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Caloric restriction induces H(2)O(2) formation as a trigger of AMPK-eNOS-NO pathway in obese rats: role for CAMKII.
García-Prieto, C.F. and Gil-Ortega, M. and Plaza, A. and Manzano-Lista, F.J. and González-Blázquez, R. and Alcalá, M. and Rodríguez-Rodríguez, P. and Viana, M. and Aranguez, I. and Gollasch, M. and Somoza, B. and Fernández-Alfonso, M.S.
Free Radical Biology and Medicine 139 : 35-45. 1 August 2019


Hormetic shifting of redox environment by pro-oxidative resveratrol protects cells against stress.
Plauth, A. and Geikowski, A. and Cichon, S. and Wowro, S.J. and Liedgens, L. and Rousseau, M. and Weidner, C. and Fuhr, L. and Kliem, M. and Jenkins, G. and Lotito, S. and Wainwright, L.J. and Sauer, S.
Free Radical Biology and Medicine 99 : 608-622. October 2016


Mitochondrial DNA deletions inhibit proteasomal activity and stimulate an autophagic transcript.
Alemi, M. and Prigione, A. and Wong, A. and Schoenfeld, R. and DiMauro, S. and Hirano, M. and Taroni, F. and Cortopassi, G.
Free Radical Biology and Medicine 42 (1): 32-43. 1 January 2007


Activation of AP-1 through reactive oxygen species by angiotensin II in rat cardiomyocytes.
Wu, S. and Gao, J. and Ohlemeyer, C. and Roos, D. and Niessen, H. and Koettgen, E. and Gessner, R.
Free Radical Biology and Medicine 39 (12): 1601-1610. 24 August 2005


Mitochondrial energy metabolism is regulated via nuclear-coded subunits of cytochrome c oxidase.
Kadenbach, B. and Huettemann, M. and Arnold, S. and Lee, I. and Bender, E.
Free Radical Biology and Medicine 29 : 211-221. 1 August 2000


Structure of transient radicals from cytostatic-active p-alkoxyphenols using the continous-flow EPR technique.
Lassmann, G. and Poetsch, S.
Free Radical Biology and Medicine 19 : 533-541. 1 January 1995

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