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Community-level responses to iron availability in open ocean plankton ecosystems.
Caputi, L. and Carradec, Q. and Eveillard, D. and Kirilovsky, A. and Pelletier, E. and Pierella Karlusich, J.J. and Rocha Jimenez Vieira, F. and Villar, E. and Chaffron, S. and Malviya, S. and Scalco, E. and Acinas, S.G. and Alberti, A. and Aury, J.M. and Benoiston, A.S. and Bertrand, A. and Biard, T. and Bittner, L. and Boccara, M. and Brum, J.R. and Brunet, C. and Busseni, G. and Carratalà, A. and Claustre, H. and Coelho, L.P. and Colin, S. and D'Aniello, S. and Da Silva, C. and Del Core, M. and Doré, H. and Gasparini, S. and Kokoszka, F. and Jamet, J.L. and Lejeusne, C. and Lepoivre, C. and Lescot, M. and Lima‐Mendez, G. and Lombard, F. and Lukeš, J. and Maillet, N. and Madoui, M.A. and Martinez, E. and Mazzocchi, M.G. and Néou, M.B. and Paz‐Yepes, J. and Poulain, J. and Ramondenc, S. and Romagnan, J.B. and Roux, S. and Salvagio Manta, D. and Sanges, R. and Speich, S. and Sprovieri, M. and Sunagawa, S. and Taillandier, V. and Tanaka, A. and Tirichine, L. and Trottier, C. and Uitz, J. and Veluchamy, A. and Veselá, J. and Vincent, F. and Yau, S. and Kandels‐Lewis, S. and Searson, S. and Dimier, C. and Picheral, M. and Bork, P. and Boss, E. and Vargas, C. and Follows, M.J. and Grimsley, N. and Guidi, L. and Hingamp, P. and Karsenti, E. and Sordino, P. and Stemmann, L. and Sullivan, M.B. and Tagliabue, A. and Zingone, A. and Garczarek, L. and d'Ortenzio, F. and Testor, P. and Not, F. and Ribera d'Alcalà, M. and Wincker, P. and Bowler, C. and Iudicone, D.
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 33 (3): 391-419. March 2019

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