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Retinal thickness analysis in progressive multiple sclerosis patients treated with epigallocatechin gallate: optical coherence tomography results from the SUPREMES study.
Klumbies, K. and Rust, R. and Dörr, J. and Konietschke, F. and Paul, F. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Brandt, A.U. and Zimmermann, H.G.
Frontiers in Neurology 12 : 615790. 28 April 2021

Anti-aquaporin 4 IgG is not associated with any clinical disease characteristics in Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder.
Schmetzer, O. and Lakin, E. and Roediger, B. and Duchow, A. and Asseyer, S. and Paul, F. and Siebert, N.
Frontiers in Neurology 12 : 635419. 12 March 2021


New algorithms improving PML risk stratification in MS patients treated with natalizumab.
Toboso, I. and Tejeda-Velarde, A. and Alvarez-Lafuente, R. and Arroyo, R. and Hegen, H. and Deisenhammer, F. and Sainz de la Maza, S. and Alvarez-Cermeño, J.C. and Izquierdo, G. and Paramo, D. and Oliva, P. and Casanova, B. and Agüera-Morales, E. and Franciotta, D. and Gastaldi, M. and Fernández, O. and Urbaneja, P. and Garcia-Dominguez, J.M. and Romero, F. and Laroni, A. and Uccelli, A. and Perez-Sempere, A. and Saiz, A. and Blanco, Y. and Galimberti, D. and Scarpini, E. and Espejo, C. and Montalban, X. and Rasche, L. and Paul, F. and González, I. and Álvarez, E. and Ramo, C. and Caminero, A.B. and Aladro, Y. and Calles, C. and Eguía, P. and Belenguer-Benavides, A. and Ramió-Torrentà, L. and Quintana, E. and Martínez-Rodríguez, J.E. and Oterino, A. and López de Silanes, C. and Casanova, L.I. and Landete, L. and Frederiksen, J. and Bsteh, G. and Mulero, P. and Comabella, M. and Hernández, M.A. and Espiño, M. and Prieto, J.M. and Pérez, D. and Otano, M. and Padilla, F. and García-Merino, J.A. and Navarro, L. and Muriel, A. and Frossard, L.C. and Villar, L.M.
Frontiers in Neurology 11 : 579438. 17 December 2020

RNA sequencing of human peripheral blood cells indicates upregulation of immune-related genes in Huntington's disease.
Andrade-Navarro, M.A. and Mühlenberg, K. and Spruth, E.J. and Mah, N. and González-López, A. and Andreani, T. and Russ, J. and Huska, M.R. and Muro, E.M. and Fontaine, J.F. and Amstislavskiy, V. and Soldatov, A. and Nietfeld, W. and Wanker, E.E. and Priller, J.
Frontiers in Neurology 11 : 573560. 27 November 2020

Altered coupling of psychological relaxation and regional volume of brain reward areas in multiple sclerosis.
Wakonig, K. and Eitel, F. and Ritter, K. and Hetzer, S. and Schmitz-Hübsch, T. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Haynes, J.D. and Brandt, A.U. and Gold, S.M. and Paul, F. and Weygandt, M.
Frontiers in Neurology 11 : 568850. 6 October 2020

Differences in advanced magnetic resonance imaging in MOG-IgG and AQP4-IgG seropositive neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders: a comparative study.
Schmidt, F.A. and Chien, C. and Kuchling, J. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Ruprecht, K. and Siebert, N. and Asseyer, S. and Jarius, S. and Brandt, A.U. and Scheel, M. and Paul, F.
Frontiers in Neurology 11 : 499910. 30 September 2020

Pain in NMOSD and MOGAD: a systematic literature review of pathophysiology, symptoms, and current treatment strategies.
Asseyer, S. and Cooper, G. and Paul, F.
Frontiers in Neurology 11 : 778. 21 August 2020

A comprehensive monitoring study on electrocardiographic assessments and cardiac events after fingolimod first dose - possible predictors of cardiac outcomes.
Limmroth, V. and Ziemssen, T. and Kleiter, I. and Wagner, B. and Schmidt, S. and Lassek, C. and Baier-Ebert, M. and Wendt, G. and Dechend, R. and Haverkamp, W.
Frontiers in Neurology 11 : 818. 12 August 2020

Epidemiology of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder and its prevalence and incidence worldwide.
Hor, J.Y. and Asgari, N. and Nakashima, I. and Broadley, S.A. and Leite, M.I. and Kissani, N. and Jacob, A. and Marignier, R. and Weinshenker, B.G. and Paul, F. and Pittock, S.J. and Palace, J. and Wingerchuk, D.M. and Behne, J.M. and Yeaman, M.R. and Fujihara, K.
Frontiers in Neurology 11 : 501. 26 June 2020

Visualizing the central nervous system: imaging tools for multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders.
Kuchling, J. and Paul, F.
Frontiers in Neurology 11 : 450. 17 June 2020

Association between fatigue and motor exertion in patients with multiple sclerosis - a prospective study.
Drebinger, D. and Rasche, L. and Kroneberg, D. and Althoff, P. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Weygandt, M. and Paul, F. and Brandt, A.U. and Schmitz-Hübsch, T.
Frontiers in Neurology 11 : 208. 15 April 2020

Vitamin D and disease severity in multiple sclerosis-baseline data from the randomized controlled trial (EVIDIMS).
Bäcker-Koduah, P. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Scheel, M. and Wuerfel, J. and Wernecke, K.D. and Dörr, J. and Brandt, A.U. and Paul, F.
Frontiers in Neurology 11 : 129. 25 February 2020

MR elastography-based assessment of matrix remodeling at lesion sites associated with clinical severity in a model of multiple sclerosis.
Wang, S. and Millward, J.M. and Hanke-Vela, L. and Malla, B. and Pilch, K. and Gil-Infante, A. and Waiczies, S. and Mueller, S. and Boehm-Sturm, P. and Guo, J. and Sack, I. and Infante-Duarte, C.
Frontiers in Neurology 10 : 1382. 13 January 2020


Normative data and minimally detectable change for inner retinal layer thicknesses using a semi-automated OCT image segmentation pipeline.
Motamedi, S. and Gawlik, K. and Ayadi, N. and Zimmermann, H.G. and Asseyer, S. and Bereuter, C. and Mikolajczak, J. and Paul, F. and Kadas, E.M. and Brandt, A.U.
Frontiers in Neurology 10 : 1117. November 2019

Cognitive impairment in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders: a review of clinical and neuroradiological features.
Oertel, F.C. and Schließeit, J. and Brandt, A.U. and Paul, F.
Frontiers in Neurology 10 : 608. 12 June 2019

Linkage evidence for a two-locus inheritance of LQT-associated seizures in a multigenerational LQT family with a novel KCNQ1 loss-of-function mutation.
Prüss, H. and Gessner, G. and Heinemann, S.H. and Rüschendorf, F. and Ruppert, A.K. and Schulz, H. and Sander, T. and Rimpau, W.
Frontiers in Neurology 10 : 648. June 2019

Vision and vision-related measures in progressive multiple sclerosis.
Backner, Y. and Petrou, P. and Glick-Shames, H. and Raz, N. and Zimmermann, H. and Jost, R. and Scheel, M. and Paul, F. and Karussis, D. and Levin, N.
Frontiers in Neurology 10 : 455. May 2019

Olfactory and gustatory dysfunction in patients with autoimmune encephalitis.
Geran, R. and Uecker, F.C. and Prüss, H. and Haeusler, K.G. and Paul, F. and Ruprecht, K. and Harms, L. and Schmidt, F.A.
Frontiers in Neurology 10 : 480. May 2019

Standardization of T1w/T2w ratio improves detection of tissue damage in multiple sclerosis.
Cooper, G. and Finke, C. and Chien, C. and Brandt, A.U. and Asseyer, S. and Ruprecht, K. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Paul, F. and Scheel, M.
Frontiers in Neurology 10 : 334. April 2019

Cardiac 123I-MIBG scintigraphy in neurodegenerative Parkinson syndromes: performance and pitfalls in clinical practice.
Skowronek, C. and Zange, L. and Lipp, A.
Frontiers in Neurology 10 : 152. February 2019


CSF-progranulin and neurofilament light chain levels in patients with radiologically isolated syndrome - sign of inflammation.
Pawlitzki, M. and Sweeney-Reed, C.M. and Bittner, D. and Lux, A. and Vielhaber, S. and Schreiber, S. and Paul, F. and Neumann, J.
Frontiers in Neurology 9 : 1075. December 2018

Diagnosis and treatment of NMO spectrum disorder and MOG-encephalomyelitis.
Borisow, N. and Mori, M. and Kuwabara, S. and Scheel, M. and Paul, F.
Frontiers in Neurology 9 : 888. October 2018

Disease modification in multiple sclerosis by flupirtine - results of a randomized placebo controlled phase II trial.
Dörr, J. and Wernecke, K.D. and Würfel, J. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Siffrin, V. and Sättler, M.B. and Simons, M. and Linsa, A. and Tumani, H. and Paul, F.
Frontiers in Neurology 9 : 842. October 2018

MRI markers and functional performance in patients with CIS and MS: a cross-sectional study.
Rasche, L. and Scheel, M. and Otte, K. and Althoff, P. and van Vuuren, A.B. and Gieß, R.M. and Kuchling, J. and Bellmann-Strobl, J. and Ruprecht, K. and Paul, F. and Brandt, A.U. and Schmitz-Hübsch, T.
Frontiers in Neurology 9 : 718. August 2018

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