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The effect of probiotic and synbiotic supplementation on lipid parameters among patients with cardiometabolic risk factors: a systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials.
Ghorbani, Z. and Kazemi, A. and Bartolomaeus, T.U.P. and Martami, F. and Noormohammadi, M. and Salari, A. and Löber, U. and Balou, H.A. and Forslund, S.K. and Mahdavi-Roshan, M.
Cardiovascular Research : cvac128. 8 August 2022 (In Press)

Quantifying the impact of gut microbiota on inflammation and hypertensive organ damage.
Avery, E.G. and Bartolomaeus, H. and Rauch, A. and Chen, C.Y. and N'Diaye, G. and Löber, U. and Bartolomaeus, T.U.P. and Fritsche-Guenther, R. and Rodrigues, A.F. and Yarritu, A. and Zhong, C. and Fei, L. and Tsvetkov, D. and Todiras, M. and Park, J.K. and Markó, L. and Maifeld, A. and Patzak, A. and Bader, M. and Kempa, S. and Kirwan, J.A. and Forslund, S.K. and Müller, D.N. and Wilck, N.
Cardiovascular Research : cvac121. 29 July 2022 (In Press)

Long COVID and the cardiovascular system - elucidating causes and cellular mechanisms in order to develop targeted diagnostic and therapeutic strategies: A joint Scientific Statement of the ESC Working Groups on Cellular Biology of the Heart and Myocardial & Pericardial Diseases.
Gyöngyösi, M. and Alcaide, P. and Asselbergs, F.W. and Brundel, B.J.J.M. and Camici, G.G. and da Costa Martins, P. and Ferdinandy, P. and Fontana, M. and Girao, H. and Gnecchi, M. and Gollmann-Tepeköylü, C. and Kleinbongard, P. and Krieg, T. and Madonna, R. and Paillard, M. and Pantazis, A. and Perrino, C. and Pesce, M. and Schiattarella, G.G. and Sluijter, J.P.G. and Steffens, S. and Tschöpe, C. and Van Linthout, S. and Davidson, S.M.
Cardiovascular Research : cvac115. 25 July 2022 (In Press)

Gut microbiota, dysbiosis and atrial fibrillation. Arrhythmogenic mechanisms and potential clinical implications.
Gawałko, M. and Agbaedeng, T.A. and Saljic, A. and Mueller, D.N. and Wilck, N. and Schnabel, R. and Penders, J. and Rienstra, M. and van Gelder, I. and Jespersen, T. and Schotten, U. and Crijns, H.J.G.M. and Kalman, J.M. and Sanders, P. and Nattel, S. and Dobrev, D. and Linz, D.
Cardiovascular Research 118 (11): 2415–2427. July 2022

Pharmacological inhibition of adipose tissue Adipose Triglyceride Lipase (ATGL) by Atglistatin prevents catecholamine-induced myocardial damage.
Thiele, A. and Luettges, K. and Ritter, D. and Beyhoff, N. and Smeir, E. and Grune, J. and Steinhoff, J.S. and Schupp, M. and Klopfleisch, R. and Rothe, M. and Wilck, N. and Bartolomaeus, H. and Migglautsch, A.K. and Breinbauer, R. and Kershaw, E.E. and Grabner, G.F. and Zechner, R. and Kintscher, U. and Foryst-Ludwig, A.
Cardiovascular Research 118 (11): 2488-2505. July 2022

Spatial transcriptomics unveils ZBTB11 as a regulator of cardiomyocyte degeneration in arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy.
Boogerd, C.J. and Lacraz, G.P.A. and Vértesy, Á. and van Kampen, S.J. and Perini, I. and de Ruiter, H. and Versteeg, D. and Brodehl, A. and van der Kraak, P. and Giacca, M. and de Jonge, N. and Junker, J.P. and van Oudenaarden, A. and Vink, A. and van Rooij, E.
Cardiovascular Research 16 May 2022 (In Press)

Targeting angiotensin type 2 receptors located on pressor neurons in the nucleus of the solitary tract to relieve hypertension in mice.
Mohammed, M. and Johnson, D.N. and Wang, L.A. and Harden, S.W. and Sheng, W. and Spector, E.A. and Elsaafien, K. and Bader, M. and Steckelings, U.M. and Scott, K.A. and Frazier, C.J. and Sumners, C. and Krause, E.G. and de Kloet, A.D.
Cardiovascular Research 118 (3): 883-896. 21 February 2022


Targeted diets for the gut microbiota and the potential cardiovascular effects.
Chiva-Blanch, G. and Mueller, D.N.
Cardiovascular Research 117 (11): e135–e137. 1 October 2021

Quantifying technical confounders in microbiome studies.
Bartolomaeus, T.U.P. and Birkner, T. and Bartolomaeus, H. and Löber, U. and Avery, E.G. and Mähler, A. and Weber, D. and Kochlik, B. and Balogh, A. and Wilck, N. and Boschmann, M. and Müller, D.N. and Markó, L. and Forslund, S.K.
Cardiovascular Research 117 (3): 863-875. 1 March 2021

Metabolic inflammation in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.
Schiattarella, G.G. and Rodolico, D. and Hill, J.A.
Cardiovascular Research 117 (2): 423-434. 1 February 2021

I'm pickin' up good dilations.
Luft, F.C.
Cardiovascular Research 117 (1): 27-28. 1 January 2021


Blood pressure changes correlate with short-chain fatty acid production potential shifts under a synbiotic intervention.
Bartolomaeus, H. and Avery, E.G. and Bartolomaeus, T.U.P. and Kozhakhmetov, S. and Zhumadilov, Z. and Müller, D.N. and Wilck, N. and Kushugulova, A. and Forslund, S.K.
Cardiovascular Research 116 (7): 1252-1253. June 2020

B-cell lymphoma/leukemia 10 and angiotensin II-induced kidney injury.
Markó, L. and Park, J.K. and Henke, N. and Rong, S. and Balogh, A. and Klamer, S. and Bartolomaeus, H. and Wilck, N. and Ruland, J. and Forslund, S.K. and Luft, F.C. and Dechend, R. and Müller, D.N.
Cardiovascular Research 116 (5): 1059-1070. 1 April 2020

Hitchhiker's guide to microbiome studies.
Bartolomaeus, T.U.P. and Forslund, S.K.
Cardiovascular Research 116 (3): e44-e47. 1 March 2020


Sex-specific regulation of collagen I and III expression by 17β-estradiol in cardiac fibroblasts: role of estrogen receptors.
Dworatzek, E. and Mahmoodzadeh, S. and Schriever, C. and Kusumoto, K. and Kramer, L. and Santos, G. and Fliegner, D. and Leung, Y.K. and Ho, S.M. and Zimmermann, W.H. and Lutz, S. and Regitz-Zagrosek, V.
Cardiovascular Research 115 (2): 315-327. 1 February 2019


Scientists on the Spot: Salt, the microbiome, and cardiovascular diseases.
Czesnikiewicz-Guzik, M. and Mueller, D.N.
Cardiovascular Research 114 (10): e72-e73. 1 August 2018

Epigenetic control of lipid metabolism: implications for lifespan and healthspan.
Schiattarella, G.G. and Hill, J.A.
Cardiovascular Research 114 (6): e33-e35. 1 May 2018


Sex in basic research: concepts in the cardiovascular field.
Ventura-Clapier, R. and Dworatzek, E. and Seeland, U. and Kararigas, G. and Arnal, J.F. and Brunelleschi, S. and Carpenter, T.C. and Erdmann, J. and Franconi, F. and Giannetta, E. and Glezerman, M. and Hofmann, S.M. and Junien, C. and Katai, M. and Kublickiene, K. and Koenig, I.R. and Majdic, G. and Malorni, W. and Mieth, C. and Miller, V.M. and Reynolds, R.M. and Shimokawa, H. and Tannenbaum, C. and D'Ursi, A.M. and Regitz-Zagrosek, V.
Cardiovascular Research 113 (7): 711-724. June 2017


C-type natriuretic peptide and NPR-B signalling inhibits cardiac sympathetic neurotransmission and autonomic function.
Buttgereit, J. and Shanks, J. and Li, D. and Hao, G. and Athwal, A. and Langenickel, T.H. and Wright, H. and da Costa Goncalves, A.C. and Monti, J. and Plehm, R. and Popova, E. and Qadri, F. and Lapidus, I. and Ryan, B. and Özcelik, C. and Paterson, D.J. and Bader, M. and Herring, N.
Cardiovascular Research 112 (3): 637-644. December 2016

A mutation in the glutamate-rich region of RBM20 causes dilated cardiomyopathy through missplicing of titin and impaired Frank-Starling mechanism.
Beqqali, A. and Bollen, I.A.E. and Rasmussen, T.B. and van den Hoogenhof, M.M. and van Deutekom, H.W.M. and Schafer, S. and Haas, J. and Meder, B. and Sorensen, K.E. and van Oort, R.J. and Mogensen, J. and Hubner, N. and Creemers, E.E. and van der Velden, J. and Pinto, Y.M.
Cardiovascular Research 112 (1): 452-463. 1 October 2016

Comparative DNA methylation and gene expression analysis identifies novel genes for structural congenital heart diseases.
Grunert, M. and Dorn, C. and Cui, H. and Dunkel, I. and Schulz, K. and Schoenhals, S. and Sun, W. and Berger, F. and Chen, W. and Sperling, S.R.
Cardiovascular Research 112 (1): 464-477. 1 October 2016

Congenital coronary artery anomalies: a bridge from embryology to anatomy and pathophysiology-a position statement of the development, anatomy, and pathology ESC Working Group.
Perez-Pomares, J.M. and de la Pompa, J.L. and Franco, D. and Henderson, D. and Ho, S.Y. and Houyel, L. and Kelly, R.G. and Sedmera, D. and Sheppard, M. and Sperling, S. and Thiene, G. and van den Hoff, M. and Basso, C.
Cardiovascular Research 109 (2): 204-216. 1 February 2016


Dermcidin: a skeletal muscle myokine modulating cardiomyocyte survival and infarct size after coronary artery ligation.
Esposito, G. and Schiattarella, G.G. and Perrino, C. and Cattaneo, F. and Pironti, G. and Franzone, A. and Gargiulo, G. and Magliulo, F. and Serino, F. and Carotenuto, G. and Sannino, A. and Ilardi, F. and Scudiero, F. and Brevetti, L and Oliveti, M. and Giugliano, G. and Del Giudice, C. and Ciccarelli, M. and Renzone, G. and Scaloni, A. and Zambrano, N. and Trimarco, B.
Cardiovascular Research 107 (4): 431-441. 1 September 2015

Impaired myocardial development resulting in neonatal cardiac hypoplasia alters postnatal growth and stress response in the heart.
Drenckhahn, J.D. and Strasen, J. and Heinecke, K. and Langner, P. and Yin, K.V. and Skole, F. and Hennig, M. and Spallek, B. and Fischer, R. and Blaschke, F. and Heuser, A. and Cox, T.C. and Black, M.J. and Thierfelder, L.
Cardiovascular Research 106 (1): 43-54. 1 April 2015


Sex differences in exercise-induced physiological myocardial hypertrophy are modulated by oestrogen receptor beta.
Dworatzek, E. and Mahmoodzadeh, S. and Schubert, C. and Westphal, C. and Leber, J. and Kusch, A. and Kararigas, G. and Fliegner, D. and Moulin, M. and Ventura-Clapier, R. and Gustafsson, J.A. and Davidson, M.M. and Dragun, D. and Regitz-Zagrosek, V.
Cardiovascular Research 102 (3): 418-428. 1 June 2014

Increased levels of CCR7 ligands in carotid atherosclerosis: different effects in macrophages and smooth muscle cells.
Halvorsen, B. and Dahl, T.B. and Smedbakken, L.M. and Singh, A. and Michelsen, A.E. and Skjelland, M. and Krohg-Sørensen, K. and Russell, D. and Höpken, U.E. and Lipp, M. and Damås, J.K. and Holm, S. and Yndestad, A. and Biessen, E.A. and Aukrust, P.
Cardiovascular Research 102 (1): 148-156. 1 April 2014

Attenuated response of ICa,L to nitric oxide in atrial fibrillation.
Rozmaritsa, N. and Christ, T. and Van Wagoner, D.R. and Haase, H. and Stasch, J.P. and Matschke, K. and Ravens, U.
Cardiovascular Research 101 (3): 533-542. 1 March 2014


Systems-level approaches reveal conservation of trans-regulated genes in the rat and genetic determinants of blood pressure in humans.
Langley, S.R. and Bottolo, L. and Kunes, J. and Zicha, J. and Zidek, V. and Hubner, N. and Cook, S.A. and Pravenec, M. and Aitman, T.J. and Petretto, E.
Cardiovascular Research 97 (4): 653-665. 15 March 2013


Sodium current deficit and arrhythmogenesis in a murine model of plakophilin-2 haploinsufficiency.
Cerrone, M. and Noorman, M. and Lin, X. and Chkourko, H. and Liang, F.X. and van der Nagel, R. and Hund, T. and Birchmeier, W. and Mohler, P. and van Veen, T.A. and van Rijen, H.V. and Delmar, M.
Cardiovascular Research 95 (4): 460-468. 1 September 2012

Mutations of ventricular essential myosin light chain disturb myosin binding and sarcomeric sorting.
Lossie, J. and Ushakov, D.S. and Ferenczi, M.A. and Werner, S. and Keller, S. and Haase, H. and Morano, I.
Cardiovascular Research 93 (3): 390-396. 1 March 2012

PI3kγ inhibition reduces blood pressure by a vasorelaxant Akt/LTCC mechanism.
Carnevale, D. and Vecchione, C. and Mascio, G. and Esposito, G. and Cifelli, G. and Martinello, K. and Landolfi, A. and Selvetella, G. and Grieco, P. and Damato, A. and Franco, E. and Haase, H. and Maffei, A. and Ciraolo, E. and Fucile, S. and Frati, G. and Mazzoni, O. and Hirsch, E. and Lembo, G.
Cardiovascular Research 93 (1): 200-209. 1 January 2012


Systems biology approaches to heart development and congenital heart disease.
Sperling, S.R.
Cardiovascular Research 91 (2): 269-278. 15 July 2011

Human essential myosin light chain isoforms revealed distinct myosin binding, sarcomeric sorting, and inotropic activity.
Petzhold, D. and Lossie, J. and Keller, S. and Werner, S. and Haase, H. and Morano, I.
Cardiovascular Research 90 (3): 513-520. 1 June 2011

Controlling cardiomyocyte length: The role of renin and PPAR-γ.
Hinrichs, S. and Heger, J. and Schreckenberg, R. and Wenzel, S. and Euler, G. and Arens, C. and Bader, M. and Rosenkranz, S. and Caglayan, E. and Schlueter, K.D.
Cardiovascular Research 89 (2): 344-352. 1 February 2011


AKAP121 downregulation impairs protective cAMP signals, promotes mitochondrial dysfunction, and increases oxidative stress.
Perrino, C. and Feliciello, A. and Schiattarella, G.G. and Esposito, G. and Guerriero, R. and Zaccaro, L. and Del Gatto, A. and Saviano, M. and Garbi, C. and Carangi, R. and Di Lorenzo, E. and Donato, G. and Indolfi, C. and Avvedimento, V.E. and Chiariello, M.
Cardiovascular Research 88 (1): 101-110. 1 October 2010


NF-κB activation is required for adaptive cardiac hypertrophy.
Zelarayan, L. and Renger, A. and Noack, C. and Zafiriou, M.P. and Gehrke, C. and van der Nagel, R. and Dietz, R. and de Windt, L. and Bergmann, M.W.
Cardiovascular Research 84 (3): 416-424. 1 December 2009

The tight junction protein ZO-2 mediates proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells via regulation of Stat1.
Kusch, A. and Tkachuk, S. and Tkachuk, N. and Patecki, M. and Park, J.K. and Dietz, R. and Haller, H. and Dumler, I.
Cardiovascular Research 83 (1): 115-122. 1 July 2009

MinK-dependent internalization of the IKs potassium channel.
Xu, X. and Kanda, V.A. and Choi, E. and Panaghie, G. and Roepke, T.K. and Gaeta, S.A. and Christini, D.J. and Lerner, D.J. and Abbott, G.W.
Cardiovascular Research 82 (3): 430-438. 1 June 2009

Genetic analysis of salt-sensitive hypertension in Dahl rats reveals a link between cardiac fibrosis and high cholesterol.
Wendt, N. and Schulz, A. and Qadri, F. and Bolbrinker, J. and Kossmehl, P. and Winkler, K. and Stoll, M. and Vetter, R. and Kreutz, R.
Cardiovascular Research 81 (3): 618-626. 15 February 2009


Neural guidance molecules, tip cells and mechanical factors in vascular development.
le Noble, F. and Klein, C. and Tintu, A. and Pries, A. and Buschmann, I.
Cardiovascular Research 78 (2): 232-241. 1 May 2008

A KCNE2 mutation in a patient with cardiac arrhythmia induced by auditory stimuli and serum electrolyte imbalance.
Gordon, E. and Panaghie, G. and Deng, L. and Bee, K.J. and Roepke, T.K. and Krogh-Madsen, T. and Christini, D.J. and Ostrer, H. and Basson, C.T. and Chung, W. and Abbott, G.W.
Cardiovascular Research 77 (1): 98-106. January 2008


Adiponectin is a novel humoral vasodilator.
Fesues, G. and Dubrovska, G. and Gorzelniak, K. and Kluge, R. and Huang, Y. and Luft, F.C. and Gollasch, M.
Cardiovascular Research 75 (4): 719-727. 1 September 2007

Nf-kappab and AP-1 activation is associated with late lumen loss after porcine coronary angioplasty and antiproliferative beta-irradiation.
Deiner, C. and Shagdarsuren, E. and Schwimmbeck, P.L. and Rosenthal, P. and Loddenkemper, C. and Rauch, U. and Pauschinger, M. and Dietz, R. and Schultheiss, H.P. and Dechend, R. and Pels, K.
Cardiovascular Research 75 (1): 195-204. 1 July 2007

Ahnak, a new player in beta-adrenergic regulation of the cardiac L-type Ca(2+) channel.
Haase, H.
Cardiovascular Research 73 (1): 19-25. 1 January 2007

Tissue kallikrein protects against pressure overload-induced cardiac hypertrophy through kinin B2 receptor and glycogen synthase kinase-3β activation.
Li, H.J. and Yin, H. and Yao, Y.Y. and Shen, B. and Bader, M. and Chao, L. and Chao, J.
Cardiovascular Research 73 (1): 130-142. 1 January 2007


Composite polymorphisms in the ryanodine receptor 2 gene associated with arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy.
Milting, H. and Lukas, N. and Klauke, B. and Koerfer, R. and Perrot, A. and Osterziel, K.J. and Vogt, J. and Peters, S. and Thieleczek, R. and Varsanyi, M.
Cardiovascular Research 71 (3): 496-505. 1 August 2006


Control of arterial branching morphogenesis in embryogenesis: go with the flow.
le Noble, F. and Fleury, V. and Pries, A. and Corvol, P. and Eichmann, A. and Reneman, R.S.
Cardiovascular Research 65 (3): 619-628. 15 February 2005


A common polymorphism in KCNH2 (HERG) hastens cardiac repolarization.
Bezzina, C.R. and Verkerk, A.O. and Busjahn, A. and Jeron, A. and Erdmann, J. and Koopmann, T.T. and Bhuiyan, Z.A. and Wilders, R. and Mannens, M.M.A.M. and Tan, H.L. and Luft, F.C. and Schunkert, H. and Wilde, A.A.M.
Cardiovascular Research 59 (1): 27-36. 1 July 2003

New insights into beta2 adrenoceptor signaling in the adult rat heart.
Bartel, S. and Krause, E.G. and Wallukat, G. and Karczewski, P.
Cardiovascular Research 57 (3): 694-703. 1 March 2003


Cardiac hypertrophy in Friedreich's ataxia.
Osterziel, K.J. and Bit-Avragim, N. and Bunse, M.
Cardiovascular Research 54 : 694-696. 1 June 2002


Water and sodium regulation in chronic heart failure: the role of natriuretic peptides and vasopressin.
Kalra, P.R. and Anker, S.D. and Coats, A.J.S.
Cardiovascular Research 51 (3): 495-509. 1 January 2001


Angiotensin II directly increases transforming growth factor beta1 and osteopontin and indirectly affects collagen mRNA expression in the human heart.
Kupfahl, C. and Pink, D. and Friedrich, K. and Zurbruegg, H.R. and Neuss, M. and Warnecke, C. and Fielitz, J. and Graf, K. and Fleck, E. and Regitz-Zagrosek, V.
Cardiovascular Research 46 (3): 463-475. June 2000

Role of nitric oxide in the vasodilator effect of recombinant human growth hormone in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy.
Osterziel, K.J. and Bode-Boeger, S.M. and Strohm, O. and Ellmer, A.E. and Bit-Avragim, N. and Haenlein, D. and Ranke, M.B. and Dietz, R. and Boeger, R.H.
Cardiovascular Research 45 : 447-453. 14 January 2000


Angiotensin inhibition and atrial natriuretic peptide release after acute volume expansion in rats with aortocaval shunt.
Willenbrock, R. and Scheuermann, M. and Thibault, G. and Haass, M. and Hoehnel, K. and Bohlender, J. and Luft, F.C. and Dietz, R.
Cardiovascular Research 42 : 733-742. 1 June 1999


Lessons from rat models of hypertension: from Goldblatt to genetic engineering.
Pinto, Y.M. and Paul, M. and Ganten, D.
Cardiovascular Research 39 (1): 77-88. 1 July 1998

Modulation of contractility in human cardiac hypertrophy by myosin essential light chain isoforms.
Schaub, M.C. and Hefti, M.A. and Zuellig, R.A. and Morano, I.
Cardiovascular Research 37 (2): 381-404. February 1998


Angiotensin receptor type 1 mRNA in human right ventricular endomyocardial biopsies: downregulation in heart failure.
Regitz-Zagrosek, V. and Fielitz, J. and Dreysse, R. and Hildebrandt, A.G. and Fleck, E.
Cardiovascular Research 35 (1): 99-105. July 1997

Thyroid hormones increase the contractility but suppress the effects of beta-adrenergic agonist by decreasing phospholamban expression in rat atria.
Kaasik, A. and Paju, K. and Vetter, R. and Seppet, E.K.
Cardiovascular Research 35 : 106-112. 1 January 1997

Effects of alpha-adrenergic stimulation on the sarcolemmal Na+/Ca+-exchanger in adult rat ventricular cardiocytes.
Reinecke, H. and Vetter, R. and Drexler, H.
Cardiovascular Research 36 : 216-222. 1 January 1997


Cardiac Na+/Ca2+ exchange activity in patients with end-stage heart failure.
Reinecke, H. and Studer, R. and Vetter, R. and Holtz, J. and Drexler, H.
Cardiovascular Research 31 (1): 48-54. 1 January 1996

The application of methods of non-linear dynamics for the improved and predictive recognition of patients threatened by sudden cardiac death.
Voss, A. and Kurths, J. and Wessel, N. and Witt, A. and Kleiner, H.J. and Osterziel, K.J. and Dietz, R.
Cardiovascular Research 31 (3): 419-433. 1 January 1996


Expression of heat shock proteins in the normal normal and stunned porcine myocardium.
Andres, J. and Sharma, H.S. and Knoell, R. and Stahl, J. and Sassen, L.M. and Verdouw, P.D. and Schaper, W.
Cardiovascular Research 27 : 1421-1429. 1 January 1993

Protein phosphorylation and cardiac function: cholinergic -adrenergic interaction.
Bartel, S. and Karczewski, P. and Krause, E.G.
Cardiovascular Research 27 : 1948-1954. 1 January 1993

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