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On the presence and functional significance of sympathetic premotor neurons with collateralized spinal axons in the rat.
Farmer, D.G.S. and Pracejus, N. and Dempsey, B. and Turner, A. and Bokiniec, P. and Paton, J.F.R. and Pickering, A.E. and Burguet, J. and Andrey, P. and Goodchild, A.K. and McAllen, R.M. and McMullan, S.
Journal of Physiology 597 (13): 3407-3423. 1 July 2019


Differential targeting and signalling of voltage-gated T-type Ca(V) 3.2 and L-type Ca(V) 1.2 channels to ryanodine receptors in mesenteric arteries.
Fan, G. and Kaßmann, M. and Hashad, A.M. and Welsh, D.G. and Gollasch, M.
Journal of Physiology 596 (20): 4863-4877. 15 October 2018

Specialized mechanoreceptor systems in rodent glabrous skin.
Walcher, J. and Ojeda-Alonso, J. and Haseleu, J. and Oosthuizen, M.K. and Rowe, A.H. and Bennett, N.C. and Lewin, G.R.
Journal of Physiology 596 (20): 4995-5016. 15 October 2018

Intestinal electrolyte and fluid secretion: a model in trouble?
Cid, L.P. and Jentsch, T.J. and Sepúlveda, F.V.
Journal of Physiology 596 (12): 2465-2466. 15 June 2018

K(2P) TASK-2 and KCNQ1/KCNE3 K(+) channels are major players contributing to intestinal anion and fluid secretion.
Julio-Kalajzić, F. and Villanueva, S. and Burgos, J. and Ojeda, M. and Cid, L.P. and Jentsch, T.J. and Sepúlveda, F.V.
Journal of Physiology 596 (3): 393-407. 1 February 2018


Master and commander? FoxO's role in muscle atrophy.
Langer, H.T.
Journal of Physiology 595 (14): 4593-4594. 15 July 2017

Protein kinase A regulates C-terminally truncated Ca(V) 1.2 in Xenopus oocytes: roles of N- and C-termini of the α(1C) subunit.
Oz, S. and Pankonien, I. and Belkacemi, A. and Flockerzi, V. and Klussmann, E. and Haase, H. and Dascal, N.
Journal of Physiology 595 (10): 3181-3202. 15 May 2017


Discovery of CLC transport proteins: cloning, structure, function and pathophysiology.
Jentsch, T.J.
Journal of Physiology 593 (18): 4091-4109. 15 September 2015


Calcium-buffering effects of gluconate and nucleotides, as determined by a novel fluorimetric titration method.
Woehler, A. and Lin, K.H. and Neher, E.
Journal of Physiology 592 (22): 4863-4875. 15 November 2014

Subunit-specific inhibition of acid sensing ion channels by stomatin-like protein 1.
Kozlenkov, A. and Lapatsina, L. and Lewin, G.R. and Smith, E.S.J.
Journal of Physiology 592 (Pt 4): 557-569. 15 February 2014


Stomatin-domain protein interactions with acid sensing ion channels modulate nociceptor mechanosensitivity.
Moshourab, R.A. and Wetzel, C. and Martinez-Salgado, C. and Lewin, G.R.
Journal of Physiology 591 (Pt 22): 5555-5574. 15 November 2013


Cross-reactivity of acid-sensing ion channel and Na+-H+ exchanger antagonists with nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.
Santos-Torres, J. and Slimak, M.A. and Auer, S. and Ibanez-Tallon, I.
Journal of Physiology 589 (Pt 21): 5109-5123. 1 November 2011

The Cav3.2 T-type calcium channel regulates temporal coding in mouse mechanoreceptors.
Wang, R. and Lewin, G.R.
Journal of Physiology 589 (9): 2229-2243. 1 May 2011

Astrocytes control GABAergic inhibition of neurons in the mouse barrel cortex.
Benedetti, B. and Matyash, V. and Kettenmann, H.
Journal of Physiology 589 (Pt 5): 1159-1172. 1 March 2011


An in vivo tethered toxin approach for the cell-autonomous inactivation of voltage-gated sodium channel currents in nociceptors.
Stuerzebecher, A.S. and Hu, J. and Smith, E.S.J. and Frahm, S. and Santos-Torres, J. and Kampfrath, B. and Auer, S. and Lewin, G.R. and Ibanez-Tallon, I.
Journal of Physiology 588 (Pt 10): 1695-1707. 15 May 2010


Peripheral sensitisation of nociceptors via G-protein dependent potentiation of mechanotransduction currents.
Lechner, S.G. and Lewin, G.R.
Journal of Physiology 587 (Pt 14): 3493-3503. 15 July 2009

GABAergic activities enhance macrophage inflammatory protein 1 alpha release from microglia (brain macrophages) in postnatal mouse brain.
Cheung, G. and Kann, O. and Kohsaka, S. and Faerber, K. and Kettenmann, H.
Journal of Physiology 587 (Pt 4): 753-768. 15 February 2009


Two different forms of long-term potentiation at CA1-subiculum synapses.
Wozny, C. and Maier, N. and Schmitz, D. and Behr, J.
Journal of Physiology 586 (Pt 11): 2725-2734. 1 June 2008

Persistent pain: the contribution of NaV1.9.
Smith, E.S.J. and Momin, A.
Journal of Physiology 586 (9): 2249-2250. May 2008

Kv7 channels: interaction with dopaminergic and serotonergic neurotransmission in the CNS.
Hansen, H.H. and Waroux, O. and Seutin, V. and Jentsch, T.J. and Aznar, S. and Mikkelsen, J.D.
Journal of Physiology 586 (7): 1823-1832. 1 April 2008


Differential modulation of short-term synaptic dynamics by long-term potentiation at mouse hippocampal mossy fibre synapses.
Gundlfinger, A. and Leibold, C. and Gebert, K. and Moisel, M. and Schmitz, D. and Kempter, R.
Journal of Physiology 585 (Pt 3): 853-865. 15 December 2007

Indirect coupling between Cav1.2 channels and RyR to generate Ca2+ sparks in murine arterial smooth muscle cells.
Essin, K. and Welling, A. and Hofmann, F. and Luft, F.C. and Gollasch, M. and Moosmang, S.
Journal of Physiology 584 (Pt. 1): 205-219. 1 October 2007

Adenosine modulates transmission at the hippocampal mossy fibre synapse via direct inhibition of presynaptic calcium channels.
Gundlfinger, A. and Bischofberger, J. and Johenning, F.W. and Torvinen, M. and Schmitz, D. and Breustedt, J.
Journal of Physiology 582 (Pt 1): 263-277. 1 July 2007

Chloride and the endosomal/lysosomal pathway: emerging roles of CLC chloride transporters.
Jentsch, T.J.
Journal of Physiology 578 (Pt 3): 633-640. February 2007


Mechanosensitive currents in the neurites of cultured mouse sensory neurones.
Hu, J. and Lewin, G.R.
Journal of Physiology 577 (Pt.3): 815-828. 15 December 2006


Induced sharp wave-ripple complexes in the absence of synaptic inhibition in mouse hippocampal slices.
Nimmrich, V. and Maier, N. and Schmitz, D. and Draguhn, A.
Journal of Physiology 563 (Pt 3): 663-670. 15 March 2005

Time-matched pre- and postsynaptic changes of GABAergic synaptic transmission in the developing mouse superior colliculus.
Kirischuk, S. and Juettner, R. and Grantyn, R.
Journal of Physiology 563 (3): 795-807. 1 January 2005


Sticky wickets in lower nephron nephrosis.
Luft, F.C.
Journal of Physiology 557 (3): 703. 15 June 2004

Functional and structural conservation of CBS domains from CLC chloride channels.
Estevez, R. and Pusch, M. and Ferrer-Costa, C. and Orozco, M. and Jentsch, T.J.
Journal of Physiology 557 (Pt 2): 363-378. 1 June 2004

Preferential accumulation of GABAA receptor gamma 2L, not gamma 2S, cytoplasmic loops at rat spinal cord inhibitory synapses.
Meier, J. and Grantyn, R.
Journal of Physiology 559 (Pt 2): 355-365. 2004


Baa, Baa, black sheep, are your kidneys full?
Luft, F.C.
Journal of Physiology 549 (3): 665-665. 15 June 2003


GFR α2/neurturin signalling regulates noxious heat transduction in isolectin B4- binding mouse sensory neurons.
Stucky, C.L. and Rossi, J. and Airaksinen, M.S. and Lewin, G.R.
Journal of Physiology 545 (1): 43-50. November 2002

Physiological basis of fractal complexity properties of heart rate variability in man.
Francis, D.P. and Willson, K. and Georgiadou, P. and Wensel, R. and Davies, L.C. and Coats, A. and Piepoli, M.
Journal of Physiology 542 : 619-629. 1 January 2002

Postextrasystolic regulation patterns of blood pressure and heart rate in patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy.
Voss, A. and Baier, V. and Schumann, A. and Hasart, A. and Reinsperger, F. and Schirdewan, A. and Osterziel, K.J. and Leder, U.
Journal of Physiology 538 : 271-278. 1 January 2002


Glia-derived signals induce synapse formation in neurones of the rat central nervous system.
Naegler, K. and Mauch, D.H. and Pfrieger, F.W.
Journal of Physiology 533 (Pt 3): 665-679. June 2001

Selective activation of nociceptors by P2X receptor agonists in normal and inflamed rat skin.
Hamilton, S.G. and McMahon, S.B. and Lewin, G.R.
Journal of Physiology 534 (2): 437-445. 1 January 2001


Inhibition of KCNQ1-4 potassium channels expressed in mammalian cells via M1 muscarinic acetylcholine receptors.
Selyanko, A.A. and Hadley, J.K. and Wood, I.C. and Abogadie, F.C. and Jentsch, T.J. and Brown, D.A.
Journal of Physiology 522 (Pt 3): 349-355. 1 February 2000


Chloride dependence of hyperpolarization-activated chloride channel gates.
Pusch, M. and Jordt, S.E. and Stein, V. and Jentsch, T.J.
Journal of Physiology 515 (Pt 2): 341-353. 1 March 1999


Relations between intracellular Ca2+ stores and store-operated Ca2+ entry in primary cultured human glioblastoma cells.
Hartmann, J. and Verkhratsky, A.
Journal of Physiology 513 : 411-424. 1 December 1998

Laminar difference in GABA uptake and GAT-1 expression in rat CA1.
Engel, D. and Schmitz, D. and Gloveli, T. and Frahm, C. and Heinemann, U. and Draguhn, A.
Journal of Physiology 512 (Pt 3): 643-649. 1 November 1998

Serotonin reduces synaptic excitation in the superficial medial entorhinal cortex of the rat via a presynaptic mechanism.
Schmitz, D. and Gloveli, T. and Empson, R.M. and Draguhn, A. and Heinemann, U.
Journal of Physiology 508 (Pt 1): 119-129. 1 April 1998

Characterization of the hyperpolarization-activated chloride current in dissociated rat sympathetic neurons.
Clark, S. and Jordt, S.E. and Jentsch, T.J. and Mathie, A.
Journal of Physiology 506 (Pt 3): 665-678. 1 February 1998


Analysis of a protein region involved in permeation and gating of the voltage-gated Torpedo chloride channel ClC-0.
Ludewig, U. and Jentsch, T.J. and Pusch, M.
Journal of Physiology 498 (Pt 3): 691-702. 1 February 1997


Concentration and pH dependence of skeletal muscle chloride channel ClC-1.
Rychkov, G.Y. and Pusch, M. and Astill, D.S. and Roberts, M.L. and Jentsch, T.J. and Bretag, A.H.
Journal of Physiology 497 (Pt 2): 423-435. 1 December 1996


Ryanodine receptor-mediated intracellular calcium release in rat cerebellar Purkinje neurones.
Kano, M. and Garaschuk, O. and Verkhratsky, A. and Konnerth, A.
Journal of Physiology 487 (Pt 1): 1-16. 15 August 1995

Activation of P-2-purinoreceptors triggered Ca2+ release from InsP(3)-sensitive internal stores in mammalian oligodendrocytes.
Kirischuk, S. and Scherer, J. and Kettenmann, H. and Verkhratsky, A.
Journal of Physiology 483 (Pt 1): 41-57. 15 February 1995

Regulation of granule size in human and horse eosinophils by number of fusion events among unit granules.
Hartmann, J. and Scepek, S. and Lindau, M.
Journal of Physiology 483 (1): 201-209. 1 January 1995

Properties of voltage-gated chloride channels of the ClC gene family.
Jentsch, T.J. and Guenther, W. and Pusch, M. and Schwappach, B.
Journal of Physiology 482 : 19S-25S. January 1995

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