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Loss of the hematopoietic stem cell factor GATA2 in the osteogenic lineage impairs trabecularization and mechanical strength of bone.
Tolkachov, A. and Fischer, C. and Ambrosi, T.H. and Bothe, M. and Han, C.T. and Muenzner, M. and Mathia, S. and Salminen, M. and Seifert, G. and Thiele, M. and Duda, G.N. and Meijsing, S.H. and Sauer, S. and Schulz, T.J. and Schupp, M.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 38 (12): e00599-17. June 2018


Activation-dependent TRAF3 exon 8 alternative splicing is controlled by CELF2 and hnRNP C binding to an upstream intronic element.
Schultz, A.S. and Preussner, M. and Bunse, M. and Karni, R. and Heyd, F.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 37 (7): e.00488-16. April 2017


SORLA-dependent and -independent functions for PACS1 in control of amyloidogenic processes.
Burgert, T. and Schmidt, V. and Caglayan, S. and Lin, F. and Füchtbauer, A. and Füchtbauer, E.M. and Nykjaer, A. and Carlo, A.S. and Willnow, T.E.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 33 (21): 4308-4320. November 2013


STAT1 signaling is not regulated by a phosphorylation-acetylation switch.
Antunes, F. and Marg, A. and Vinkemeier, U.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 31 (14): 3029-3037. July 2011

Amino-terminal phosphorylation of activation-induced cytidine deaminase suppresses c-myc/IgH translocation.
Gazumyan, A. and Timachova, K. and Yuen, G. and Siden, E. and Di Virgilio, M. and Woo, E.M. and Chait, B.T. and Reina San-Martin, B. and Nussenzweig, M.C. and McBride, K.M.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 31 (3): 442-429. February 2011


Human Pat1b connects deadenylation with mRNA decapping and controls the assembly of processing bodies.
Ozgur, S. and Chekulaeva, M. and Stoecklin, G.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 30 (17): 4308-4323. September 2010

In vivo reconstitution of gamma-secretase in Drosophila results in substrate specificity.
Stempfle, D. and Kanwar, R. and Loewer, A. and Fortini, M.E. and Merdes, G.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 30 (13): 3165-3175. July 2010

SORLA/SORL1 functionally interacts with SPAK to control renal activation of Na+-K+-Cl- cotransporter 2.
Reiche, J. and Theilig, F. and Rafiqi, F.H. and Carlo, A.S. and Militz, D. and Mutig, K. and Todiras, M. and Christensen, E.I. and Ellison, D.H. and Bader, M. and Nykjaer, A. and Bachmann, S. and Alessi, D. and Willnow, T.E.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 30 (12): 3027-3037. June 2010

Repression of transcriptional activity of C/EBPα by E2F-DP complexes.
Zaragoza, K. and Bégay, V. and Schuetz, A. and Heinemann, U. and Leutz, A.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 30 (9): 2293-2304. May 2010


Binding of Drosophila ORC proteins to anaphase chromosomes requires cessation of mitotic cyclin-dependent kinase activity.
Baldinger, T. and Gossen, M.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 29 (1): 140-149. January 2009


The nuclear export receptor Xpo1/Crm1 is physically and functionally linked to the spindle pole body in budding yeast.
Neuber, A. and Franke, J. and Wittstruck, A. and Schlenstedt, G. and Sommer, T. and Stade, K.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 28 (17): 5348-5358. September 2008

Protein kinase D1 stimulates MEF2 activity in skeletal muscle and enhances muscle performance.
Kim, M.S. and Fielitz, J. and McAnally, J. and Shelton, J.M. and Lemon, D.D. and McKinsey, T.A. and Richardson, J.A. and Bassel-Duby, R. and Olson, E.N.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 28 (11): 3600-3609. June 2008


Prolonged Sox4 expression in oligodendrocytes interferes with normal myelination in the central nervous system.
Potzner, M.R. and Griffel, C. and Luetjen-Drecoll, E. and Boesl, M.R. and Wegner, M. and Sock, E.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 27 (15): 5316-5326. August 2007

The Ancient Mariner Sails Again: Transposition of the Human Hsmar1 Element by a Reconstructed Transposase and Activities of the SETMAR Protein on Transposon Ends.
Miskey, C. and Papp, B. and Mates, L. and Sinzelle, L. and Keller, H. and Izsvak, Z. and Ivics, Z.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 27 (12): 4589-4600. 15 June 2007


Nuclear localization signal and protein context both mediate importin α specificity of nuclear import substrates.
Friedrich, B. and Quensel, C. and Sommer, T. and Hartmann, E. and Koehler, M.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 26 (23): 8697-8709. December 2006

Hyporesponsiveness to glucocorticoids in mice genetically deficient for the corticosteroid binding globulin.
Petersen, H.H. and Andreassen, T.K. and Breiderhoff, T. and Braesen, J.H. and Schulz, H. and Gross, V. and Groene, H.J. and Nykjaer, A. and Willnow, T.E.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 26 (19): 7236-7245. October 2006

Furin-, ADAM 10-, and γ-secretase-mediated cleavage of a receptor tyrosine phosphatase and regulation of β-catenin's transcriptional activity.
Anders, L. and Mertins, P. and Lammich, S. and Murgia, M. and Hartmann, D. and Saftig, P. and Haass, C. and Ullrich, A.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 26 (10): 3917-3934. May 2006

Mice with a targeted disruption of the Cl-/HCO3- exchanger AE3 display a reduced seizure threshold.
Hentschke, M. and Wiemann, M. and Hentschke, S. and Kurth, I. and Hermans-Borgmeyer, I. and Seidenbecher, T. and Jentsch, T.J. and Gal, A. and Huebner, C.A.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 26 (1): 182-191. January 2006


Increased vascular smooth muscle contractility in TRPC6-/- mice [Erratum in: Mol Cell Biol. vol 25, pg 11191, 2005].
Dietrich, A. and Mederos y Schnitzler, M. and Gollasch, M. and Gross, V. and Storch, U. and Dubrovska, G. and Obst, M. and Yildirim, E. and Salanova, B. and Kalwa, H. and Essin, K. and Pinkenburg, O. and Luft, F.C. and Gudermann, T. and Birnbaumer, L.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 25 : 6980-6989. 1 August 2005

The MEK1 scaffolding protein MP1 regulates cell spreading by integrating PAK1 and Rho signals.
Pullikuth, A. and McKinnon, E. and Schaeffer, H.J. and Catling, A.D.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 25 (12): 5119-5133. 1 June 2005

Caspase-dependent regulation and subcellular redistribution of the transcriptional modulator YY1 during apoptosis.
Krippner-Heidenreich, A. and Walsemann, G. and Beyrouthy, M.J. and Speckgens, S. and Kraft, R. and Thole, H. and Talanian, R.V. and Hurt, M.M. and Luescher, B.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 25 (9): 3704-3714. May 2005

Potential autoregulation of transcription factor PU.1 by an upstream regulatory element.
Okuno, Y. and Huang, G. and Rosenbauer, F. and Evans, E.K. and Radomska, H.S. and Iwasaki, H. and Akashi, K. and Moreau-Gachelin, F. and Li, Y. and Zhang, P. and Goettgens, B. and Tenen, D.G.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 25 : 2832-2845. 1 April 2005

Nuclear oncoprotein prothymosin alpha is a partner of Keap1: implications for expression of oxidative stress-protecting genes.
Karapetian, R.N. and Evstafieva, A.G. and Abaeva, I.S. and Chichkova, N.V. and Filonov, G.S. and Rubtsov, Y.P. and Sukhacheva, E.A. and Melnikov, S.V. and Schneider, U. and Wanker, E.E. and Vartapetian, A.B.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 25 (3): 1089-1099. 1 February 2005


Essential requirement of CCAAT/enhancer binding proteins in embryogenesis.
Begay, V. and Smink, J. and Leutz, A.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 24 (22): 9744-9751. 1 November 2004

beta-catenin-dependent and -independent effects of deltaN-plakoglobin on epidermal growth and differentiation.
Teuliere, J. and Faraldo, M.M. and Shtutman, M. and Birchmeier, W. and Huelsken, J. and Thiery, J.P. and Glukhova, M.A.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 24 (19): 8649-8661. 1 October 2004

The IκB kinase complex and NF-κB act as master regulators of lipopolysaccharide-induced gene expression and control subordinate activation of AP-1.
Krappmann, D. and Wegener, E. and Sunami, Y. and Esen, M. and Thiel, A. and Mordmueller, B. and Scheidereit, C.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 24 (14): 6488-6500. 1 July 2004

Degradation of Bcl10 induced by T-cell activation negatively regulates NF-kappaB signaling.
Scharschmidt, E. and Wegener, E. and Heissmeyer, V. and Rao, A. and Krappmann, D.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 24 (9): 3860-3873. 1 May 2004

RanBP2/Nup358 provides a major binding site for NXF1-p15 dimers at the nuclear pore complex and functions in nuclear mRNA export.
Forler, D. and Rabut, G. and Ciccarelli, F.D. and Herold, A. and Koecher, T. and Niggeweg, R. and Bork, P. and Ellenberg, J. and Izaurralde, E.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 24 : 1155-1167. 1 February 2004

Dnmt1 expression in pre- and postimplantation embryogenesis and the maintenance of IAP silencing.
Gaudet, F. and Rideout, W.M. .I.I.I. and Meissner, A. and Dausman, J. and Leonhardt, H. and Jaenisch, R.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 24 (4): 1640-1648. February 2004

RB reversibly inhibits DNA replication via two temporally distinct mechanisms.
Angus, S.P. and Mayhew, C.N. and Solomon, D.A. and Braden, W.A. and Markey, M.P. and Okuno, Y. and Cardoso, M.C. and Gilbert, D.M. and Knudsen, E.S.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 24 (12): 5404-5420. 1 January 2004

Association of active caspase 8 with the mitochondrial membrane during apoptosis: potential roles in cleaving BAP31 and caspase 3 and mediating mitochondrion-endoplasmic reticulum cross talk in etoposide-induced cell death.
Chandra, D. and Choy, G. and Deng, X. and Bhatia, B. and Daniel, P. and Tang, D.G.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 24 : 6592-6607. 1 January 2004

Rap1 regulates the formation of E-cadherin-based cell-cell contacts.
Hogan, C. and Serpente, N. and Cogram, P. and Hosking, C.R. and Bialucha, C.U. and Feller, S.M. and Braga, V.M.M. and Birchmeier, W. and Fujita, Y.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 24 (15): 6690-6700. 1 January 2004

The docking protein Gab1 is an essential component of an indirect mechanism for fibroblast growth factor stimulation of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt antiapoptotic pathway.
Lamothe, B. and Yamada, M. and Schaeper, U. and Birchmeier, W. and Lax, I. and Schlessinger, J.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 24 (13): 5657-5666. 1 January 2004

In vivo analysis of importin alpha proteins reveals cellular proliferation inhibition and substrate specificity.
Quensel, C. and Friedrich, B. and Sommer, T. and Hartmann, E. and Koehler, M.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 24 (23): 10246-10255. 1 January 2004

Template requirements for telomerase translocation in Kluyveromyces lactis.
Underwood, D.H. and Zinzen, R.P. and McEachern, M.J.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 24 (2): 912-923. January 2004


Hybrid embryonic stem cell-derived tetraploid mice show apparently normal morphological, physiological, and neurological characteristics.
Schwenk, F. and Zevnik, B. and Bruening, J. and Roehl, M. and Willuweit, A. and Rode, A. and Hennek, T. and Kauselmann, G. and Jaenisch, R. and Kuehn, R.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 23 (11): 3982-3989. June 2003

Tetrameric oligomerization of I kappa B kinase gamma (IKK gamma) is obligatory for IKK complex activity and NF-kappa B activation.
Tegethoff, S. and Behlke, J. and Scheidereit, C.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 23 (6): 2029-2041. March 2003

p21 CIP1 controls proliferating cell nuclear antigen level in adult cardiomyocytes.
Engel, F.B. and Hauck, L. and Boehm, M. and Nabel, E.G. and Dietz, R. and von Harsdorf, R.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 23 (2): 555-565. January 2003


Defective associations between blood vessels and brain parenchyma lead to cerebral hemorrhage in mice lacking αv integrins.
McCarty, J.H. and Monahan-Earley, R.A. and Brown, L.F. and Keller, M. and Gerhardt, H. and Rubin, K. and Shani, M. and Dvorak, H.F. and Wolburg, H. and Bader, B.L. and Dvorak, A.M. and Hynes, R.O.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 22 (21): 7667-7677. November 2002

Negative feedback loop of Wnt signaling through upregulation of conductin/axin2 in colorectal and liver tumors.
Lustig, B. and Jerchow, B. and Sachs, M. and Weiler, S. and Pietsch, T. and Karsten, U. and van de Wetering, M. and Clevers, H. and Schlag, P.M. and Birchmeier, W. and Behrens, J.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 22 (4): 1184-1193. 1 February 2002

Dnmt1 overexpression causes genomic hypermethylation, loss of imprinting, and embryonic lethality.
Biniszkiewicz, D. and Gribnau, J. and Ramsahoye, B. and Gaudet, F. and Eggan, K. and Humpherys, D. and Mastrangelo, M.A. and Jun, Z. and Walter, J. and Jaenisch, R.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 22 : 2124-2135. 1 January 2002

Regulation of E2F1-dependent gene transcription and apoptosis by the ETS-related transcription factor GABPgamma1.
Hauck, L. and Kaba, R.G. and Lipp, M. and Dietz, R. and von Harsdorf, R.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 22 : 2147-2158. 1 January 2002


Shared pathways of IkappaB kinase-induced SCF betaTrCP-mediated ubiquitination and degradation for the NF-kappaB precursor p105 and I kappa B alpha.
Heissmeyer, V. and Krappmann, D. and Hatada, E.N. and Scheidereit, C.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 21 (4): 1024-1035. 1 January 2001

B-cell receptor- and phorbol ester-induced NF-kappa B and c-Jun N-terminal kinase activation in B cells requires novel protein kinase C's.
Krappmann, D. and Patke, A. and Heissmeyer, V. and Scheidereit, C.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 21 : 6640-6650. 1 January 2001


TAP (NXF1) belongs to a multigene family of putative RNA export factors with a conserved modular architecture.
Herold, A. and Suyama, M. and Rodrigues, J.P. and Braun, I.C. and Kutay, U. and Carmo-Fonseca, M. and Bork, P. and Izaurralde, E.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 20 : 8996-9008. 1 December 2000

Nup2p, a yeast nucleoporin, functions in bidirectional transport of importin alpha.
Solsbacher, J. and Maurer, P. and Vogel, F. and Schlenstedt, G.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 20 (22): 8468-8479. 1 November 2000

Mixed-lineage kinase 3 delivers CD3/CD28-derived signals into the IkappaB kinase complex.
Hehner, S.P. and Hofmann, T.G. and Ushmorov, A. and Dienz, O. and Leung, I.W.L. and Lassam, N. and Scheidereit, C. and Droege, W. and Schmitz, M.L.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 20 : 2556-2568. 1 April 2000


RanBP3 contains an unusual nuclear localization signal that is imported preferentially by importin-alpha3.
Welch, K. and Franke, J. and Koehler, M. and Macara, I.G.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 19 (12): 8400-8411. December 1999

Evidence for distinct substrate specificities of importin alpha family members in nuclear protein import.
Koehler, M. and Speck, C. and Christiansen, M. and Bischoff, F.R. and Prehn, S. and Haller, H. and Goerlich, D. and Hartmann, E.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 19 (11): 7782-7791. November 1999

NF-kappaB function in growth control: Regulation of cyclin D1 expression and G(0)G(1)-to-S-Phase transition.
Hinz, M. and Krappmann, D. and Eichten, A. and Heder, A. and Scheidereit, C. and Strauss, M.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 19 : 2690-2698. 1 April 1999

A single amino acid substitution in the v-Eyk intracellular domain results in activation of Stat3 and enhances cellular transformation.
Besser, D. and Bromberg, J.F. and Darnell, J.E. and Hanafusa, H.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 19 (2): 1401-1409. February 1999


Stat3 activation is required for cellular transformation by v-src.
Bromberg, J.F. and Horvath, C.M. and Besser, D. and Lathem, W.W. and Darnell, J.E.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 18 (5): 2553-2558. May 1998

Alternative splicing variants of IkappaBbeta establish differential NF-kappaB signal responsiveness in human cells.
Hirano, F. and Chung, M.R. and Tanaka, H. and Maruyama, N. and Makino, I. and Moore, D.D. and Scheidereit, C.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 18 (5): 2596-2607. May 1998

The Gfi-1B Proto-oncoprotein represses p21WAF1 and inhibits myeloid cell differentiation.
Tong, B. and Grimes, H. and Yang, T.Y. and Bear, S. and Qin, Z. and Du, K. and El-Deiry, W. and Tsichlis, P.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 18 (5): 2462-2473. May 1998

Functional interference of Sp1 and NF-kappaB through the same DNA binding site.
Hirano, F. and Tanaka, H. and Hirano, Y. and Hiramoto, M. and Handa, H. and Makino, I. and Scheidereit, C.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 18 (3): 1266-1274. March 1998

Processing of the precursors to small nucleolar RNAs and rRNAs requires common components.
Petfalski, E. and Dandekar, T. and Henry, Y. and Tollervey, D.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 18 (3): 1181-1189. March 1998

RB and c-Myc activate expression of the E-cadherin gene in epithelial cells through interaction with transcription factor AP-2.
Batsche, E. and Muchardt, C. and Behrens, J. and Hurst, H.C. and Cremisi, C.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 18 : 3647-3658. 1 January 1998


Degradation of the met tyrosine kinase receptor by the ubiquitin proteasome pathway.
Jeffers, M. and Taylor, G.A. and Weidner, K.M. and Omura, S. and Vandewoude, G.F.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 17 (2): 799-808. February 1997


3pK, a novel mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase-activated protein kinase is targeted by three MAP kinase pathways.
Ludwig, S. and Engel, K. and Hoffmeyer, A. and Sithanandam, G. and Neufeld, B. and Palm, D. and Gaestel, M. and Rapp, U.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 16 (12): 6687-6697. December 1996

The E2F transcription factor activates a replication-dependet human H2A gene in early S phase of the cell cycle.
Oswald, F. and Dobner, T. and Lipp, M.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 16 (5): 1889-1895. 1 January 1996


Molecular structure of chromosomal proteins HMG-14 and HMG-17: definition of a transcriptional enhancement domain distinct from the nucleosomal binding domain.
Trieschmann, L. and Postnikov, Y. and Rieckers, A. and Bustin, M.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 15 (12): 6663-6669. December 1995

Selection of efficient cleavage sites in target RNAs by using a ribozyme expression library.
Lieber, A. and Strauss, M.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 15 : 540-551. 1 January 1995


Acceleration of the G1/S phase transition by expression of cyclins D1 and E with an inducible system.
Resnitzky, D. and Gossen, M. and Bujard, H. and Reed, S.I.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 14 (3): 1669-1679. 1 March 1994


A conserved C-terminal sequence that is deleted in v-erbA is essential for the biological activities of c-erbA (the thyroid hormone receptor).
Saatcioglu, F. and Bartunek, P. and Deng, T. and Zenke, M. and Karin, M.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 13 (6): 3675-3685. June 1993

hMEF2C gene encodes skeletal muscle- and brain-specific transcription factors.
McDermott, J.C. and Cardoso, M.C. and Yu, Y.T. and Andres, V. and Leifer, D. and Krainc, D. and Lipton, S.A. and Nadal-Ginard, B.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 13 : 2564-2577. 1 April 1993


Structure of the chicken myelomonocytic growth factor gene and specific activation of its promoter in avian myelomonocytic cells by protein kinases.
Sterneck, E. and Blattner, C. and Graf, T. and Leutz, A.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 12 (4): 1728-1735. April 1992

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