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Generation of targeted mouse mutants by embryo microinjection of TALENs

Item Type:Article
Title:Generation of targeted mouse mutants by embryo microinjection of TALENs
Creators Name:Wefers, B., Ortiz, O., Wurst, W. and Kühn, R.
Abstract:Gene engineering for generating targeted mouse mutants is a key technology for biomedical research. Using TALENs as nucleases to induce targeted double-strand breaks, the mouse genome can be directly modified in zygotes in a single step, without the need for embryonic stem cells. Thereby, knockout and knockin alleles can be generated fast and efficiently by embryo microinjection of TALEN mRNAs and targeting vectors. In this article we present an introduction into the TALEN technology and provide protocols for the application of TALENs in mouse zygotes.
Keywords:Knockin, Knockout, One-Cell Embryo, Gene Targeting, TALEN, Animals, Mice
Publisher:Elsevier / Academic Press
Page Range:94-101
Date:15 August 2014
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ymeth.2014.01.002
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