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Diagnosis of myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibody-associated disease: International MOGAD Panel proposed criteria.
Banwell, B. and Bennett, J.L. and Marignier, R. and Kim, H.J. and Brilot, F. and Flanagan, E.P. and Ramanathan, S. and Waters, P. and Tenembaum, S. and Graves, J.S. and Chitnis, T. and Brandt, A.U. and Hemingway, C. and Neuteboom, R. and Pandit, L. and Reindl, M. and Saiz, A. and Sato, D.K. and Rostasy, K. and Paul, F. and Pittock, S.J. and Fujihara, K. and Palace, J.
Lancet Neurology 22 (3): 268-282. March 2023


Diagnosis and classification of optic neuritis.
Petzold, A. and Fraser, C.L. and Abegg, M. and Alroughani, R. and Alshowaeir, D. and Alvarenga, R. and Andris, C. and Asgari, N. and Barnett, Y. and Battistella, R. and Behbehani, R. and Berger, T. and Bikbov, M.M. and Biotti, D. and Biousse, V. and Boschi, A. and Brazdil, M. and Brezhnev, A. and Calabresi, P.A. and Cordonnier, M. and Costello, F. and Cruz, F.M. and Cunha, L.P. and Daoudi, S. and Deschamps, R. and de Seze, J. and Diem, R. and Etemadifar, M. and Flores-Rivera, J. and Fonseca, P. and Frederiksen, J. and Frohman, E. and Frohman, T. and Tilikete, C.F. and Fujihara, K. and Gálvez, A. and Gouider, R. and Gracia, F. and Grigoriadis, N. and Guajardo, J.M. and Habek, M. and Hawlina, M. and Martínez-Lapiscina, E.H. and Hooker, J. and Hor, J.Y. and Howlett, W. and Huang-Link, Y. and Idrissova, Z. and Illes, Z. and Jancic, J. and Jindahra, P. and Karussis, D. and Kerty, E. and Kim, H.J. and Lagrèze, W. and Leocani, L. and Levin, N. and Liskova, P. and Liu, Y. and Maiga, Y. and Marignier, R. and McGuigan, C. and Meira, D. and Merle, H. and Monteiro, M.L.R. and Moodley, A. and Moura, F. and Muñoz, S. and Mustafa, S. and Nakashima, I. and Noval, S. and Oehninger, C. and Ogun, O. and Omoti, A. and Pandit, L. and Paul, F. and Rebolleda, G. and Reddel, S. and Rejdak, K. and Rejdak, R. and Rodriguez-Morales, A.J. and Rougier, M.B. and Sa, M.J. and Sanchez-Dalmau, B. and Saylor, D. and Shatriah, I. and Siva, A. and Stiebel-Kalish, H. and Szatmary, G. and Ta, L. and Tenembaum, S. and Tran, H. and Trufanov, Y. and van Pesch, V. and Wang, A.G. and Wattjes, M.P. and Willoughby, E. and Zakaria, M. and Zvornicanin, J. and Balcer, L. and Plant, G.T.
Lancet Neurology 21 (12): 1120-1134. December 2022

Comparison of switching to 6-week dosing of natalizumab versus continuing with 4-week dosing in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (NOVA): a randomised, controlled, open-label, phase 3b trial.
Foley, J.F. and Defer, G. and Ryerson, L.Z. and Cohen, J.A. and Arnold, D.L. and Butzkueven, H. and Cutter, G. and Giovannoni, G. and Killestein, J. and Wiendl, H. and Smirnakis, K. and Xiao, S. and Kong, G. and Kuhelj, R. and Campbell, N.
Lancet Neurology 21 (7): 608-619. July 2022


Myelin-oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibody-associated disease.
Marignier, R. and Hacohen, Y. and Cobo-Calvo, A. and Pröbstel, A.K. and Aktas, O. and Alexopoulos, H. and Amato, M.P. and Asgari, N. and Banwell, B. and Bennett, J. and Brilot, F. and Capobianco, M. and Chitnis, T. and Ciccarelli, O. and Deiva, K. and De Sèze, J. and Fujihara, K. and Jacob, A. and Kim, H.J. and Kleiter, I. and Lassmann, H. and Leite, M.I. and Linington, C. and Meinl, E. and Palace, J. and Paul, F. and Petzold, A. and Pittock, S. and Reindl, M. and Sato, D.K. and Selmaj, K. and Siva, A. and Stankoff, B. and Tintore, M. and Traboulsee, A. and Waters, P. and Waubant, E. and Weinshenker, B. and Derfuss, T. and Vukusic, S. and Hemmer, B.
Lancet Neurology 20 (9): 762-772. September 2021


Monogenic variants in dystonia: an exome-wide sequencing study.
Zech, M. and Jech, R. and Boesch, S. and Škorvánek, M. and Weber, S. and Wagner, M. and Zhao, C. and Jochim, A. and Necpál, J. and Dincer, Y. and Vill, K. and Distelmaier, F. and Stoklosa, M. and Krenn, M. and Grunwald, S. and Bock-Bierbaum, T. and Fečíková, A. and Havránková, P. and Roth, J. and Příhodová, I. and Adamovičová, M. and Ulmanová, O. and Bechyně, K. and Danhofer, P. and Veselý, B. and Haň, V. and Pavelekova, P. and Gdovinová, Z. and Mantel, T. and Meindl, T. and Sitzberger, A. and Schröder, S. and Blaschek, A. and Roser, T. and Bonfert, M.V. and Haberlandt, E. and Plecko, B. and Leineweber, B. and Berweck, S. and Herberhold, T. and Langguth, B. and Švantnerová, J. and Minár, M. and Ramos-Rivera, G.A. and Wojcik, M.H. and Pajusalu, S. and Õunap, K. and Schatz, U.A. and Pölsler, L. and Milenkovic, I. and Laccone, F. and Pilshofer, V. and Colombo, R. and Patzer, S. and Iuso, A. and Vera, J. and Troncoso, M. and Fang, F. and Prokisch, H. and Wilbert, F. and Eckenweiler, M. and Graf, E. and Westphal, D.S. and Riedhammer, K.M. and Brunet, T. and Alhaddad, B. and Berutti, R. and Strom, T.M. and Hecht, M. and Baumann, M. and Wolf, M. and Telegrafi, A. and Person, R.E. and Zamora, F.M. and Henderson, L.B. and Weise, D. and Musacchio, T. and Volkmann, J. and Szuto, A. and Becker, J. and Cremer, K. and Sycha, T. and Zimprich, F. and Kraus, V. and Makowski, C. and Gonzalez-Alegre, P. and Bardakjian, T.M. and Ozelius, L.J. and Vetro, A. and Guerrini, R. and Maier, E. and Borggraefe, I. and Kuster, A. and Wortmann, S.B. and Hackenberg, A. and Steinfeld, R. and Assmann, B. and Staufner, C. and Opladen, T. and Růžička, E. and Cohn, R.D. and Dyment, D. and Chung, W.K. and Engels, H. and Ceballos-Baumann, A. and Ploski, R. and Daumke, O. and Haslinger, B. and Mall, V. and Oexle, K. and Winkelmann, J.
Lancet Neurology 19 (11): 908-918. November 2020


Safety and efficacy of epigallocatechin gallate in multiple system atrophy (PROMESA): a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
Levin, J. and Maaß, S. and Schuberth, M. and Giese, A. and Oertel, W.H. and Poewe, W. and Trenkwalder, C. and Wenning, G.K. and Mansmann, U. and Südmeyer, M. and Eggert, K. and Mollenhauer, B. and Lipp, A. and Löhle, M. and Classen, J. and Münchau, A. and Kassubek, J. and Gandor, F. and Berg, D. and Egert-Schwender, S. and Eberhardt, C. and Paul, F. and Bötzel, K. and Ertl-Wagner, B. and Huppertz, H.J. and Ricard, I. and Höglinger, G.U.
Lancet Neurology 18 (8): 724-735. August 2019

Spinal cord involvement in multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders.
Ciccarelli, O. and Cohen, J.A. and Reingold, S.C. and Weinshenker, B.G.
Lancet Neurology 18 (2): 185-197. February 2019


Rare coding variants in genes encoding GABA A receptors in genetic generalised epilepsies: an exome-based case-control study.
May, P. and Girard, S. and Harrer, M. and Bobbili, D.R. and Schubert, J. and Wolking, S. and Becker, F. and Lachance-Touchette, P. and Meloche, C. and Gravel, M. and Niturad, C.E. and Knaus, J. and De Kovel, C. and Toliat, M. and Polvi, A. and Iacomino, M. and Guerrero-López, R. and Baulac, S. and Marini, C. and Thiele, H. and Altmüller, J. and Jabbari, K. and Ruppert, A.K. and Jurkowski, W. and Lal, D. and Rusconi, R. and Cestèle, S. and Terragni, B. and Coombs, I.D. and Reid, C.A. and Striano, P. and Caglayan, H. and Siren, A. and Everett, K. and Møller, R.S. and Hjalgrim, H. and Muhle, H. and Helbig, I. and Kunz, W.S. and Weber, Y.G. and Weckhuysen, S. and Jonghe, P.D. and Sisodiya, S.M. and Nabbout, R. and Franceschetti, S. and Coppola, A. and Vari, M.S. and Kasteleijn-Nolst Trenité, D. and Baykan, B. and Ozbek, U. and Bebek, N. and Klein, K.M. and Rosenow, F. and Nguyen, D.K. and Dubeau, F. and Carmant, L. and Lortie, A. and Desbiens, R. and Clément, J.F. and Cieuta-Walti, C. and Sills, G.J. and Auce, P. and Francis, B. and Johnson, M.R. and Marson, A.G. and Berghuis, B. and Sander, J.W. and Avbersek, A. and McCormack, M. and Cavalleri, G.L. and Delanty, N. and Depondt, C. and Krenn, M. and Zimprich, F. and Peter, S. and Nikanorova, M. and Kraaij, R. and van Rooij, J. and Balling, R. and Ikram, M.A. and Uitterlinden, A.G. and Avanzini, G. and Schorge, S. and Petrou, S. and Mantegazza, M. and Sander, T. and LeGuern, E. and Serratosa, J.M. and Koeleman, B.P.C. and Palotie, A. and Lehesjoki, A.E. and Nothnagel, M. and Nürnberg, P. and Maljevic, S. and Zara, F. and Cossette, P. and Krause, R. and Lerche, H.
Lancet Neurology 17 (8): 699-708. August 2018


Retinal layer segmentation in multiple sclerosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Petzold, A. and Balcer, L.J. and Calabresi, P.A. and Costello, F. and Frohman, T.C. and Frohman, E.M. and Martinez-Lapiscina, E.H. and Green, A.J. and Kardon, R. and Outteryck, O. and Paul, F. and Schippling, S. and Vermersch, P. and Villoslada, P. and Balk, L.J.
Lancet Neurology 16 (10): 797-812. October 2017


What is the future of proof of concept studies in multiple sclerosis?
Paul, F.
Lancet Neurology 15 (11): 1107-1109. October 2016

Retinal thickness measured with optical coherence tomography and risk of disability worsening in multiple sclerosis: a cohort study.
Martinez-Lapiscina, E.H. and Arnow, S. and Wilson, J.A. and Saidha, S. and Preiningerova, J.L. and Oberwahrenbrock, T. and Brandt, A.U. and Pablo, L.E. and Guerrieri, S. and Gonzalez, I. and Outteryck, O. and Mueller, A.K. and Albrecht, P. and Chan, W. and Lukas, S. and Balk, L.J. and Fraser, C. and Frederiksen, J.L. and Resto, J. and Frohman, T. and Cordano, C. and Zubizarreta, I. and Andorra, M. and Sanchez-Dalmau, B. and Saiz, A. and Bermel, R. and Klistorner, A. and Petzold, A. and Schippling, S. and Costello, F. and Aktas, O. and Vermersch, P. and Oreja-Guevara, C. and Comi, G. and Leocani, L. and Garcia-Martin, E. and Paul, F. and Havrdova, E. and Frohman, E. and Balcer, L.J. and Green, A.J. and Calabresi, P.A. and Villoslada, P.
Lancet Neurology 15 (6): 574-584. May 2016


From mice to man: chloride transport in leukoencephalopathy.
Jentsch, T.J.
Lancet Neurology 12 (7): 626-628. July 2013


Cerebral amyloid-β PET with florbetaben (18F) in patients with Alzheimer's disease and healthy controls: a multicentre phase 2 diagnostic study.
Barthel, H. and Gertz, H.J. and Dresel, S. and Peters, O. and Bartenstein, P. and Buerger, K. and Hiemeyer, F. and Wittemer-Rump, S.M. and Seibyl, J. and Reininger, C. and Sabri, O.
Lancet Neurology 10 (5): 424-435. May 2011


Treatment-resistant chronic headaches and focal pachymeningitis in a 46-year-old man: a rare presentation of Wegener's granulomatosis.
Doerr, J. and Elitok, S. and Dieste, F.J. and Vogel, H.P. and Schneider, W. and Wuerfel, J. and Zipp, F. and Paul, F.
Lancet Neurology 7 (4): 368-372. April 2008

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