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The potential of cross-linking mass spectrometry in the development of protein-protein interaction modulators.
Ruwolt, M. and Piazza, I. and Liu, F.
Current Opinion in Structural Biology 82 : 102648. October 2023

Metabolite interactions in the bacterial Calvin cycle and implications for flux regulation.
Sporre, E. and Karlsen, J. and Schriever, K. and Asplund-Samuelsson, J. and Janasch, M. and Strandberg, L. and Karlsson, A. and Kotol, D. and Zeckey, L. and Piazza, I. and Syrén, P.O. and Edfors, F. and Hudson, E.P.
Communications Biology 6 (1): 947. 18 September 2023

Proteome-wide structural changes measured with limited proteolysis-mass spectrometry: an advanced protocol for high-throughput applications.
Malinovska, L. and Cappelletti, V. and Kohler, D. and Piazza, I. and Tsai, T.H. and Pepelnjak, M. and Stalder, P. and Dörig, C. and Sesterhenn, F. and Elsässer, F. and Kralickova, L. and Beaton, N. and Reiter, L. and de Souza, N. and Vitek, O. and Picotti, P.
Nature Protocols 18 : 659-682. 16 March 2023

Differential regulation of mRNA stability modulates transcriptional memory and facilitates environmental adaptation.
Li, B. and Zeis, P. and Zhang, Y. and Alekseenko, A. and Fürst, E. and Sanchez, Y.P. and Lin, G. and Tekkedil, M.M. and Piazza, I. and Steinmetz, L.M. and Pelechano, V.
Nature Communications 14 (1): 910. 17 February 2023

Reversible amyloids of pyruvate kinase couple cell metabolism and stress granule disassembly.
Cereghetti, G. and Wilson-Zbinden, C. and Kissling, V.M. and Diether, M. and Arm, A. and Yoo, H. and Piazza, I. and Saad, S. and Picotti, P. and Drummond, D.A. and Sauer, U. and Dechant, R. and Peter, M.
Nature Cell Biology 23 (10): 1085-1094. October 2021

Identifying cell-type-specific metabolic signatures using transcriptome and proteome analyses.
Gebert, N. and Rahman, S. and Lewis, C.A. and Ori, A. and Cheng, C.W.
Current Protocols 1 (9): e245. 28 September 2021

Use of cement suspension as an alternative matrix material for textile-reinforced concrete.
Fürst, R. and Fürst, E. and Vlach, T. and Řepka, J. and Pokorný, M. and Mózer, V.
Materials 14 (9): 2127. 1 May 2021

Dynamic 3D proteomes reveal protein functional alterations at high resolution in situ.
Cappelletti, V. and Hauser, T. and Piazza, I. and Pepelnjak, M. and Malinovska, L. and Fuhrer, T. and Li, Y. and Dörig, C. and Boersema, P. and Gillet, L. and Grossbach, J. and Dugourd, A. and Saez-Rodriguez, J. and Beyer, A. and Zamboni, N. and Caflisch, A. and de Souza, N. and Picotti, P.
Cell 184 (2): 545-559. 21 January 2021

A machine learning-based chemoproteomic approach to identify drug targets and binding sites in complex proteomes.
Piazza, I. and Beaton, N. and Bruderer, R. and Knobloch, T. and Barbisan, C. and Chandat, L. and Sudau, A. and Siepe, I. and Rinner, O. and de Souza, N. and Picotti, P. and Reiter, L.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 4200. 21 August 2020

Comparative analysis of the intracellular responses to disease-related aggregation-prone proteins.
Melnik, A. and Cappelletti, V. and Vaggi, F. and Piazza, I. and Tognetti, M. and Schwarz, C. and Cereghetti, G. and Ahmed, M.A. and Soste, M. and Matlack, K. and de Souza, N. and Csikasz-Nagy, A. and Picotti, P.
Journal of Proteomics 225 : 103862. 15 August 2020

Chromatin-sensitive cryptic promoters putatively drive expression of alternative protein isoforms in yeast.
Wei, W. and Hennig, B.P. and Wang, J. and Zhang, Y. and Piazza, I. and Pareja Sanchez, Y. and Chabbert, C.D. and Adjalley, S.H. and Steinmetz, L.M. and Pelechano, V.
Genome Research 29 (12): 1974-1984. December 2019

Network Rewiring of Homologous Recombination Enzymes during Mitotic Proliferation and Meiosis.
Wild, P. and Susperregui, A. and Piazza, I. and Dörig, C. and Oke, A. and Arter, M. and Yamaguchi, M. and Hilditch, A.T. and Vuina, K. and Chan, K.C. and Gromova, T. and Haber, J.E. and Fung, J.C. and Picotti, P. and Matos, J.
Molecular Cell 75 (4): 859-874. 22 August 2019

High-throughput metabolomic analysis predicts mode of action of uncharacterized antimicrobial compounds.
Zampieri, M. and Szappanos, B. and Buchieri, M.V. and Trauner, A. and Piazza, I. and Picotti, P. and Gagneux, S. and Borrell, S. and Gicquel, B. and Lelievre, J. and Papp, B. and Sauer, U.
Science Translational Medicine 10 (429): eaal3973. 21 February 2018

A map of protein-metabolite interactions reveals principles of chemical communication.
Piazza, I. and Kochanowski, K. and Cappelletti, V. and Fuhrer, T. and Noor, E. and Sauer, U. and Picotti, P.
Cell 172 (1-2): 358-372. 11 January 2018

Measuring protein structural changes on a proteome-wide scale using limited proteolysis-coupled mass spectrometry.
Schopper, S. and Kahraman, A. and Leuenberger, P. and Feng, Y. and Piazza, I. and Müller, O. and Boersema, P.J. and Picotti, P.
Nature Protocols 12 (11): 2391-2410. November 2017

Association of condensin with chromosomes depends on DNA binding by its HEAT-repeat subunits.
Piazza, I. and Rutkowska, A. and Ori, A. and Walczak, M. and Metz, J. and Pelechano, V. and Beck, M. and Haering, C.H.
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 21 (6): 560-568. June 2014


Condensin: crafting the chromosome landscape.
Piazza, I. and Haering, C.H. and Rutkowska, A.
Chromosoma 122 (3): 175-190. June 2013


The rise of proteome-wide biophysics.
Mateus, A. and Savitski, M.M. and Piazza, I.
Molecular Systems Biology 17 (7): e10442. July 2021


LiP-Quant, an automated chemoproteomic approach to identify drug targets in complex proteomes.
Piazza, I. and Beaton, N. and Bruderer, R. and Knobloch, T. and Barbisan, C. and Siepe, I. and Rinner, O. and de Souza, N. and Picotti, P. and Reiter, L.
bioRxiv : 860072. 1 December 2019

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