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The effect of probiotic and synbiotic supplementation on appetite-regulating hormones and desire to eat: a systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials.
Noormohammadi, M. and Ghorbani, Z. and Löber, U. and Mahdavi-Roshan, M. and Bartolomaeus, T.U.P. and Kazemi, A. and Shoaibinobarian, N. and Forslund, S.K.
Pharmacological Research 187 : 106614. January 2023


Relevance of Angiotensin-(1-7) and its receptor Mas in pneumonia caused by Influenza virus and post-influenza pneumococcal infection.
Melo, E.M. and Del Sarto, J. and Vago, J.P. and Tavares, L.P. and Rago, F. and Gonçalves, A.P.F. and Machado, M.G. and Aranda-Pardos, I. and Valiate, B.V.S. and Cassali, G.D. and Pinho, V. and Sousa, L.P. and A-Gonzalez, N. and Campagnole-Santos, M.J. and Bader, M. and Santos, R.A.S. and Machado, A.V. and Ludwig, S. and Teixeira, M.M.
Pharmacological Research 163 : 105292. January 2021


3D organ models-Revolution in pharmacological research?
Weinhart, M. and Hocke, A. and Hippenstiel, S. and Kurreck, J. and Hedtrich, S.
Pharmacological Research 139 : 446-451. January 2019


Targeted basic research to highlight the role of estrogen and estrogen receptors in the cardiovascular system.
Dworatzek, E. and Mahmoodzadeh, S.
Pharmacological Research 119 : 27-35. May 2017


Upregulation of the kappa opioidergic system in left ventricular rat myocardium in response to volume overload : adaptive changes of the cardiac kappa opioid system in heart failure.
Treskatsch, S. and Shaqura, M. and Dehe, L. and Feldheiser, A. and Roepke, T.K. and Shakibaei, M. and Spies, C.D. and Schäfer, M. and Mousa, S.A.
Pharmacological Research 102 : 33-41. December 2015


Avosentan is protective in hypertensive nephropathy at doses not causing fluid retention.
Baltatu, O.C. and Zaugg, C.E. and Schumacher, C. and Louie, P. and Campos, L.A. and Bader, M.
Pharmacological Research 80 : 9-13. February 2014


Changes of blood pressure and aortic strip contractile responses to ET-1 of heterozygous female transgenic rats, TGR(mRen2)27.
Cargnelli, G. and Rossi, G.P. and Pessina, A.C. and Luciani, S. and Debetto, P. and Ganten, D. and Peters, J. and Bova, S.
Pharmacological Research 37 : 207-211. 1 January 1998


Prednicarbate versus conventional topical glucocorticoids: Pharmacodynamic characterization in vitro.
Lange, K. and Gysler, A. and Bader, M. and Kleuser, B. and Korting, H.C. and Schaefer-Korting, M.
Pharmacological Research 14, 12 : 1744-1749. 1 January 1997


Interaction of progesterone derivatives with the digitalis target enzyme: impact of glycosidation on inhibitory potency.
Weiland, J. and Schoenfeld, W. and Menke, K.H. and Repke, K.R.H.
Pharmacological Research 23 : 27-32. 1 January 1991

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