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Inference of chromosome 3D structures from GAM data by a physics computational approach.
Fiorillo, L. and Bianco, S. and Chiariello, A.M. and Barbieri, M. and Esposito, A. and Annunziatella, C. and Conte, M. and Corrado, A. and Prisco, A. and Pombo, A. and Nicodemi, M.
Methods 181-182 : 70-79. 1 October 2019

Studying ribosome dynamics with simplified models.
Levi, M. and Noel, J.K. and Whitford, P.C.
Methods 162-163 : 128-140. 1 June 2019

Genome-wide analysis of RNA and protein localization and local translation in mESC-derived neurons.
Ludwik, K.A. and von Kuegelgen, N. and Chekulaeva, M.
Methods 162-163 : 31-41. June 2019


Molecular Dynamics simulations of the Strings and Binders Switch Model of chromatin.
Annunziatella, C. and Chiariello, A.M. and Esposito, A. and Bianco, S. and Fiorillo, L. and Nicodemi, M.
Methods 142 : 81-88. 1 June 2018


mRNA interactome capture in mammalian cells.
Kastelic, N. and Landthaler, M.
Methods 126 : 38-43. 15 August 2017

Gene editing in mouse zygotes using the CRISPR/Cas9 system.
Wefers, B. and Bashir, S. and Rossius, J. and Kühn, R.
Methods 121-122 : 55-67. 15 May 2017

Gene editing and clonal isolation of human induced pluripotent stem cells using CRISPR/Cas9.
Yumlu, S. and Stumm, J. and Bashir, S. and Dreyer, A.K. and Lisowski, P. and Danner, E. and Kühn, R.
Methods 121-122 : 29-44. 15 May 2017

In silico methods for co-transcriptional RNA secondary structure prediction and for investigating alternative RNA structure expression.
Meyer, I.M.
Methods 120 : 3-16. 1 May 2017


Assessment of curated phenotype mining in neuropsychiatric disorder literature.
Fontaine, J.F. and Priller, J. and Spruth, E. and Perez-Iratxeta, C. and Andrade-Navarro, M.A.
Methods 74 : 90-96. March 2015


Editing and investigating genomes with TALE and CRISPR/Cas systems: Genome engineering across species using TALENs.
Kuehn, R. and Wefers, B.
Methods 69 (1): 1. 15 August 2014

Generation of targeted mouse mutants by embryo microinjection of TALENs.
Wefers, B. and Ortiz, O. and Wurst, W. and Kühn, R.
Methods 69 (1): 94-101. 15 August 2014

Bioimage informatics in the context of drosophila research.
Jug, F. and Pietzsch, T. and Preibisch, S. and Tomancak, P.
Methods 68 (1): 60-73. 15 June 2014

High-resolution profiling of protein occupancy on polyadenylated RNA transcripts.
Munschauer, M. and Schueler, M. and Dieterich, C. and Landthaler, M.
Methods 65 (3): 302-309. February 2014


Analyzing protein-protein interactions by quantitative mass spectrometry.
Paul, F.E. and Hosp, F. and Selbach, M.
Methods 54 (4): 387-395. August 2011

Sleeping Beauty transposon mutagenesis of the rat genome in spermatogonial stem cells.
Ivics, Z. and Izsvak, Z. and Chapman, K.M. and Hamra, F.K.
Methods 53 (4): 356-365. April 2011


Evaluation of the LightCycler 1536 Instrument for high-throughput quantitative real-time PCR.
Schlesinger, J. and Toenjes, M. and Schueler, M. and Zhang, Q. and Dunkel, I. and Sperling, S.R.
Methods 50 (4): S19-S22. April 2010


Efficient stable gene transfer into human cells by Sleeping Beauty transposon vectors.
Izsvak, Z. and Chuah, M.K. and VandenDriessche, T. and Ivics, Z.
Methods 49 (3): 287-297. November 2009


Vigilant vectors: adeno-associated virus with a biosensor to switch on amplified therapeutic genes in specific tissues in life-threatening diseases.
Tang, Y. and Schmitt-Ott, K. and Qian, K. and Kagiyama, S. and Phillips, M.I.
Methods 28 (2): 259-266. October 2002

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