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Profound structural conservation of chemically cross-linked HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein experimental vaccine antigens.
Martin, G.M. and Russell, R.A. and Mundsperger, P. and Harris, S. and Jovanoska, L. and Trajano, L.F. and Schiffner, T. and Fabian, K. and Tolazzi, M. and Scarlatti, G. and McFarlane, L. and Cheeseman, H. and Aldon, Y. and Schermer, E.E. and Breemen, M. and Sliepen, K. and Katinger, D. and Kunert, R. and Sanders, R.W. and Shattock, R. and Ward, A.B. and Sattentau, Q.J.
NPJ Vaccines 8 (1): 101. 13 July 2023

Intranasal SARS-CoV-2 spike-based immunisation adjuvanted with polyethyleneimine elicits mucosal and systemic humoral responses in mice.
Deimel, L.P. and Liu, X. and Gilbert-Jaramillo, J. and Liu, S. and James, W.S. and Sattentau, Q.J.
Journal of Immunological Methods 511 : 113380. December 2022

Pathogen-sugar interactions revealed by universal saturation transfer analysis.
Buchanan, C.J. and Gaunt, B. and Harrison, P.J. and Yang, Y. and Liu, J. and Khan, A. and Giltrap, A.M. and Le Bas, A. and Ward, P.N. and Gupta, K. and Dumoux, M. and Tan, T.K. and Schimaski, L. and Daga, S. and Picchiotti, N. and Baldassarri, M. and Benetti, E. and Fallerini, C. and Fava, F. and Giliberti, A. and Koukos, P.I. and Davy, M.J. and Lakshminarayanan, A. and Xue, X. and Papadakis, G. and Deimel, L.P. and Casablancas-Antràs, V. and Claridge, T.D.W. and Bonvin, A.M.J.J. and Sattentau, Q.J. and Furini, S. and Gori, M. and Huo, J. and Owens, R.J. and Schaffitzel, C. and Berger, I. and Renieri, A. and Naismith, J.H. and Baldwin, A.J. and Davis, B.G.
Science 377 (6604): eabm3125. 22 July 2022

High thermostability improves neutralizing antibody responses induced by native-like HIV-1 envelope trimers.
Del Moral-Sánchez, I. and Russell, R.A. and Schermer, E.E. and Cottrell, C.A. and Allen, J.D. and Torrents de la Peña, A. and LaBranche, C.. and Kumar, S. and Crispin, M. and Ward, A.B. and Montefiori, D.C. and Sattentau, Q.J. and Sliepen, K. and Sanders, R.W.
NPJ Vaccines 7 (1): 27. 28 February 2022

Human MAIT cells respond to and suppress HIV-1.
Phetsouphanh, C. and Phalora, P. and Hackstein, C.P. and Thornhill, J. and Munier, C.M.L. and Meyerowitz, J. and Murray, L. and VanVuuren, C. and Goedhals, D. and Drexhage, L. and Moore, R. and Sattentau, Q.J. and Mak, J.Y. and Fairlie, D.P. and Fidler, S. and Kelleher, A.D. and Frater, J. and Klenerman, P.
eLife 10 : e50324. 24 December 2021

Immunological and pathological outcomes of SARS-CoV-2 challenge following formalin-inactivated vaccine in ferrets and rhesus macaques.
Bewley, K.R. and Gooch, K. and Thomas, K.M. and Longet, S. and Wiblin, N. and Hunter, L. and Chan, K. and Brown, P. and Russell, R. A. and Ho, C. and Slack, G. and Humphries, H.E. and Alden, L. and Allen, L. and Aram, M. and Baker, N. and Brunt, E. and Cobb, R. and Fotheringham, S. and Harris, D. and Kennard, C. and Leung, S. and Ryan, K. and Tolley, H. and Wand, N. and White, A. and Sibley, L. and Sarfas, C. and Pearson, G. and Rayner, E. and Xue, X. and Lambe, T. and Charlton, S. and Gilbert, S. and Sattentau, Q.J. and Gleeson, F. and Hall, Y. and Funnell, S. and Sharpe, S. and Salguero, F.J. and Gorringe, A. and Carroll, M.
Science Advances 7 (37): eabg7996. 10 September 2021

Interplay of diverse adjuvants and nanoparticle presentation of native-like HIV-1 envelope trimers.
Sliepen, K. and Schermer, E. and Bontjer, I. and Burger, J.A. and Lévai, R.F. and Mundsperger, P. and Brouwer, P.J.M. and Tolazzi, M. and Farsang, A. and Katinger, D. and Moore, J.P. and Scarlatti, G. and Shattock, R.J. and Sattentau, Q.J. and Sanders, R.W.
NPJ Vaccines 6 (1): 103. 17 August 2021

Stepwise conformational stabilization of a HIV-1 Clade C consensus envelope trimer immunogen impacts the profile of vaccine-induced antibody responses.
Hauser, A. and Carnell, G. and Held, K. and Sulbaran, G. and Tischbierek, N. and Rogers, L. and Pollakis, G. and Tonks, P. and Hoelscher, M. and Ding, S. and Sanders, R.W. and Geldmacher, C. and Sattentau, Q. and Weissenhorn, W. and Heeney, J.L. and Peterhoff, D. and Wagner, R.
Vaccines 9 (7): 750. 6 July 2021

Disassembly of HIV envelope glycoprotein trimer immunogens is driven by antibodies elicited via immunization.
Turner, H.L. and Andrabi, R. and Cottrell, C.A. and Richey, S.T. and Song, G. and Callaghan, S. and Anzanello, F. and Moyer, T.J. and Abraham, W. and Melo, M. and Silva, M. and Scaringi, N. and Rakasz, E.G. and Sattentau, Q.J. and Irvine, D.J. and Burton, D.R. and Ward, A.B.
Science Advances 7 (31): eabh2791. July 2021

Augmenting the immune response against a stabilized HIV-1 Clade C envelope trimer by silica nanoparticle delivery.
Peterhoff, D. and Thalhauser, S. and Sobczak, J.M. and Mohsen, M.O. and Voigt, C. and Seifert, N. and Neckermann, P. and Hauser, A. and Ding, S. and Sattentau, Q. and Bachmann, M.F. and Breunig, M. and Wagner, R.
Vaccines 9 (6): 642. 11 June 2021

The role and uses of antibodies in COVID-19 infections: a living review.
Scourfield, D.C. and Reed, S.G. and Quastel, M. and Alderson, J. and Bart, V.M.T. and Teijeira Crespo, A. and Jones, R. and Pring, E. and Richter, F.C. and Burnell, S.E.A.
Oxford Open Immunology 2 (1): iqab003. 28 January 2021

Neutralization-guided design of HIV-1 envelope trimers with high affinity for the unmutated common ancestor of CH235 lineage CD4bs broadly neutralizing antibodies.
LaBranche, C.C. and Henderson, R. and Hsu, A. and Behrens, S. and Chen, X. and Zhou, T. and Wiehe, K. and Saunders, K.O. and Alam, S.M. and Bonsignori, M. and Borgnia, M.J. and Sattentau, Q.J. and Eaton, A. and Greene, K. and Gao, H. and Liao, H.X. and Williams, W.B. and Peacock, J. and Tang, H. and Perez, L.G. and Edwards, R.J. and Kepler, T.B. and Korber, B.T. and Kwong, P.D. and Mascola, J.R. and Acharya, P. and Haynes, B.F. and Montefiori, D.C.
PLoS Pathogens 15 (9): e1008026. 17 September 2019

HIV-1 envelope glycan modifications that permit neutralization by germline-reverted VRC01-class broadly neutralizing antibodies.
LaBranche, C.C. and McGuire, A.T. and Gray, M.D. and Behrens, S. and Chen, X. and Zhou, T. and Sattentau, Q.J. and Peacock, J. and Eaton, A. and Greene, K. and Gao, H. and Tang, H. and Perez, L.G. and Saunders, K.O. and Kwong, P.D. and Mascola, J.R. and Haynes, B.F. and Stamatatos, L. and Montefiori, D.C.
PLoS Pathogens 14 (11): e1007431. 5 November 2018

RNA helicase DDX1 converts RNA G-quadruplex structures into R-loops to promote IgH class switch recombination.
Ribeiro de Almeida, C. and Dhir, S. and Dhir, A. and Moghaddam, A.E. and Sattentau, Q. and Meinhart, A. and Proudfoot, N.J.
Molecular Cell 70 (4): 650-662. 17 May 2018

Structural and immunologic correlates of chemically stabilized HIV-1 envelope glycoproteins.
Schiffner, T. and Pallesen, J. and Russell, R.A. and Dodd, J. and de Val, N. and LaBranche, C.C. and Montefiori, D. and Tomaras, G.D. and Shen, X. and Harris, S.L. and Moghaddam, A.E. and Kalyuzhniy, O. and Sanders, R.W. and McCoy, L.E. and Moore, J.P. and Ward, A.B. and Sattentau, Q.J.
PLoS Pathogens 14 (5): e1006986. 10 May 2018

Efficient HIV-1 transmission from macrophages to T cells across transient virological synapses.
Groot, F. and Welsch, S. and Sattentau, Q.J.
Blood 111 (9): 4660-3. 1 May 2008


Glycans in HIV-1 vaccine design - engaging the shield.
Deimel, L.P. and Xue, X. and Sattentau, Q.J.
Trends in Microbiology 30 (9): 866-881. September 2022

Vaccine-associated enhanced disease and pathogenic human coronaviruses.
Gartlan, C. and Tipton, T. and Salguero, F.J. and Sattentau, Q. and Gorringe, A. and Carroll, M.W.
Frontiers in Immunology 13 : 882972. 4 April 2022

Macrophage Cell-Cell Interactions Promoting HIV-1 Infection.
Dupont, M. and Sattentau, Q.J.
Viruses 12 (5): 492. 28 April 2020

Stabilized HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein trimers for vaccine use.
Medina-Ramírez, M. and Sanders, R.W. and Sattentau, Q.J.
Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS 12 (3): 241-249. May 2017


Shared sugars - parasite glycan homology in HIV-1 vaccine design.
Deimel, L.P. and Sattentau, Q.J.
Trends in Parasitology 38 (7): 498-500. July 2022

How has microbiology changed over the past 25 years?
Doolittle, W.F. and Finlay, B.B. and Fischetti, V.A. and Kaufmann, S.H.E. and Sasakawa, C. and Sattentau, Q.
Trends in Microbiology 26 (4): 246-250. April 2018

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