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The biotrophic development of Ustilago maydis studied by RNA-seq analysis.
Lanver, D. and Müller, A.N. and Happel, P. and Schweizer, G. and Haas, F.B. and Franitza, M. and Pellegrin, C. and Reissmann, S. and Altmüller, J. and Rensing, S.A. and Kahmann, R.
Plant Cell 30 (2): 300-323. February 2018


easyGWAS: a cloud-based platform for comparing the results of genome-wide association studies.
Grimm, D.G. and Roqueiro, D. and Salomé, P.A. and Kleeberger, S. and Greshake, B. and Zhu, W. and Liu, C. and Lippert, C. and Stegle, O. and Schölkopf, B. and Weigel, D. and Borgwardt, K.M.
Plant Cell 29 (1): 5-19. January 2017


Alternative splicing substantially diversifies the transcriptome during early photomorphogenesis and correlates with the energy availability in arabidopsis.
Hartmann, L. and Drewe-Boss, P. and Wiessner, T. and Wagner, G. and Geue, S. and Lee, H.C. and Obermueller, D.M. and Kahles, A. and Behr, J. and Sinz, F.H. and Raetsch, G. and Wachter, A.
Plant Cell 28 (11): 2715-2734. November 2016


Crosstalk between two bZIP signaling pathways orchestrates salt-induced metabolic reprogramming in arabidopsis roots.
Hartmann, L. and Pedrotti, L. and Weiste, C. and Fekete, A. and Schierstaedt, J. and Göttler, J. and Kempa, S. and Krischke, M. and Dietrich, K. and Mueller, M.J. and Vicente-Carbajosa, J. and Hanson, J. and Dröge-Laser, W.
Plant Cell 27 (8): 2244-2260. August 2015


Paired-end analysis of transcription start sites in Arabidopsis reveals plant-specific promoter signatures.
Morton, T. and Petricka, J. and Corcoran, D.L. and Li, S. and Winter, C.M. and Carda, A. and Benfey, P.N. and Ohler, U. and Megraw, M.
Plant Cell 26 (7): 2746-2760. July 2014


Stress-induced GSK3 regulates the redox stress response by phosphorylating glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in Arabidopsis.
Dal Santo, S. and Stampfl, H. and Krasensky, J. and Kempa, S. and Gibon, Y. and Petutschnig, E. and Rozhon, W. and Heuck, A. and Clausen, T. and Jonak, C.
Plant Cell 24 (8): 3380-3392. August 2012

The primary transcriptome of barley chloroplasts: numerous noncoding RNAs and the dominating role of the plastid-encoded RNA polymerase.
Zhelyazkova, P. and Sharma, C.M. and Foerstner, K.U. and Liere, K. and Vogel, J. and Boerner, T.
Plant Cell 24 (1): 123-136. January 2012

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