and Malinowski, D. and Łoniewski, I. and Markó, L. and Ulas, T. and Forslund, S.K. and Łoniewska, B.
Research Square : rs.3.rs-154335/v1. 29 January 2021

Longitudinal omics in Syrian hamsters integrated with human data unravel cellular effector responses to moderate COVID-19.
Nouailles, Geraldine and Wyler, E. and Pennitz, P. and Postmus, D. and Vladrimirova, D. and Kazmierski, J. and Pott, F. and Dietert, K. and Mülleder, M.l and Farztdinov, V. and Obermayer, B. and Wienhold, S.M. and Andreotti, S. and Hoefler, T. and Sawitzki, B. and Drosten, C. and Sander, L. and Suttorp, N. and Ralser, M. and Beule, D. and Gruber, A. and Goffinet, C. and Landthaler, M. and Trimpert, J. and Witzenrath, M.
Research Square : rs-148392/v1. 28 January 2021

Mechanical forces switch blood vessel subtypes to arrest adolescent bone growth.
Dzamukova, M. and Brunner, T.M. and Miotla-Zarebska, J. and Heinrich, F. and Brylka, L. and Mashreghi, M.F. and Kusumbe, A. and Kühn, R. and Schinke, T. and Vincent, T. and Löhning, M.
Research Square : rs.3.rs-120475. 12 January 2021


Establishment of kidney cancer organoid cultures.
Bauer, D. and Birchmeier, W. and Fendler, A.
Research Square : rs.3.pex-911. 12 May 2020

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