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Targeted analysis of cell-free circulating tumor DNA is suitable for early relapse and actionable target detection in patients with neuroblastoma.
Lodrini, M. and Graef, J. and Thole-Kliesch, T.M. and Astrahantseff, K. and Sprüssel, A. and Grimaldi, M. and Peitz, C. and Linke, R.B. and Hollander, J.F. and Lankes, E. and Künkele, A. and Oevermann, L. and Schwabe, G. and Fuchs, J. and Szymansky, A. and Schulte, J.H. and Hundsdoerfer, P. and Eckert, C. and Amthauer, H. and Eggert, A. and Deubzer, H.E.
Clinical Cancer Research 28 (9): 1809-1820. 1 May 2022


Early response to first-line anti-PD-1 treatment in Hodgkin lymphoma: a PET-based analysis from the prospective, randomized phase II NIVAHL trial.
Voltin, C.A. and Mettler, J. and van Heek, L. and Goergen, H. and Müller, H. and Baues, C. and Keller, U. and Meissner, J. and Trautmann-Grill, K. and Kerkhoff, A. and Fuchs, M. and Sasse, S. and von Tresckow, B. and Dietlein, M. and Borchmann, P. and Engert, A. and Kobe, C. and Bröckelmann, P.J.
Clinical Cancer Research 27 (2): 402-407. January 2021


Targeting Merkel cell carcinoma by engineered T cells specific to T-antigens of Merkel cell polyomavirus.
Gavvovidis, I. and Leisegang, M. and Willimsky, G. and Miller, N.J. and Nghiem, P. and Blankenstein, T.
Clinical Cancer Research 24 (15): 3644-3655. August 2018


T cell receptors for clinical therapy: in vitro assessment of toxicity risk.
Kunert, A. and Obenaus, M. and Lamers, C.H.J. and Blankenstein, T. and Debets, R.
Clinical Cancer Research 23 (20): 6012-6020. 15 October 2017


Eradication of large solid tumors by gene therapy with a T cell receptor targeting a single cancer-specific point mutation.
Leisegang, M. and Engels, B. and Schreiber, K. and Yew, P.Y. and Kiyotani, K. and Idel, C. and Arina, A. and Duraiswamy, J. and Weichselbaum, R.R. and Uckert, W. and Nakamura, Y. and Schreiber, H.
Clinical Cancer Research 22 (11): 2734-2743. 1 June 2016

MACC1 induces tumor progression in transgenic mice and colorectal cancer patients via increased pluripotency markers Nanog and Oct4.
Lemos, C. and Hardt, M.S. and Juneja, M. and Voss, C. and Foerster, S. and Jerchow, B. and Haider, W. and Blaker, H. and Stein, U.
Clinical Cancer Research 22 (11): 2812-2824. 1 June 2016

Targeting MYCN-driven transcription by BET-bromodomain inhibition.
Henssen, A. and Althoff, K. and Odersky, A. and Beckers, A. and Koche, R. and Speleman, F. and Schäfers, S. and Bell, E. and Nortmeyer, M. and Westermann, F. and De Preter, K. and Florin, A. and Heukamp, L. and Spruessel, A. and Astrahanseff, K. and Lindner, S. and Sadowski, N. and Schramm, A. and Astorgues-Xerri, L. and Riveiro, M.E. and Eggert, A. and Cvitkovic, E. and Schulte, J.H.
Clinical Cancer Research 22 (10): 2470-2481. May 2016


The prognostic impact of CD163-positive macrophages in follicular lymphoma: a study from the BC Cancer Agency and the Lymphoma Study Association.
Kridel, R. and Xerri, L. and Gelas-Dore, B. and Tan, K. and Feugier, P. and Vawda, A. and Canioni, D. and Farinha, P. and Boussetta, S. and Moccia, A.A. and Brice, P. and Chavez, E.A. and Kyle, A.H. and Scott, D.W. and Sanders, A.D. and Fabiani, B. and Slack, G.W. and Minchinton, A.I. and Haioun, C. and Connors, J.M. and Sehn, L.H. and Steidl, C. and Gascoyne, R.D. and Salles, G.
Clinical Cancer Research 21 (15): 3428-3435. August 2015


Identification of differentially expressed long noncoding RNAs in bladder cancer.
Peter, S. and Borkowska, E. and Drayton, R.M. and Rakhit, C.P. and Noon, A.P. and Chen, W. and Catto, J.W.F.
Clinical Cancer Research 20 (20): 5311-5321. 15 October 2014


Synergistic activity of bortezomib and HDACis in preclinical models of B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia via modulation of p53, PI3K/AKT and NF-κB.
Bastian, L. and Hof, J. and Pfau, M. and Fichtner, I. and Eckert, C. and Henze, G. and Prada, J. and von Stackelberg, A. and Seeger, K. and Shalapour, S.
Clinical Cancer Research 19 (6): 1445-1457. 15 March 2013

Molecular pathways: comparing the effects of drugs and T cells to effectively target oncogenes.
Anders, K. and Blankenstein, T.
Clinical Cancer Research 19 (2): 320-326. 15 January 2013


HDAC5 and HDAC9 in medulloblastoma: novel markers for risk stratification and role in tumor cell growth.
Milde, T. and Oehme, I. and Korshunov, A. and Kopp-Schneider, A. and Remke, M. and Northcott, P. and Deubzer, H.E. and Lodrini, M. and Taylor, M.D. and von Deimling, A. and Pfister, S. and Witt, O.
Clinical Cancer Research 16 (12): 3240-3252. 15 June 2010

T-cell receptor gene-modified T cells with shared renal cell carcinoma specificity for adoptive T-cell therapy.
Leisegang, M. and Turqueti-Neves, A. and Engels, B. and Blankenstein, T. and Schendel, D.J. and Uckert, W. and Noessner, E.
Clinical Cancer Research 16 (8): 2333-2343. 15 April 2010

Comparative profiling of the novel epothilone, sagopilone, in xenografts derived from primary non-small cell lung cancer.
Hammer, S. and Sommer, A. and Fichtner, I. and Becker, M. and Rolff, J. and Merk, J. and Klar, U. and Hoffmann, J.
Clinical Cancer Research 16 (5): 1452-1465. 1 March 2010


Histone deacetylase 8 in neuroblastoma tumorigenesis.
Oehme, I. and Deubzer, H.E. and Wegener, D. and Pickert, D. and Linke, J.P. and Hero, B. and Kopp-Schneider, A. and Westermann, F. and Ulrich, S.M. and von Deimling, A. and Fischer, M. and Witt, O.
Clinical Cancer Research 15 (1): 91-99. January 2009


Novel jet-injection technology for nonviral intratumoral gene transfer in patients with melanoma and breast cancer.
Walther, W. and Siegel, R. and Kobelt, D. and Knoesel, T. and Dietel, M. and Bembenek, A. and Aumann, J. and Schleef, M. and Baier, R. and Stein, U. and Schlag, P.M.
Clinical Cancer Research 14 (22): 7545-7553. 15 November 2008

Cisplatin-resistant neuroblastoma cells express enhanced levels of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and are sensitive to treatment with EGFR-specific toxins.
Michaelis, M. and Bliss, J. and Arnold, S.C. and Hinsch, N. and Rothweiler, F. and Deubzer, H.E. and Witt, O. and Langer, K. and Doerr, H.W. and Wels, W.S. and Cinatl, J.
Clinical Cancer Research 14 (20): 6531-6537. 16 October 2008

Establishment of patient-derived non-small cell lung cancer xenografts as models for the identification of predictive biomarkers.
Fichtner, I. and Rolff, J. and Soong, R. and Hoffmann, J. and Hammer, S. and Sommer, A. and Becker, M. and Merk, J.
Clinical Cancer Research 14 (20): 6456-6468. 15 October 2008


Author reply: Polyclonal resistance in gastrointestinal stromal tumor treated with sequential kinase inhibitors.
Wardelmann, E. and Biermann, K. and Merkelbach-Bruse, S. and Thomas, N. and Schildhaus, H.U. and Heinicke, T. and Speidel, N. and Pietsch, T. and Buettner, R. and Pink, D. and Reichardt, P. and Hohenberger, P.
Clinical Cancer Research 12 (20): 6206-6207. 15 October 2006

The thalidomide analogue, CC-4047, induces apoptosis signaling and growth arrest in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells in vitro and in vivo.
Shalapour, S. and Zelmer, A. and Pfau, M. and Moderegger, E. and Costa-Blechschmidt, C. and van Landeghem, F.K. and Taube, T. and Fichtner, I. and Buehrer, C. and Henze, G. and Seeger, K. and Wellmann, S.
Clinical Cancer Research 12 (18): 5526-5532. 15 September 2006

Polyclonal evolution of multiple secondary KIT mutations in gastrointestinal stromal tumors under treatment with imatinib mesylate.
Wardelmann, E. and Merkelbach-Bruse, S. and Pauls, K. and Thomas, N. and Schildhaus, H.U. and Heinicke, T. and Speidel, N. and Pietsch, T. and Buettner, R. and Pink, D. and Reichardt, P. and Hohenberger, P.
Clinical Cancer Research 12 : 1743-1749. 15 March 2006


Prediction of BRCA1 status in patients with breast cancer using estrogen receptor and basal phenotype.
Lakhani, S.R. and Reis-Filho, J.S. and Fulford, L. and Penault-Llorca, F. and van der Vjiver, M. and Parry, S. and Bishop, T. and Benitez, J. and Rivas, C. and Bignon, Y.J. and Chang-Claude, J. and Hamann, U. and Cornelisse, C.J. and Devilee, P. and Beckmann, M.W. and Nestle-Kramling, C. and Daly, P.A. and Haites, N. and Varley, J. and Lalloo, F. and Evans, G. and Maugard, C. and Meijers-Heijboer, H. and Klijn, J.G.M. and Olah, E. and Gusterson, B.A. and Pilotti, S. and Radice, P. and Scherneck, S. and Sobol, H. and Jacquemier, J. and Wagner, T. and Peto, J. and Stratton, M.R. and McGuffog, L. and Easton, D.F.
Clinical Cancer Research 11 (14): 5175-5180. 15 July 2005

Influence of CD80, interleukin-2, and interleukin-7 expression in human renal cell carcinoma on the expansion, function, and survival of tumor-specific CTLs.
Frankenberger, B. and Pohla, H. and Noessner, E. and Willimsky, G. and Papier, B. and Pezzutto, A. and Kopp, J. and Oberneder, R. and Blankenstein, T. and Schendel, D.J.
Clinical Cancer Research 11 : 1733-1742. 1 January 2005


Pathology of ovarian cancers in BRCA1 and BRCA2 carriers.
Lakhani, S.R. and Manek, S. and Penault-Llorca, F. and Flanagan, A. and Arnout, L. and Merrett, S. and McGuffog, L. and Steele, D. and Devilee, P. and Klijn, J.G. and Meijers-Heijboer, H. and Radice, P. and Pilotti, S. and Nevanlinna, H. and Butzow, R. and Sobol, H. and Jacquemier, J. and Lyonet, D.S. and Neuhausen, S.L. and Weber, B. and Wagner, T. and Winqvist, R. and Bignon, Y.J. and Monti, F. and Schmitt, F. and Lenoir, G. and Seitz, S. and Hamman, U. and Pharoah, P. and Lane, G. and Ponder, B. and Bishop, D.T. and Easton, D.F.
Clinical Cancer Research 10 (7): 2473-2481. 1 April 2004


Expression and prognostic significance of IAP-family genes in human cancers and myeloid leukemias.
Tamm, I. and Kornblau, S.M. and Segall, H. and Krajewski, S. and Welsh, K. and Kitada, S. and Scudiero, D.A. and Tudor, G. and Qui, Y.H. and Monks, A. and Andreeff, M. and Reed, J.C.
Clinical Cancer Research 6 (5): 1796-1803. 1 May 2000

The pathology of familial breast cancer: histological features of cancers in families not attributable to mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2.
Lakhani, S.R. and Gusterson, B.A. and Jacquemier, J. and Sloane, J.P. and Anderson, T.J. and Van de Vijver, M.J. and Venter, D. and Freeman, A. and Antoniou, A. and McGuffog, L. and Smyth, E. and Steel, C.M. and Haites, N. and Scott, R.J. and Goldgar, D. and Neuhausen, S. and Daly, P.A. and Ormiston, W. and McManus, R. and Scherneck, S. and Ponder, B.A.J. and Futreal, P.A. and Peto, J. and Stoppa-Lyonnet, D. and Bignon, Y.J. and Struewing, J.P. and Bishop, D.T. and Klijn, J.G.M. and Devilee, P. and Cornelisse, C.J. and Lasset, C. and Lenoir, G. and Barkardottir, R.B. and Egilsson, V. and Hamann, U. and Chang-Claude, J. and Sobol, H. and Weber, B. and Easton, D.F. and Stratton, M.R.
Clinical Cancer Research 6 (3): 782-789. March 2000


Anticancer drug sensitivity and expression of multidrug resistance markers in early passage human sarcomas.
Hoffmann, J. and Schmidt-Peter, P. and Haensch, W. and Naundorf, H. and Bunge, A. and Becker, M. and Fichtner, I.
Clinical Cancer Research 5 : 2198-2204. 1 August 1999


Antiangiogenic chemotherapeutic agents: Characterization in comparison to their tumor growth inhibition in human renal cell carcinoma models1.
Schirner, M. and Hoffmann, J. and Menrad, A. and Schneider, M.R.
Clinical Cancer Research 4 : 1331-1336. 1 January 1998

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