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Latent human herpesvirus 6 is reactivated in CAR T cells.
Lareau, C.A. and Yin, Y. and Maurer, K. and Sandor, K.D. and Daniel, B. and Yagnik, G. and Peña, J. and Crawford, J.C. and Spanjaart, A.M. and Gutierrez, J.C. and Haradhvala, N.J. and Riberdy, J.M. and Abay, T. and Stickels, R.R. and Verboon, J.M. and Liu, V. and Buquicchio, F.A. and Wang, F. and Southard, J. and Song, R. and Li, W. and Shrestha, A. and Parida, L. and Getz, G. and Maus, M.V. and Li, S. and Moore, A. and Roberts, Z.J. and Ludwig, L.S. and Talleur, A.C. and Thomas, P.G. and Dehghani, H. and Pertel, T. and Kundaje, A. and Gottschalk, S. and Roth, T.L. and Kersten, M.J. and Wu, C.J. and Majzner, R.G. and Satpathy, A.T.
Nature 623 : 608-615. 16 November 2023

Systematic benchmarking of single-cell ATAC-sequencing protocols.
De Rop, F.V. and Hulselmans, G. and Flerin, C. and Soler-Vila, P. and Rafels, A. and Christiaens, V. and González-Blas, C.B. and Marchese, D. and Caratù, G. and Poovathingal, S. and Rozenblatt-Rosen, O. and Slyper, M. and Luo, W. and Muus, C. and Duarte, F. and Shrestha, R. and Bagdatli, S.T. and Corces, M.R. and Mamanova, L. and Knights, A. and Meyer, K.B. and Mulqueen, R. and Taherinasab, A. and Maschmeyer, P. and Pezoldt, J. and Lambert, C.L.G. and Iglesias, M. and Najle, S.R. and Dossani, Z.Y. and Martelotto, L.G. and Burkett, Z. and Lebofsky, R. and Martin-Subero, J.I. and Pillai, S. and Sebé-Pedrós, A. and Deplancke, B. and Teichmann, S.A. and Ludwig, L.S. and Braun, T.P. and Adey, A.C. and Greenleaf, W.J. and Buenrostro, J.D. and Regev, A. and Aerts, S. and Heyn, H.
Nature Biotechnology 3 August 2023 (In Press)

Clonally expanded PD-1-expressing T cells are enriched in synovial fluid of juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients.
Vanni, A. and Mazzoni, A. and Semeraro, R. and Capone, M. and Maschmeyer, P. and Lamacchia, G. and Salvati, L. and Carnasciali, A. and Farahvachi, P. and Giani, T. and Simonini, G. and Filocamo, G. and Romano, M. and Liotta, F. and Mashreghi, M.F. and Cosmi, L. and Cimaz, R. and Magi, A. and Maggi, L. and Annunziato, F.
European Journal of Immunology 53 (7): 2250162. July 2023

Single-cell multi-omics of mitochondrial DNA disorders reveals dynamics of purifying selection across human immune cells.
Lareau, C.A. and Dubois, S.M. and Buquicchio, F.A. and Hsieh, Y.H. and Garg, K. and Kautz, P. and Nitsch, L. and Praktiknjo, S.D. and Maschmeyer, P. and Verboon, J.M. and Gutierrez, J.C. and Yin, Y. and Fiskin, E. and Luo, W. and Mimitou, E.P. and Muus, C. and Malhotra, R. and Parikh, S. and Fleming, M.D. and Oevermann, L. and Schulte, J. and Eckert, C. and Kundaje, A. and Smibert, P. and Vardhana, S.A. and Satpathy, A.T. and Regev, A. and Sankaran, V.G. and Agarwal, S. and Ludwig, L.S.
Nature Genetics 55 (7): 1198-1209. July 2023

Mitochondrial single-cell ATAC-seq for high-throughput multi-omic detection of mitochondrial genotypes and chromatin accessibility.
Lareau, C.A. and Liu, V. and Muus, C. and Praktiknjo, S.D. and Nitsch, L. and Kautz, P. and Sandor, K. and Yin, Y. and Gutierrez, J.C. and Pelka, K. and Satpathy, A.T. and Regev, A. and Sankaran, V.G. and Ludwig, L.S.
Nature Protocols 18 (5): 1416-1440. May 2023

Mitochondrial DNA mutations as natural barcodes for lineage tracing of murine tumor models.
Penter, L. and Ten Hacken, E. and Southard, J. and Lareau, C. and Ludwig, L.S. and Li, S. and Neuberg, D.S. and Livak, K.J. and Wu, C.J.
Cancer Research 83 (5): 667-672. 1 March 2023

Single-cell multi-omics and lineage tracing to dissect cell fate decision-making.
Haghverdi, L. and Ludwig, L.S.
Stem Cell Reports 18 (1): 13-25. 10 January 2023

Concomitant sequencing of accessible chromatin and mitochondrial genomes in single cells using mtscATAC-seq.
Ludwig, L.S. and Lareau, C.A.
Methods in Molecular Biology 2611 : 269-282. 2023


Clonal expansion and epigenetic inheritance of long-lasting NK cell memory.
Rückert, T. and Lareau, C.A. and Mashreghi, M.F. and Ludwig, L.S. and Romagnani, C.
Nature Immunology 23 (11): 1551-1563. November 2022

Editorial: Lineage tracing, hematopoietic stem cell and immune cell dynamics.
Lareau, C.A. and Romagnani, C. and Ludwig, L.S.
Frontiers in Immunology 13 : 1062415. 18 October 2022

Congenital anemia reveals distinct targeting mechanisms for master transcription factor GATA1.
Ludwig, L.S. and Lareau, C.A. and Bao, E.L. and Liu, N. and Utsugisawa, T. and Tseng, A.M. and Myers, S.A. and Verboon, J.M. and Ulirsch, J.C. and Luo, W. and Muus, C. and Fiorini, C. and Olive, M.E. and Vockley, C.M. and Munschauer, M. and Hunter, A. and Ogura, H. and Yamamoto, T. and Inada, H. and Nakagawa, S. and Ozono, S. and Subramanian, V. and Chiarle, R. and Glader, B. and Carr, S.A. and Aryee, M.J. and Kundaje, A. and Orkin, S. and Regev, A. and McCavit, T. and Kanno, H. and Sankaran, V.G.
Blood 139 (16): 2534-2546. 21 April 2022

Single-cell profiling of proteins and chromatin accessibility using PHAGE-ATAC.
Fiskin, E. and Lareau, C.A. and Ludwig, L.S. and Eraslan, G. and Liu, F. and Ring, A.M. and Xavier, R.J. and Regev, A.
Nature Biotechnology 40 (3): 374-381. March 2022

Mitochondrial variant enrichment from high-throughput single-cell RNA sequencing resolves clonal populations.
Miller, T.E. and Lareau, C.A. and Verga, J.A. and DePasquale, E.A.K. and Liu, V. and Ssozi, D. and Sandor, K. and Yin, Y. and Ludwig, L.S. and El Farran, C.A. and Morgan, D.M. and Satpathy, A.T. and Griffin, G.K. and Lane, A.A. and Love, J.C. and Bernstein, B.E. and Sankaran, V.G. and van Galen, P.
Nature Biotechnology 40 (7): 1030-1034. 24 February 2022

JAK inhibition in a patient with a STAT1 gain-of-function variant reveals STAT1 dysregulation as a common feature of aplastic anemia.
Rosenberg, J.M. and Peters, J.M. and Hughes, T. and Lareau, C.A. and Ludwig, L.S. and Massoth, L.R. and Austin-Tse, C. and Rehm, H.L. and Bryson, B. and Chen, Y.B. and Regev, A. and Shalek, A.K. and Fortune, S.M. and Sykes, D.B.
Med 3 (1): 42-57.e5. 14 January 2022


cDNA-detector: detection and removal of cDNA contamination in DNA sequencing libraries.
Qi, M. and Nayar, U. and Ludwig, L.S. and Wagle, N. and Rheinbay, E.
BMC Bioinformatics 22 (1): 611. 24 December 2021

Longitudinal single-cell dynamics of chromatin accessibility and mitochondrial mutations in chronic lymphocytic leukemia mirror disease history.
Penter, L. and Gohil, S.H. and Lareau, C. and Ludwig, L.S. and Parry, E.M. and Huang, T. and Li, S. and Zhang, W. and Livitz, D. and Leshchiner, I. and Parida, L. and Getz, G. and Rassenti, L.Z. and Kipps, T.J. and Brown, J.R. and Davids, M.S. and Neuberg, D.S. and Livak, K.J. and Sankaran, V.G. and Wu, C.J.
Cancer Discovery 11 (12): 3048-3063. December 2021

Induction of antigen-specific tolerance by nanobody-antigen adducts that target class-II major histocompatibility complexes.
Pishesha, N. and Harmand, T. and Smeding, L.Y. and Ma, W. and Ludwig, L.S. and Janssen, R. and Islam, A. and Xie, Y.J. and Fang, T. and McCaul, N. and Pinney, W. and Sugito, H.R. and Rossotti, M.A. and Gonzalez-Sapienza, G. and Ploegh, H.L.
Nature Biomedical Engineering 5 (11): 1389-1401. November 2021

Scalable, multimodal profiling of chromatin accessibility, gene expression and protein levels in single cells.
Mimitou, E.P. and Lareau, C.A. and Chen, K.Y. and Zorzetto-Fernandes, A.L. and Hao, Y. and Takeshima, Y. and Luo, W. and Huang, T.S. and Yeung, B.Z. and Papalexi, E. and Thakore, P.I. and Kibayashi, T. and Wing, J.B. and Hata, M. and Satija, R. and Nazor, K.L. and Sakaguchi, S. and Ludwig, L.S. and Sankaran, V.G. and Regev, A. and Smibert, P.
Nature Biotechnology 39 (10): 1246-1258. October 2021

Familial thrombocytopenia due to a complex structural variant resulting in a WAC-ANKRD26 fusion transcript.
Wahlster, L. and Verboon, J.M. and Ludwig, L.S. and Black, S.C. and Luo, W. and Garg, K. and Voit, R.A. and Collins, R.L. and Garimella, K. and Costello, M. and Chao, K.R. and Goodrich, J.K. and DiTroia, S.P. and O’Donnell-Luria, A. and Talkowski, M.E. and Michelson, A.D. and Cantor, A.B. and Sankaran, V.G.
Journal of Experimental Medicine 218 (6): e20210444. 7 June 2021

Skin-resident innate lymphoid cells converge on a pathogenic effector state.
Bielecki, P. and Riesenfeld, S.J. and Hütter, J.C. and Torlai Triglia, E. and Kowalczyk, M.S. and Ricardo-Gonzalez, R.R. and Lian, M. and Amezcua Vesely, M.C. and Kroehling, L. and Xu, H. and Slyper, M. and Muus, C. and Ludwig, L.S. and Christian, E. and Tao, L. and Kedaigle, A.J. and Steach, H.R. and York, A.G. and Skadow, M.H. and Yaghoubi, P. and Dionne, D. and Jarret, A. and McGee, H.M. and Porter, C.B.M. and Licona-Limón, P. and Bailis, W. and Jackson, R. and Gagliani, N. and Gasteiger, G. and Locksley, R.M. and Regev, A. and Flavell, R.A.
Nature 592 (7852): 128-132. 1 April 2021

Massively parallel single-cell mitochondrial DNA genotyping and chromatin profiling.
Lareau, C.A. and Ludwig, L.S. and Muus, C. and Gohil, S.H. and Zhao, T. and Chiang, Z. and Pelka, K. and Verboon, J.M. and Luo, W. and Christian, E. and Rosebrock, D. and Getz, G. and Boland, G.M. and Chen, F. and Buenrostro, J.D. and Hacohen, N. and Wu, C.J. and Aryee, M.J. and Regev, A. and Sankaran, V.G.
Nature Biotechnology 39 (4): 451-461. April 2021

Mitochondrial variant enrichment from high-throughput single-cell RNA-seq resolves clonal populations.
Miller, T.E. and Lareau, C.A. and Verga, J.A. and Ssozi, D. and Ludwig, L.S. and El Farran, C. and Griffin, G.K. and Lane, A.A. and Bernstein, B.E. and Sankaran, V.G. and van Galen, P.
bioRxiv : 2021.03.08.434450. 9 March 2021

Single-cell meta-analysis of SARS-CoV-2 entry genes across tissues and demographics.
Muus, C. and Luecken, M.D. and Eraslan, G. and Sikkema, L. and Waghray, A. and Heimberg, G. and Kobayashi, Y. and Vaishnav, E.D. and Subramanian, A. and Smillie, C. and Jagadeesh, K.A. and Duong, E.T. and Fiskin, E. and Triglia, E.T. and Ansari, M. and Cai, P. and Lin, B. and Buchanan, J. and Chen, S. and Shu, J. and Haber, A.L. and Chung, H. and Montoro, D.T. and Adams, T. and Aliee, H. and Allon, S.J. and Andrusivova, Z. and Angelidis, I. and Ashenberg, O. and Bassler, K. and Bécavin, C. and Benhar, I. and Bergenstråhle, J. and Bergenstråhle, L. and Bolt, L. and Braun, E. and Bui, L.T. and Callori, S. and Chaffin, M. and Chichelnitskiy, E. and Chiou, J. and Conlon, T.M. and Cuoco, M.S. and Cuomo, A.S.E. and Deprez, M. and Duclos, G. and Fine, D. and Fischer, D.S. and Ghazanfar, S. and Gillich, A. and Giotti, B. and Gould, J. and Guo, M. and Gutierrez, A.J. and Habermann, A.C. and Harvey, T. and He, P. and Hou, X. and Hu, L. and Hu, Y. and Jaiswal, A. and Ji, L. and Jiang, P. and Kapellos, T.S. and Kuo, C.S. and Larsson, L. and Leney-Greene, M.A. and Lim, K. and Litviňuková, M. and Ludwig, L.S. and Lukassen, S. and Luo, W. and Maatz, H. and Madissoon, E. and Mamanova, L. and Manakongtreecheep, K. and Leroy, S. and Mayr, C.H. and Mbano, I.M. and McAdams, A.M. and Nabhan, A.N. and Nyquist, S.K. and Penland, L. and Poirion, O.B. and Poli, S. and Qi, C.C. and Queen, R. and Reichart, D. and Rosas, I. and Schupp, J.C. and Shea, C.V. and Shi, X. and Sinha, R. and Sit, R.V. and Slowikowski, K. and Slyper, M. and Smith, N.P. and Sountoulidis, A. and Strunz, M. and Sullivan, T.B. and Sun, D. and Talavera-López, C. and Tan, P. and Tantivit, J. and Travaglini, K.J. and Tucker, N.R. and Vernon, K.A. and Wadsworth, M.H. and Waldman, J. and Wang, X. and Xu, K. and Yan, W. and Zhao, W. and Ziegler, C.G.K.
Nature Medicine 27 (3): 546-559. 2 March 2021


Purifying selection against pathogenic mitochondrial DNA in human T cells.
Walker, M.A. and Lareau, C.A. and Ludwig, L.S. and Karaa, A. and Sankaran, V.G. and Regev, A. and Mootha, V.K.
New England Journal of Medicine 383 (16): 1556-1563. 15 October 2020

Prioritizing disease and trait causal variants at the TNFAIP3 locus using functional and genomic features.
Ray, J.P. and de Boer, C.G. and Fulco, C.P. and Lareau, C.A. and Kanai, M. and Ulirsch, J.C. and Tewhey, R. and Ludwig, L.S. and Reilly, S.K. and Bergman, D.T. and Engreitz, J.M. and Issner, R. and Finucane, H.K. and Lander, E.S. and Regev, A. and Hacohen, N.
Nature Communications 11 (1): 1237. 6 March 2020


Longitudinal assessment of clonal mosaicism in human hematopoiesis via mitochondrial mutation tracking.
Lareau, C.A. and Ludwig, L.S. and Sankaran, V.G.
Blood Advances 3 (24): 4161-4165. 23 December 2019

Transcriptional states and chromatin accessibility underlying human erythropoiesis.
Ludwig, L.S. and Lareau, C.A. and Bao, E.L. and Nandakumar, S.K. and Muus, C. and Ulirsch, J.C. and Chowdhary, K. and Buenrostro, J.D. and Mohandas, N. and An, X. and Aryee, M.J. and Regev, A. and Sankaran, V.G.
Cell Reports 27 (11): 3228-3240. 11 June 2019

Gene-centric functional dissection of human genetic variation uncovers regulators of hematopoiesis.
Nandakumar, S.K. and McFarland, S.K. and Mateyka, L.M. and Lareau, C.A. and Ulirsch, J.C. and Ludwig, L.S. and Agarwal, G. and Engreitz, J.M. and Przychodzen, B. and McConkey, M. and Cowley, G.S. and Doench, J.G. and Maciejewski, J.P. and Ebert, B.L. and Root, D.E. and Sankaran, V.G.
eLife 8 : e44080. 9 May 2019

Impaired human hematopoiesis due to a cryptic intronic splicing mutation.
Abdulhay, N.J. and Fiorini, C. and Verboon, J.M. and Ludwig, L.S. and Ulirsch, J.C. and Zieger, B. and Lareau, C.A. and Mi, X. and Roy, A. and Obeng, E.A. and Erlacher, M. and Gupta, N. and Gabriel, S.B. and Ebert, B.L. and Niemeyer, C.M. and Khoriaty, R.N. and Ancliff, P. and Gazda, H.T. and Wlodarski, M.W. and Sankaran, V.G.
Journal of Experimental Medicine 216 (5): 1050-1060. 6 May 2019

Interrogation of human hematopoiesis at single-cell and single-variant resolution.
Ulirsch, J.C. and Lareau, C.A. and Bao, E.L. and Ludwig, L.S. and Guo, M.H. and Benner, C. and Satpathy, A.T. and Kartha, V.K. and Salem, R.M. and Hirschhorn, J.N. and Finucane, H.K. and Aryee, M.J. and Buenrostro, J.D. and Sankaran, V.G.
Nature Genetics 51 (4): 683-693. April 2019

Lineage tracing in humans enabled by mitochondrial mutations and single-cell genomics.
Ludwig, L.S. and Lareau, C.A. and Ulirsch, J.C. and Christian, E. and Muus, C. and Li, L.H. and Pelka, K. and Ge, W. and Oren, Y. and Brack, A. and Law, T. and Rodman, C. and Chen, J.H. and Boland, G.M. and Hacohen, N. and Rozenblatt-Rosen, O. and Aryee, M.J. and Buenrostro, J.D. and Regev, A. and Sankaran, V.G.
Cell 176 (6): 1325-1339. 7 March 2019


The genetic landscape of diamond-blackfan anemia.
Ulirsch, J.C. and Verboon, J.M. and Kazerounian, S. and Guo, M.H. and Yuan, D. and Ludwig, L.S. and Handsaker, R.E. and Abdulhay, N.J. and Fiorini, C. and Genovese, G. and Lim, E.T. and Cheng, A. and Cummings, B.B. and Chao, K.R. and Beggs, A.H. and Genetti, C.A. and Sieff, C.A. and Newburger, P.E. and Niewiadomska, E. and Matysiak, M. and Vlachos, A. and Lipton, J.M. and Atsidaftos, E. and Glader, B. and Narla, A. and Gleizes, P.E. and O'Donohue, M.F. and Montel-Lehry, N. and Amor, D.J. and McCarroll, S.A. and O'Donnell-Luria, A.H. and Gupta, N. and Gabriel, S.B. and MacArthur, D.G. and Lander, E.S. and Lek, M. and Da Costa, L. and Nathan, D.G. and Korostelev, A.A. and Do, R. and Sankaran, V.G. and Gazda, H.T.
American Journal of Human Genetics 103 (6): 930-947. 6 December 2018

Ribosome levels selectively regulate translation and lineage commitment in human hematopoiesis.
Khajuria, R.K. and Munschauer, M. and Ulirsch, J.C. and Fiorini, C. and Ludwig, L.S. and McFarland, S.K. and Abdulhay, N.J. and Specht, H. and Keshishian, H. and Mani, D.R. and Jovanovic, M. and Ellis, S.R. and Fulco, C.P. and Engreitz, J.M. and Schütz, S. and Lian, J. and Gripp, K.W. and Weinberg, O.K. and Pinkus, G.S. and Gehrke, L. and Regev, A. and Lander, E.S. and Gazda, H.T. and Lee, W.Y. and Panse, V.G. and Carr, S.A. and Sankaran, V.G.
Cell 173 (1): 90-103. 22 March 2018


Confounding in ex vivo models of Diamond-Blackfan anemia.
Ulirsch, J.C. and Lareau, C. and Ludwig, L.S. and Mohandas, N. and Nathan, D.G. and Sankaran, V.G.
Blood 130 (9): 1165-1168. 31 August 2017


Emerging cellular and gene therapies for congenital anemias.
Ludwig, L.S. and Khajuria, R.K. and Sankaran, V.G.
American Journal of Medical Genetics C 172C (4): 332-348. 12 December 2016

Einfluss genetischer Varianten auf die humane Erythropoese [Influence of genetic variants on human erythropoiesis].
Ludwig, L.S.
BIOspektrum 22 (7): 768-769. November 2016

Insight into GATA1 transcriptional activity through interrogation of cis elements disrupted in human erythroid disorders.
Wakabayashi, A. and Ulirsch, J.C. and Ludwig, L.S. and Fiorini, C. and Yasuda, M. and Choudhuri, A. and McDonel, P. and Zon, L.I. and Sankaran, V.G.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113 (16): 4434-4439. 19 April 2016

Targeted application of human genetic variation can improve red blood cell production from stem cells.
Giani, F.C. and Fiorini, C. and Wakabayashi, A. and Ludwig, L.S. and Salem, R.M. and Jobaliya, C.D. and Regan, S.N. and Ulirsch, J.C. and Liang, G. and Steinberg-Shemer, O. and Guo, M.H. and Esko, T. and Tong, W. and Brugnara, C. and Hirschhorn, J.N. and Weiss, M.J. and Zon, L.I. and Chou, S.T. and French, D.L. and Musunuru, K. and Sankaran, V.G.
Cell Stem Cell 18 (1): 73-78. 7 January 2016


Genome-wide association study follow-up identifies cyclin A2 as a regulator of the transition through cytokinesis during terminal erythropoiesis.
Ludwig, L.S. and Cho, H. and Wakabayashi, A. and Eng, J.C. and Ulirsch, J.C. and Fleming, M.D. and Lodish, H.F. and Sankaran, V.G.
American Journal of Hematology 90 (5): 386-91. May 2015

X-linked macrocytic dyserythropoietic anemia in females with an ALAS2 mutation.
Sankaran, V.G. and Ulirsch, J.C. and Tchaikovskii, V. and Ludwig, L.S. and Wakabayashi, A. and Kadirvel, S. and Lindsley, R.C. and Bejar, R. and Shi, J. and Lovitch, S.B. and Bishop, D.F. and Steensma, D.P.
Journal of Clinical Investigation 125 (4): 1665-1669. 1 April 2015


Altered translation of GATA1 in Diamond-Blackfan anemia.
Ludwig, L.S. and Gazda, H.T. and Eng, J.C. and Eichhorn, S.W. and Thiru, P. and Ghazvinian, R. and George, T.I. and Gotlib, J.R. and Beggs, A.H. and Sieff, C.A. and Lodish, H.F. and Lander, E.S. and Sankaran, V.G.
Nature Medicine 20 (7): 748-753. July 2014


Cyclin D3 coordinates the cell cycle during differentiation to regulate erythrocyte size and number.
Sankaran, V.G. and Ludwig, L.S. and Sicinska, E. and Xu, J. and Bauer, D.E. and Eng, J.C. and Patterson, H.C. and Metcalf, R.A. and Natkunam, Y. and Orkin, S.H. and Sicinski, P. and Lander, E.S. and Lodish, H.F.
Genes & Development 26 (18): 2075-2087. 15 September 2012


Methylation matters: binding of Ets-1 to the demethylated Foxp3 gene contributes to the stabilization of Foxp3 expression in regulatory T cells.
Polansky, J.K. and Schreiber, L. and Thelemann, C. and Ludwig, L. and Krüger, M. and Baumgrass, R. and Cording, S. and Floess, S. and Hamann, A. and Huehn, J.
Journal of Molecular Medicine 88 (10): 1029-1040. October 2010

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