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Cbl-Associated Protein CAP contributes to correct formation and robust function of the Drosophila heart tube.
Jammrath, J. and Reim, I. and Saumweber, H.
PLoS ONE 15 (5): e0233719. 29 May 2020


High-resolution in situ hybridization analysis on the chromosomal interval 61C7-61C8 of Drosophila melanogaster reveals interbands as open chromatin domains.
Zielke, T. and Glotov, A. and Saumweber, H.
Chromosoma 125 (3): 423-435. June 2016


Dissection of open chromatin domain formation by site specific recombination in Drosophila.
Zielke, T. and Saumweber, H.
Journal of Cell Science 127 (Pt 10): 2365-2375. 15 May 2014


The Chriz-Z4 complex recruits JIL-1 to polytene chromosomes, a requirement for interband-specific phosphorylation of H3S10.
Gan, M. and Moebus, S. and Eggert, H. and Saumweber, H.
Journal of Biosciences 36 (3): 425-438. August 2011


The winged-helix transcription factor JUMU regulates development, nucleolus morphology and function, and chromatin organization of Drosophila melanogaster.
Hofmann, A. and Bruenner, M. and Schwendemann, A. and Stroedicke, M. and Karberg, S. and Klebes, A. and Saumweber, H. and Korge, G.
Chromosome Research 18 (3): 307-324. April 2010

Widespread regulation of gene expression in the Drosophila genome by the histone acetyltransferase dTip60.
Schirling, C. and Heseding, C. and Heise, F. and Kesper, D. and Klebes, A. and Klein-Hitpass, L. and Vortkamp, A. and Hoffmann, D. and Saumweber, H. and Ehrenhofer-Murray, A.E.
Chromosoma 119 (1): 99-113. February 2010


Active promoters and insulators are marked by the centrosomal protein 190.
Bartkuhn, M. and Straub, T. and Herold, M. and Herrmann, M. and Rathke, C. and Saumweber, H. and Gilfillan, G.D. and Becker, P.B. and Renkawitz, R.
EMBO Journal 28 (7): 877-888. 8 April 2009


Structurally related Arabidopsis ANGUSTIFOLIA is functionally distinct from the transcriptional corepressor CtBP.
Stern, M.D. and Aihara, H. and Cho, K.H. and Kim, G.T. and Horiguchi, G. and Roccaro, G.A. and Guevara, E. and Sun, H.H. and Negeri, D. and Tsukaya, H. and Nibu, Y.
Development Genes and Evolution 217 (11-12): 759-769. December 2007

The Drosophila insulator proteins CTCF and CP190 link enhancer blocking to body patterning.
Mohan, M. and Bartkuhn, M. and Herold, M. and Philippen, A. and Heinl, N. and Bardenhagen, I. and Leers, J. and White, R.A.H. and Renkawitz-Pohl, R. and Saumweber, H. and Renkawitz, R.
EMBO Journal 26 (19): 4203-4214. 3 October 2007

Horizontal gene transfer of two cytoskeletal elements from a eukaryote to a cyanobacterium.
Guljamow, A. and Jenke-Kodama, H. and Saumweber, H. and Quillardet, P. and Frangeul, L. and Castets, A.M. and Bouchier, C. and Tandeau de Marsac, N. and Dittmann, E.
Current Biology 17 (17): R757-R759. 4 September 2007


Chriz, a chromodomain protein specific for the interbands of Drosophila melanogaster polytene chromosomes.
Gortchakov, A.A. and Eggert, H. and Gan, M. and Mattow, J. and Zhimulev, I.F. and Saumweber, H.
Chromosoma 114 (1): 54-66. May 2005

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