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Genomewide association study of peanut allergy reproduces association with amino acid polymorphisms in HLA-DRB1.
Martino, D.J. and Ashley, S. and Koplin, J. and Ellis, J. and Saffery, R. and Dharmage, S.C. and Gurrin, L. and Matheson, M.C. and Kalb, B. and Marenholz, I. and Beyer, K. and Lee, Y.A. and Hong, X. and Wang, X. and Vukevic, D. and Motyer, A. and Leslie, S. and Allen, K.J. and Ferreira, M.A.R.
Clinical and Experimental Allergy 47 (2): 217-223. February 2017


Genome-wide association study of body mass index in 23 000 individuals with and without asthma.
Melén, E. and Granell, R. and Kogevinas, M. and Strachan, D. and Gonzalez, J.R. and Wjst, M. and Jarvis, D. and Ege, M. and Braun-Fahrländer, C. and Genuneit, J. and Horak, E. and Bouzigon, E. and Demenais, F. and Kauffmann, F. and Siroux, V. and Michel, S. and von Berg, A. and Heinzmann, A. and Kabesch, M. and Probst-Hensch, N.M. and Curjuric, I. and Imboden, M. and Rochat, T. and Henderson, J. and Sterne, J.A.C. and McArdle, W.L. and Hui, J. and James, A.L. and William Musk, A. and Palmer, L.J. and Becker, A. and Kozyrskyj, A.L. and Chan-Young, M. and Park, J.E. and Leung, A. and Daley, D. and Freidin, M.B. and Deev, I.A. and Ogorodova, L.M. and Puzyrev, V.P. and Celedón, J.C. and Brehm, J.M. and Cloutier, M.M. and Canino, G. and Acosta-Pérez, E. and Soto-Quiros, M. and Avila, L. and Bergstroem, A. and Magnusson, J. and Söderhäll, C. and Kull, I. and Scholtens, S. and Marike Boezen, H. and Koppelman, G.H. and Wijga, A.H. and Marenholz, I. and Esparza-Gordillo, J. and Lau, S. and Lee, Y.A. and Standl, M. and Tiesler, C.M. and Flexeder, C. and Heinrich, J. and Myers, R.A. and Ober, C. and Nicolae, D.L. and Farrall, M. and Kumar, A. and Moffatt, M.F. and Cookson, W.O. and Lasky-Su, J.
Clinical and Experimental Allergy 43 (4): 463-474. April 2013


Genome-wide linkage analysis of allergic rhinoconjunctivitis in a Swedish population.
Bu, L.M. and Bradley, M. and Soederhaell, C. and Wahlgren, C.F. and Kockum, I. and Nordenskjoeld, M.
Clinical and Experimental Allergy 36 (2): 204-210. February 2006

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