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Neuronal autophagy regulates presynaptic neurotransmission by controlling the axonal endoplasmic reticulum.
Kuijpers, M. and Kochlamazashvili, G. and Stumpf, A. and Puchkov, D. and Swaminathan, A. and Lucht, M.T. and Krause, E. and Maritzen, T. and Schmitz, D. and Haucke, V.
Neuron 5 November 2020 (In Press)

SUMOylation of enzymes and ion channels in sensory neurons protects against metabolic dysfunction, neuropathy, and sensory loss in diabetes.
Agarwal, N. and Taberner, F.J. and Rangel Rojas, D. and Moroni, M. and Omberbasic, D. and Njoo, C. and Andrieux, A. and Gupta, P. and Bali, K.K. and Herpel, E. and Faghihi, F. and Fleming, T. and Dejean, A. and Lechner, S.G. and Nawroth, P.P. and Lewin, G.R. and Kuner, R.
Neuron 107 (6): 1141-1159. 23 September 2020

The sensory coding of warm perception.
Paricio-Montesinos, R. and Schwaller, F. and Udhayachandran, A. and Rau, F. and Walcher, J. and Evangelista, R. and Vriens, J. and Voets, T. and Poulet, J.F.A. and Lewin, G.R.
Neuron 106 (5): 830-841. 3 June 2020


Microglia/brain macrophages as central drivers of brain tumor pathobiology.
Gutmann, D.H. and Kettenmann, H.
Neuron 104 (3): 442-449. 6 November 2019


Polarity acquisition in cortical neurons is driven by synergistic action of Sox9-regulated Wwp1 and Wwp2 E3 ubiquitin ligases and intronic miR-140.
Ambrozkiewicz, M.C. and Schwark, M. and Kishimoto-Suga, M. and Borisova, E. and Hori, K. and Salazar-Lázaro, A. and Rusanova, A. and Altas, B. and Piepkorn, L. and Bessa, P. and Schaub, T. and Zhang, X. and Rabe, T. and Ripamonti, S. and Rosário, M. and Akiyama, H. and Jahn, O. and Kobayashi, T. and Hoshino, M. and Tarabykin, V. and Kawabe, H.
Neuron 100 (5): 1097-1115. 5 December 2018

Immune or genetic-mediated disruption of CASPR2 causes pain hypersensitivity due to enhanced primary afferent excitability.
Dawes, J.M. and Weir, G.A. and Middleton, S.J. and Patel, R. and Chisholm, K.I. and Pettingill, P. and Peck, L.J. and Sheridan, J. and Shakir, A. and Jacobson, L. and Gutierrez-Mecinas, M. and Galino, J. and Walcher, J. and Kühnemund, J. and Kuehn, H. and Sanna, M.D. and Lang, B. and Clark, A.J. and Themistocleous, A.C. and Iwagaki, N. and West, S.J. and Werynska, K. and Carroll, L. and Trendafilova, T. and Menassa, D.A. and Giannoccaro, M.P. and Coutinho, E. and Cervellini, I. and Tewari, D. and Buckley, C. and Leite, M.I. and Wildner, H. and Zeilhofer, H.U. and Peles, E. and Todd, A.J. and McMahon, S.B. and Dickenson, A.H. and Lewin, G.R. and Vincent, A. and Bennett, D.L.
Neuron 97 (4): 806-822. 21 February 2018

Precisely timed nicotinic activation drives SST inhibition in neocortical circuits.
Urban-Ciecko, J. and Jouhanneau, J.S. and Myal, S.E. and Poulet, J.F.A. and Barth, A.L.
Neuron 97 (3): 611-625. 7 February 2018


Building bridges through science.
Lissek, T. and Adams, M. and Adelman, J. and Ahissar, E. and Akaaboune, M. and Akil, H. and al'Absi, M. and Arain, F. and Arango-Lasprilla, J.C. and Atasoy, D. and Avila, J. and Badawi, A. and Bading, H. and Baig, A.M. and Baleriola, J. and Belmonte, C. and Bertocchi, I. and Betz, H. and Blakemore, C. and Blanke, O. and Boehm-Sturm, P. and Bonhoeffer, T. and Bonifazi, P. and Brose, N. and Campolongo, P. and Celikel, T. and Chang, C.C. and Chang, T.Y. and Citri, A. and Cline, H.T. and Cortes, J.M. and Cullen, K. and Dean, K. and Delgado-Garcia, J.M. and Desroches, M. and Disterhoft, J.F. and Dowling, J.E. and Draguhn, A. and El-Khamisy, S.F. and El Manira, A. and Enam, S.A. and Encinas, J.M. and Erramuzpe, A. and Esteban, J.A. and Fariñas, I. and Fischer, E. and Fukunaga, I. and Gabilondo, I. and Ganten, D. and Gidon, A. and Gomez-Esteban, J.C. and Greengard, P. and Grinevich, V. and Gruart, A. and Guillemin, R. and Hariri, A.R. and Hassan, B. and Haeusser, M. and Hayashi, Y. and Hussain, N.K. and Jabbar, A.A. and Jaber, M. and Jahn, R. and Janahi, E.M. and Kabbaj, M. and Kettenmann, H. and Kindt, M. and Knafo, S. and Köhr, G. and Komai, S. and Krugers, H. and Kuhn, B. and Ghazal, N.L. and Larkum, M.E. and London, M. and Lutz, B. and Matute, C. and Martinez-Millan, L. and Maroun, M. and McGaugh, J. and Moustafa, A.A. and Nasim, A. and Nave, K.A. and Neher, E. and Nikolich, K. and Outeiro, T. and Palmer, L.M. and Penagarikano, O. and Perez-Otano, I. and Pfaff, D.W. and Poucet, B. and Rahman, A.U. and Ramos-Cabrer, P. and Rashidy-Pour, A. and Roberts, R.J. and Rodrigues, S. and Sanes, J.R. and Schaefer, A.T. and Segal, M. and Segev, I. and Shafqat, S. and Siddiqui, N.A. and Soreq, H. and Soriano-Garcia, E. and Spanagel, R. and Sprengel, R. and Stuart, G. and Südhof, T.C. and Tønnesen, J. and Treviño, M. and Uthman, B.M. and Venter, J.C. and Verkhratsky, A. and Weiss, C. and Wiesel, T.N. and Yaksi, E. and Yizhar, O. and Young, L.J. and Young, P. and Zawia, N.H. and Zugaza, J.L. and Hasan, M.T.
Neuron 96 (4): 730-735. 15 November 2017

Optogenetic tools for subcellular applications in neuroscience.
Rost, B.R. and Schneider-Warme, F. and Schmitz, D. and Hegemann, Peter
Neuron 96 (3): 572-603. 1 November 2017

Touch receptor-derived sensory information alleviates acute pain signaling and fine-tunes nociceptive reflex coordination.
Arcourt, A. and Gorham, L. and Dhandapani, R. and Prato, V. and Taberner, F.J. and Wende, H. and Gangadharan, V. and Birchmeier, C. and Heppenstall, P.A. and Lechner, S.G.
Neuron 93 (1): 179-193. 4 January 2017


Cannabinoid type 2 receptors mediate a cell type-specific plasticity in the hippocampus.
Stempel, A.V. and Stumpf, A. and Zhang, H.Y. and Özdoğan, T. and Pannasch, U. and Theis, A.K. and Otte, D.M. and Wojtalla, A. and Racz, I. and Ponomarenko, A. and Xi, Z.X. and Zimmer, A. and Schmitz, D.
Neuron 90 (4): 795-809. 18 May 2016


Vesicular synaptobrevin/VAMP2 levels guarded by AP180 control efficient neurotransmission.
Koo, S.J. and Kochlamazashvili, G. and Rost, B. and Puchkov, D. and Gimber, N. and Lehmann, M. and Tadeus, G. and Schmoranzer, J. and Rosenmund, C. and Haucke, V. and Maritzen, T.
Neuron 88 (2): 330-344. 21 October 2015

Matching cell type to function in cortical circuits.
Estebanez, L. and Kremkow, J. and Poulet, J.F.A.
Neuron 87 (2): 249-251. 15 July 2015

Wiring the vascular network with neural cues: a CNS perspective.
Waächli, T. and Wacker, A. and Frei, K. and Regli, L. and Schwab, M.E. and Hoerstrup, S.P. and Gerhardt, H. and Engelhardt, B.
Neuron 87 (2): 271-296. 15 July 2015

Bcl11a (Ctip1) controls migration of cortical projection neurons through regulation of Sema3c.
Wiegreffe, C. and Simon, R. and Peschkes, K. and Kling, C. and Strehle, M. and Cheng, J. and Srivatsa, S. and Liu, P. and Jenkins, N.A. and Copeland, N.G. and Tarabykin, V. and Britsch, S.
Neuron 87 (2): 311-325. 15 July 2015


Cortical fosGFP expression reveals broad receptive field excitatory neurons targeted by POm.
Jouhanneau, J.S. and Ferrarese, L. and Estebanez, L. and Audette, N.J. and Brecht, M. and Barth, AL. and Poulet, J.F.A.
Neuron 84 (5): 1065-1078. 3 December 2014

Keeping an eye on cortical States.
Poulet, J.F.A.
Neuron 84 (2): 246-248. 22 October 2014

Wnt-Fzd signaling sensitizes peripheral sensory neurons via distinct noncanonical pathways.
Simonetti, M. and Agarwal, N. and Stösser, S. and Bali, K.K. and Karaulanov, E. and Kamble, R. and Pospisilova, B. and Kurejova, M. and Birchmeier, W. and Niehrs, C. and Heppenstall, P. and Kuner, R.
Neuron 83 (1): 104-121. 2 July 2014

SorCS2 regulates dopaminergic wiring and is processed into an apoptotic two-chain receptor in peripheral glia.
Glerup, S. and Olsen, D. and Vaegter, C.B. and Gustafsen, C. and Sjoegaard, S.S. and Hermey, G. and Kjolby, M. and Molgaard, S. and Ulrichsen, M. and Boggild, S. and Skeldal, S. and Fjorback, A.N. and Nyengaard, J.R. and Jacobsen, J. and Bender, D. and Bjarkam, C.R. and Sørensen, E.S. and Füchtbauer, E.M. and Eichele, G. and Madsen, P. and Willnow, T.E. and Petersen, C.M. and Nykjaer, A.
Neuron 82 (5): 1074-87. 4 June 2014

Retrograde signaling causes excitement.
Schmitz, D. and Breustedt, J. and Gundlfinger, A.
Neuron 81 (4): 717-719. 19 February 2014

Mapping sensory circuits by anterograde transsynaptic transfer of recombinant rabies virus.
Zampieri, N. and Jessell, T.M. and Murray, A.J.
Neuron 81 (4): 766-778. 19 February 2014


Blocking endocytosis enhances short-term synaptic depression under conditions of normal availability of vesicles.
Hua, Y. and Woehler, A. and Kahms, M. and Haucke, V. and Neher, E. and Klingauf, J.
Neuron 80 (2): 343-349. 16 October 2013

Inhibitory gradient along the dorsoventral axis in the medial entorhinal cortex.
Beed, P. and Gundlfinger, A. and Schneiderbauer, S. and Song, J. and Boehm, C. and Burgalossi, A. and Brecht, M. and Vida, I. and Schmitz, D.
Neuron 79 (6): 1197-1207. 18 September 2013

Microglia: new roles for the synaptic stripper.
Kettenmann, H. and Kirchhoff, F. and Verkhratsky, A.
Neuron 77 (1): 10-18. 9 January 2013


GlialCAM, a protein defective in a leukodystrophy, serves as a ClC-2 Cl(-) channel auxiliary subunit.
Jeworutzki, E. and Lopez-Hernandez, T. and Capdevila-Nortes, X. and Sirisi, S. and Bengtsson, L. and Montolio, M. and Zifarelli, G. and Arnedo, T. and Mueller, C.S. and Schulte, U. and Nunes, V. and Martinez, A. and Jentsch, T.J. and Gasull, X. and Pusch, M. and Estevez, R.
Neuron 73 (5): 951-961. 8 March 2012


Coherent phasic excitation during hippocampal ripples.
Maier, N. and Tejero-Cantero, A. and Dorrn, A.L. and Winterer, J. and Beed, P.S. and Morris, G. and Kempter, R. and Poulet, J.F.A. and Leibold, C. and Schmitz, D.
Neuron 72 (1): 137-152. 6 October 2011

Aversion to nicotine is regulated by the balanced activity of beta4 and alpha5 nicotinic receptor subunits in the medial habenula.
Frahm, S. and Slimak, M.A. and Ferrarese, L. and Santos-Torres, J. and Antolin-Fontes, B. and Auer, S. and Filkin, S. and Pons, S. and Fontaine, J.F. and Tsetlin, V. and Maskos, U. and Ibanez-Tallon, I.
Neuron 70 (3): 522-535. 12 May 2011

Muskelin regulates actin filament- and microtubule-based GABA(A) receptor transport in neurons.
Heisler, F.F. and Loebrich, S. and Pechmann, Y. and Maier, N. and Zivkovic, A.R. and Tokito, M. and Hausrat, T.J. and Schweizer, M. and Baehring, R. and Holzbaur, E.L. and Schmitz, D. and Kneussel, M.
Neuron 70 (1): 66-81. 14 April 2011

Synaptic mechanisms underlying sparse coding of active touch.
Crochet, S. and Poulet, J.F.A. and Kremer, Y. and Petersen, C.C.H.
Neuron 69 (6): 1160-1175. 24 March 2011

The molecular and cellular identity of peripheral osmoreceptors.
Lechner, S.G. and Markworth, S. and Poole, K. and Smith, E.S.J. and Lapatsina, L. and Frahm, S. and May, M. and Pischke, S. and Suzuki, M. and Ibanez-Tallon, I. and Luft, F.C. and Jordan, J. and Lewin, G.R.
Neuron 69 (2): 332-344. 27 January 2011


Analysis of excitatory microcircuitry in the medial entorhinal cortex reveals cell-type-specific differences.
Beed, P. and Bendels, M.H.K. and Wiegand, H.F. and Leibold, C. and Johenning, F.W. and Schmitz, D.
Neuron 68 (6): 1059-1066. 22 December 2010

An embedded subnetwork of highly active neurons in the neocortex.
Yassin, L. and Benedetti, B.L. and Jouhanneau, J.S. and Wen, J.A. and Poulet, J.F.A. and Barth, A.L.
Neuron 68 (6): 1043-1050. 22 December 2010


Insulinoma-associated 1 has a panneurogenic role and promotes the generation and expansion of Basal progenitors in the developing mouse neocortex.
Farkas, L.M. and Haffner, C. and Giger, T. and Khaitovich, P. and Nowick, K. and Birchmeier, C. and Paeaebo, S. and Huttner, W.B.
Neuron 60 (1): 40-55. 9 October 2008

Neuregulin-1/ErbB signaling serves distinct functions in myelination of the peripheral and central nervous system.
Brinkmann, B.G. and Agarwal, A. and Sereda, M.W. and Garratt, A.N. and Mueller, T. and Wende, H. and Stassart, R.M. and Nawaz, S. and Humml, C. and Velanac, V. and Radyushkin, K. and Goebbels, S. and Fischer, T.M. and Franklin, R.J. and Lai, C. and Ehrenreich, H. and Birchmeier, C. and Schwab, M.H. and Nave, K.A.
Neuron 59 (4): 581-595. 28 August 2008


Nociceptive tuning by stem cell factor/c-Kit signaling.
Milenkovic, N. and Frahm, C. and Gassmann, M. and Griffel, C. and Erdmann, B. and Birchmeier, C. and Lewin, G.R. and Garratt, A.N.
Neuron 56 (5): 893-906. 6 December 2007


They are not too excited: the possible role of adult-born neurons in epilepsy.
Kempermann, G.
Neuron 52 (6): 935-937. 21 December 2006

Arc/Arg3.1 is essential for the consolidation of synaptic plasticity and memories.
Plath, N. and Ohana, O. and Dammermann, B. and Errington, M.L. and Schmitz, D. and Gross, C. and Mao, X. and Engelsberg, A. and Mahlke, C. and Welzl, H. and Kobalz, U. and Stawrakakis, A. and Fernandez, E. and Waltereit, R. and Bick-Sander, A. and Therstappen, E. and Cooke, S.F. and Blanquet, V. and Wurst, W. and Salmen, B. and Boesl, M.R. and Lipp, H.P. and Grant, S.G.N. and Bliss, T.V.P. and Wolfer, D.P. and Kuhl, D.
Neuron 52 (3): 437-444. 9 November 2006

The rototoxin lynx1 acts on nicotinic acetylcholine receptors to balance neuronal activity and survival in vivo.
Miwa, J.M. and Stevens, T.R. and King, S.L. and Caldarone, B.J. and Ibanez-Tallon, I. and Xiao, C. and Fitzsimonds, R.M. and Pavlides, C. and Lester, H.A. and Picciotto, M.R. and Heintz, N.
Neuron 51 (5): 587-600. 7 September 2006

Ligand-dependent cleavage of the P75 neurotrophin receptor is necessary for NRIF nuclear translocation and apoptosis in sympathetic neurons.
Kenchappa, R.S. and Zampieri, N. and Chao, M.V. and Barker, P.A. and Teng, H.K. and Hempstead, B.L. and Carter, B.D.
Neuron 50 (2): 219-232. 20 April 2006

The endocannabinoid anandamide protects neurons during CNS inflammation by induction of MKP-1 in microglial cells.
Eljaschewitsch, E. and Witting, A. and Mawrin, C. and Lee, T. and Schmidt, P.M. and Wolf, S. and Hoertnagl, H. and Raine, C.S. and Schneider-Stock, R. and Nitsch, R. and Ullrich, O.
Neuron 49 (1): 67-79. 5 January 2006


Inactivity sets XL synapses in motion.
Gundlfinger, A. and Schmitz, D.
Neuron 47 (5): 623-625. 1 September 2005

MAG induces regulated intramembrane proteolysis of the p75 neurotrophin receptor to inhibit neurite outgrowth.
Domeniconi, M. and Zampieri, N. and Spencer, T. and Hilaire, M. and Mellado, W. and Chao, M.V. and Filbin, M.T.
Neuron 46 (6): 849-855. 16 June 2005

Impaired synapse function during postnatal development in the absence of CALEB, an EGF-like protein processed by neuronal activity.
Juettner, R. and More, M.I. and Das, D. and Babich, A. and Meier, J. and Henning, M. and Erdmann, B. and Mueller, E.C. and Otto, A. and Grantyn, R. and Rathjen, F.G.
Neuron 46 (2): 233-245. 21 May 2005

Neuronal damage in autoimmune neuroinflammation mediated by the death ligand TRAIL.
Aktas, O. and Smorodchenko, A. and Brocke, S. and Infante-Duarte, C. and Schulze Topphoff, U. and Vogt, J. and Prozorovski, T. and Meier, S. and Osmanova, V. and Pohl, E. and Bechmann, I. and Nitsch, R. and Zipp, F.
Neuron 46 (3): 421-432. 5 May 2005


The AMPA receptor subunits GluR-A and GluR-B reciprocally modulate spinal synaptic plasticity and inflammatory pain.
Hartmann, B. and Ahmadi, S. and Heppenstall, P.A. and Lewin, G.R. and Schott, C. and Borchardt, T. and Seeburg, P.H. and Zeilhofer, H.U. and Sprengel, R. and Kuner, R.
Neuron 44 (4): 637-650. 18 November 2004

Short- and long-range attraction of cortical GABAergic interneurons by neuregulin-1.
Flames, N. and Long, J.E. and Garratt, A.N. and Fischer, T.M. and Gassmann, M. and Birchmeier, C. and Lai, C. and Rubenstein, J.L. and Marin, O.
Neuron 44 (2): 251-261. 14 October 2004


Axoplasmic importins enable retrograde injury signaling in lesioned nerve.
Hanz, S. and Perlson, E. and Willis, D. and Zheng, J.Q. and Massarwa, R. and Huerta, J.J. and Koltzenburg, M. and Koehler, M. and van Minnen, J. and Twiss, J.L. and Fainzilber, M.
Neuron 40 (6): 1095-1104. 18 December 2003

Role of β-catenin in synaptic vesicle localization and presynaptic assembly.
Bamji, S.X. and Shimazu, K. and Kimes, N. and Huelsken, J. and Birchmeier, W. and Lu, B. and Reichardt, L.F.
Neuron 40 (4): 719-731. November 2003

Conservation of chloride channel structure revealed by an inhibitor binding site in ClC-1.
Estevez, R. and Schroeder, B.C. and Accardi, A. and Jentsch, T.J. and Pusch, M.
Neuron 38 (1): 47-59. 10 April 2003

Neuronal or glial progeny: Regional differences in radial glia fate.
Malatesta, P. and Hack, M.A. and Hartfuss, E. and Kettenmann, H. and Klinkert, W. and Kirchhoff, F. and Goetz, M.
Neuron 37 (5): 751-764. 6 March 2003


A role for Neuregulin1 signaling in muscle spindle differentiation.
Hippenmeyer, S. and Shneider, N.A. and Birchmeier, C. and Burden, S.J. and Jessell, T.M. and Arber, S.
Neuron 36 (6): 1035-1049. 19 December 2002

The homeodomain factor Lbx1 distinguishes two major programs of neuronal differentiation in the dorsal spinal cord.
Mueller, T. and Brohmann, H. and Pierani, A. and Heppenstall, P.A. and Lewin, G.R. and Jessell, T.M. and Birchmeier, C.
Neuron 34 (4): 551-562. 16 May 2002


The DRASIC cation channel contributes to the detection of cutaneous touch and acid stimuli in mice.
Price, M.P. and McIlwrath, S.L. and Xie, J.H. and Cheng, C. and Qiao, J. and Tarr, D.E. and Sluka, K.A. and Brennan, T.J. and Lewin, G.R. and Welsh, M.J.
Neuron 32 (6): 1071-1083. 20 December 2001

Circadian regulation of gene expression systems in the Drosophila head.
Claridge-Chang, A. and Wijnen, H. and Naef, F. and Boothroyd, C. and Rajewsky, N. and Young, M.W.
Neuron 32 (4): 657-671. 20 November 2001

Axo-axonal coupling. a novel mechanism for ultrafast neuronal communication.
Schmitz, D. and Schuchmann, S. and Fisahn, A. and Draguhn, A. and Buhl, E.H. and Petrasch-Parwez, E. and Dermietzel, R. and Heinemann, U. and Traub, R.D.
Neuron 31 (5): 831-840. 13 September 2001

Disruption of KCC2 reveals an essential role of K-Cl cotransport already in early synaptic inhibition.
Huebner, C.A. and Stein, V. and Hermans-Borgmeyer, I. and Meyer, T. and Ballanyi, K. and Jentsch, T.J.
Neuron 30 (2): 515-524. March 2001

Distinct subpopulations of sensory afferents require F11 or axonin-1 for growth to their target layers within the spinal cord of the chick.
Perrin, F.E. and Rathjen, F.G. and Stoeckli, E.T.
Neuron 30 (3): 707-723. 1 January 2001

Patterning of muscle acetylcholine receptor gene expression in the absence of motor innervation.
Yang, X. and Arber, S. and William, C. and Li, L. and Tanabe, Y. and Jessell, T.M. and Birchmeier, C. and Burden, S.J.
Neuron 30 (2): 399-410. 1 January 2001

Disruption of ClC-3, a chloride channel expressed on synaptic vesicles, leads to a loss of the hippocampus.
Stobrawa, S.M. and Breiderhoff, T. and Takamori, S. and Engel, D. and Schweizer, M. and Zdebik, A.A. and Boesl, M.R. and Ruether, K. and Jahn, H. and Draguhn, A. and Jahn, R. and Jentsch, T.J.
Neuron 29 (1): 185-196. January 2001


Synaptic activation of presynaptic kainate receptors on hippocampal mossy fiber synapses.
Schmitz, D. and Frerking, M. and Nicoll, R.A.
Neuron 27 (2): 327-338. August 2000


Essential role for TrkB receptors in hippocampus-mediated learning.
Minichiello, L. and Korte, M. and Wolfer, D. and Kuehn, R. and Unsicker, K. and Cestari, V. and Rossi-Arnaud, C. and Lipp, H.P. and Bonhoeffer, T. and Klein, R.
Neuron 24 (2): 401-414. October 1999


An Essential Role for Retinoid Receptors RARbeta and RXRgamma in Long-Term Potentiation and Depression.
Chiang, M.Y. and Misner, D. and Kempermann, G. and Schikorski, T. and Giguere, V. and Sucov, H.M. and Gage, F.H. and Stevens, C.F. and Evans, R.M.
Neuron 21 (6): 1353-1361. 1 December 1998

Point mutation in trkB causes loss of NT4-dependent neurons without major effects on diverse BDNF responses.
Minichiello, L. and Casagranda, F. and Tatche, R.S. and Stucky, C.L. and Postigo, A. and Lewin, G.R. and Davies, A.M. and Klein, R.
Neuron 21 : 335-345. 1 August 1998


Hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor is an axonal chemoattractant and a neurotrophic factor for spinal motor neurons.
Ebens, A. and Brose, K. and Leonardo, E.D. and Hanson, M.G. and Bladt, F. and Birchmeier, C. and Barres, B.A. and Tessierlavigne, M.
Neuron 17 (6): 1157-1172. 1 December 1997

Neurotrophins live or let die: Does p75NTR decide.
Carter, B.D. and Lewin, G.R.
Neuron 18 : 187-190. 1 January 1997


Alteration of GABAA receptor function following gene transfer of the CLC-2 chloride channel.
Staley, K. and Smith, R. and Schaack, J. and Wilcox, C. and Jentsch, T.J.
Neuron 17 (3): 543-551. September 1996

Specific subtypes of cutaneous mechanoreceptors require neurotrophin-3 following peripheral target innervation.
Airaksinen, M.S. and Koltzenburg, M. and Lewin, G.R. and Masu, Y. and Helbig, C. and Wolf, E. and Brem, G. and Toyka, K.V. and Thoenen, H. and Meyer, M.
Neuron 16 : 287-295. 1 January 1996


Mutations in dominant human myotonia congenita drastically alter the voltage dependence of the CIC-1 chloride channel.
Pusch, M. and Steinmeyer, K. and Koch, M.C. and Jentsch, T.J.
Neuron 15 (6): 1455-1463. December 1995

Characterization of the signaling interactions that promote the survival and growth of developing retinal ganglion cells in culture.
Meyer-Franke, A. and Kaplan, M.R. and Pfrieger, F.W. and Barres, B.A.
Neuron 15 (4): 805-819. 1 October 1995


A post-docking role for synaptobrevin in synaptic vesicle fusion.
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