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Negative regulators of vessel patterning.
Suchting, S. and Freitas, C. and Le Noble, F. and Benedito, R. and Breant, C. and Duarte, A. and Eichmann, A.
In: Novartis Foundation Symposium 283 - Vascular Development. Novartis Foundation Symposia, 283 (283). Wiley (U.K.), 77-80. ISBN 9780470034286 11 September 2007


Discussion: A purinergic dialogue between glia and neurons in the retina.
Robitaille, R. and Newman, E.A. and Stojilkovic, S.S. and Haydon, P.G. and Zimmermann, H. and Fields, R.D. and Zalc, B. and Burnstock, G. and Schipke, C. and Raff, M.C. and Schwarzschild, M.A.
Novartis Foundation Symposium 276 : 202-207. 2006


Early gonadal development: exploring Wt1 and Sox9 function.
Guo, J.K. and Hammes, A. and Chaboissier, M.C. and Vidal, V. and Xing, Y. and Wong, F. and Schedl, A.
Novartis Foundation Symposium 244 : 23-31. 1 March 2002

Ageing and water homeostasis.
Robertson, D. and Jordan, J. and Jacob, G. and Ketch, T. and Shannon, J.R. and Biaggioni, I.
Novartis Foundation Symposium 242 : 265-275. 2002

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