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Cannabinoid type 2 receptors mediate a cell type-specific self-inhibition in cortical neurons.
Stumpf, A. and Parthier, D. and Sammons, R.P. and Stempel, A.V. and Breustedt, J. and Rost, B.R. and Schmitz, D.
Neuropharmacology 139 : 217-225. 1 September 2018

Allosteric modulators targeting CNS muscarinic receptors.
Bock, A. and Schrage, R. and Mohr, K.
Neuropharmacology 136 (Part C): 427-437. 1 July 2018


Enhancing inhibitory synaptic function reverses spatial memory deficits in Shank2 mutant mice.
Lim, C.S. and Kim, H. and Yu, N.K. and Kang, S.J. and Kim, T.H. and Ko, H.G. and Lee, J. and Yang, J.E. and Ryu, H.H. and Park, T. and Gim, J. and Nam, H.J. and Baek, S.H. and Wegener, S. and Schmitz, D. and Boeckers, T.M. and Lee, M.G. and Kim, E. and Lee, J.H. and Lee, Y.S. and Kaang, B.K.
Neuropharmacology 112 (Part A): 104-112. January 2017


ASICs and mammalian mechanoreceptor function.
Omerbašić, D. and Schuhmacher, L.N. and Bernal Sierra, Y.A. and Smith, E.S.J. and Lewin, G.R.
Neuropharmacology 94 : 80-86. July 2015


Adaptive changes in serotonin metabolism preserve normal behavior in mice with reduced TPH2 activity.
Mosienko, V. and Matthes, S. and Hirth, N. and Beis, D. and Flinders, M. and Bader, M. and Hansson, A.C. and Alenina, N.
Neuropharmacology 85C : 73-80. October 2014

Adenosine (A)2A receptor modulation of nicotine-induced locomotor sensitization: a pharmacological and transgenic approach.
Jastrzebska, J. and Nowak, E. and Smaga, I. and Bystrowska, B. and Frankowska, M. and Bader, M. and Filip, M. and Fuxe, K.
Neuropharmacology 81 : 318-326. June 2014


N-desalkylquetiapine activates ERK1/2 to induce GDNF release in C6 glioma cells: a putative cellular mechanism for quetiapine as antidepressant.
Di Benedetto, B. and Kuehn, R. and Nothdurfter, C. and Rein, T. and Wurst, W. and Rupprecht, R.
Neuropharmacology 62 (1): 209-216. January 2012


The role of kinin B(1) receptors in the nociception produced by peripheral protein kinase C activation in mice.
Ferreira, J. and Triches, K.M. and Medeiros, R. and Cabrini, D.A. and Mori, M.A.S. and Pesquero, J.B. and Bader, M. and Calixto, J.B.
Neuropharmacology 54 (3): 597-604. March 2008


The use of kinin B1 and B2 receptor knockout mice and selective antagonists to characterize the nociceptive responses caused by kinins at the spinal level.
Ferreira, J. and Campos, M.M. and Araújo, R. and Bader, M. and Pesquero, J.B. and Calixto, J.B.
Neuropharmacology 43 (7): 1188-1197. December 2002

Nitronyl nitroxides, a novel group of protective agents against oxidative stress in endothelial cells forming the blood-brain barrier.
Blasig, I.E. and Mertsch, K. and Haseloff, R.F.
Neuropharmacology 43 (6): 1006-1014. November 2002


Evidence for the participation of kinins in Freund's adjuvant-induced inflammatory and nociceptive responses in kinin B1 and B2 receptor knockout mice.
Ferreira, J. and Campos, M.M. and Pesquero, J.B. and Araújo, R.C. and Bader, M. and Calixto, J.B.
Neuropharmacology 41 (8): 1006-1012. 1 December 2001

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