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Interindividual variation in DNA methylation at a putative POMC metastable epiallele is associated with obesity.
Kuehnen, P. and Handke, D. and Waterland, R.A. and Hennig, B.J. and Silver, M. and Fulford, A.J. and Dominguez-Salas, P. and Moore, S.E. and Prentice, A.M. and Spranger, J. and Hinney, A. and Hebebrand, J. and Heppner, F.L. and Walzer, L. and Groetzinger, C. and Gromoll, J. and Wiegand, S. and Grueters, A. and Krude, H.
Cell Metabolism 24 (3): 502-509. 13 September 2016


Cutaneous Na(+) storage strengthens the antimicrobial barrier function of the skin and boosts macrophage-driven host defense.
Jantsch, J. and Schatz, V. and Friedrich, D. and Schröder, A. and Kopp, C. and Siegert, I. and Maronna, A. and Wendelborn, D. and Linz, P. and Binger, K.J. and Gebhardt, M. and Heinig, M. and Neubert, P. and Fischer, F. and Teufel, S. and David, J.P. and Neufert, C. and Cavallaro, A. and Rakova, N. and Küper, C. and Beck, F.X. and Neuhofer, W. and Muller, D.N. and Schuler, G. and Uder, M. and Bogdan, C. and Luft, F.C. and Titze, J.
Cell Metabolism 21 (3): 493-501. 3 March 2015

Glycolysis-mediated changes in acetyl-CoA and histone acetylation control the early differentiation of embryonic stem cells.
Moussaieff, A. and Rouleau, M. and Kitsberg, D. and Cohen, M. and Levy, G. and Barasch, D. and Nemirovski, A. and Shen-Orr, S. and Laevsky, I. and Amit, M. and Bomze, D. and Elena-Herrmann, B. and Scherf, T. and Nissim-Rafinia, M. and Kempa, S. and Itskovitz-Eldor, J. and Meshorer, E. and Aberdam, D. and Nahmias, Y.
Cell Metabolism 21 (3): 392-402. 3 March 2015


Partial and transient reduction of glycolysis by PFKFB3 blockade reduces pathological angiogenesis.
Schoors, S. and De Bock, K. and Cantelmo, A.R. and Georgiadou, M. and Ghesquière, B. and Cauwenberghs, S. and Kuchnio, A. and Wong, B.W. and Quaegebeur, A. and Goveia, J. and Bifari, F. and Wang, X. and Blanco, R. and Tembuyser, B. and Cornelissen, I. and Bouché, A. and Vinckier, S. and Diaz-Moralli, S. and Gerhardt, H. and Telang, S. and Cascante, M. and Chesney, J. and Dewerchin, M. and Carmeliet, P.
Cell Metabolism 19 (1): 37-48. 7 January 2014

Argonaute2 mediates compensatory expansion of the pancreatic β cell.
Tattikota, S.G. and Rathjen, T. and McAnulty, S.J. and Wessels, H.H. and Akerman, I. and van de Bunt, M. and Hausser, J. and Esguerra, J.L.S. and Musahl, A. and Pandey, A.K. and You, X. and Chen, W. and Herrera, P.L. and Johnson, P.R. and O'Carroll, D. and Eliasson, L. and Zavolan, M. and Gloyn, A.L. and Ferrer, J. and Shalom-Feuerstein, R. and Aberdam, D. and Poy, M.N.
Cell Metabolism 19 (1): 122-134. 7 January 2014


Long-term space flight simulation reveals infradian rhythmicity in human Na(+) balance.
Rakova, N. and Jüttner, K. and Dahlmann, A. and Schröder, A. and Linz, P. and Kopp, C. and Rauh, M. and Goller, U. and Beck, L. and Agureev, A. and Vassilieva, G. and Lenkova, L. and Johannes, B. and Wabel, P. and Moissl, U. and Vienken, J. and Gerzer, R. and Eckardt, K.U. and Müller, D.N. and Kirsch, K. and Morukov, B. and Luft, F.C. and Titze, J.
Cell Metabolism 17 (1): 125-131. 8 January 2013


Fumarate is cardioprotective via activation of the Nrf2 antioxidant pathway.
Ashrafian, H. and Czibik, G. and Bellahcene, M. and Aksentijević, D. and Smith, A.C. and Mitchell, S.J. and Dodd, M.S. and Kirwan, J. and Byrne, J.J. and Ludwig, C. and Isackson, H. and Yavari, A. and Støttrup, N.B. and Contractor, H. and Cahill, T.J. and Sahgal, N. and Ball, D.R. and Birkler, R.I.D. and Hargreaves, I. and Tennant, D.A. and Land, J. and Lygate, C.A. and Johannsen, M. and Kharbanda, R.K. and Neubauer, S. and Redwood, C. and de Cabo, R. and Ahmet, I. and Talan, M. and Günther, U.L. and Robinson, A.J. and Viant, M.R. and Pollard, P.J. and Tyler, D.J. and Watkins, H.
Cell Metabolism 15 (3): 361-371. 7 March 2012

Rats, salt, and history.
Luft, F.C.
Cell Metabolism 15 (2): 129-130. 8 February 2012


Divergent effects of central and peripheral renin on body weight and metabolism.
Luft, F.C.
Cell Metabolism 12 (5): 423-424. 3 November 2010

ClC-3-A granular anion transporter involved in insulin secretion?
Jentsch, T.J. and Maritzen, T. and Keating, D.J. and Zdebik, A.A. and Thevenod, F.
Cell Metabolism 12 (4): 307-308. 6 October 2010

Sort1, encoded by the cardiovascular risk locus 1p13.3, is a regulator of hepatic lipoprotein export.
Kjolby, M. and Andersen, O.M. and Breiderhoff, T. and Fjorback, A.W. and Pedersen, K.M. and Madsen, P. and Jansen, P. and Heeren, J. and Willnow, T.E. and Nykjaer, A.
Cell Metabolism 12 (3): 213-223. 8 September 2010

Glucocorticoids suppress bone formation by attenuating osteoblast differentiation via the monomeric glucocorticoid receptor.
Rauch, A. and Seitz, S. and Baschant, U. and Schilling, A.F. and Illing, A. and Stride, B. and Kirilov, M. and Mandic, V. and Takacz, A. and Schmidt-Ullrich, R. and Ostermay, S. and Schinke, T. and Spanbroek, R. and Zaiss, M.M. and Angel, P.E. and Lerner, U.H. and David, J.P. and Reichardt, H.M. and Amling, M. and Schuetz, G. and Tuckermann, J.P.
Cell Metabolism 11 (6): 517-531. 9 June 2010

Pancreatic beta cells require NeuroD to achieve and maintain functional maturity.
Gu, C. and Stein, G.H. and Pan, N. and Goebbels, S. and Hörnberg, H. and Nave, K.A. and Herrera, P. and White, P. and Kaestner, K.H. and Sussel, L. and Lee, J.E.
Cell Metabolism 11 (4): 298-310. 7 April 2010


PET imaging of leptin biodistribution and metabolism in rodents and primates.
Ceccarini, G. and Flavell, R.R. and Butelman, E.R. and Synan, M. and Willnow, T.E. and Bar-Dagan, M. and Goldsmith, S.J. and Kreek, M.J. and Kothari, P. and Vallabhajosula, S. and Muir, T.W. and Friedman, J.M.
Cell Metabolism 10 (2): 148-159. 6 August 2009


Renalase, a catecholamine-metabolizing hormone from the kidney.
Luft, F.C.
Cell Metabolism 1 (6): 358-360. June 2005

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